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2 out of 5
Degree: Medical Billing & Coding
Graduation Year: 2018

I would not recommend taking the medical billing certification at Collin. Within their catalog an externship is offered to those who feel they need it. However, without it there is no on the job experience and our class is finding that jobs require 3+ years experience. The externship is offered for an additional $299 and you are required to put in 120 hours, plus misc. fees to qualify. What they do not tell you is that these externships currently have a minimum of a 45 day waiting period AFTER you complete your courses. As of now, it has been postponed indefinitely. My courses were completed at the end of April 2018, and the process for the certificates to be sent have not been initiated, due to the professors not submitting their rosters. The likely hood of finding a job after completing the medical billing is very slim. Don't waste your money on this expecting to finish and be hired immediately.

5 out of 5
Degree: Science & Math
Graduation Year: 2017

Collin community college is the place where I took a great academic, social, and personal lessons for life. Every one in the building was ready to help me out with any questions I have had since day one. The curriculum is well prepared and the instructors follow the rules and regulations well. Most of them are concerned with the success of their students. The instructors try to be available to their students as much as possible. Every office in the campus is super helpful. The building is well kept; it is a clean and inviting environment for students. It has a day care service in the building, which most other schools do not have. Thus, many students with children are able to continue their education having their babies being taken care of in the same building. The library is well equipped both online and in a hard copy, they even ship a book for free to the campus you would like to pick it up. Tuitions are very reasonable compared to any four year universities. I have had a great experience for the past four years in this college.

5 out of 5
Degree: Biology
Graduation Year: 2019

Collin College is an affordable university that provides students with a great education at half the price. Collin College has focused teachers who care about the students success and drive the students of the campus to pursue their interests with their best abilities. I would recommend this university to anyone who is interested in achieving academic success locally before transferring to a D1 university.

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4 out of 5
Degree: Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Other
Graduation Year: 2014

I really enjoyed my experience at Collin College. I like the relatively big campus for a community college, yet it's still small enough to feel cozy and comfortable for a quiet and introverted student. I liked the numerous places on campus (I went to Spring Creek and Preston Ridge) to study. There are available tables, benches, and nooks all over the place; I found that much more comfortable than an eerily quiet library. However, there were almost always personal and group size study rooms available if I did need some quiet time. The landscaping and available outdoor study areas were plentiful, too, which I loved during the warmer days. There never really seemed to be a shortage of available places to study. I enjoyed the atmosphere of both campuses, too. They were usually scattered with students but in a nonchalant and relaxed way, not in a hectic and overbearing way. Most of my professors seemed to really care about what they were teaching and had a passion and drive for their students to do well (thanks RateMyProfessor!). There are also a ton of available classes which made scheduling easy. The office staff was usually fairly helpful, too. I wish the school offered more degree programs though. I got my AA in general studies, but I wish it was a more focused degree. I liked that Baylor BloodCare was on campus every few weeks; I loved giving blood, and I loved having it conveniently located on the campus. It made donating and giving back to the community between class extremely easy and hassle-free. The parking on campus was okay. Sometimes you had to drive around for a while to find a spot depending on the time you arrived to campus, but parking was always found eventually. I liked that there wasn't an additional charge for a parking pass. Also, I liked that there was usually an officer conspicuously driving around campus during the day. In general, I felt quite safe walking around campus. All in all, my experience at Collin College was good.

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