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4 out of 5

When I decided to apply for Brandman's online program, I was persuaded by a college recruiter that raved about the school and its flexibility for working students. As an aspiring actress, I thought going to Brandman would be great in case I ever had to go out of town and not be able to attend class (extras cannot attend on campus school if they want to work). I was only here for two semesters, and enjoyed it up until my final term.

I'm not saying that this is a terrible school. For an online school, it's probably one of the best. I know people who've attended other online universities, such as Phoenix and Kaplan who constantly complain about the professors and class format. Brandman is entirely online, consists of some great professors with reasonable demands for assignments.

The problem is, at least for me, because it works on accelerated terms everything moves pretty quickly. For some classes, this is great. I honestly didn't have a problem until my Statistics course came along. I found myself working every day for HOURS, only to rush to get things turned in Sunday nights. As an actress who is required to be on set for 12 hours a day, I found that my WORK interfered with school that I was worried I couldn't work and study simultaneously without sacrificing one. I considered dropping out many times, but since it is a required course and I needed it to transfer I stuck it out. After only three weeks I stopped caring about maintaining my 4.0. I thought the requirements for discussion posts was ridiculous (4 required posts, relating statistics to your everyday life and asking/answering questions in a Q&A section). It would be better if the Q&A was optional, or offered extra credit rather than being required. Sometimes I didn't have questions, and I got docked for it. If you struggle in math, I don't recommend taking this until the very end, or by itself. I only took it early because I wanted to transfer to a CSU. However, that may just be that particular professor, who is nice and extremely helpful. It was just the format I hated.

As for the classes I did enjoy, the required English courses were great. I could get assignments done by Wednesday without worrying. I also took a Society/Culture and Literature course that required weekly film viewings and a lot of other fun assignments. My Personality Theories class was also very enjoyable, definitely my favorite.

For the most part, the professors are helpful and answer your questions via email timely. If you have problems, or do an assignment incorrectly, they'll actually help you out. I recommend this school for those who are at-home parents or don't have a hectic work schedule. Otherwise you'll find yourself swamped in the more challenging courses.

4 out of 5

Chapman University College was definitely a great choice for me. I always wanted to study psychology, but was unable to because of commitments at home. However, the Chapman University College allowed me to complete my B.S. degree totally online. It did take a bit longer because I was not always able to attend full-time, but my degree was completed in about five and a half years. That is one of the great things about this school though- you can work at your own pace. The programs are not divided into semesters or terms, so you can start a new class whenever you are able. The instructors are also easily accessible if you need help, which is nice for those studying online. I guess the one negative thing about this school was the cost; it is a little expensive. However, payment plans are available. The classes are quite challenging, but the Chapman University College definitely prepared me for my future career.
4 out of 5

Chapman University encourages its students to not just learn the material but to excel at it. Classes consist of active participation with a free flow of ideas. I came to treat the faculty not as just teachers but as friends and mentors. My only complaint from Chapman was the food but being the son of a Chef, I am only used to gourmet meals. Chapman provided me with the skills and the confidence to land my dream career within months of graduation.
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