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5 out of 5
Degree: Criminal Justice/Safety Studies
Graduation Year: 2014

Probably since January I have been doing my research for what school I want to go to, and of course it is not the easiest decision to make because you also have to think of the future with employment. Since I started in January I have been trying to find the right school that best fits my needs for what I am doing currently, which is working full time in the A.M., so night classes is just out of the question. When I started looking more into online schools, (being that I took my masters degree online from Calu of Pa) I loved every minute there, what I have learned about online school is that it takes up a lot of time patients, you have to teach yourself, but yes your professors are there to guide you. I also had the professors for Undergrad as well, so I was not completely in the dark. There were so many choices to choose from when it comes to online schools and in the end Walden was the best choice, because of employment, some jobs WILL NOT except UoP, Kaplan University, etc. So far with signing up with Walden University my enrollment advisor has been great so far, and has emailed me back in a timely manner. Now I have been reading these reviews and I could not put my finger on why everyone is telling people to run from Walden University and then it dawned on me that, most people have never done an online class before and do not know what to expect or what to do. Most of the time you are doing the work yourself with reading, papers, tests, and discussions, the professor is there only for back up, grading papers and giving you feedback. I feel that most of the reviews want an easy ride just to move up in the world and get more money, but you get what you put in. In the end, if you have never done online classes before (more than 3 to gain experience) I would say to take some classes BEFORE you do your masters and or PhD online at Walden because it will not be a cake walk. Also I feel like I need to put this in that I am a real girl from Pittsburgh, Pa and I am not pulling anyone’s leg.

5 out of 5
Degree: Liberal Studies
Graduation Year: 2013

I thought that this program was thorough. A few of the classes were just okay but overall, I feel that I learned a lot from the program and it prepared me for a future in the field. At times I was frustrated with the caliber of other students in the cohort but the teachers were great. I feel that the program motivated me through challenging course work and I feel that writing papers and discussions contributed to my knowledge. I would recommend this school.

2 out of 5

There is nothing good to be said about this university, except that some of the professors are truly amazing and wonderful at teaching. They work with what little equipment and budget they have to try to make a good experience for students, but it's hard because this school doesn't care about academics.

There are also many professors who are not qualified to teach and shouldn't be. This school is a huge scam. They see to it that it's extremely difficult to graduate in four years, and they won't work with you or give you any help if you are trying to graduate in a reasonable amount of time. I've been here for five years and trying to get my degree has been an absolute nightmare. Tuition is always going up but classrooms are ill equipped and in buildings that haven't been renovated or updated since the 60's.

All the money goes to things like the gym, the convocation center, the parking garage, the proposed new student union, but nothing goes towards improving academic buildings or buying new equipment. Housing in the town is awful.

If you can't get into the dorms, you can get ripped off by vulcan village, or you can get ripped off by the shady landlords in town. I've never had pleasant dealings with any landlords in California. This school is absolutely terrible. It may be cheaper than some but it is definitely NOT worth it. Do yourself a favor and don't come here.

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4 out of 5

By far the best educational experience has been through California University of Pennsylvania's global online program. The professor's were knowledgable in their fields, most having held careers in the fields they taught.

The course requirements were rigorous. I was obtaining a degree in a field I had worked in for nearly 20 years and actually learned something new and was challenged by the curriculum. The online format, available resources and tools were all exceptional and contributed to enhancing the learning experience.

There were no easy grades to be had in this program. I found that I had to work harder for the grades I obtained in the online format than in a traditional classroom setting. While a traditional class is only 50 minutes each week. I found myself spending 9-12 hours per week and each course.

The advisors were actual advisors not telemarketers. When I started researching online schools, I was hounded by telemarketers who only wanted to enroll me and get my money. CALU's advisors sent me the information I requested, answered my questions promptly and never, ever made me feel like I was a pocket with money. Rather they treated me with courtesy and respect, like I was an actual student before I even enrolled. Once I enrolled, they still treated me with courtesy and respect. They addressed any concerns and were professional and helpful in every way.

There is absolutely nothing I can criticize about this school or the programs taught. That is not to say that my entire experience was without incident. I can say that every issue or problem I had was promptly addressed and resolved.

California University is an excellent school. I highly recommend this school to everyone.

4 out of 5

I am in my last semester in an online masters program at CALU. I have absolutely loved this school and program. The faculty has been great to work with. I have never been to Pennsylvania in my life but I have been able to attend their school and I feel like I have received a quality education.

I loved the online format that allowed me to "go" to school at anytime of the day or night. I work full time so this has been a real benefit. I interacted with students from other areas of the country and learned about their teaching experiences. I would suggest this school to anyone that wants to attend school online for an affordable price.

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