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Graduation Year: 2011

I pursued a degree in Management of Health Information Systems. I quit taking classes because I got a job offer before I was even finished with my degree. I have a good job, but I still have 6 electives to finish up which I should have done this year.

As I said, I found employment so I cant complain. I had a great instructor, she really tried hard to help the students and was very knowledgeable about the subject matter. My only gripe is that there is a required course called the kirkpatrick series which I found absurd. It was basically christian nationalism mixed with fiscal libertarianism. There were so many falsehoods, half truths, lies, opinions presented as facts and logical fallacies that I was astounded. There was just a complete absence of academic integrity. I was frankly very disappointed in this respect

My core classes were great as I said and I do not regret attending Bellevue despite my concerns about the kirkpatrick series.

4 out of 5

I just completed my Business Degree at Bellevue University, and must say that it was rather intense. I chose the accelerated, online format, so the time of completion short (but there is no reduction in workload). The person choosing this route must be ready to buckle up, and keep up. I already had an Associates degree, as well as some additional credits, so I was able to complete the whole thing in a little over a year.

The only disappointment is the diploma that is issued. They should really give it the much needed overhaul it deserves, as the diploma can be such a great marketing tool. But other than the basic design diploma, I cannot complain. I now have an accredited BS, and will use it to my advantage in the future.

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