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Reviews - Master's in Nurse Practitioner (Family)

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Go elsewhere for FNP
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"Getting my Master's degree at Chamberlain University is the worst expense I've ever made. The program is subpar, but clinical placement and approval is horrendous. Same complaint as everyone else here - I will have to sit out for 8 weeks to no fault of my own. I've paid $8,000 for my clinical sites in addition to the program's cost. I work full time - I've taken time off & that money is also wasted. I do worry that I'll be able to land a job from this school. Waste of time, energy, and money."
Prefer not to say
  • Reviewed: 8/3/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"This school practically goes out of its way to ensure you don't graduate on time. I had a practicum application in in February that was not addressed until August, and am now sitting out September session. They ensure you have paid enough by the time you rely on them to get things done that you really cannot drop out, and you can't switch programs or even schools because their credits are worthless other places. I regret and feel shame that I chose Chamberlain. Every day I feel sick to my stomach knowing they full well take advantage of students and neglect them. This school created so much unnecessary stress on me and my family, I would NEVER recommend this program to anyone. I've also been teaching myself EVERYTHING, the exams don't make sense or even match what's on the reviews or modules. No rhyme or reason to anything. Professors are a mess and can't keep anyone or anything straight."
jacqueline sielaff
  • Reviewed: 8/2/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"Chamberlain FNP program is a nightmare once you enter the second year specifically assessment class on. You need to find your own clinical placement- ok fine hard enough... but then they must approve it. They take months to approve with no communication at all. You can try to email and call everyday with no answer. The teachers do not teach, only grade. There are no lectures, you must just read the book. I have 3 friends in the program and we all have nothing but horror stories to tell. Asking teachers how to study for exams and being told they cannot view the exam, being given PowerPoints that are years old to study that do not relate to the current class, never being given rationales for answers. They are not preparing me for my exam or practice. I am honestly worried someone will report them to the board of education or sue them before I graduate in a few months! I need to finish and get out. I have all my attempts at communication incase something goes wrong."
Michael Miracle
  • Reviewed: 7/7/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"There is no transparency to this school. Once your onboard you are left to your own device. The other day they did an ACH from bank account unauthorized. I am currently in the process of leaving the school. Getting out while I am still early before any more errors on their behalf which I suffer the consequences from their actions."
Jessica S
  • Reviewed: 7/4/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"I graduated in 2021 from the BSN program and had a great experience. I am in my last few months of the FNP program, which has been a disaster. The program, coursework, instructors, and immersion weekend have been fine; however, the coordination of preceptors and practicum sites has been ridiculous and unbelievable. The ELC department does not coordinate anything with the students, give misinformation, cancel pending applications without your knowledge or why the application was canceled, or reply to emails with a "follow up" to the original email you sent them with a copy of your initial email, nothing else. (this has happened multiple times) You can call at various times during the day and get people with significantly different information or lack of knowledge on their protocols from another department other than the ELC. I want to think that with the current healthcare system needing the additional support of NPs in practice, coordination and assistance would be a top priority to get these students into the field. I have explored several options to get my degree at another institution and would NOT recommend anyone to take the FNP program through this school."
Amanda L
  • Reviewed: 5/14/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"I received my BSN through this school and had no complaints. Now I am in the middle of earning my FNP and I have nothing nice to say. The department to approve the clinical sites is in no way accessible to the students. They have my site approval on hold for the second semester in a row for no reason. It is the same site that I was going to and the site is approved for future semesters. I have called multiple times. Spoken to multiple people that just say, "We cannot do anything, give them a few more days." I have sent multiple emails with no responses. The more frustrating aspect is even the Chamberlain admission team cannot contact the department that is supposed to approve my clinic site. The department that needs to approve the site put on their hold that a contract needs to be renewed. 1) The email they sent also stated that it didn't need to be renewed until June and I could enroll as long as I was able to get my clinic days in before the renewal date. 2) My clinic site states the contract was valid through 2024. 3) The practicum page states that the contract for my site has been approved. So what is the hold for? 4) Chamberlain sent an email stating that there was a way to register even though the clinical site was not completely finished. However, none of the advisors will use this option. This same exact situation happened last semester and I was not able to enroll. This is going to put me back even further. I am not usually a person who leaves bad reviews, but I am desperate to get their attention."
  • Reviewed: 5/12/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"The first year was great. You learn at your own pace and can still work full-time. Some professors truly care and others are nonexistent. As many others have written NR509 was incredibly challenging. There are two exams that cover an immense amount of material that just can not be learned entirely in 4 weeks. The study guide is vague and essentially pointless. I submitted practicum information early and on time. Some even a year in advance. ELC did not finish the completion of my clinical site approval on time and when I tried emailing them or creating a support case, no one responded to me. I waited over the phone for an hour and finally got a hold of someone from academic advising to whose response was that ELC was "overwhelmed" and all calls were being deferred. I was told there was nothing to do but wait. The semester started on Sunday, I had to be at my clinic on Tuesday. I hadn't heard from anyone and as a professional student, I let my clinic site know that my school fell behind and I wouldn't be able to complete my hours this term. It was embarrassing and incredibly frustrating. Chamberlain finally approved my contract on a Wednesday of the first week without contacting me and automatically registered me. It is too late! How can someone register you midweek?? Discussion posts are due and I already let my clinic site know about what happened. I had to call ELC and they made it seem like it was my personal decision to drop from NR511. Please, please save yourself the headache and the unnecessary drama. FNP school is hard enough. Select your school wisely before choosing Chamberlain."
  • Reviewed: 4/18/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"This school is horrible. The environment for the first few classes is great and very easily manageable even if you double up on classes and work a full-time job. Something changes once you enter NR 509, things just get terrible. No one answers the phones for experiential learning coordination(ELC)to help coordinate contracts with school and practicum sites. They are so slow at getting back to you to tell you that you are missing things to the point that many people I know have had to take time off of school due to contracts not being made in time by Chamberlain due to their own fault. I graduated early and avoided sitting out any term because I made effort to keep my clinical site the same as much as I could and to always call the ELC right after our midterms and call them daily until they do their job. With the support of family, friends, and my own discipline I somehow managed to crawl out of this hell of a school. I understand that grad school is supposed to be challenging and encourage hard work ethic and discipline. I am not complaining about any of that. I graduated with a 3.6 GPA( IT should have been higher but it is what it is)I am complaining about this school's lack of communication skills and lack of professors communicating with students even though you have emailed them multiple times about issues with I human. They make you complete so much busy work that I don't understand how you actually learn anything during your time there. A school should support a student's educational journey and be responsive to any efforts to make sure students are able to graduate on time and have the right resources to be successful even after graduating. Instead, they completely ignore you, never offer you the right information, and hope you fail so they can make money off of you having to repeat a class. I never repeated a class but know of many who sadly had to. The way the school is currently set up is if you don't call to make sure they do their job you won't start clinical on time. If you don't bring things up to the dean due to professors not communicating no one will get back to you. If you ever challenge a grade because too many points were taken off many times they will retaliate and make sure they grade even harshly next assignment without any good reason to do so. My advice is if you are looking for a grad school avoid online schools altogether. I have heard similar stories about most online FNP schools and I personally regret ever going to one. I am so happy I graduated and I survived. I went through a lot of unneeded mental stress and saw many of my friends struggle and even fail due to how unrealistic some assignments like I human were. Despite signing a petition against I human with over 200 signatures and submitting it to the dean they still did nothing to look at what the issues were that we were having and told us to tough it out. I never got points back even though the head faculty said we would on I human. when asked professors they straight out refused to even acknowledge those emails and ignored them completely. This school will employ faculty who will ignore students asking questions and wanting to learn. I had 3 professors who did this to me during my time at Chamberlain after NR 509 Please save your sanity and money and put it towards a better school where you will actually learn something and feel supported. Do not be fooled by how easy it is early on in the program. It's a way to trap students because once you are in super deep with this school you are stuck with them. You can not transfer. If you only took one or two classes with them it may not be too late. Some schools will accept those classes. This school is the worst. If someone told me this I would have never attended this school. Also if you are reading this and feeling overwhelmed. Please don't stress too much. Invest in a review course. You will learn way more from investing in a review course than you ever will from this school. If you can I recommend you do this before starting clinical's w/ chamberlain because you won't have time after you start clinicals. Keep your head up and know you are worthy of being an FNP. You just need the right resources and tools. If Chamberlain can't do this for you which they aren't do it for yourself. Invest in a review course early and you will survive. In the meantime, good luck everyone. This review was posted to educate future students to think twice before entering this school and not to discourage students who are stuck. I mean I successfully graduated so it's possible but No student should have to go through what we did for the March 2023 class."
David Nunley
  • Reviewed: 4/1/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"So when I first started I loved chamberlain. After about a year of MSN classes the environment changed student services got super long on response time. It went from days to sometimes weeks. As practicum got near I never felt prepared. There seemed like a new requirement appeared daily, and no one would respond back to my questions. Instructions often weren’t clear and I waited 5 weeks to speak to my clinical coordinator about a practicum that was still being approved months after being submitted. Nr509 is a nightmare it honestly is so much work I felt it should have been 2 classes and the study guides for the midterm and final are pointless. I am so disgusted with chamberlain at this point and can’t wait till I graduate in 10 months. If I would have known what I know now I would have attended a local college. Chamberlain is nice and helpful until you get so far invested that you can’t quit, then you are on your own!"
  • Reviewed: 3/24/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"DO NOT GO! Choose a school that is actually supported and has staff to work on things properly. They force the student to submit their clinical sites for approval 120 days before clinicals are supposed to start, yet they do not approve the sites and create contracts. Therefore, students lose their clinical spots and have delays in their education. They do not have enough staff to actually create contracts, work on site approvals and lack communication through out the entire process. The school does not care that you become behind in the track and still have you pay for the terms. As a student, you can do everything correctly and submit every document that is needed, but they will not take blame for their wrongdoings- or attempt to rectify the situation in a timely manner. It is irritating beyond belief! The professors have been kind thus far and supportive, but they cannot help with clinical needs. I am learning some new things because of the courses, but I feel like my experience and education has already provided me with knowledge more than the current curriculum offers. Overall, choose a different school. Chamberlain is a waste of time, money, and adds an immense amount of unnecessary stress."
  • Reviewed: 3/9/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"This ride has been rough. I read in previous review that the first 18 months was doable, which I totally agree. Once practicums started it has been a whole different story. There has been a large volume of information that has been regurgitated to students in conjunction with clinical hours. The videos for each section have been good, but everything else has been incredibly challenging. This semester there has been a huuuuuuge delay in getting registered and the new requirement of pediatric specifics hours is near impossible at this stage of the game. Arranging your own family practice hours is challenging in my area given the brick and mortar schools along with the online programs. Finding pediatric specific sites has been rough. I do not have much time left to the program, so changing the requirements at this point is really unfair to the students. Prior to the first practicum students are told to allot six months to finding appropriate sites. With less than four months we were given the new requirement rather than applying it to students who were beginning the practicum process. I agree with the comments about communication. I was out of school for a semester and no one contacted me about why there was a gap and what the plan was to get back on track. Financial services got in touch with me though, several times. There's not a lot of personal care with this program and I wouldn't recommend it."
  • Reviewed: 3/7/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"There's so much to cover concerning my experience with Chamberlain. I went to Chamberlain as an undergrad and had a wonderful experience (minus the cost), but graduate school was an entirely different beast. I recently graduated, and I'm still studying and waiting to take my boards. Some of the major complaints I have in regards to attending Chamberlain include their horrible communication, their constant changing of curriculums, the cost, and their inability to appropriately match students with practicum sites. Much has been said about Chamberlain's experiential learning coordination team (ELC), and I have to say that I agree with almost everyone's opinion regarding the ELC's lack of communication. It was extremely difficult, from the beginning of practicum sessions to the end, to get in contact with your ELC coordinator. The ELC always advocated for students to have their information for their practicum site submitted 1-2 months early, which I always did, but due to their poor management skills or being understaffed, I was never able to begin practicum on time. I had to argue with my advisor to register me on time for classes due to issues caused by the ELC. This caused me to fall behind at least 1 week in every single practicum course. I wasn't able to log clinical hours for the first 1-2 weeks and this created an immense burden for me. It was even more devastating because my late starts were always due to something completely out of my control. It was always very difficult to get in touch with my ELC team member, although I would leave messages and emails. It became so hard that I eventually starting emailing other departments and even reached out to the dean to get things done. I even started going behind the back of the ELC team and speaking with sites directly because I had absolutely no confidence in their ability to get things done. It was unimaginably stressful. To give them some credit, they did help me find a practicum site--1 hr 30 min away from my home. In regards to interactions with the ELC, my advise is 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease.' You literally have to make these people sick of you, or else you can forget about help. Chamberlain is a very expensive school. Between tuition, books, immersion, and traveling for practicum, it's upwards of $40K. I was able to secure a scholarship for school so that helped me immensely, and I would highly suggest applying for scholarships if cost is of concern. Chamberlain is a for-profit university, which really correlates to the institution and the higher-ups not caring a whole lot about their students. If money is an issue, you could probably get a little more bang for your buck elsewhere. I don't feel that I got the support I needed for the amount of money I had to spend. I was able to save money during immersion, but only because I'm a local. Otherwise, immersion costs in total around $2K, for each trip. Absolutely insane. The curriculum was changed during the middle of school. Everything was going pretty smoothly up until iHuman was added to the mix. I think iHuman is probably a good program for medical students, but for FNPs I don't think it was helpful or appropriate at all. For example, one of the iHuman scenarios involved a patient with ACS, which is fine, except the care for this patient far exceeded the amount of care an FNP would provide to a patient with ACS. iHuman had us ordering diagnostic tests that a cardiologist would order, and creating treatment plans for patients that would have definitely been inpatient. The ACS patient is just one example, with the patients and scenarios becoming increasingly more difficult throughout the sessions. Also, you only have one attempt. iHuman encounters were a significant chunk of your grade, so if you messed up during one encounter your grade was in jeopardy for the remainder of the session. This was extremely stressful. My advice to future students when dealing with iHuman is to watch the iHuman videos they provide, as these turned out to be very useful and often gave significant clues on how to proceed with the cases. Overall, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Chamberlain to the working student. If you have the ability and the time to completely focus on school, then I say go for it. Otherwise, consider another institution. Chamberlain is really ideal for self-driven individuals that are ok with not getting too much help from others. If you are strongly motivated by others, and have a hard time with initiation and follow through I would suggest finding a different school, because Chamberlain staff and professionals were almost no help at all."
  • Reviewed: 2/28/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"Where to even begin with this review. If you are considering Chamberlain hopefully you are smart enough to do research. Apparently I was not so here I am. I only lack 4 courses before graduating and I have maintained a 3.85 GPA. I am currently in the certificate program as I already have a masters from another institution. Having said that I am considering looking at other schools and having to redo some of this coursework just to get away from this school. The ELC team is a joke. They don't answer emails or calls, always claiming they are too busy working on the current term when in fact they ask you for documents a minimum of 2 months in advance. So what did they do with all that time?? The fin aid office does not bother to respond and your "advisor" is some kid working from home somewhere in this country that does not have a clue or a care about you or your situation. The turn over in the ELC and the advisor team should be a clue to you, and to them, that something is NOT working. Run far and fast away from this joke of an institution and find someplace that has not grown too big for their own good. I certainly wish I had."
  • Reviewed: 2/22/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"BSN to MSN was great. MSN had been an utter nightmare. Please know that this school WILL NOT help you get a practicum site. They say they will after coaching calls and documentation of site refusal but they will still not help you. Trying to get a hold of your coordinator in experiential learning is IMPOSSIBLE and they are unorganized and give you tasks that are not even needed yet simply hinder your progress towards practicum sites. I am very close to transferring to another school at this point. The professors are unsupportive and the tests impossible (and not because we are all not trying but bc the material does not support our learning)."
  • Reviewed: 2/7/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"I am currently attending Chamberlain for my FNP and everything has been somewhat ok up until now, with no thanks to the "professors". I am currently in Health Assessment and the past five weeks have been a nightmare, because of the structure of the class and ESPECIALLY an unsupportive professor who is honestly making me feel attacked by the way he picks and chooses what he is taking points off for. Always saying reference the syllabus when there is nothing to reference because he is just making up rules and marking things incomplete despite me doing them as instructed. Since when does a DISCUSSION POST need a title page and separate reference page??? Then taking off points for that because he can not find anything else wrong with the content which thoroughly addressed what was asked! ALSO when asking a question to clarify VAGUE instructions then being given a VAGUE response is of zero help, so you just have to hope whatever you choose to do it correct otherwise points will be deducted. ALSO, when asking for clarification on a quiz password and being immediately deferred to student services just to be told "your professor can do that" is frustrating. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP AND SUPPORT "PROFESSOR". Don't waste your money, Stay away from this school. It is a shame my money and my future are at the mercy of these people. They have no right to call themselves "professors"."
  • Reviewed: 1/25/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"I currently have been working on my MSN/FNP classes for the 18 months at chamberlain and the first 18 months were smooth sailing with a little difficulty here and there. However health assessment has been a nightmare it has been so disorganized and road blocks at every turn not to mention the flying to Chicago for immersion and having to pay almost another grand out of pocket. On top of all of the stress, I go accused of integrity violations on a minor assignment. The assignment was an ihuman virtual lab, and we were allowed to review it 5 times. I completed all 5 attempts and reviewed the answers each time. However I was told my answers were too similar to the suggested answers from the review, I was given a B on the assignment but I am awaiting the Deans decision. Also to add insult to injury my quiz would not open on the previous week. When I contacted my professor she told me that it worked for all the other students (I messaged her 24 hours prior and attempted to call student services but never received a call back). After defending myself this rude instructor emailed me thanking me for emailing her but stated " I feel like you were unprepared and rushed through this. She politely called me lazy, and unprepared even though I have done well up till this point with no issues. This program has went from doable to a nightmare in a 3 week span. I feel like you are at the mercy of a professor that is a hundreds of miles away and doesn't care about your future. Avoid this place please going is rapidly becoming one of my biggest mistakes."
  • Reviewed: 1/11/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"Please save yourself the time, energy, and stress and choose another school. Any other school. It's already hard enough and this school puts up extra road blocks every step of the way. It often takes an hour to get through to student services. The experiential learning coordinator is supposed to call back within 24 hours and often never calls back. They say they will escalate it to the next level, which means nothing. They say the management will then respond within 48 hrs and they never call back either. They don't care about you or your ability to get registered, finish the program, or graduate. I did my BSN with Chamberlain and it was fine. My MSN-FNP program has been an absolute nightmare. Save yourself from going through what I have gone through."
Student Beware
  • Reviewed: 1/4/2023
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"I already have another masters degree in nursing and I wanted to become a provider. I went to a state school for my other nursing degree and felt that Chamberlain was a better option as it was all online and they did well promoting the military discount. However, almost every semester I had to contact the school because they don't seem to talk to one another in departments, they tell you one thing but mess it all up every single time. They tell you that you are registered for classes and when you go to log in, nope. They tell you that they are waiting for the go ahead from one department so you contact them and nope its something else. They are extremely unorganized, teachers all grade differently so in one class you are A material and another barely C. They don't help with anything and when you miss your GPA by 0.03, they kick you out and you have to reapply and get a waiver. They they tell you that you have to pass or you will have to ask for another exception and it takes all semester to hear back from anyone so you end up wasting your time chasing things around. You also lose your military discount when you get kicked out. Also if this class is one where you have to go to St. Charles- all out of pocket- you have to do it again the next semester- all out of pocket. I should have gone to the state college. I used to recommend this school to several people- now I recommend they go somewhere else to be successful. Its a shame- I know a lot of nurses who would have come to this school. Get your stuff together- COMMUNICATE!!!!"
  • Reviewed: 10/31/2022
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"Graduated in 2022 and as a previous student in the BSN program, I did pass the AANP. This program is not made for full-time workers or those with busy lives even though they tell you it is when signing up and getting through the application process. The basic rundown of your courses is initial posts or discussions by Wednesday of the week with at least two replies for a total of three different days' posts. then there is the occasional double discussion where you have to post by Tuesday of the week and Thursday of the week with 4 replies on different days. they did add in this clinical program simulator called Ihuman which is practically impossible to pass or get a decent grade on if you aren't allowed to take it more than once because scenarios are based on 1 (clinical expert) opinion and what they would do our class got two attempts later classes get 1. The assignments are essentially busy work and at the end of your program, you have to create a pointless capstone project that is all about you explaining how chamberlain helped you achieve your goals 3 assignments per class are uploaded into a portfolio, DNP paper, and narrative that's about 23 pages long of repeating yourself. Throughout your initial classes and application process you are told this is a program for working nurses etc. however later in the program they suggest (vehemently) you cut down or stop working. In an 8-week course of clinical you need a minimum of 16 ish hours a week, however, your end courses push for you to have them done by week 7 or the last day of clinical mid-week of week 8 and hours are patient contact hours, not clinical hours you are expected to find a preceptor that has an empanelment of at least 20 patients a day to meet this requirement in later courses. there is absolutely no support for the clinical placement you will get back emails stating they prefer you to do it on your own (for success). leaving many students to pay for clinical sites which cost roughly $12-15 an hour, for perspective on the low end you'll pay $1500 plus administration fees to a company totaling about 2k per clinical rotation additional cost added to your already expensive education. There is exam prep for national certification they give you access to APEA which is an alright program you don't get full access to it until the capstone class in which you are required to watch videos weekly, work on your capstone, participate in class discussions, and then attend a live review course in Illinois from the APEA people (flights and room at additional cost). *****************IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR********* Stressful yes but that is typical of any FNP program however there are more cost-effective schools. Once you hit the physical assessment class I suggest you subscribe to a test prep program there are many to choose from. I took two months from graduation to test and passed certification however quite a few from my graduating class tried to take it immediately and did not pass I can't speak for their preparation techniques or study habits but will tell you the actual learning didn't begin until I started using the preparatory work. you will spend a lot of time regurgitating reading material and (clinical practice guidelines) in the program. If you still decided to go with chamberlain good luck you can do it although busy and hard I was able to graduate with a respectable GPA."
  • Reviewed: 10/20/2022
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"Don't attend this school! It is true they charge an enormous amount of fees, the professors are not supportive, there grading is not consistent either. I had to find my own preceptors and had preceptors cancel on me during the clinical rotation. With all the stress you would think there would have been resources available but it was not. Long story short. I completed the program, did ALL clinical hours, passed the EXIT exam and ended with a gpa of 2.96. I even sent them the police report showing that while in school, I was dealing with leaving a domestic violent relationship and moving around because of that. I was denied my degree. They told me that because I didn't have a 3.0 no degree. The same class in which I received a C in at Chamberlain, I took that class at Walden University and received an A. Different program, a different explanation of terms, etc. Chamberlain doesn't care about the working nurses trying to pursue higher learning. They don't care about you as a person. They just want the stats and the money. Don't do it! Graduated from Walden University. Felt supported from day one and they took most of my classes as transfer credit and clinicals too completely different."