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3 out of 5
Degree: Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2014

I got my associates degree from a reputable university. I started attending Baker Online in 2008 going full and part time and taking a couple of long breaks, but finally finished in 2014. I wish Baker would have transferred more of my classes prom my previous school, but I understand their hands are tied based upon their accreditation. I loved the flexibility, but if you are not good at studying and learning on your own, do not take online classes. They are very time consuming and more dedication is required versus traditional campus classes. I learned a lot and my BaCS helped me land a good paying software engineering position with a Fortune 500 tech company in California. If you can attend a traditional university, I would suggest that option first. But if you are older and need a degree for advancement and the traditional route is not an option for you, I highly recommend Baker Online. It will be hard, but stick it out and study hard and you will succeed. I graduated with a 3.86 GPA due to some stupid core classes that I got a C or B in otherwise I would have had a 4.0 GPA. In a traditional setting, this would have been closer to a 3.7-3.8. Without Baker College I would not be where I am today working in my dream job.

3 out of 5
Degree: Health and Medical Administrative Services, Other
Graduation Year: 2015

Ok, I have only been attending Baker part time because of a busy schedule and between my associates and my almost complete bachelors, I have been there for 7 years. My biggest complaint I have is that they might as well call this school Baker College of APA. With the exception of Algebra, EVERY course has focused more on using APA formatting than on the actual course material. This is utterly useless. It is like algebra in a way in that you will NEVER use it, yet it is drilled into your head from day one. It seems every instructor grades APA in a different manner also. Some are more particular than others about placements of periods and commas, and honestly, none of it matters. I have friends that attend Oakland University, Macomb College, and Wayne State, and NONE of them focus so much time on this useless style of format. In fact, if you ever look at the American Psychological Association's website for info, they do not even write in this stupid format. The books are your teacher here if you are in online courses. The instructors cut and paste the assignments and lectures into the seminar folders, and most interact very little in the courses. You pay $900 for a 6 week course, and at the end of each course, I feel like I didn't learn anything useful. I got lucky and landed a career in my field and I don't even have a degree yet in HCA. There is no hands-on experience in an online course, and knowing APA formatting won't get your foot in the door anywhere. The APA part of each course takes the lead over the actual subject matter and harms the learning experience. If you have to write a 500 word essay, you will spend the vast majority of your time scouring through their lousy online library trying to find something that is actually useful. The books are outrageously priced for a "non-profit" college. They sometimes charge you $500 for two books and six weeks later they will not buy them back, or they offer you $20-$40 for them. Surprisingly though, they NEVER have used books and even if they do, they still charge you $100 or more for them. Honestly, I feel like I am being cheated out of my money and my education. I seriously would recommend a community college over Baker College of APA Formatting any day. The only positive to this school is that the online courses are generally easy, but made more difficult because of the wasteful APA crap.

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