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  • Minneapolis (MN)
  • Annual Tuition: $15,233
67% of 12 students said this degree improved their career prospects
58% of 12 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Reviews - Master's in Business

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Kelly R
  • Reviewed: 6/27/2019
  • Degree: Business
"The Flex Plan Program is designed for the busy working person to work as your pace and you have 12 weeks to finish assessments. I am truly distraught at the fact that you are on your own. Meaning, you have no lecture, no videos, no help whatsoever.....only what you can find in their poor library and on the internet. Coaches(professors) only criticize your work and make you go to a tutor to figure it out when you have no clue what you are doing wrong. The cost, the grading system of Flex Path and figuring out what you are actually supposed to do is not worth the effort to sign up with this University. I love learning. I spend a lot of time on (where I learn way more than Capella offers. I have had another professor friend from another university look over the procedures for the MBA Flex Path Program and he was in total shock."
Kelly A.
  • Reviewed: 1/17/2019
  • Degree: Business
"Please please do your homework before you choose this online program. You will need to read all the fine print. The flex plan is a farce. Their use of the black board is subpar. You must go to several different places to get the entire homework requirements. When you ask the professor a question, they respond with "ask your tutor." Seems like a waste of money paying a professor and a tutor. The professors are not on the same page when it comes to submissions. Some follow APA and some don't care. Just do your homework. Capella is not what they advertise."
MBA Student
  • Reviewed: 12/1/2018
  • Degree: Business
"Do not enroll in the flex program. It is not what they advertise. Very complicated to navigate all the requirements. The classes are only 1.5 credits and are of the same requirements as a college or university who apply 3.0 credits to the class. I spent more time and money on plagiarism programs because the turn-it program does not work effectively."
  • Reviewed: 9/12/2018
  • Degree: Business
"First and foremost I should have listened to an associate of a previous student. I was notified by a 3rd party collection agency that I had an outstanding balance due to the University nearly a year later. I NEVER received notice by the University. I completed the course taken, in good standing. And before completion, called about balances that I could possibly have after looking online to get an understanding of the financial breakdown. At the time I only saw dispersements and no balances after dispersements. I called to confirm was that correct and was told it was with a sense of uncertainty. All answers received from any person I spoke with, were give in a language of uncertainty or they gave you the run around, saying they will follow up and never would. It was their way of sweeping it under rug and hoping you wouldn't call back. Fast forward, I just recently a collection letter a couple of weeks ago, which my attendance there a year ago. I called right after receipt asking to have it pulled from collections due to not being properly notified of it and I was told NO we called you and emailed your university email (which was inactive for me after completion of the course). Therefore, I would not have received the email. I counter explained that they had 3 ways of reaching me and if 2 of 3 wasn't getting a response the next is postal mail. Their only argument was, since they are an online university they primarily communicate online. Well if that's the case why did you go as far as, to call? They should have taken it a step further and sent a mail notification as well. Why am I upset because, they have put a stain on my outstanding credit history. And I tried to correct it with them with complete honesty and was blown off. And apparently this is common because, as I stated in the beginning I should have listened, what happened to me is exactly what happened to that person. However, I was trying to remain hopeful and optimistic."
  • Reviewed: 4/18/2017
  • Degree: Business
"If lack of communication and high levels of incompetence is something you crave to deal with than Capella is the place for you. They overall program was great. The professors were awesome. Unfortunately, the business, financial aid, &a advisor suck!"
Deidre Bartley
  • Reviewed: 2/22/2017
  • Degree: Business
"The flexpath program can be very good since there will be times when you cannot turn in a full assignment during a particular time. During those times be careful with activity/participation. Those submissions, unfortunately may be read with subjective eyes. If they feel things was not explained enough they will not count your weekly participation. In my case I always did my submission the same way and found out later after I was dropped from a course that my previous participation submission was not counted. Because I was using financial aid, I had to pay immediately out of pocket - which I had to borrow - back since the financial aid obligations was not met. Then I had to write and appeal to get back in school/class. This whole process took close to a month before I started back, meanwhile the financial aid clock was still ticking. So I still had to have a certain amount of course/credits completed to keep my financial aid. If you choose to take a chance on them be careful because a mistake on their part could cause you problems that they cannot or will not fix."
Brenda Abbott
  • Reviewed: 2/10/2017
  • Degree: Business
"I completed my Master's degree in Business Administration from Capella University and support them 100%. I have recommended Capella to my peers and had several of them apply based on my recommendation. I was a single parent while pursuing my degree and received support throughout the process from my instructors, advisors, and administrative team. When I decided to pursue my doctoral degree, I chose another university based on price and it was a terrible decision. I left and came back to Capella and couldn't be happier!!"
Julian R. Sr
  • Reviewed: 10/19/2016
  • Degree: Business
"I completed two degree programs with Capella University. The school was founded with the promise to promote and aid students to excel in their programs. ( Personal opinion) This is an organization that aids the adult learner to research and study to prove competency. Many students are not good with time management/ or being accountable due to procrastination. The programs will help you to succeed in the corporate world. There are two processes to observe. First: the theory aspect. Second: the application process. Capella instructors push the aspect of critical thinking, development of thinking, and utilization of present theories. (Supported by articles written by industry leaders with published work.)These methodologies allow the student to visualize the concepts and place the ideas into their environment. I would recommend the school."
Nicole Carey
  • Reviewed: 12/9/2015
  • Degree: Business
"This is the best program I have been a part of and for those who think it's a scam, you're wrong. The level curriculum is very challenging and requires a high level of determination and self-motivation to get through. Do you research before judging. This program has helped me to develop strong analytical and critical thinking skills and I'm able to effectively develop high level corporate strategy that is relevant and consistent with current business standards. I am confident that this degree will greatly enhance my ability to be competitive in the business world. Thank you, Capella!"
  • Reviewed: 2/7/2015
  • Degree: Business
"Capella is a great university to attend. As with all schools, the experience is as good as the effort you put into it. I'm currently in a Management position where I have the need to get an MBA to advance me to senior leadership. Capella is flexible, affordable, and challenging."
TW Brazil
  • Reviewed: 5/7/2014
  • Degree: Business
"Like anything else in life you get out if it what you put into it. I attended a 4 year resident State university for my BA and did very few papers or projects. Did attend a lot of lectures and sat many exams. Capella, Graduate School of America when I started, was more real world experience. Professors had weekly contact with me and provided good feedback on work. Yes the tuition is a bit high but my employer offered tuition reimbursement so I didn't have an issue. Courses were well structured and easy to follow. Only advise I can offer is really research any school you plan to attend and make sure they are regionally accredited accept no other type of accredation and if they don't give you that info up front run."
  • Reviewed: 3/13/2013
  • Degree: Business
"Let me begin by saying that I am a working professional who unfortunately was not able to attend traditional school. My current employer supports higher education and is in alliance with Capella University. I trust my employer who is an industry giant and therefore decided to give Capella a chance.The courses were both relevant and challenging. It was not easy by far and I was definitely exhausted. I did feel that my success and/or failure was completely on me. I did not have a professor reminding me to do my work but that was fine. After all...I am an adult.Now, I do see that Capella gets bad reviews for being a For-Profit organization, but as a business major, I do not see For-Profit as being all that bad as long as the organization complies with regulatory requirements to keep their accreditation as I see Capella doing. Furthermore, I see For-Profit as an advantage as the organization is able to recruit and retain high quality professors who would like to get paid well. After all, we all do. I have met many professors working for a non-profit educational institute who are unhappy and unsatisfied and do not provide support for their students.So in closing, I am happy with the quality of my education. The on-line environment is fast-paced and challenging. Not for everyone. You have to be committed and self-motivated."