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Degree: Chemistry
Graduation Year: 2015

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE MASTER OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS CONCENTRATION IN HEALTH INFORMATICS In the modern world, the role of the information technologies is constantly growing occupying practically all spheres of life. In this context, it is worth to stress that the Health Informatics is the perspective field that currently is providing a lot of opportunities for those who are committed to improving the medical system by using the communications and information technologies. Hence, the central idea of my professional development is gaining the Masters Degree in the Health Informatics. Since my childhood, I have demonstrated a strong ability to use logical and mathematical thinking in order to reach my goals. My interest in computers and technologies had been just growing from year to year, however, I although begun being interested in the health care system, medicine, and chemistry. Thereby, I had joined the Bachelors Degree Program in chemistry, which I successfully finished in 2015. After the graduation, I decided to practice my knowledge working as a chemist. This was a great experience that has provided me with the practical skills and the ability to face with different kinds of challenges. As the result, I become the well-organized, dependable, and skillful chemist. Nevertheless, my interest in the computers and informatics has not disappeared. Consequently, I want to continue my education and begin to study the Health Informatics. The Master's Degree in Health Informatics is an ideal option for me as it is an intersection of the information and biomedical sciences. Students receive a deep knowledge of the dynamic and developing health care system as well as the considerable technical background in the computer science and programming. The Master's Degree in Health Informatics includes the various graduate programs and departments such as Biotechnology, Analytics, Clinical Psychology, Business and Entrepreneurship, Clinical Simulation, Nursing, Computer Science, Public Health, and others. After graduation, I can be involved in the professional activity as the clinical data scientists, executives or entrepreneurs in large medical centers or hospitals, startups, research institutions, global health organizations, and government health agencies. In addition, after the graduation, I will receive the various opportunities of working, for instance, as the Chief Information Officer, HIM Director, Chief Medical Information Officer, Clinical Data Analyst, IT Consultant, Compliance Officer, and other important positions in the Health Care System. The jobs in the sphere of health information are very important, according to the medical needs of an aging population. It is a great job to combine managing costs and improving patient outcomes. I am convinced that the Masters Degree in Health Informatics will help me lead the transformation of the medicine. I expect to learn how to store, acquire, retrieve, and use medical and health care information in order to improve the care. I am fully ready to be involved in the educational process, including research projects and thesis, which would allow me to get acquainted with using the Internet in the Health Care, disease management, the human-computer interaction, decision support, electronic medical record, telemedicine, messaging system, privacy of patient data, security of health care system, and other fields envisaged by the education program. As the result, I am the well-motivated, organized, and dependable person, who is confident about the professional and life goals. The previous work as a chemist gives me a clear understanding of the Health Informatics importance, so that, my motivation is objective and long-term. I am convinced that the combination of my personal traits and professional knowledge and skills will make me the worthy specialist in the sphere of the Health Informatics.

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