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3.63 out of 5 stars
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Student & Graduate Reviews

1.2 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 11/13/2019
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2023
"I came to CCU believing God was calling me there, because CCU recruitment was amazing. Now that I have spent time here I regret spending lots of money to come to a school where I am extremely unhappy. Going to class is a waste of time, because all the professors do is read off the power point and that's it, no extra information, I could do that from home and be done with the class in 2 weeks if all I had to do was memorize a power point. You're also limited to the amount of days you can miss a class and that number is like 2 (depending on the professor because some don't have a limit) but I should be allowed to miss a class if I need to without being punished by my grade, I also pay for that class who are they to tell me I can't miss a class because of personal reasons. CCU does not take into consideration that we have lives outside CCU and do not need to spend every second of the day on campus. They also won't take a sick note unless it's from the campus nurse (who every time I pass by her office is never there) which makes it difficult for those who live off campus. They also don't care about their student safety. These past couple of weeks there has been an unusual amount of snow and unexpected snow, so in the mornings the roads are not plowed yet or sanded. But CCU says you still have to show up, which for commuters is dangerous especially when some commuters live 30 mins away and there commute time doubles. I mean government buildings will shut down due to the weather but CCU won't. And one of the days it snowed the worst the state patrol told people to stay off the roads and that places should close because it was so bad. But no CCU just had to stay open. I mean they don't even plow the sidewalks and the parking lot for students until later when it's already starting to melt. The professors here will penalize you for not doing something their way or if you have a different opinion than them. The worst experience I had with a professor is when she told me my essay was plagiarized, when it was a definition from the Webster dictionary (that she told us to use) and I cited my definition properly, yet she wanted to fail me when I gave credit and did what she asked. The students here are judgmental too, I had a discussion in one of my classes, and EVERY ONE was saying how they refuse to be friends with anyone who isn't christian. Which to me seems like un-christian behavior. You also have to go to events because they are required for classes, how are you supposed to complete homework if you're required to go to late night events. The WiFi is terrible, I always get kicked off while I am working. There is NO diversity here, if you are a minority you will get judged, I've gotten looks from professors, students, faculty. And the only minorities you will see here are the cleaning staff (which is cliche and typical and it get's on my nerves) In fact speaking about the minority faculty the other day I saw a white staff member talking to one of them, with the security guard, and I heard her say loudly that she was uncomfortable and needed to leave and the staff member sarcastically said "oh look we made her upset" to the security guard. Which was a terrible thing to witness because she looked really upset. If you're a minority here you will feel excluded. I also am taking literally the exact same classes I took in high school, I took those classes so I didn't have to take them in college but now all I am getting is repeating classes. CCU had good academics but overall the real experience with professors and student life have been a let down. It's been such a let down that I hate waking up to go to CCU. I suggest you really do your research on CCU before attending."
4.7 out of 5 stars
Kaylyn Edwards - 5/9/2018
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2016
"I want to be honest in saying that a degree at Colorado Christian University comes with significantly more work than a general university, due to the demands of 180 "ministry hours" (volunteer work) before you graduate, and 180 verified chapel attendance points. It becomes very difficult to work, volunteer, attend chapel, and be a full-time student; especially if you have little to no familial financial support. But, I also want to say that I felt 100% prepared in the job force, and I secured a full-time position in my field with a non-profit organization's residential treatment center before I even graduated. I not once felt like I was under-prepared and if i had questions, I had amazing psychology professors that were willing to meet and pour their education, experience, and insight into me to help me better. My advice is know when to ask for help, and know when you are taking on too much; because it sets very high expectations. It's do-able, it's worth it, but it is very hard."
5.0 out of 5 stars
VS - 8/9/2016
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2016
"Colorado Christian University was an excellent choice for me! The school's values and the way they integrated those values within the program was exactly what I was looking for and could not be found at a public university. The accelerated format of completing a class every five weeks gave great momentum and sense of accomplishment. While the school offers to evaluate life experience for credit, I opted not to utilize it. They accepted ALL of my prior academic credits, which enabled me to complete degree faster. All of the advisors, admissions, financial aid and academic did their best to help me accomplish my goals. I highly recommend Colorado Christian University."
4.8 out of 5 stars
Kelli - 8/6/2014
Degree: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2016
"First, the entrance counselors are wonderful. Secondly, the counselor that was assigned to me was very helpful regarding my program and putting the classes together so that I could economize. Thirdly, most of the professors that I had interaction with were very helpful and were very interactive throughout the entire online course."
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