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  • Reviewed: 3/12/2012
  • Degree: Accounting
"I am just about finished with my Associate of Applied Science in CJ. I have had NO problems with this school. Low tuition, quality textbooks, (my Criminal Investigations book was about 500 pages long) accredited by DETC and listed as a member of CHEA and HETA.Books and lesson guides arrive on my doorstep as soon as I finish the second to the last study lesson. They even email me when a book has been shipped. Best thing is I am about to graduate tuition free and I have learned a great deal. I have even had debates on CJ with students from brick and mortar schools and they get proven wrong. Those that complain don't need to be in college or were homeschooled their whole lives. Quit blaming others for your ineptitude. I was going to enroll in California Coast but I am sticking with Ashworth.CCU's BSCJ's curriculum is weaker than Ashworths BSCJ. Before you settle on a degree compare the curriculums!"
  • Reviewed: 3/4/2012
"If you're disciplined enough to do things on your own, Ashworth is a good way to go. You also need to be a little bit computer savvy (but you don't need to be a genius). The only drawbacks I've seen so far is they're a little slow at sending course materials, and opening up the next course when you're done with one.The course work is challenging, but not hard, and the lectures and reading assignments are very thorough. I'm earning my degree faster and much cheaper than I would anywhere else, and I love that I can do it all on my own schedule. Since I work full time, that makes a huge difference."
Russell Miller
  • Reviewed: 2/26/2012
"For my situation, this school is perfect. I absolutely love it. I am married with a kid and have a good job that pays all my bills. I decided to go back to school so that I could advance farther in my field, and to have the satisfaction of having a degree.I started Ashworth in September, I had some transfer credits and they accepted them; I paid the original fee and I was enrolled. It is now February and I have done 9 classes so far, with the 10 classes I had that transferred that leaves 1 more till I get my Associates Degree then I will immediately start trying to get my bachelors. It's not the easiest school, but it's not the hardest. I actually really WANT to learn a lot of this stuff and it teaches very well. I put in probably 20 hours a week; it's tough sometimes but it's supposed to be.People have different ways they learn. If you need a lot of feedback and need a teacher to email, this is not for you. In my opinion this school is for people like me, older and more disciplined who are focused. I love the fact that I enrolled here because another school that demanded time constraints would most likely not have worked for me."
Jane Doe
  • Reviewed: 2/19/2012
"I have been extremely disappointed in Ashworth College. It is unfortunate that the school is so disorganized. Since they have most of my money now, they delete my posts when asking for help from student services and my multiple calls are not resolved.IT issues are very backed up and issues that I have had for over a month have yet to be resolved. I am almost done now, but here in my final semester, they removed a course that I already completed, but they did not grade, instead they removed the completed course from the transcript area and added a new course in order to charge me for yet another course.I run a transportation business and I do not treat customers in such a manner. I do not brush them off the phone, I resolve issues immediately in hopes that my customers will be happy and refer us to friends and other contacts. I do like that the courses can be done on line at your own pace, but students that are done with a course have to wait weeks for another course to be sent or released. I think the slow pace at which the school operates works best for students that start something and procrastinate for weeks or months before taking another course.I do hope that my post will help others that are considering Ashworth. The program is less expensive than most, but I would recommend checking out Penn Foster. The price is the same and if they had a degree program that worked for me, I would have gone with them as they are not only DETC, but they offer ACE credits which often time can transfer to regionally accredited colleges."
  • Reviewed: 2/2/2012
"I have been with Ashworth 2 months. All my interactions with the school have been 100% positive. I found out about an issue with a few questions on one of the exams. When I contacted the school, I was switched to a supervisor within minutes. She was very understanding and patient. Within 10 minutes the IT department called me back with the issue resolved. Perfect customer service. Great school and great folks so far IMO."
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2012
"Horrible horrible college!!!! If you are looking around for a great online school do not i repeat do not choose this school.They have awful customer service they sent me notices that I had not paid my bill when i fact i did and had to show proof of this. And let me tell you that the people that call you with info on the courses that you are interested in are not that same people that you talk to when you have an issue. One will promise you the world and the others act like you are some bum on the streets.Just believe me when I say go to another college, and there is plenty of them. If you choose not to listen to me believe me half way through you will be kicking yourself in the butt."
  • Reviewed: 2/1/2012
"I been a student of ashworth college online, today I cancelled it, I regret studying there I just waste money, time and effort they actually not helping student they are gaining for themselves, all the benifits are for them not for the student.. Really worst... They fake a lot of student!"
todd silverman
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2012
"Completed there course in September of last year and still not received my diploma!!!! Called them and all i was told that that they would re order it!!! Then told it would be sent to the school then to me directly this never happened!!! Its now going on February and still no diploma!!! They will not let me talk to a supervisor!!! Don't do it they will take your money and not send your diploma!!!!!!!"
Elizabeth G
  • Reviewed: 12/2/2011
"I completed the Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and went back to obtain a Bachelor Degree in General Studies. I love that in my tight schedule, I can still further my education. Thx Ashworth!"
Brunilda orellano
  • Reviewed: 10/30/2011
"I have been taking classes at Ashworth for a long time, I have an Associate and am working toward a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. I have never had a problem with them, I love this school. Before you go on line to tald bad about a school please make sure you haven't created the problems you are talking about. You can't blame someone else for your lack of miss understanding.I plan to get my Masters from Ashworth College and feel that I have gotten a great education."
  • Reviewed: 10/7/2011
"Ashworth seemed like a wonderful school at first...until I found out that each time they told me I was about to graduate with my Bachelor's, they happened to "forget" about more needed credits. Now I am stuck with apparently one semister left until I can finish and get my Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education that only goes up to preschool certifications. I need to research another school to fulfill my needs. What a joke of a school!"
M. Lee-Young
  • Reviewed: 9/25/2011
"I received my Associates in Business & Accounting from Ashworth College and went back and graduated with a BS in Management. I will eventually go back to Ashworth to get my Masters. You have to be self motivated and disciplined to attend any online program. I found you were on your own a lot but as adults we must take responsibility for making time to study and must be patient when expecting questions to be answered by customer service. My experience was great."
  • Reviewed: 7/23/2011
"Very challenging course work. Ashworth Is a good school and not designed for everyone..If you are self motivated,independent learner, you prefer to work and study alone you will succeed. I just finished My Marketing Bachelor's Degree at Ashworth and was offered a job almost triple my current pay. I would recommend higher education to all. I am a believer...."
  • Reviewed: 4/13/2011
"I love this school. The online forums allow you to ask any question and either a school rep or one of the other students will help you. The classes and tests may seem easy, but to get a good grade, you still need to study. I am learning at my own pace, which lets me review more difficult concepts more. I finished one class in a week, but other classes I'm taking my time. So far the only bad thing is the shipment times for the books, which is about 6 days. Otherwise, I recommend this school for busy adults who want to get an education without going broke."
Randy Woods
  • Reviewed: 4/4/2011
"I can not understand the complaints, except they are the only ones that give reviews. I am in my final semester of a bachelors degree in management. I have had no problems what so ever. I call and get a reply, I send emails and get a response. It is a really great school. I looked at all schools for over 7 months.Researched all schools and very much researched Ashworth for almost 3 months before deciding to enroll. I looked at manay many review sites and the vast majority had over whelmingly good praise for Ashworth. I checked out with the United Stated Department of Education and made my choice. No regrets. I will persue my MBA at Ashworth when I finish. I am 56 years old and work 10 hour days.I wish I could have known about Ashworth sooner. If you can't work independently then go to a school that will hold your hand all the time. If you are ambitious and don't need someone to constantly tell you to stop playing and study then you will do great. If you have not grown up, then you will not."
mike cain
  • Reviewed: 3/27/2011
"I got one book.There was no online additional study materials at all. when I e-mailed for support(5 times), No response at all.When I called,no answer-leave message(in which I did), no return call at all . I havent taken a test since last year, and four months later nobody ever tried contacting me to find out why."
  • Reviewed: 2/15/2011
"I am currently enrolled in the Health Care Management Associates Degree program through Ashworth College (and the Medical Office Assistant course through Penn Foster Career School btw) and my experience has been positive thus far.The staff have been very courteous to me. I've contacted Ashworth by phone and through their Face Book Page. The Advisors monitoring the Face Book page and the (new) Ashworth Community site are EXTREMELY HELPFUL. My shipments have never been late, and all my study materials are current. I've never had an issue with billing and I liked that I could pick the date my tuition payment was automatically withdrawn from my account.Although I love Ashworth (LOL) there are a couple things I do dislike:~It seems a lot of students have had issues with their faxes being received. I haven't had an issue but I've seen questions and complaints about their faxes posted left and right on their Face Book page. So I highly recommend sending whatever correspondence you have to through email to the advisors (you can obtain their email addresses by asking for them on Face Book or the new Ashworth community site) or by certified mail.~The school isn't Regionally Accredited, which doesn't matter to me, but it matters in a lot of other ways. It is however Nationally Accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council, with is recognized by the Board of Education. Ashworth College also has an A+ rating with the BBB. There are schools which will accept Ashworth's HS Diploma and/or college credits. As dumb as it may sound I have heard many success stories...*Please keep in mind, the High School Program offered by Ashworth IS Regionally Accredited by SACS; their Career Diplomas, Undergraduate Certificates, Associate Degrees and Bachelor Degrees are Nationally Accredited by DETC.**Every State has different requirements and you should do your research before hand before deciding which school you should attend.*~I think their Student Portal needs a major update, and they are working on that, btw. The portal isn't very "pretty" and when you go to take an exam it always lists the date wrong (after you finish the exam and your account updates it does list correct information) I just think it looks weird to see a 2006 date always listed on the page. On a better note, if you are enrolled in a Degree program you have access to some neat study materials in your student portals which include, flash cards, word searches, power points and summaries.Major Pros: The school spirit at Ashworth is Awesome, the online community they are building is extremely helpful and they offer a graduation ceremony once a year for everyone who finishes their program.I also mentioned that I am enrolled at Penn Foster. That school is pretty awesome too. The shipments do arrive fast, the people you speak with at Student Services over the phone seem to be more helpful than those at Ashworth College. The Lesson plans that Penn Foster offers are more in depth, you have research projects and papers to write and the instructors give you very serious feed back. Your student portal at Penn Foster is very polished and you can view all of your course work online. Penn Foster HS Diplomas, Career Diplomas and Undergraduate Certificates are Regionally Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and their Associate & Bachelor Degrees are Nationally Accredited by the DETC. Penn Foster is affiliated with numerous organizations. They also have an A+ rating with the BBB and their courses are ACE recommended.Both Schools are self paced Online or through correspondence and their tuition is affordable. Penn Foster seems more professional and straight forward whereas Ashworth offers a lot more student support and involvement. I honestly wouldn't listen to anyone who has had extremely negative experience with either school because the root of most of their issues stem from not doing their research for state requirements, not paying their tuition on time or flunking out."
  • Reviewed: 2/2/2011
"Ashworth College as we all know is NA,the cost compare to other online schools is unbelievable,the course work is indepth.I am presently doing the AA course in Criminal Justice,each time a get a text book i always go to and check the price,the price for those books are very EXPENSIVE at amazon,so I am very greatful for Ashworth.Keep up the good work Ashworth."
Terrence Tyree
  • Reviewed: 1/19/2011
"In today's society and economy, it's very important to have a solid education to land a solid career path and or upgrade your current one. With Ashworth, my educational experience has been relevant to my current career goal of General Management.The instructors are very helpful and honest and guide you to submitting quality information and learning in regards to the prescribed curriculum.Because of the care exercised by my instructors, I was able to improve my writing skills tremendously. Also I was able to better retain information learned from the syllabi and course objectives. Whether or not the school is regionally or nationally accredited, it's about the retention of the knowledge and applying it to your desired career that counts.Ashworth continue on your path to improving your educational services to our country and world. In these days and times we need it. Thanks for all you have done for me in improving my studies."
  • Reviewed: 12/31/2010
"I was taking medical Billing and coding at Penn Foster Career School untill my account went delinquent. I plan on attending Penn Foster in feb of 2011 to complete the program. I now attend ashworth college, and I'm enrolled in the medical billing and claims program. I just started, and I only have five lessons left.To me the experience is different with both schools I noticed. Penn foster sends their books out within three days. Ashworth takes almost a week in-a-half just to for you to recieve their books. Penn Foster is more detailed in studies,and have more lessons related to the program for the state exam.Ashworth have just medical terminology lessons, claim lessons, and coding. That is a lot of the reason ashworth is just nationally accredited, which is not a bad accreditation. I just rather get information to prepare me for the ahima state exam for the cca (certified coding associate). I'm not saying ashworth is a bad school, but I recommend Penn Foster. The school has more programs and their career school is regionally accredited.So, if you are thinking of pursing a degree in medical billing and coding the lessons you take may transfer into credits to a regionally or nationally accredited school. Just remeber research wisely and understand the requirements for certification and local jobs in your area regarding education!If anyone have questions for me just email me at"