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Capella University Reviews - Master's in Human Services

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4 out of 5
Degree: Human Services, General
Graduation Year: 2012

Capella University's online program allowed me the flexibility to work full time while caring for my child. The professors a highly trained and knowledgeable. The education I received was invaluable and the on-line class format is easy to use.

2 out of 5
Degree: Human Services, General
Graduation Year: 2015

I am a current Graduate student at Capella. Recently a close family member had a major life change to happen that has subsequently put a physical and emotional strain on my family. I contacted my instructor as I was directed by the "advisors" to do, but I received very little leniency. I also work a very demanding job that requires me to be on-call. The problem with that is this: I had a conversation with the enrollment advisor about the demands of my job BEFORE I enrolled with Capella. I was assured that weekly coursework would not exceed approximately 8 hours per week. That has been a lie from day one of class. If you don't care about the quality of your work or the grades you receive surely you can fit assignments into the quoted 8-hour time frame. I am not that person. I hold a 4.0 GPA here and it has been hell to maintain. Sleepless nights at least 3 times per week trying to balance work with the demands of Capella instructors; forget a life outside of those 2. This last semester has been the absolute worst. The instructors formulate their course syllabus with absolutely no regard for the learner's obligations outside of their class, including OTHER CLASSES. You never know how anal the next instructor will be; one semicolon missing from a citation being used to lower your grade. I have read responses from people on this site who have called learners in situations like mine "lazy" or "unorganized". I am neither of those and I feel they should grow up and realize everyone's situation is not going to be ideal and definitely not identical to the next person. I am extremely ready to be done with this school, and I can promise you I will not be back for the degrees I plan to pursue after this one, nor will I recommend this school to anyone.

5 out of 5
Degree: Human Services, General
Graduation Year: 2013

Different strokes for different folks! Each online school will have its pros and cons and Capella's no different. Unfortunately there will not be a school that 100% without flaws. This is an online institution and as far as I am concerned has done very well in terms of communication and providing me with the resources I need to be successful here. I attended a brick and mortar for my B.S. and ran into a few issues during my 4 years as I had just a few as well while in Capella but nothing to be upset about. Yes Capella is "expensive" but let's face it in comparison to what? I look at my education as an investment in myself and I understand the value of it. I received my Master's degree from here in 2013 and I am in my second quarter of my PhD program. I am very pleased with Capella. I would definitely recommend them. I currently work in higher education but still chose to go with Capella :-)

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3 out of 5
Degree: Human Services

Having graduated from a State University it took me a long while to warm up to the idea of an online program. I started at Liberty University because it is not just online, but also a brick and mortar school.

Aside from the dozens of papers on religion, Liberty had nothing to offer me. I transferred to Capella and had mixed experiences with the professors. Some are actively engaged with students, while others are more there to advise the independent student.

Capella is definitely for independent students who like to work and research on their own. Don't mistake this for being easy. You decide the direction of your work and are pushed to work that much harder. If you are looking for an easy A or degree look elsewhere.

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