Capella University Reviews of Bachelor's in Project Management

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  • Minneapolis (MN)
  • Annual Tuition: $14,540
75% of 5 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Reviews - Bachelor's in Project Management

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  • Reviewed: 9/20/2018
  • Degree: Project Management
"I received exceptional support from the Enrollment Counselor, the Coach and course instructors. I appreciated the consultative approach allowing me to set the pace to proceed faster or slower. The interaction with the tutor program was a bit hit/miss, some with great insight and others just copying and pasting what was already in the syllabus. Overall, it takes personal sacrifice and dedication along with open and honest communication with your coach and instructors. The Capella FlexPath program was exactly what I needed to accomplish my undergraduate goal."
Myopic Chihuahua
  • Reviewed: 8/21/2018
  • Degree: Project Management
"I had a wonderful time in the FlexPath program. After struggling for many years I was finally able to complete my BS. And, with the flexibility of FlexPath I completed 57 credits in three months. The instructors, coach, tutors, and enrollment counselor were all extremely helpful and responsive. In March of 2018 I walked in my commencement (a first for me because I opted to get a GED when I was younger). I'm so happy with this school and FlexPath that I'm now enrolled to start in the MBA program."
  • Reviewed: 9/28/2017
  • Degree: Project Management
"DON'T ATTEND THIS SCHOOL! If you have medical issue come up that prevent you from completing a course they will through you to the wolves and than collections. They do not care how they treat you and most of the instructors have no clue what the course material is. When attempting to receive assistance with courses I would receive mixed answers that don't make sense. Few times I received answers to questions replying, did you try google. One teacher had no clue what the questions meant and just told me to do my best. I had surgery come up and unable to preform my class work. Was never dropped out of my class properly so than I was forced to pay for the classes out of pocket. This is by far the worst manage school I have ever experienced. I only wasted my time and money. Spent 8 month trying to get a credit for the classes and was pushed aside and forgotten multiple times."
Michael Parker
  • Reviewed: 12/12/2016
  • Degree: Project Management
"I am a experienced information security professional with about 26 yrs of experience. I have been "finishing" my degree program since 1992... to that end, I had attended a number of brick & mortar and online colleges ( recognizable organizations) and settled on Capella in 2012. Over the past few years ( I received credit for PgMP cert and took about a year off) I took a class a quarter and finished BSIT with a specialization in project management this past April, so about three years of academic study. All in all I found the course work, curriculum and instructors to be vey good... yes, there where probably a couple classes I could have taught myself, but by and large classes were good, instructors solid/ knowledgeable. All in all, I recommend the school, my experience was favorable... I started a Masters Program, I'm two classes into the program... all is well."
Ticked Off Sally
  • Reviewed: 2/25/2016
  • Degree: Project Management
"Please rethink going to this online university. I was enrolled in Flex Path and had some personal issues and was not able to complete the two classes I was in. They told me I was being dropped from Flex path and would need to go back to traditional classes and once dropped from Flex Path you are not allowed back in. So, why would I go from a competency based program where I can graduate in a shorter period of time with less money spent to the traditional online class outline, which will take me three years to graduate and more money. Read the fine-print keep track of your financial aid because they now are saying I have a balance and research other online colleges that offer FlexPath programs. Listen school is what you make out of it and I love online classes. However, I think Capella has showed less then stellar behavior in the way they handled my situation. This is my personal opinion and I stand by my opinion pertaining to this University."