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5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2010

Capella is a very organized online school. Every facet of your learning is computerized-there's the library, tutors, any and everything you can imagine to help is there except time. The sessions are quick 9 weeks and its on to the next course which is great if you don't need time to think.

For 4 years I did online classes at Iowa State University where online was just like being there on campus with thanksgiving break, Christmas break, spring break etc, etc, etc 4 months and then I graduated and decided to go for my Masters at Capella. !st and foremost the courses are only 9 weeks, you have to buy your books from them and you have to go to class for 3 weeks BEFORE you get your Fi-Aid which is only $1700 just enough to pay my cable, electric, gas and water bills. Capella's ready for you BUT are you ready for Capella?! You have to be on your toes and have a part-time job because the financial aid won't get you on top of your utility bills to stay home and study. There is NO testing just writing papers 8-10 pages, 8-20 pages and 8-25 pages and all must be peer reviewed, and APA style and postings, postings, postings required OF 250 words always. I felt like stepford student. If you're not interested in a race to the Degree do not choose Capella.

4 out of 5

Capella University has a complete disregard for their students. They do not care about you as a student they only care about you as $$$$. I have spent 5 years and $120K and they told me today "we do not design our classes for licensure" which means my counseling psychology degree is worthless!

When I spoke to an adviser a couple of years ago about licensure worries I was told I would be OK. But now that they got my money they told me "the only option is to transfer to another school". I have to basically give up on my dreams of being a counselor or start over. They duped me and are frauds. Do not attend this school. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and find another school. There are much, much better ones out there.

4 out of 5

I received an associates and then a B.S. from bricks-n-mortar (the B.S. from good traditional university).

I wanted to pursue my masters degree and started taking some graduate courses in a Big 10 school. It was okay, but trying to enroll in classes, finding parking, etc. were a real pain. I was getting really discouraged by the paperwork, lack of communication/contacts and also with the generally poor learning experience. Many of the instructors were too focused on their research & writing & too busy to bother with improving their teaching. Many of my classmates were pretty ignorant.

So I took a Capella class & that was it. I went in whole hog. Most of the classes were right on -- perfect for the field I wanted to go into, very challenging, but exciting, inspiring, etc. My MS at Capella changed my life. I was totally in a dead end job, destined to be a secretary type and now I have a great job with no limit in my career. I know this all sounds corny, but its true.

I think the difference for me was that I love learning and I totally threw myself into my studies. I would sometimes stay up all night trying to get things right. Some people took short cuts. I did not. The products from my class assignments were really professional quality I used as examples in job interviews.

I only regret not spending enough time with my kids during that period, but they are reaping the benefits with the job income & my new job pays their tuition.

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4 out of 5

I am totally disappointed with Capella. I chose online learning because of good experiences I had with technology at other schools, but I was disappointed to learn that Capella does not use a lot of technology to teach counseling. I would be ready to graduate soon, but I discovered that Capella does not teach students to counsel at the six day residencies. To learn how to counsel, one must do volunteer work and attend the residencies to show Capella what they learned on their own or get lucky at the residency.

If you are unsuccessful at counseling during the six day residency, you must do volunteer counseling then repeat the residency to show Capella that you can counsel. You can complain about Capella to Capella, but everyone at Capella knows what's going on. Capella is not concerned that you are a busy adult, nor do they treat students like adults.

4 out of 5

I am finishing my final quarter at Capella. I am currently working on my Integrative Project (Thesis)...Masters in Human Services/Social and Community Service. For the past two years, I have had an excellent experience at Capella. I've had the most awesome instructors, who allowed the learners to call them. I also had a couple of professors who held phone conferences for the learners. I never had problems in the financial aid department. Many of my courses were challenging, however I decided that I would work hard and do well and I am excited to say that so far, my GPA is 4.0. I would recommend Capella, it is an accredited university and the professors and staff are very caring.

4 out of 5

I started Capella University in May of 2010. At first I thought this was the perfect school and I trusted my school with my funds and my education. The first class was a joke, there was no gradebook, no progress report, no feedback from the instructor, you were on your own. I took this for 4 weeks, I sent e-mails to the instructor since this was my first class and I recieved nothing at all. When I looked at my financial aid page I realized that they were taking out a 2nd loan that I was not aware of. 54 thousand dollars is a lot to pay besides the school taking a extra loan behind your back. I donot reccommend this school to anyone. Oh forgetabout transferring your credits and recieving your transcripts.

4 out of 5

Capella has a good basis in PhD courses but the process to earn a PhD beyond the course process is ambigious and subjective at best. The "readers" of the comprehensive PhD exam are a mix of those cought up in their own "power" complex and those that want to prove that Capella U is a good investment. The result is a dice roll if you pass your COMPS and continue on to dissertation. Meanwhile, the cash register is clicking.

I wish I would have taken an alternative PhD route in a recognized university with on-line programs rather than Capella. with a $70,000 and 3 year investment I have no choice but to contiue on with my PhD from Capella. The COMPS exam and dissertation process is not prefected and is highly subjective. If draw competent "readers" for your COMPS you will proceed quickly to the dissertation portion of the PhD process.

Capella is not yet matured into an objective, continum process for the PhD process. Very expensive and very frustrating process with little support at the PhD level.

4 out of 5

As a graduate of a prestigious brick and mortar university, I can say that Capella University has done extremely well by me. I have consistently found the support staff extremely helpful and friendly in all my workings with them. As a student using my MGIB benefits, the staff was extremely helpful in making sure all the paperwork was in order for the VA, which has been smooth thus far after a year into the program.

As a Master’s student within Capella University’s Clinical Psychology program, I can say that I have been very pleased with the program. I find the program extremely challenging, yet I am getting the confidence that it will prepare me well for a future within my specialty. For example, In addition to very challenging classes, students have to attend three colloquia’s, and accomplish over 600 hours of practicum.

As for the Psychology instructors, I have found them to be incredibly accomplished and diverse. (i.e. My current instructor is a licensed Clinical Psychologist for 30+ years of private practice, has a ton of published work, and has served as a mentor to students). For any course you take, there are usually a half dozen to a dozen instructors listed to teach it. If you take the time to read up on their bio’s and their published work, you will see how accomplished many of these instructors are.

When selecting this university, it is important to keep in mind what this university’s focus is. It is focused towards working adults who do not have the time or luxury to attend a traditional university campus. As a former active duty military guy and a current federal law enforcement officer, I can tell you that I would fully recommend this university to anyone. With a more than full time job and family life, I can say that Capella University worked perfectly for me in my life, without sacrificing any of the quality of the program.

If I had to offer up a single complaint, it would be that the PsyD program is not currently accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). They lost their accreditation when they moved their degrees from the PhD to the PsyD program. I am confident in the quality of the program at Capella and in time they rectified.

4 out of 5

Scholarship, rigor, accountability and quality are all appropriate in a review of Capella University. Certainly, an exuberant, unfettered personality like my own would be attracted to a university which affords flexibility and variation. The most glaring attraction for me would be the high level of scholarship expected by this institution and its faculty.

CAPELLA IS NO JOKE. It's challenging. It's demanding. It's life-changing. It's faculty is both competent and caring. Whoever is responsible for the development of this university over time did it with intentionality and thoughtfulness. It is a true learner's candy store. I'm sure if Capella University were a movie, Siskel & Ebert would give it 2 thumbs up with an encore presentation.

4 out of 5

I have been a student at Capella. I earned a Masters in Human Services and am finishing up another Masters in Psychology now. Both are considered different disciplines and have been pursued for different occupations.

Courses at Capella are rigorous. The education process is much harder than a traditional school because you must be highly disciplined to get assignments and weekly discussions completed on time. There are massive amounts of reading and research involved which contributes to your overall education.

Instructors are sticklers for proper APA formatting and content which prepares you for research and publication in the future.

Some have suggested that you can plagiarize here. Not a chance. Instructors would catch that right away and you will be disciplined for such actions. Not that I have had that problem but have heard of others that have.

You will improve your writing skills, your research skills and you will become a more critical reader through well planned programs.

Instructors will work with you if you have any problem and the course room format is a breeze to learn. Learner Support is slow about responding to emails. Phone contact is good however. Skype would be even better.

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