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Sharron Broeland
  • Reviewed: 8/1/2012
"There are many ways for a profit organization to make money and milking students out of as much financial aid as possible should not be one of them. This university will procrastinate and stall you out as much as possible to tack on more semesters. I am in my dissertation phase. The proposal part of this process has been redone since I began and I have no idea if it is better than it was but it does not work the way they are having me do this.Everyone(professors and SOE) approved my proposal for two years and had me work on it and get every speck of information and all the forms filled outto say no cannot be done during the IRB stage. How a university can direct you to do one thing then have another section say oh no no can not do that but you can rewrite it and pay us more. What to do it all over again and get turned down again?Teachers are awesome, caring, and are not part of the process that messes you up, they bend over backwards to help you but they are stuck themselves! I would say do NOT attend this university. Sorry Capella, I was an advocate but not anymore, I will tell all to stay away from your university on every site I can find."
  • Reviewed: 6/22/2012
  • Degree: Counseling
"Go to real school before you waste your time and money with a business that cares nothing about your success. I have been at Capella for 3 and I wish every day that I did not chose this school. Beware and find a school where if you need to go there you can."
  • Reviewed: 6/20/2012
  • Degree: MBA
"I have always had issues with Capella. They had me enroll right away mid semester when I wanted to wait. Becasue I enrolled when I advisor told me to, I was not aware this would affect my financial aid.To make things worse, the staff is very slow in responding but quick to enroll. They get back on their own time regardless of what your situation is.I always have billing issues, grants get less and less. More subsidized loans than anything. No extra help with my resume. Instead, an email notifying me she recieved it, then just nothing..No help with employment either."
Juliette Harris
  • Reviewed: 5/21/2012
"Capella offers a great education. However, the infrastructure strikes me as fraudulent. I am a current student and have become friends with many other students and have realized that we all have the same complaints: The MFT program claims it is 2.5-3 years. IT IS NOT, they tack time onto your academic plan and everyone I have spoken to (30+people) report now having 4 year plans, going full time.Furthermore, financial aid reps and academic advisors are awful. You may luck out and get a good one, but generally none are assigned to you so it is the luck of who answers the phone. They have no idea what they are talking about and dont care. Robel is argumentative. They do not place your internships, and it is NOT EASY finding one. Beware.Teachers are for the most part excellent."
  • Reviewed: 5/6/2012
"Regardless of whether it is online or brick and mortar, you get out of school what you put into it. I completed both a Bachelor and MBA at a traditional school, but due to extensive travel had to pursue my PhD online. First I wanted an accredited school. Capella is upfront about certifications in every state and so nothing is hidden. Faculty has been great although once the coursework is done, you are on your own for the comprehensive exam and the dissertation process.This is the only thing I do not like about the school. You feel abandoned by the University unless you pay extra money for writers retreats where you may or may not have someone from your specialization. If they could fix that it would be great. Their technology is the best I've seen and I teach online elsewhere."
  • Reviewed: 4/29/2012
  • Degree: Psychology
"I received my undergrad degree from a state university, and my MBA from a different online university. Capella takes online education to the level it should be. The faculty and staff are extremely supportive and knowledgeable.The classroom is set up to make sure that you do more than just scratch the surface of the topics. Also, the curriculum provides a challenge without being too invasive in your weekly schedule. The cost is there, but you have to realize that you are earning a graduate degree from a private school.You are paying for the convenience of not having to go into a campus - but at Capella, you are also getting quality education. I would highly recommend this university to anyone."
Sam Shelton
  • Reviewed: 4/26/2012
  • Degree: Psychology
"I have read various reviews and many, suprisingly, complain about price. It is a college education and if it was cheap everyone would have a college education and you could forget ever getting promoted. It is all about the competative edge over the competition and Capella University will give you that.True, it is not free, but it is an excellent online environment with an easy to access and use setup. The instructors are intelligent and approachable. The assignments are challenging and rewarding.I highly recommend Capella University for family people or busy people. I am the father of five children and have sufficient time to get all the work done each week."
  • Reviewed: 4/19/2012
"Capella really got me so distressed in their program that I almost put off my educational goals. The school is awful the instructors are not very helpful and they will really put you in a lifetime of debt with their fees. The online environment is not user-friendly. I had attended other universities and this was one of the worst on line educational experiences."
  • Reviewed: 4/10/2012
  • Degree: Psychology
"I have been attending Capella since 2010. My overall experience has been wonderful! My professors are highly intelligent and my assignments are very challenging. I am not due to complete my degree until later this year, but it will be a degree I will take much pride in.I have attended two other schools before this one. Both brick and mortar and very well accrediated schools. However, neither of those institutions made me feel as proud to be a memeber as Capella has.I think Capella does nto get the credit it deserves because it is an online school and people complain about the amount of work and the price.As with any online courses, the price is much more than traditional courses and I will not deny that the work can often be intense, but each class I complete, I feel more worthy and ready to venture into my field! I am excited to be attending Capella and I would definitely suggest giving this school a try!~ENGE"
Tracy from Virginia
  • Reviewed: 4/5/2012
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I have been working towards my degree for several decades. Like most, I started off at a brick and mortar school, but didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I fell into the project management feild and found that I really liked the challenges that it had to offer. I decided that I wanted to find a school that offered a bachelors in project management. There are not a lot of school that offer this focus until masters levels. Since I was a working professional with children, I felt that I needed a program that I could have passion about.I found Capella through PMI and started classes in October 2009. I have another year left til graduation, so I feel I have a pretty good experience with Capella, which has not been all sunshine and perfection. This program takes a lot of work and dedication to complete, but for me it is worth it. I have grown so much in the last 2 1/2 years, not only in my cofidence, but in my writing abilities and what I have to offer my employer. Spelling is still a challenge for me, but that isn't Capella's fault!Enrollment at Capella was super easy, the advisors really work with you on getting everything that is needed including working with financial aid. I have read some comments here that are negative towards financial aid, I personally have not found issue with the department. Every time I have had questions, I have received answers or directions on where to go. There have been some occasions where I have had to make several follow up calls but have been able to get everything worked out.I have had good and bad professors, but for the most part they have been better then at other schools. I do recommend Capella, but as in anything that you do, you must research and ask questions so that you have a complete understanding of what you are commiting too. Lastly, getting a higher education takes commitment and work, so remember, your get what you put into it!"
  • Reviewed: 3/14/2012
"I graduated from a traditional undergraduate University (a prestitious top rated University, actually), joined the Army for student loan repayment, was deployed for long durations, but still wanted to pursue a graduate degree. I was accepted into a graduate program at Georgetown University, but simply could not commit to the physical requirement of attending a brick-and-mortar structure due to my military duties.Then, I found Capella University. I was hesitant and quite suspicious at first, but figured I'd give it a try. It offered the flexibility I needed and the course offerings appeared reasonable. I completed my MS at Capella and, overall, had a good experience. I found the curriculum appropriate and the required reading relevant. I did, however, go over and above by seeking outside sources and conducting personal study. That was a personal choice and not something all students choose to do.After completing my MS, I applied again to Georgetown University for a PhD, and again, was accepted. While it would have been nice to earn my PhD from Georgetown, I simply couldn't commit to the physical attendance. During the PhD years I had a family, a job, and other commitments that demanded even greater flexibility.Overall, my experiences at Capella were quite good. I found the instructors to be engaging for the most part. Like any school, some professors are better than others; and some classes will be more interesting than others. The only complaint I have is the high financial cost of an online education. You do pay for convenience."
  • Reviewed: 3/12/2012
"Enrollment office was great and gave such a false impression of how they really operate. I had a medical emergency and had to with draw from class. They refused to credit my semester even though I dropped the second week of class.I sent doctors notes, hospital forms and insurance forms but they still tried to bill me. They even lied and tried to say I didnt drop until one month later , lucky for me I kept the notice from federal loans which showed the school reported I with drew on the on the right date , Even with that the student care center tried to find a loop hole to still get me to pay for a semester I was not active in.Funny thing is with out asking they re-enrolled me in the same course for the next term I found out when they billed me for that too."
  • Reviewed: 2/6/2012
"I hear over and over again about negatives and online schools. Complaints ranging from student service, to curriculum, and so on. I actually watched the PBS Frontline: College Inc. In many ways this review is a response to all of them.No one cares about students going to "traditional college" and coming out not able to get jobs, or with high student loans. No one listens to their complaints about their professors, or how they failed out. Suppose I went to Georgetown or OU or Harvard and said they were a degree mill... would anyone believe me? No. Have a "for profit program" that offers a degree to ANYONE who has the drive and talent to get it and you have congressional hearings, pbs investigations, and other activities of similar stripe.I went to a "traditional college" when I came out of high school. I did not mind my studies and left after two years. I got a job, met a girl and got married. I did well. I opened my own business and things were going great, until I made a few mistakes and 2008 came. That ended my business. Well I had saved up some money and my wife had a good job, so after a few conversations I went back to school.I tried to apply to a "traditional university" and did not have enough hours to transfer. My previous transcript was an embarrassment, my fault, but I had to move forward. I applied to a local Community College and they didn't care. I called, nothing... So I called Capella after researching online options. Odd how all the "traditional universities" that didn't care about me being a "traditional student" wanted me to attend THEIR online program...Capella seemed to care. They helped me get started, talked to me about costs, loans, and everything. Yes it was going to cost something but all colleges do. I told the guidance counselor that I wanted to graduate in 2 years, she said that it was possible, but it would be tremendous work. Well guess what, IT WAS and I DID. Everything they told me was the truth. They cared about my feedback. My professors acted like every other professor I had ever had. Everything about the school was challenging.Online schools, especially Capella, take a LOT of self discipline, but then again so do all colleges. That is what I was missing the first time around.Good luck to you. IF you choose Capella, and you try hard, engage the course room, read, and stay disciplined; you will do well."
  • Reviewed: 1/6/2012
"I am in the fieldwork phase of the Masters in counseling program. My experience with this school is that it advertises itself as a school for professionals who happen to students but their expectations are that you will be a professional student.During the years I have been studying here, the school is constantly changing the graduation requirements; creating more hurdles for the students. The latest change for counseling students is that the supervision they have with their instructor (on a weekly basis for 90 minutes) may no longer be done over the phone but must be done thru a webcam.\The times for supervision are during the work day and require the students to sit at a location for 90 minutes with no interruption and where privacy is guaranteed. A working student cannot accommodate this requirement because very few workplaces will excuses you for 90 minutes and give you a private space with a webcam. This was a change made without any discussion with the students and it is typical of the school. The school will expect that working students make school the priority in their lives.Some student actually quit their jobs to complete the internship, but for some of us, giving up steady income, health benefits, and retirement accounts is simple not an option.The "academic advisors" are bachelor's level student who have not completed the graduate programs and will only try to pacify you; they will not act on your behalf and will be reluctant to pass you on to anyone of authority in the actual department. The school demonstrates ivory tower syndrome, where people are making decisions without considering how this will practically impact student lives. A traditional school will be quicker, more rewarding, and more appreciative of the students’ time."
  • Reviewed: 11/7/2011
"I've only attended Capella for 3 classes now, and I find the workload to be more than enough. The coursework has been immediately useful for me. The good thing about online learning is that the student must do the work themselves, so you actually learn something. The bad thing is that with online learning, the student must do the work themselves :) If you coasted by with friends notes, or cliffnotes, or whatever means before, it won't work here. Cost? bearable in my case, the average MSIT class is just over $2000 per class.I'll post again when I've done more than 50% of the work.Student services is good enough too, that they don't warrant any high praises or low marks, they just do their jobs, and keep the wheels going. They check up on you frequently. I was given all the information upfront about when to expect to pay, when to expect a refund, etc. I had trouble once when I expected my loans to get disbursed to a class, and they hadn't disbursed 3 weeks into the class. I called and it was handled right away."
  • Reviewed: 10/30/2011
"I have been to one other online university setting for my undergraduate work - Devry University. I left them for Capella because I wasn't to excited about Devry's Graduate level work. Capella has amazing teachers, who are experienced in the field as well as students that put alot of effort into their work which enriches your learning enviroment. Another thing I like about Capella is the fact that you can do your homework and discussions in advance. though be careful, if you dont read ALL discussion postings by others you will get deducted, thus very time consuming.What I DONT like about Capella is their Student Services. You can hardly ever get the same person, especially with Financial aid, if you live off refunds from tuition etc, they dont come in till your class is over. You better have money for your books because they dont offer a student account that lets you pay it back with your student refund."
JAC Brown
  • Reviewed: 9/20/2011
"Capella is a very organized online school. Every facet of your learning is computerized-there's the library, tutors, any and everything you can imagine to help is there except time. The sessions are quick 9 weeks and its on to the next course which is great if you don't need time to think.For 4 years I did online classes at Iowa State University where online was just like being there on campus with thanksgiving break, Christmas break, spring break etc, etc, etc 4 months and then I graduated and decided to go for my Masters at Capella. !st and foremost the courses are only 9 weeks, you have to buy your books from them and you have to go to class for 3 weeks BEFORE you get your Fi-Aid which is only $1700 just enough to pay my cable, electric, gas and water bills. Capella's ready for you BUT are you ready for Capella?! You have to be on your toes and have a part-time job because the financial aid won't get you on top of your utility bills to stay home and study. There is NO testing just writing papers 8-10 pages, 8-20 pages and 8-25 pages and all must be peer reviewed, and APA style and postings, postings, postings required OF 250 words always. I felt like stepford student. If you're not interested in a race to the Degree do not choose Capella."
Jennifer Schaefer
  • Reviewed: 4/25/2011
"Capella University has a complete disregard for their students. They do not care about you as a student they only care about you as $$$$. I have spent 5 years and $120K and they told me today "we do not design our classes for licensure" which means my counseling psychology degree is worthless!When I spoke to an adviser a couple of years ago about licensure worries I was told I would be OK. But now that they got my money they told me "the only option is to transfer to another school". I have to basically give up on my dreams of being a counselor or start over. They duped me and are frauds. Do not attend this school. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and find another school. There are much, much better ones out there."
  • Reviewed: 11/29/2010
"I received an associates and then a B.S. from bricks-n-mortar (the B.S. from good traditional university).I wanted to pursue my masters degree and started taking some graduate courses in a Big 10 school. It was okay, but trying to enroll in classes, finding parking, etc. were a real pain. I was getting really discouraged by the paperwork, lack of communication/contacts and also with the generally poor learning experience. Many of the instructors were too focused on their research & writing & too busy to bother with improving their teaching. Many of my classmates were pretty ignorant.So I took a Capella class & that was it. I went in whole hog. Most of the classes were right on -- perfect for the field I wanted to go into, very challenging, but exciting, inspiring, etc. My MS at Capella changed my life. I was totally in a dead end job, destined to be a secretary type and now I have a great job with no limit in my career. I know this all sounds corny, but its true.I think the difference for me was that I love learning and I totally threw myself into my studies. I would sometimes stay up all night trying to get things right. Some people took short cuts. I did not. The products from my class assignments were really professional quality I used as examples in job interviews.I only regret not spending enough time with my kids during that period, but they are reaping the benefits with the job income & my new job pays their tuition."
  • Reviewed: 11/20/2010
"I am totally disappointed with Capella. I chose online learning because of good experiences I had with technology at other schools, but I was disappointed to learn that Capella does not use a lot of technology to teach counseling. I would be ready to graduate soon, but I discovered that Capella does not teach students to counsel at the six day residencies. To learn how to counsel, one must do volunteer work and attend the residencies to show Capella what they learned on their own or get lucky at the residency.If you are unsuccessful at counseling during the six day residency, you must do volunteer counseling then repeat the residency to show Capella that you can counsel. You can complain about Capella to Capella, but everyone at Capella knows what's going on. Capella is not concerned that you are a busy adult, nor do they treat students like adults."