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5.0 out of 5 stars
Richard Bowen - 2/1/2014
Degree: Business
Graduation Year: 2013
"I received a BSBA from Capella 12/2013. I started at Capella after taking engineering and business / accounting courses at 3 different Universities. The major benefit with Capella was that if I moved, which occurred frequently with work, I was not required to take additional courses at a new school due to minimum credit requirements for graduation. I transferred in credits from the other 3 schools and dispute moving twice was able to stay with 1 school through graduation. I retired at 40 not needing a degree to succeed in my field and decided to go back to school just for the heck of it. I enjoyed the classes because the level of discussion on some topics was that of skilled professionals instead of 20 year olds with no life or business experience. This school offered classes on par or better than those I attended at both private and public schools. As far as technology, the site was easy to navigate and worked fine with both Chrome and IE. I would recommend researching any program you plan to enter but in general Capella was an excellent experience for me."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Jose - 1/30/2014
Degree: Secondary Education
Graduation Year: 2011
"First things first. I did not attend this university in hopes of forwarding my career. I was in line for a promotion already that was dependent on having a master's degree. It did advance my career, but I could have attended any other university for my master's degree and I could have said the same thing. That being said, I very much appreciated my time at Capella. My ability to become and independent thinker, researcher, and learner are due in large part to this school. If you want guidance and need your hand held, do not attend this school. If you have a solid educational foundation, this is a great place. I never thought I would enjoy writing research papers as much as I did for this program...and yes, every class I took had a major writing component. There are certainly drawbacks, but I can think of drawbacks for every brick and mortar university of have attended. This program allowed me to thoroughly and critically think about my opinions, not just spew at the mouth like I would in group settings in other classes I have attended. I am very pleased with this experience."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 1/30/2014
Graduation Year: 2012
"I earned my degree from Capella and had straight A's. I could not get an interview with the organization I earned my degree from which seems strange. The faculty chair for my program "moved on to other opportunities" Here I am today with an advanced degree and no job. I feel like I was scammed."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Johnathan Pratt - 1/11/2014
Degree: School Counseling
Graduation Year:
"I am in my second quarter with Capella. I received my Bachelor's degree from a traditional campus in Ohio. So far I am very pleased with the content in my classes, and the instructors in which I have had. The school has some setbacks as every school would have, but overall I have enjoyed my Capella experience. Reading reviews of people who say instructors are not there, my thoughts are as follows. This is just like any other university, instructors do not babysit the class, it is up to you to ask questions when struggling with anything. Online learning can make it seem harsher, but in reality instructors do not know when you struggle with something especially if they cannot see you face to face. Overall both I have had have been extremely helpful, yes it appears as if they may not be there sometimes, but a quick e-mail or phone call and they pop up and are right there for any guidance or help. :)"
1.0 out of 5 stars
Tricia - 11/15/2013
Degree: Healthcare Administration
Graduation Year:
"Not for me. This school was just okay. I thought that the canned curriculum was not rigorous or motivating. The standardization of the discussions encouraged me to only post once to other learners when I wanted to post more. There is a standard of 250 words per discussion and I feel that this is inadequate for a comprehensive understanding of the topic from a doctoral standpoint. I generally wrote the minimum because it answered the question and that is what I needed to do to get the grade. My classmates were totally into the courses and were writing 6789 words for their posts which I thought was ridiculous and as I read then posts found that what they said could have been written in 250 words. They got of topic and it was difficult to read. The teacher was no help and simply encouraged the APA style and nothing was said about the conciseness of their postings. A Lifelong Learning Inventory was required in the first class but the inventory was not accessible. THerefore the coursework that centered around the LLI was not able to be completed and there was no clarification on the part of the instructor. The final discussion was to write about the LLI and had nothing to do with whether the actual content of the course was relevant. The LLI may be a good option for some students. But let me at least get through my first course before you start with the psychology of me. I really had high hopes for this school. I gave them the benefit of the doubt after some very negative reviews. But after I spoke with a student that I work with who is almost done with the program and he said that it doesn't get any better, I knew that I needed to jump ship. Today is the last day of school and the last day of my first course and I will not be re-enrolling there for the next course. I have chosen to go a different route and go to a different school."
4.0 out of 5 stars
Walter S - 10/18/2013
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year:
"Great education, outdated technology, poor service. In a nutshell, that describes Capella. I obtained my Master's from Pepperdine and believe that the level of education at Capella is comparable. Unfortunately, actually getting the education has become a tedious and frustrating process because the online technology is out of date and doesn't work well with the most current operating systems and browsers. Further, no one at their Learner Support appears capable of providing an adequate solution. One person suggested that I purchase a new computer when their course room was the only place I had any problems at all. I had my computer checked, there was nothing wrong. The latest problem is with the library which has lost all the reference lists I had stored in their system pertaining to my dissertation and other work. Two weeks into the quarter and I've accomplished exactly nothing because of these issues. Yet I'm still being billed $2780 for the quarter."
4.7 out of 5 stars
Joe - 9/18/2013
Degree: Art & Design
Graduation Year:
"I have just completed my second quarter at Capella and my experience has been great. I have been to two different Brick and Mortar schools in my time and am working on my 6th degree which is a PhD at Capella. Both of Masters even though educated by a brick and mortar school they were primarily online, So this is not my first time at the online experience, but it is my first time at a private school. The instructors were very helpful, and they seem to actually care. Capella is an everyone can get in school for the most part, but I have been challenged just as hard at Capella so far as I was at the Brick and Mortar school. You can't set back though, you have to work very hard. I spend about 20-30 hours per week for the assignments for two courses. I also work a full time job and have a family, so it has been tough, but the 2 instructors I have had so far though have been really good. The school is very expensive, though so if you are looking at for getting a masters for under 25,000 or PhD for under 50,000 look else otherwise come to Capella and enjoy being challenged."
2.3 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 8/9/2013
Graduation Year:
"Tell us about your college experience.At first the school seems to be interesting because the technology and interaction with other learners is good, however, after a while, I realized that the classes are left to "automatic pilot," meaning little instruction is done by teachers. In other words, the computers take over and sometimes is almost questionable if a real person is reading the papers presented. Also, Capella promised APA accreditation when I registered back in '09 and nothing has been done ever since that I am aware.Would you get the same degree if you could start over?I would not choose the same degree because I am disappointed by the lack of consistency that Capella faculty has at the dissertation level. They have treated my research with disrespect. The school has a system by which the faculty has 15 business days to provide feedback and each feedback has been inconsistent. Also, rather than writing a proposal for a dissertation, Capella required a Scientific Merit Review, then they changed it to a Research Plan, then they are non-specific on the amount of members who should approve the Research Plan. Capella continues to change the rules at the cost of the learner. All these keeps rolling into a Mary-Go-Profit-Around or a game of "ping pong" as my advisor nicely stated it.What advice can you offer other students?Do not go to Capella. They will be unethical at the dissertation level because they know that you will continue to pay to get the degree. I have withdrawn after 4 terms of not advancing anywhere. I lost credibility in the faculty and the process has is embarrassing for my reputation as CEO of a medical clinic. In addition, I have lost respect to the field of "scholar psychology" because these individuals (and I believe Capella has more than 2000 in their staff) have admittedly been playing "ping pong" with my work."
1.8 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 7/24/2013
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2013
"Tell us about your college experience.I had a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE with CAPELLA UNIVERSITY. I recently graduated from this school and was requesting for professional references for jobs and NO professor is willing to give any even though i got all 'A' for those classes. Because they know their grades are only for the paper and their study material are horrible.. I wrote to the one of the top administrators a letter and left voice mails and EVEN THE HIGHEST ADMINISTRATION HAVE NO DECENCY TO WRITE BACK A REPLY or call back!!! What kind of a school have such callous practices?. This school cares about no student. But about their finances. HORRIBLE SCHOOL. THIS UNIVERSITY IS BY FAR THE WORST I've EVER ATTENDED!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND STAY HOME! If not, donate it to a charity. DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL. WORST UNIVERSITY I HAVE EVER ATTENDED!!! THE "professors" give you all "A"s and you know how bad your work is. They just wanted to say lot of students pass. So when we come out, we have good GPAs but no one would give us jobs!!!Would you get the same degree if you could start over?Yes, I could choose the same degree. BUT I WOULD CHOOSE ANOTHER SCHOOL WHO DO NOT LIE TO YOU.What advice can you offer other students?PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND LOOK ELSEWHERE... Getting into this school is so easy . But please stay away and find another school. Once they take your money, you are on your own. And after you graduate, DO NOT expect to get a job saying you graduated from here. Because, believe me when I say, employers know what poor quality this school is."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 6/23/2013
Degree: Counseling
Graduation Year: 2013
"I have completed my masters coursework and begin practicum next month. I am also working on an Addictions Certificate. My state board recognizes Capella. Capella is CACREP accredited which means students in my state who graduate with a MS in Mental Health, Marriage/Family Counseling, or School Psychology can become licensed through the state board (after passing the licensing test). Other students must make sure their states accept Capella and that the courses offered at Capella meet their states' requirements. For instance, I found that my state requires psychopharmacology which is not part of my Capella program. Apparently two or three other states also require psycopharm so Capella offers it once a year for students like me. (Students can take it through the psychology department if necessary but that requires some extra steps.) Students have to be their own advocates and find out what their states require. You can find out by reading everything your state board has written on their site. Also, read every word on the Capella site about your program, do the APA tutorials, and read your student manuals so that you are informed and can be your own advocate. This is important and Capella constantly reminds students to check their state licensing requirements. I have not found the tuition to be different at Capella than at other master's programs. The masters tuition at my Alma Mater is equal to Capella and my daughter is in dental hygiene (bachelor program) school and her tuition is higher. Tuition everywhere is ridiculous. The instructors here have been amazing, the course work was relevant, and the residencies were intense but I learned a lot. I am confident that I have learned what I need to know in order to pass my licensure test. But it is all on me. I will say that finding a practicum and intern site was very difficult for me because I live in the land before time and there are not many opportunities. The fieldwork office was not helpful, in fact they frustrated me immensely. I would warn other students who live in rural areas to start thinking about practicum about a year before you need to begin it. I do not know if other programs at Capella are good but the counseling program is fantastic."

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