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  • Reviewed: 8/1/2021
  • Degree: Small Business Management
"My first class was great! The instructor was amazing. Unfortunately that was the only good thing I can review. I was signed up for classes by my advisor without even getting to choose. I’ve had to withdraw from the second class due to husbands health and his father being very sick with cancer. His father passed away this past week. On numerous occasions I have reached out to counselors to try and navigate and figure out what to do. Not one call has been returned from Clay Haverty. Now my financial aid is being reviewed even though per the handbook I have reasons that are legitimate for not being able attend classes. In addition CCU withdrew me from my current class even though I technically haven’t missed more than a week. So, at this point I won’t be attending fall classes with CCU and will transfer to another University to finish my degree. I feel like CCU signs you up and then just takes your money. I’m pretty disappointed in the WHOLE experience at Colorado Christian University."
  • Reviewed: 3/25/2021
  • Degree: Education
"Do your research before you agree to join this program! I am a missionary wife and am having a very negative experience attending this school. Also, get documentation of everything that is promised! Don't rely on phone calls. Trust me, they will ignore your pleas for documentation and pressure you to take their phone calls. These will not protect you in case they don't keep their promises to you. Everything I write is from an ongoing experience right now. It is promised on their website that you can obtain this degree while keeping your full-time job. This is only true if you have a certain type of job. You will have more than one course of volunteer work. You will also have a semester long observation/practicum. They will not give you assistance or adequate time to prepare for this. I had the wrong type of job and was faced with the choice of quitting my job, my class, or getting fired by my boss for taking off to volunteer. In some cases you are only given one week to find volunteer work. If you withdraw because you will fail the class if you don't have a volunteer job by the deadline, you will owe the University money and have to take it over. This results in more student loan debt. Then you get more trapped because you can't withdraw from a class and transfer to another University because they will hold onto your transcript until you pay the money for the class you couldn't find volunteer work for. There is no consideration of how the pandemic has affected the search process for finding volunteer work. There is no consideration for how organizations teach. The class requirements are not flexible. You must teach according to their teaching strategies and not the volunteer organizations. Be sure and ask ahead of time how many classes require volunteer work. Unless you have the perfect job for this degree, you will need time to look for a place to volunteer. They don't give adequate notice to look. Also, you will not be given a letter from the University to attach to your resume of class volunteer requirements. This makes potential volunteer organizations upset. But the University will insist that you only give phone numbers of University staff in case they have questions. No one will give you documented answers to most of your questions. You will be forced to make phone calls for communication. Your emails will be passed on because the staff won't answer your questions because they don't know the answers. You will notice that your emails were passed on after and not before they tell you in most cases. So be sure and use the privacy option on your emails so they can't be passed on. It took me too long to find that feature. Organization of simple things such as links to necessary forms sometimes don't work and there was even a discussion forum of people trying to get the correct form for a few weeks once. The program is very poorly organized. Each class feels like you are studying the same thing over and over. After a few classes you are no longer learning anything new. You are just learning the same thing with a different textbook. Sometimes the same textbook is used more than once for classes. And it's to teach the same thing that was taught with that textbook in a previous class. While I would give the undergraduate psychology program five stars, I would give this one a zero. In the undergraduate program, they care about you and send you long e-mails of encouragement, prayers, and scripture. They will also follow up if you are struggling. They don't demand you call them. They also have a good academic program that is outstanding. This graduate program is the other extreme. If you do not fit their perfect stereotype of a model student for their program, you will pay dearly. Their perfect students won't have to put in the effort you do and will sail through without a struggle. In fact they laugh in zoom meetings how easy it is for them while other silently suffer. One member of staff made me call and promised he would help me anytime. I reached out through email and he replied that he trusted I would work it all out myself. Another woman on staff called me and promised to help. Instead, she is strangely silent. Unless they change this program, don't join without research and documentation. If they don't back anything up with documentation, run as fast as you can now! Don't get trapped! They won't help you and you will drown unless you learn how to swim on your own."
  • Reviewed: 10/27/2020
  • Degree: Organizational Leadership
"I attended Colorado Christian University with big hopes (and promises) of learning from solid Christian leaders about how to lead people orientated organizations in Truth. While there was some good learning about leadership and real world applications of the bible today, the faculty of this school seems to hold their students to a much higher standard than they hold themselves. I was earnestly searching honest Christian mentorship, but at every turn it seems there was somebody standing in my way to discourage me. Maybe this was a test from God about how much I wanted it, but needless to say the leadership at this school was not very encouraging to my success. After promised help by the Career Services department, the head of the department all of a sudden called me a "job-hopper" and said he won't support that kind of behavior because he has a "reputation to uphold." I'm 40 years old, of course I'm going to have a few jobs under my belt, besides, I thought the real Christian reputation was to help fellow believers, not to just look out for yourself? I had other negative experiences with faculty at this school, but that was one instance that really got to me. I showed this man nothing but respect and he turned his back on me without even knowing me. I was honestly praying for a positive career experience for me and my family, but I got the door shut and locked in my face by someone that just decided to discard me. That one really hurt and is still with me. Some of the online classes had positive instructors, but for the most part they are just following a preloaded class template, and do not dive deep like they think they do. Professor involvement in the online threads in very minimal, if at all, and there are pretty much no virtual classrooms or face time with professors. If the professor does decide to do a virtual "check-in", it will typically be when they are working and have down time, like on a Tuesday at noon (I never had the opportunity to attend one). There is a very odd dynamic here with a "Liberal arts school" and a "Conservative-Good ole' Boy" vibe. This school, (I believe unintentionally), gave me the permission I needed to question Christianity. By the way, the Student Handbook that they are so fond of, gives a list of accepted Bible translations that are accepted by the university. It's odd that the King James is not on that list, however one of the books that is recommend as a course material is a Leadership Bible that is KJV. It was very odd here, their use of the term "Christian" needs to be taken with a large grain of salt, but if you have an open mind, a good attitude, and can think and stand up for yourself, you will navigate their labyrinth of inconsistencies and be stronger for it."
  • Reviewed: 11/13/2019
  • Degree: Business Administration
"Absolutely awful. The first couple semesters were okay. The enrollment process was simple, it was only after committed to the program that I was made aware that it was going to take over 3 years to complete my degree. The classes themselves have little real-world application, and there is a HEAVY focus on relating every assignment to the bible. My student service adviser was difficult to get in touch with and didn't make my options clear, which resulted in a substantial charge to my account. With that being said, the financial department does a good job and is pretty straightforward with how the finance side of the organization works. I do not recommend and wish I had never attended this school."
Keyana White
  • Reviewed: 9/23/2019
  • Degree: Biblical Studies
"If you are not caucasian, seek a degree elsewhere. I was an online student. The school can tell ethnicity by your name. The instructors will grade you according to that racial doctrine, yes they fix grades. The only way to get an honest evaluation of your progress at this school is by taking a quiz that's graded by a computer. The tuition at this private school is sky high. Simply put, I hate this school!"
Gabrielle Skrzypek
  • Reviewed: 5/23/2019
  • Degree: Biblical Studies
"Recieving my Bachelor's from Colorado Christian University was one of the best decisions I ever made. Before attending CCU, I had been a student at two other universities (that I really didn't feel very connected to) under several different majors. When I finally decided to pursue my degree in Biblical Studies, my first choice was CCU due to their amazing attendance options (in-seat, online, hybrid, etc.), incredibly affordable tuition model, and really focused semester-block system. Everyone from my entrance councelor to my student advisor was wonderfully helpful and supportive in getting me registered, enrolled, and connected with student aid. Once I was in my degree program, I found an incredible community. All of my professors were knowledgable, caring, passionate people who truly knew their fields and focuses, and believed in pushing the students to go deeper. They were quick to respond to questions, eager to explain the material, and understanding when life circumstances made school more challenging to keep up with. The students were equally as kind and insightful, and the community between all of us was truly a wonderful experience. As a fully online student, I always felt connected to and part of the school; which is not a statement I could honestly make of any of the other institutions I attended. Once I had graduated, I found employment very quickly and have felt very comfortable in how my schooling prepared me to keep pace with those older and more experienced than me. I honestly never thought I'd be the type of person to gush over my alma mater, but CCU is a school that's honestly worthy of it."
  • Reviewed: 1/21/2019
  • Degree: Special Education
"Colorado Christian University is a University that carries the name Christian but do not practice what they teach. I came to CCU seeking a second Master's in special education there is some professors here that have terrible attitudes and very bias. With hard work and much prayer I made it to my Student internship thinking and believing with my cooperating teacher that I was doing good just to receive a D- with out no warning or no room to correct what needed to be fix in this bias instructor. I was told to go on to my Student teaching during my appeal just to be denied and embarrassed. I do not recommend this college to no way because of the unprofessional and some of the professors are liars and hypocrites."
  • Reviewed: 8/9/2018
  • Degree: Human Resources
"I am in my first semester at CCU. So very not impressed. First I get a registration person who is not very good at answering questions in a timely manner if at all. Issues with financial aid as well as the book store. Now going into fourth week of classes find out they didn't take half my transfer credits after being told they are very generous about that. My student advisor has not returned my email from a week ago or bothered to return my phone call. She is supposed to send a welcome email to new students this week its Thursday Havnt seen that yet. Do your selves a favor don't enroll here feels like No one cares or takes their job seriously."
  • Reviewed: 1/17/2018
  • Degree: Biblical Studies
"I attended CCU and received my Bachelor's Degree. I am now at the same school and pursuing my Master's Degree. Going to CCU is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. I attended, and continue to, online. You do need to be self-motivated to be an online student. If you follow through with the assignments you will be fine. I graduated Summa Cum Laude because of this. Every professor that I had did everything they could to provide the best experience. I have no bad experiences with any professor. The classes take place at a quick pace so you have to keep up with readings and assignments. I did notice that a lot of people have complained about receiving a financial aid refund. If you are on probation it will take 6 weeks to receive a refund. This happens when you first begin the school, or if you are on academic probation. However, if you are not on probation you will receive any refund in four weeks."
Pre Nursingstudent
  • Reviewed: 1/31/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"Hello Everybody, I love CCU and some of the professors, I have only had one terrible professor in my A&P 2 course. In 2016 it was 6 weeks until we received any FA that was already on our accounts and this is a huge problem because by the time it posted to my bank account it was 7 weeks at that point after the semester started. This has actually been going on for a while and I do not really understand what is going on. Like someone mention in their review already on here this forces you to use a credit card so you can buy your books and your supplies. We do have to pay our credit card I had to make to minimum due payments while waiting for our FA to come in. You can buy your books from the bookstore at have it taken from your FA but most of us do not they want too much. You should not have to get another loan or have to use a credit card to get by waiting for FA. This is what FA is for, to help you. So here we are in the Spring of 2017 and have yet like other schools to see our FA. I know other schools have already distributed to their students. I was applying for the nursing program but after talking to my financial advisor on base I decided to go somewhere else for my nursing education. They only run one cohort a year which is a problem, and with the FA mess I cannot risk it, and I cannot come up with thousands on my own to buy the required text books and supplies if I do not have my FA in time. The university I am currently transferring too will not accept the TEAS exam so I had to pay $120 for my new schools entrance exam. A few things I was told dishonestly about when coming to CCU two years ago: They only have 1 cohort us Denver students compete with the GJ students for spots. I am a 4.0 student and did well on the TEAS so I wasn't worried but at the open house there was some questionable things. I mangled and talked with other students who were afraid of the cost and the mess with FA. I feel the same way and decided not to apply and after spring semester just leave the school. I have other courses starting on Monday and have no way to buy my books for these courses it is almost Feb 1st and we still have not received our FA. My credit card is full from buying the books for the courses I have going on right now when the semester started. So this is my reason for leaving CCU. My best friend at Pikes Peak already got her FA and some students at UCCS. I cannot have a college put me in financial ruin. I need to pay my credit card off, and get my new text books but I am still waiting. Concerning professors some are understanding and will not mark you late for being late because you didn't have books. But some don't care and will mark you off on your assignments, apparently it is the students fault we have yet to receive FA and cant buy books. And I absolutely refuse to pay the bookstore prices. I use E books and I already checked into the book store and they do not have the E books for my courses. Love the school and love the biblical viewpoint but FA as other mentioned is a mess. I am heartbroken I did not apply for the nursing program and am transferring. But I have to do what's best for myself and my family."
  • Reviewed: 1/31/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"I have a few complaints, one being this nursing Cohort is not up to par with other schools. They only run one cohort a year! And here is where you also get screwed, students in the nursing program who did not pass a semester take up slots so they can repeat a semester. Which leaves less available slots for people fresh coming into the program. I have finished all of my prerequisites at CCU of course. And attended the informational meeting and decided I need to transfer. I am now in a nursing program at another college. They need to have at least 2 cohorts running. The college I attend now has 2 and will add 3 if they have enough students. So I am unclear what the deal is at CCU. Some of the professors are awesome at this college but you will have some when doing prerequisites who have no business teaching any biology course. I have had one professor where us students couldnt even ask any questions too or go to for help because she had no clue what we were even studying. So she would give you the run around and never answer anything. They also are behind and still run the ATI TEAS I believe they are on the 6th version now. When I went to take mine a girl in the room said she never even studied and we are all supposed to have different test. Well there was a computer between me and the girl next to me and she cheated off the girl in front of her, she could see her computer screen during the Teas and here she passes with a 72, go figure! This isnt CCUs fault but ATIs because ATI was supposed to give each student a different test and apparently they do not, I watched this with my own two eyes. My other complain the FA is supposed to post to your account 4 weeks after the semester start date. Well some of us have had courses starting one week out from the actual semester date, which leaves us having to wait an additional week for our FA so a total of 5 weeks sometimes 6 depending on when your bank post funds into your account. When the other schools give it to you right after the semester starts and when drop date is taking place. For instance today is January 31st 2017 and at my college we already received our FA on the 19th. My friends still at CCU have yet to see dime. And she has 2 courses starting next week and doesnt have the money for books for those courses yet because of course has yet to see her FA. Some might think this isnt a big deal but it actually is some student refuse to pay college book store prices and many use E books which you cannot get at CCU bookstore. So they need their FA to get these books. My cousin told me when she started her spring semester for 2017 at CCU she thought she was going to get her FA but turns out she has to wait 4 weeks after the semester starts. So last minute she rented her books from Amazon and they came in right before assignments were due for the course and the professor was not understanding and marked my cousin late on her assignments. You might say this is the students fault? But its not who could blame her for not wanting to pay the bookstore prices. Thats the entire point of FA to help you pay your tuition and your books. What good is it when you dont have your FA money in enough time to help you pay for your books. Its almost as if when I was a student here I felt some of us students were being forced to have to buy from the bookstore because they will deduct those charges from FA, if you didnt have the money up front to order 3rd party. Which most college students dont, because we are full time students with part time jobs and some with children of their own. This is why I transferred as a nursing student I need my FA at least a few weeks after the semester starts. I do not have the extra funds to constantly be waiting for FA to able to buy 3rd party and to wait weeks and weeks to get my FA, and I got tired of being forced into their book store prices. Its almost like you need a loan to go to school here to get you buy until your FA comes in every semester. Get your FA and pay the loan off and start again doing the something the next semester. Who wants to do that? Not me! CCU is a good school and I loved many of the good people there. But this is my honest opinion and from my experience and not a biased opinion. It really sucks they lose good students because of these reasons. I almost forgot to mention they have these things called course evaluations where you rate the professor and the course this is done around week 4 of each course week 8 or so in the longer courses. In my A&P2 course most of us students gave our professor a bad review. Supposedly they cannot see this until the course is done with. Which she did see so that isnt true, because she was making snarky remarks about bad reviews she had been given and was downright rude about. Not only did we have to deal with her being a terrible teacher but had to listen to her mouth off the last few weeks of the course. The plus side if there is even one she did not know who gave her the bad review as far as name goes, but she knew she had them nevertheless. Also be far warned Grand Junction is also competing for nursing spots over there in Denver so you could have 100-300 students applying for I dont know 40 or so available spots. Seriously? We pay for a good education, my new school made me take an entrance exam which I passed with flying colors they dont even recognize the TEAS, the TEAS test is a thing of the past for most colleges so they are behind on that. And I was annoyed by this because I had to pay for a different exam at 3 other schools because none of them accept the TEAS. Only like 2 schools I know of actually take the TEAS exam here. So that was a totally waste of money on the TEAS! Anyway, if financial aid isnt an issue for you at this school, and you dont mind taking your biology courses online which would be so much better in seat this is the school for you. If you are a serious nursing student I suggest you seriously explore other options as well. Do not limit yourself to only one college. I have read reviews on here for different schools in the Denver area and their reviews can be challenged and this isnt right. Us student from our school should be able to give our reviews without being harassed and told we are wrong by people employed by the colleges. If I see that, I wont even consider their college students should have freedom of speech. I apologies for any typos as this was written text to talk!"
  • Reviewed: 8/9/2016
  • Degree: Psychology
"Colorado Christian University was an excellent choice for me! The school's values and the way they integrated those values within the program was exactly what I was looking for and could not be found at a public university. The accelerated format of completing a class every five weeks gave great momentum and sense of accomplishment. While the school offers to evaluate life experience for credit, I opted not to utilize it. They accepted ALL of my prior academic credits, which enabled me to complete degree faster. All of the advisors, admissions, financial aid and academic did their best to help me accomplish my goals. I highly recommend Colorado Christian University."
  • Reviewed: 8/6/2014
  • Degree: Psychology
"First, the entrance counselors are wonderful. Secondly, the counselor that was assigned to me was very helpful regarding my program and putting the classes together so that I could economize. Thirdly, most of the professors that I had interaction with were very helpful and were very interactive throughout the entire online course."
  • Reviewed: 11/6/2009
"I am very pleased with the school. The online lectures are out of this world. Having the ability to sit and physically listen to the instructor is awesome. The assignments can be difficult but I feel I have actulally learned from the class with all the research that must be done. Personally, I was intrigued by the accredation. So many online colleges have a great program but unfortunately they don't have the accredation to back you up once you are through with your program. So in my honest opinion it is not the easiest thing I have ever pursued, but it certainly has been very rewarding. The advisors, instructors, and any other faculty member make it a priority for you to pass your curriculum. The support is great here."