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Student & Graduate Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
Keranovic - 3/21/2016
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2017
"Online school is not for everyone just as any degree is not for everyone. Online school is harder and requires more time than on ground classes. Also, you can wish to pursue a career but it does not mean you are going to succeed in it. For example, some people are not born to be doctors even if they want to be doctors. I wanted to be dental assistant and obtained the diploma for it but once it came to work as a dental assistant I knew it wasn’t for me! I love numbers but accounting career is not for me unless it’s income taxes. However, the finance is! Here I am pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration Finance concentration and right after I will proceed with grad school. I had my ups and downs with the instructors but I made sure to let them know since at the end of the day I am paying them to teach me, also I have to pitch in even if they not doing their job and let admissions know about it. As I read the comments from others everyone is giving the bad review for the instructors and I ask myself if the students took time to do the review questionnaires at the end of each class about their instructors? Believe it or not Baker takes them seriously and takes action. I knew when I had an issue with a professor and reported it to my adviser it went straight to Dean and they took care of it. So we can’t blame Baker for our failures can we?!I am happy with Baker as a college and I agree that there are professors that do not participate in the class, the student has to learn on their own and participate with students to make their participation points and that is the reason it’s called online school. The professor is not there when you need them, they are there when they are available from their regular day job. Therefore, you might wait 24 hours before they respond to you. My advice to struggling students is to contact tutors to get help rather than waiting on the instructor because I did it in past where I did not bother reaching out to the instructor. I got hold of the tutor at Baker and its completely free and they take time to explain everything clearly for the student to understand and be prepared. At last, if the help doesn’t come to you seek for it. It’s your life, it’s your knowledge, and it’s your career! Good luck to the future students! Remember if you are not good figuring things on your own, online school is not for you! :)"
4.9 out of 5 stars
Alex V - 2/26/2016
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2017
"I've researched plenty of Online schools even locally. I chose this school based on the degree and programs it offered, but also because of the cost! Baker Online was a lot cheaper than my local Universities in my State. I've been very satisfied with how my instructors and the courses have been engaging! In going to Baker it has helped in my professional career in being able to not only interview, but also in my current profession of management. It offers up to date information that is relevant and engaging with small classroom environments. My academic advisor has been great in providing me the step plans necessary for me to be successful, because I work full time and attend full Time."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Sandy Dee - 11/13/2015
Degree: Liberal Arts
Graduation Year: 2019
"If you have the option to go to any other school, take it. This school is a joke. It is outdated in almost every conceivable way. Instead of having a user friendly system for students to add classes, it has an archaic and confusing catalog style system. The financial aid department plays games with you on when you might get any financial aid disbursements. (So for those who take out loans to help cover living costs while going to school, this is extremely problematic.) The Blackboard will state that disbursements are released on x date, that date will come and go with nothing. You contact financial aid and they state, 'No it won't be released until 2 weeks into the next set of courses.' Ask repeatedly why this is, and why it is different than it was the previous semester (when it was on time) and just have the same thing reiterated to you. It isn't going to be disbursed until two weeks into the next set of courses.' Then, 4 days into the next set of's released. The courses themselves are pointless. You don't learn anything, and they are obsessed with APA formatting, which does NOTHING for you in the outside world. You're required to post and 'participate' 5 to 6 days a week, and some of the instructors don't give you enough to comment on in the discussion boards, so you're literally just reiterating what everybody else said on the same tired subjects, just to maintain your participation points. The credits don't transfer to a 'real' college and I am becoming increasingly worried over what employers will even take this degree seriously. So be warned, unless you are really just interested in having a piece of paper that states it's a degree, go elsewhere. This college has been nothing but stress and frustration for me since I started it."
4.4 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 9/1/2015
Degree: Network Security
Graduation Year: 2010
"It took me longer than most to finish but in the end I feel that it was worth the time and effort. I worked full time and had a family as well so sometimes I was only able to take a class or two a semester depending on work load."
4.0 out of 5 stars
KS - 6/19/2015
Degree: Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2015
"I am finally graduating after 5 years at Baker. I have a previous bachelor's so my experience here is compared to that and may not be the same for everyone. Transfer credits - I saw some complaints about this. Not sure if things have changed since 2010 but Baker fully honored 100% of my relevant classes from my previous degree. It may depend on what institution you are coming from (I had graduated from a different Michigan school) but it worked out well for me. The material - It was really hit or miss, depending on the class. Some classes, specifically the core computer science ones, were very good and had challenging material. I have several good friends who are CS majors and they all said what I was learning was on par with what they'd expect for a BCS. This was a concern for me when I originally decided to attend because I didn't want to get a joke degree. That being said, some classes simply did challenge me enough. The database classes in particular I wish were 1-2 weeks longer. I felt we were just getting a good hold on the content and then the class was over. The electives, particularly for my interests (programming, algorithms, databases/structures) were very sparse but I did feel the ones I took were actually worth taking. Every class I took I was glad to have taken it afterward. The instructors - I feel this is where this school really falls short. I had some very good, engaging professors but I also had some that just didn't devote any time to their students. I had one class where it would take 6-7 days for a question to be answered. That is just simply unacceptable for an online environment. As someone else noted in their review, some professors with PhD's would know less than the students. I came across this once or twice, where the professor would be pushing some outdated concept or program, but it was only for one topic. Contrasting from my old degree, I don't think this is that unheard of. Plus, knowing multiple ways to do things is always a plus. Participation - Ugh, the WORST part of this whole experience is trying to find something to say 5 days a week. Some classes it was a breeze but others I really struggled with trying to come up with decent content to discuss. A few classes I just resorted to asking really dumb questions just to get a conversation started. However, participation did offer a great points buffer for those classes where you had zero instructor input which resulted in a lower grade than you may have deserved. Overall - My takeaway from all this is actually fairly positive. I had many times where I was frustrated and the online environment made it difficult to resolve any questions but I got through it. The biggest thing to consider is that you are basically teaching yourself 95% of what you are learning. That means that things won't always be a breeze and you actually have to put in some work. This whole experience has taught me to be much more disciplined and also eager to learn more. I currently have a career in a different field so I am unsure about how this degree from Baker will impact that but it has helped me a lot at work. I am hoping to pursue a master's degree in CS this fall (not at Baker) so that will be the real test of how well this one prepared me. In conclusion, it was a great learning experience and I would recommend the school to working professionals who want a career change in the future."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Baker College - 6/14/2015
Degree: Medical Office Administration
Graduation Year: 2015
"I just graduated from Baker college this past weekend. I started at Baker a few years ago. My husband graduated from Baker in 2010 with a Bachelor degree and he had attended on campus classes and online classes and loved both. I have also taken both types of classes at Baker. I honestly have to say that I have absolutely loved my time at Baker. In fact I will be starting again in the fall to pursue a Bachelor in Health Services Administration. I am considering taking only online courses. I do have to say though that the online courses are much more intense and difficult. To begin with Baker has quarters that are 10 weeks long instead of the traditional 16. Then their online courses are only 6 weeks long. There is a lot of content packed in the 10 week courses so you can imagine what is in the 6 week courses. It will be tough but takes a dedicated student. Many professors have a requirement for the amount of discussion board posts on blackboard each week. Many also have a word requirement for those same posts on blackboard. I understand what they are getting at. If you were sitting in a classroom and a peer raised their hand and made a comment would you raise your hand right after them and say I agree totally. Not typically. Requiring a minimum assures them that you are truly reading the textbook and discussions, are putting forth a valid effort and are being challenged to think. If you are simply posting "I agree with you", what contribution are you making? Post requirements make sure you are making a valid contribution that has been thought out based upon the knowledge you have learned from the textbook and your peers. I have been reading a lot of reviews and see that many say that Baker is a "degree mill" or are frustrated with the APA requirements. Considering the work that I have put in I can definitely say that Baker is not a degree mill. I can also understand the frustration with the APA requirements. Yes, it can be hard to have to write a paper and then make sure that it conforms to certain standards but at the same time you are learning how to properly credit someone for their work, which is huge. Also, learning these things help prepare you for having to prepare documents in your future career and help you learn how to be more well spoken. More research leads to more knowledge which leads to highly educated, well spoken people. If you are truly dedicated you will learn the APA standards after a few classes. In terms of instructors online I have never had a bad online professor. They have always been there to ask questions to and are usually pretty timely with their responses. Many times those that are not getting in touch with their professors have not clearly read the syllabus or comments posted. Many of them give out their personal phone number to call or text them whenever needed. Not all do but I have had some along the way. The on campus professors have also been nothing short of incredible. Since they are in person they are more available to help instantly. I have never had a question go unanswered or unexplained. They have always been friendly and professional. They provide many different opportunities to learn the material and seem to actually care about you as a person. The professors go above and beyond. Some complain about the internship/externship that needs to be completed before you can graduate. All I can say is that this gives you hands on experience. Many employers love to see such recent hands on experience. Also there are some students that even end up with an employment offer from the organization that they performed their internship/externship with. The degree program that I studied was very thorough. I feel as if I have been prepared for every situation possible that I may encounter in employment. Baker has been around for a long time and has an incredible history. There are many campuses throughout the state that I live in. Baker is a very reputable place of higher learning. I would only recommend it to those that are serious about their education, those that are willing to put the time in and those that do not expect an easy A."
2.6 out of 5 stars
Commentor - 6/5/2015
Degree: Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2010
"I think the college is fine if you are in Michigan but if you are in a different area, their degree won't do much for you. Employers tend to look at not only your degree but where you got it. There are also issues with what employers want as far as skill and the classes they offer. Of course I went to grad school after and compounded the issue. I had a 3.95 at Baker and 4.0 in grad school and didn't feel prepared to do much."
3.8 out of 5 stars
Tarzan - 5/15/2015
Degree: Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2014
"I got my associates degree from a reputable university. I started attending Baker Online in 2008 going full and part time and taking a couple of long breaks, but finally finished in 2014. I wish Baker would have transferred more of my classes prom my previous school, but I understand their hands are tied based upon their accreditation. I loved the flexibility, but if you are not good at studying and learning on your own, do not take online classes. They are very time consuming and more dedication is required versus traditional campus classes. I learned a lot and my BaCS helped me land a good paying software engineering position with a Fortune 500 tech company in California. If you can attend a traditional university, I would suggest that option first. But if you are older and need a degree for advancement and the traditional route is not an option for you, I highly recommend Baker Online. It will be hard, but stick it out and study hard and you will succeed. I graduated with a 3.86 GPA due to some stupid core classes that I got a C or B in otherwise I would have had a 4.0 GPA. In a traditional setting, this would have been closer to a 3.7-3.8. Without Baker College I would not be where I am today working in my dream job."
1.5 out of 5 stars
Travis Flynn - 5/11/2015
Degree: Agriculture
Graduation Year: 2016
"Everything seems completely reversed as to what they should focus on for their students. For example, teachers for general education requirements are usually very involved but often rude, inconsiderate, and only care how well you follow rules. Actually learning material is up to you as it does not seem important to the teachers. There are also massive discrepancies from teacher to teacher. For my web development classes, where it matters, it is completely the opposite. Most teachers are non-existent and only there to grade papers. Feedback is minimal and they are not engaged at all. There is very little material prepared by Baker to help you learn. The story is basically the same from class to class. Here is a book and here are the assignments. Do the assignments and if you don’t understand, try to figure it out on your own or hope a fellow student can help. One complaint specific to the web development program is that they “introduce” you to many topics. They cover way too many topics and don’t help you to become skilled in anything. At the end of the program, you have basically played with a ton of options but need large amounts of training to use any of them. My wife went to college online almost a decade ago and every class had live presentations every week. The professor would have prepared material for the week and go over it via webcam, and at the end every student had the ability to type questions and have the professor address them. With Baker, you are lucky if the teacher gets back to you within two days and it is often useless. In summary…go to Baker if you want a degree, but go to another school if you actually want to learn and get a degree."
2.0 out of 5 stars
Current Student - 4/2/2015
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2015
"I am a current student with two semesters to go. My Baker experience has been disappointing so far. Though I have passed all my classes with good grades, I do not feel I really learned a lot. There is way too much information to learn in the short, six-week classes. I guess it is okay if you just want the degree, but my goal has been to actually learn the subject material. I had a problem with the programming class. I literally begged for help from the instructor, and my emails and discussion board questions went unanswered by the instructor. Many of the instructors are not instructors. They blow in once a week to grade your work and give you critical feedback, yet do not help you understand what you did wrong. I feel in order to succeed in these accelerated classes, you have to have instructors that answer questions quickly and add helpful tips and resources to the discussions to help guide you through the class. I have had a few excellent instructors that did participate in the class and help guide you through, and I applaud them for actually doing their jobs. At the end of those classes, I actually felt like I learned something. I have found the textbooks in many of the classes to be very poor quality. Some of them I literally had to read sentences over and over to understand what they were saying due to the very poor grammar and spelling. Most of the classes are slapped together and have incorrect or conflicting instructions. I takes several days before you can figure out what it is you are supposed to be doing, and by that time, you are scrambling to get the work done. I feel these classes should be tested before they use them on actual students so they can work the bugs out. It is not fair to use students as Guinea Pigs when our futures depend on these classes. In a nutshell, Baker needs to either extend the length of their classes or shorten the learning material so students can actually learn. They need to make sure the classes are set up properly before presenting them to the students, and they need to make sure the instructors are actually instructing."