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1 out of 5
Degree: Psychology

I am a smart person and a 3.5 student, and I just dropped out of Capella. Why? The coursework is absolutely boring and seems to be more focused on teaching what was going on in psychology in the early part of the 20th century than on teaching anyone skills that will help them become a good counselor.

The second two classes I took seemed to be a rehashing of the first two, with boring content, vague assignments that left you scratching your head as to what the deliverable was supposed to be, professors who are pretty absentee when it comes to offering detailed instructions, and some assignments that bordered on being silly.,/p>

In addition, their computer system has major issues, does not work in all browers, goes down quite a bit. Also their financial aid department refers you to course counselors when you ask about grants and scholarships. HUH??? Save your money and your time! Go to another university if at all possible.

5 out of 5
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2012

Let me begin by saying that I am a working professional who unfortunately was not able to attend traditional school. My current employer supports higher education and is in alliance with Capella University. I trust my employer who is an industry giant and therefore decided to give Capella a chance.

The courses were both relevant and challenging. It was not easy by far and I was definitely exhausted. I did feel that my success and/or failure was completely on me. I did not have a professor reminding me to do my work but that was fine. After all...I am an adult.

Now, I do see that Capella gets bad reviews for being a For-Profit organization, but as a business major, I do not see For-Profit as being all that bad as long as the organization complies with regulatory requirements to keep their accreditation as I see Capella doing. Furthermore, I see For-Profit as an advantage as the organization is able to recruit and retain high quality professors who would like to get paid well. After all, we all do. I have met many professors working for a non-profit educational institute who are unhappy and unsatisfied and do not provide support for their students.

So in closing, I am happy with the quality of my education. The on-line environment is fast-paced and challenging. Not for everyone. You have to be committed and self-motivated.

4 out of 5
Degree: Information Systems
Graduation Year: 2011

If I were to say one thing about Capella, it's not for the disorganized.

I got my MS and started a doctoral program at a brick and mortar school 20 some years ago so I have some basis for comparison.

Most of the faculty are very good and stay engaged in the courserooms. I had two instructors who not nearly as engaged. While disappointing, it wasn't out of character with my previous grad school experiences.

I never had a problem with learner support, but I went to a large midwestern land-grant school as an undergrad and was used to the idea of taking the bureaucracy by the horns. They were always polite and did what they said they were going to do. My employer paid for the lion's share of my tuition, but it only covered 2 quarters per year so that's all I ever enrolled for. I got a bit tired of getting called when I didn't register for courses to convince them I really did know what I was doing.

WRT the dissertation process, it's ambiguous wherever you go, that's why getting a Doctorate is hard. So much of the frustration of the dissertation process comes from having an adviser/mentor that you don't get along with or just don't communicate well with. Choose carefully and your life will be much easier. Try finding someone who's had students successfully graduate. The proof is in the pudding. Besides basic interests, I only nominated mentors who had their mentees graduate on a regular basis.

I would recommend Capella more to folks who have jobs already and can't be running off to classes several times a week. There is an unfair stigma to online only degrees. Capella will make you work for your degree. It's no diploma mill. That being said, it's not for everyone. There are many distractions when you do your schooling from home. If you can't block out extraneous signals, you're going to have a much harder time.

You can get the minimum out and cruise at 'B' level work, but you'll have a hard time passing the Comprehensive exam and an even harder time getting it together for the dissertation.

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2 out of 5
Degree: Criminal Justice

Where do I start. Pleas be aware of the ''Armed Forces Support Services'', if they screw up it is all your fault. I have attended Capella University for three years and they want to constantly stay in touch with you to the point you can not focus on your work.

This semester I decided to stay off the phone with them and they royally attempted to ''Screw Me Over''. The college was great in the beginning whenever I was at the pinnacle of my military benefits. In the present ''Armed Forces Support is rude and vindictive. The best advice do not call ''Armed Forces Support if you want the truth about your military benefits. Make an attempt at calling veterans services.

The school is not a good one. After I obtain my Master Degree this is for this college. Please Attend Another College this one is horrible.

4 out of 5
Degree: Social Work
Graduation Year: 2014

First and foremost all levels of higher education requires money. I love the challenge that Capella has to offer and so far the instructors have been awesome.

Yes i have read all the negative and positive reviews about Capella, thing is EVERYONE IS ENTITLED to their own opinion. Sorry for those who didn't like Capella and hurray for those who didn't like most people do, judge Capella based on reading negative reviews.

I have not recieved my degree as of yet, so I had to answer no to the degree helping my career.

3 out of 5
Degree: Human Services

Having graduated from a State University it took me a long while to warm up to the idea of an online program. I started at Liberty University because it is not just online, but also a brick and mortar school.

Aside from the dozens of papers on religion, Liberty had nothing to offer me. I transferred to Capella and had mixed experiences with the professors. Some are actively engaged with students, while others are more there to advise the independent student.

Capella is definitely for independent students who like to work and research on their own. Don't mistake this for being easy. You decide the direction of your work and are pushed to work that much harder. If you are looking for an easy A or degree look elsewhere.

4 out of 5
Degree: Clinical Psychology
Graduation Year: 2005

I would definitely NOT recommend this school if you need to be spoon-fed your education! This type of schooling is not for the unmotivated student. If you're looking for a degree mill, this is not it! My education at Capella helped me greatly . . . It was a wonderful opportunity to interact with others in my field and learn from them through the process of posting assignments and providing peer feedback. I had one instructor who was less than responsive but student services assisted in the process of bringing that professor back into line. The curriculum is challenging and you will not make it through if you aren't self-directed, self-motivated, and selfish with your time. It requires a huge commitment of time and energy and other areas of your life will suffer . . . If you aren't prepared for that, don't start. You will not get the grade just for attending.

I thought student services were great. They helped me to develop a practicum that would further my career . . . And it did! But I was in the lead. If you aren't prepared to drive the process, this is NOT the school for you. I did not avail myself of any "job placement" services as my practicum site offered me employment upon graduating.

Bonus . . . Some life-long professional relationships and some life-long friendships.

Not for everyone, but it was right for me and I am the better person for having the Capella Experience.

4 out of 5
Degree: MBA
Graduation Year: 2013

I can not put into words what Capella means to me. I originally started my MBA with Capella back in 2005 but had to stop the following year. I just recently restarted my degree endeavor in April 2011 and was surprised by the welcome I received from the admissions staff. They bent over backwards to assist me in the degree completion process. My counselor was also able to get me going with the degree and helped me save nearly $2000 from jump street. Since then, every time I have questions I am always able to reach someone at Capella. When I have left messages, I was contacted in return by a staff member to offer information. Now, I am only 5 courses from graduating and will earn my MBA in Global Operations and Supply Chain Management in the spring. At work, I have already seen a benefit from my degree. I also posted my resume on line and get multiple calls from various recruiters and employers. Also, every few months, an advisor contacts me to discuss my future course selections and my educational plan. It is definitely a positive experience. Whenever I have had issues, the advisor assists in remedying them within a few days.

I would suggest that anyone that is desiring to attend Capella take a moment and assess all those negative reviews about Capella and see the commonality in them - they all have problems and blame the problems on the school. I found that even in my undergraduate school, similar negative scenarios played out with some students. I had negative experiences during undergrad and was able to overcome them and graduate but everyone has a different experience. Some people just can't see beyond the forest and know there is a wide open meadow beaming with sunshine ahead. I pray your Capella experience is similar to mine.

3 out of 5
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2013

I enjoyed my experience at Capella. I am in my final quarter. The only thing I am skeptical about is how will my degree be viewed by employers. Now that I am focusing more on my career search, I am scared. I currently do not have a job. I was a stay at home mom and decided to pursue a degree online. I will recieve my BS in Business Administration from Capella. Because I dont have a job already, Im just worried how this will be percieved on my resume by employers.

The school is very expensive, so if you want to go out a cheaper route, research other schools, I only began my course work here because a freind spoke so highly of Capella. I would not recommend this school financialy, but you will get a good education if you apply yourself. Thats the realist review you will get, trust me!!!

5 out of 5
Degree: Counseling
Graduation Year: 2013

I am completing my Master's in School Counseling. My experience has been extremely good. I went to a highly respected state school for my BA, and I can honestly say that this has been a much more challenging educational experience. You have to self motivate, manage your time and be willing to work hard.

The faculty has been extremely supportive. Everyone I have dealt with on the campus has been helpful and nice. I have never been treated like a number or as if they just wanted my money. The people who have stated that the school only wanted money must have limited educational experience. I get calls weekly from the state school I graduated begging for money for the alumni association, is that not money driven?

I would highly recommend this school to those wanting a good education and are willing to work hard.

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