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2.8 out of 5 stars
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Student & Graduate Reviews

1.2 out of 5 stars
James Sherman - 4/4/2020
Degree: Information Assurance
Graduation Year: 2020
"Avoid this school at all costs. They bait you with basic classes until the dissertation phase and then roadblock after roadblock. I’ve gone through numerous mentors and professors that approve and this disapprove of your subject. You spend months writing and researching only to be told it won’t get approved. Basically, they slow you down until you run out of time and then administratively withdraw you taking your money and leaving you with and enormous bill. They bring in the one or two actual graduates to “inspire” you that it can be done but those are the only people I’ve seen graduate. I went to numerous “weekend experiences” and saw thousands of students and kept in contact with plenty of them. None have graduated. I wish I would’ve known before I tried."
3.0 out of 5 stars
sufius - 9/8/2015
Degree: Information Assurance
Graduation Year: 2015
"If you are looking for any handholding this is not a college for you...nor are many of the online universities. I would not call any of the professors instructors as there is no teaching. I repeat there IS NO TEACHING just a list of things you must do. Coursework is mostly relevant to real world but what is assigned and what you end up having to discuss in a required online discussion and the assignment may not match. Reading and assignments in many courses do not even match up correctly. Many courses you could do the course without the book and just rely on Internet resources. I do not know how much (if any) control each professor has on the coursework or reading material except for supplemental. Discussions are mostly useless in the courses but more due to lazy students than anything else is. Please do not be one of those and put some effort into them, as the other students have to respond to you when you post crap. Only a handful of professors actually get involved in the discussions others just auto-grade at the end. To do well you need to do your required postings at the frequency the professor wants. This normally is one post and two responses but some have wanted more. When initial post occurs fluctuates from the Wednesday to last day of the week (Sunday). Many professors are lenient about turning in assignments late if you contact them ahead of time, which has been a very good thing and greatly appreciated. Last week of course all material is due by Friday instead of Sunday. So, if you have a weekly paper and a final paper both are due on Friday and you lose the weekend to work on it. Shortest week for the most amount of work. APA required format seems to differ between one instructor and the other. I have seen different requirements for font, size, etc. Many do not seem to care and others may mark you off (two professors) and then proceed not to tell you what you were marked off for. Seems random and just a way to normally pad the great upward. Just create a solid template, adjust MS Word to what you need and re-use and modify as necessary. If you have a project paper keep using the previous week's paper so all the references stay intact within the paper to save you a lot of time...helpful tip for you! Use references though each professor requires a different amount. I have seen three references per paper to 3-5 per page. All discussion and assignment feedback seems automated with maybe a handful of assignments that comments were unique to my paper during the last 15 courses or so. I have even seen professor review comments that did not match the assignments or discussions! I have added a couple times irrelevant references to something like an alien invasion that went unnoticed one time :-) This lack of even caring what a student writes drives me insane. So, you NEVER have any true feedback (at least I didn't). Biggest pet peeve is you never will know if a teacher is or is not talented, since you will never talk with them. Some provide phone numbers so some are possibly reachable but I have never tried that way just through e-mail. I don’t want to talk to the professors I just want to check the boxes and move on. Messages, e-mails or the "Ask the Instructor" discussion option…these are all used for communication and is always a roll of the dice what instructor uses what so there is no continuity. Courses are not difficult. Just do your required discussions when they are due and write your paper. Make sure that you include what the assignment states and what they the pdf file states the breakdown of the grade will I have seen them not align! I have some years of experience already in the field so much of the curriculum is remedial for me. Those new may have difficulties at times. Many papers due do not have a minimum size others do. I normally run over minimums (and maximums at times but have never been penalized. Time I used for courses ranged from 4 - 15 hours with an average probably around 5. Your mileage may vary. Before diving into the reading as I mentioned look at what you need to turn in and get that done...then read the rest if useful. I cannot emphasize that carefully and work accordingly it will save much grief and time. Advisers are helpful and no complaints. They are definitely a bright spot and have helped me make some decisions related to courses and options. I have contacted them a few times and they have been patient with me on my questions :-) Financial side hopefully has improved...but they do love their money. A couple years ago had a very bad experience. Capella handled the situation appropriately once escalated. This was specific to collection tactics by a person who was hired recently and went after me like a pitbull...even though I just got the bill two days prior. As I said, this was handled so kudos for the management for talking to me and dealing with it. This should not be an issue unless you are truly delinquent then well... it is what it is. Those with certifications or previous courses should speak to an advisor for options. Capella was/is excellent for applying courses to your degrees. It may be easier for many to attain a certification and then fill out the forms/papers to get out of the course. There will probably be a fee involved so be warned but to me it is worth it. I found Capella extremely generous and worked with me. Keep in mind I have a lot of experience and some certifications that many of the courses try to get you ramped up for. For those that do not know online colleges read up about adjunct professors. I may have beat up the professors some but the colleges (not just Capella) have created the environment of facilitators and not professors. Honestly, they seem more administrative then professors and are paid accordingly...not a get rich job. I have a few friends that are adjunct professors at other universities. Students in my courses ranged from extremely knowledgeable to so weak that I am amazed they passed middle school. Many students if tests were given on the topics during the course I feel would fail. All courses are based on either papers or discussions…not tests no quizzes so there is no requirement for any memorization. Most coursework is relevant and the material seems recent in most cases. To get the true learning experience one should read much of what they give you but you will only be graded on a small portion of it. A few books have been a bit dated but overall a good selection of material. In summary, Capella is good to get your degree in a hurry. They are flexible on assignments depending upon instructor. There is no warm and fuzzy feel at all. If you do not do the work then you fail and do not expect them to care much. Write your discussions and papers and try and believe they will be read. If nothing else it is good practice :-) If you follow directions well and set enough time you can pass with a very good grade. Having a bachelor's from Capella is great, but to me it was more about jumping through hoops to get the piece of paper."
5.0 out of 5 stars
johnC - 9/19/2014
Degree: Information Assurance
Graduation Year: 2015
"All the courses I have taken so far are very challenging. You have to put in a lot of time and energy to get good grades. Professors are all very professional and most are currently working in the IT field as a project manager, IA security officer etc. Most professors have degrees from prestigious universities. Expect not to have any weekends for two years! You have more homework compared with most traditional classrooms. If you're lazy, then this school is not for you."
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