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  • Reviewed: 9/29/2022
  • Degree: Project Management
"Very expensive to just read a book, complete pointless discussions and write papers like crazy. I'm very very disappointed with the format, it seems the content is the same for the past 3-4 years, the interactive literature seems to be created by a high school student and the assignments are ridiculous. In the end you are paying a lot of money to earn a piece of paper. The Master in Project Management is more a undergrad content. I'm an experienced Project manager and I did not learn anything new I thought I would have different point of view in certain areas of project management and maybe more a strategic side than literature and basic concepts). Also the entire content is based on the PMBOK 6th edition.. and hello... last year PMI issued 7th edition and the classes were not updated to reflect the new content - What is very shameful!! Master degree is to master in a subject, you should validate a thesis, work on scenarios, use simulations, and not write papers after papers that in fact is a summary of that week's class. I'm beyond disappointed with CSU Global!"
Caroline C
  • Reviewed: 9/27/2022
  • Degree: Finance
"This degree is nearly 100% self-taught. If you just want the piece of paper, 100% do this program as it is very easy academically, and works great with work schedules. I want to make sure people understand there is ZERO help in getting a job after completion. This is only if you are already in your career and want to help accelerate it. If you are doing a career change, or are not working this degree/university will NOT help you. Absolutely NO job boards, interviews, internships, company connections, or virtual career fairs, nothing! This school is online, and will have no connections. Its so so important you are already in your career, because this program will not help you in your next job search. That is so important to know before you start this program. This degree felt like a joke, such easy grading, and no lectures. I feel cheated of the actual university learning experience, but at least I got my Masters!"
  • Reviewed: 8/15/2022
  • Degree: Business Administration
"Lots of unpleasant experiences in this school. First off, I've graduated with a major in Business Management with a minor (or specialization as the school calls it), in healthcare management. My GPA was 3.89, which is 0.01 below honors. Avoid this school at all costs if you need financial aid, because they are massively incompetent in that area. They would often neglect to inform the loan services that I was in school, so every couple months I'd have to remind them to do their jobs and inform them I'm still in school. In addition, since early 2020 I was unemployed but despite this their department refused to ever put me on subsidized loans despite qualifying for them. I was aiming for honors so when I got a B+ unfairly, I disputed it. Despite providing evidence that the professor was grading the paper based on criteria she made up as opposed to the official criteria, my appeal was rejected. As a result of this incompetent professor and equally incompetent appeal department, I was denied honors. Now, onto the positives. People that say you don't learn anything in these classes are simply doing the minimum to get by, so they get nothing out of it. In other words, you get what you put in. If you want to learn and get a lot from this program, you need to put a lot of time in and read all the required and recommended readings, and actually try to do the CT assignments. Overall, I would advise doing a different university as many areas of faculty are incompetent."
Luciana Barbosa
  • Reviewed: 7/25/2022
  • Degree: Marketing
"Absolutely ridiculous. This school is a waste of time and money. They have absolutely no respect for active duty soldiers, or disabled veterans. When I enrolled I was still active duty, and lord was it a pain to get anything done. From tuition assistance problems, to financial aid BS, and so much time wasted with their crap. This school just stressed me out, and financially drowned me. Don't even get me started on the "online" classes that required me to do things at specific times (when the whole point of taking classes online is to have the flexibility to do it whenever your schedule allows you to), and the fact that there are a bunch of videos you have to make for projects. One time I was soaked in a puddle of dirt doing a mission in the middle of the woods, writing my essays from my phone, and some teacher threatens to fail me because I couldn’t film a stupid clip for my final. Absolutely ridiculous. Stay away from this school. You're better off attending a different university."
  • Reviewed: 6/27/2022
  • Degree: Business
"If you are military, avoid this school at all costs. Not at all military friendly. Have been dropped from courses with no reasonable explanation. Receiving tuition assistance through this school is one of the most complicated and difficult processes, and even if your TA gets approved, you may still be dropped from your course because the school is not on the same page. 0/5 stars"
IT Student
  • Reviewed: 4/26/2022
  • Degree: Information Technology
"This school exists to charge you over $1000 in tuition per course for content that you would find in any other course offering online. Sometimes they aren't even ashamed of it, you'll see other online courses simply ported into Canvas as the course content, but your professor most likely barely even reviewed that content in those cases, and will be completely unhelpful to you outside of pointing you to the course content that, again, you could have found online for like $50. Otherwise you'll be doing time wasting busy-work that does not build your understanding in anyway, and often just does not correspond to the course content at all. Most of the time you'll be doing a paper or an assignment in another online course once a week, and the papers you'll usually get full credit if you turn in something coherent. Or the professor will just take 20% off saying you didn't fulfull requirements that were specifically stated to not be the case on the assignment, it's honestly random. Basically, if you actually want or need an education in a field, flee in the other direction as fast as possible. If you already have the knowledge you need and just need to do some busy work for a rubber stamp on a degree, it'll be $1050/3 credits here, with a 120 credit requirement to graduate based on a list of classes that changes EVERY YEAR."
  • Reviewed: 4/15/2022
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Do not attend! Class size was a total of three students, instructor did not care what you submitted as long as a paper or discussion was done. Advisor stated graduate level criminal justice classes are a total of five or less per class - after I was past withdrawal deadline. Class content was the same as I had in my level 200 courses at another college. A total waste of time and money!"
  • Reviewed: 3/1/2022
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"This school has the best Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Administration and Management program. Professors well prepare students and work in high-level positions for prestigious companies and organizations. For example, I had one professor who works as a Public Health Administrator for the CDC. Another professor is the CEO of a chain of healthcare facilities that he started! The degree program requires 2 1/2 years of advanced pre-requisite work that is important in healthcare, including Chemistry, Biology/Physiology, Statistics, Philosophy, Public Speaking, etc., but well prepared students with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in a position in healthcare. This is my first degree and I was challenged immensely to think strategically throughout this degree program, and I feel well prepared to land my first job in Healthcare Administration!"
Ethan McCord
  • Reviewed: 1/17/2022
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I am appalled that this college is allowed to operate. I should have looked up reviews of this college before attending because it would have saved me a lot of time. At first I thought all online schools were this easy but after numerous instances of errors and ridiculous requirements, it became apparent this is a money pit. Discussion posts are simple and in no way build on course material, quizzes are 10 questions and at times I had to click the WRONG answer to get it right. Critical thinking assignments are ALWAYS papers! Is there no other way to check understanding? The reason I know this institution is a joke is because I have turned in papers that were completed in a couple hours with zero read through and have received 100% on multiple occasions. It truly seems as though if you just put words to paper then you'll pass. Not to mention, I discovered that you can pretty much pass your entire degree by taking $59 courses from Straighterline. So an eight week class can be done on straighterline in one week for $59. Its a joke! I don't understand if this is a typical occurrence for other online schools but I honestly feel as though my degree will carry zero weight and in fact, I am mildly embarrassed to show it on a resume. DO NOT ATTEND."
  • Reviewed: 1/7/2022
  • Degree: Information Technology
"The education offered is worthless. Took the Masters in Information Technology Management with a focus on cyber security and I learned very little. My undergraduate degree is in Education but my experience is almost 20 years of IT. The coverage of materials is cursory at best with very little discussion or understanding of any real details. I did a search of one of the assignments and found it with an ITT Technical Institute header curriculum. The degree program was a waste of my GI Bill and time. Please don't use them because you will be disappointed by the results."
Amar D
  • Reviewed: 11/16/2021
  • Degree: Data Analytics
"I would soon be completing the MS degree in data analytics. And my experience here is so far good. Though it is not an in-person encounter, the interactive lectures and discussions give kind of a similar experience even when it is a fast-paced course(in my opinion). The study material is updated regularly and is almost always supplemented with LinkedIn videos for easy understanding. The reading material, interactive lectures, and videos hold the key to completing the assignments and completing education at CSU-Global. Professors always respond to your questions and try to guide /answer your queries in the best possible manner. One drawback is that the knowledge gained here is basic to intermediate compared to industry preparation standards for full-fledged data science job. But it is enough to give you a new career perspective and give a high-level overview of the field. Also, one other thing to consider is that you are mainly on your own to move forward with your course and understand the material (which is not very tough). However, information about the concepts is easily available online if not understood through the course material. And professors are flexible to set up zoom calls to explain the concepts and clear doubts. Good luck!!"
  • Reviewed: 11/7/2021
  • Degree: Business
"I was so excited to be back in College but this school made me despise something I really enjoy, such as learning. Cookie cutter classes with facilitators instead of Professors. I can easily find all the materials on Google by myself. Feedbacks are all the same and most of times are just random citations. After 8 weeks of class I just can't wait to get it over. This school is unreasonably obsesses with APA format and gives more importance to formatting that to the content itself. An absurd amount of citations are required and the CSU Global library is awful to navigate. I enrolled in online classes because of my busy schedule and I find myself losing more time navigating through the library with outdated journals than what I actually spend to write my essay. I would not recommend this school to anybody who actually wants to learn something. It would be more useful to someone who just needs a degree. The quality of classes offered and the amount of time lost looking for topics to cite, are not worth the money this school costs. I am feeling like I am losing my time and will soon be transferring."
Mark Andrews
  • Reviewed: 10/10/2021
  • Degree: Data Analytics
"I am wrapping up the last of 2 prerequisites for the Master's in Data Analytics program. I decided to "attend" CSU Global because they had a delayed payment through my employer. I am now working with my employer to transfer my enrollment to another academic institution because I no longer believe there is any value in a degree from CSU Global. CSU Global uses a standard template for each class. They assign a PhD advisor who grades your assignments and takes questions. They don't necessarily answer your questions, but they will reply. The first prerequisite had assignments and references 2-3 software versions old. The instructor was active on the discussions but many times it wasn't relevant to the original post. In one case my response had an entire paragraph on information security to which he replied, "You may want to consider information security in you response." I managed to earn a 99.82 with just checking the blocks. The textbook contained so many technical and grammatical errors that it was nearly impossible to complete the reading, even had it been relevant to the class. The current course I'm taking, the professor stated that the "rubric was just a place holder from when they set up the class." He then used that rubic to score the assignments with no rhyme or reason.You'd think it was a technical writing class because you will probably lose more points on APA formatting than the actual content of you submission. Meanwhile, the assignments and other content fail to follow APA formatting, use complete sentences, and have grammatical errors. In one case, I lost points for not citing any references in an assignment that said, "using excel, complete the flowing tasks." excel file." Keeping all that in mind, if you just want a resume bump, by all means attend this "academic institution." While you're at it drop another $50 on one of many websites that have solutions to the entire curriculum because it never changes. I don't write this because I believe CSU Global is too easy or the format is inappropriate. The problem is there is no effort on their part to actually add value to the courses. Every session seems to be taught by someone different calling into question their actual qualifications or the standard the University sets."
  • Reviewed: 8/30/2021
  • Degree: Business
"As a near graduate with only a few credits left, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my education at CSU Global. I was reading over many of the reviews here on GadReports as a bit of a retrospective and because I am looking at various graduate programs. It is rather astonishing to see so many negative reviews that have misjudged the institution's intent and ethics. Before attending CSU-G I had the opportunity to start on a physical campus at a respected community college in California. I dabbled with classes at Sonoma State as well, but was never a full time student. That was over 10 years ago, and at that time I decided to pursue a great career opportunity and postponed my academic journey. While there is undeniably something special about the physical campus experience, I genuinely feel that the education at GSU-G was on par with my on campus education. The massive caveat is the complete and utter lack of networking and socialization. The discussion boards and virtual networking options CSU-G offer pale in comparison to meeting people face-to-face. However, I had limited interest in those elements of higher ed as an adult learner with an established career and network. My advice for recent high school graduates is to look for an education that offers the conventional college experience. As a young adult there is a lot to love about a 4-year degree and a slow introduction into adulthood. Not to mention that learning to work with other people and building a network is arguably more important than the academic element depending on the degree. With that said, if you are an established professional in their 30's like myself you really cannot go wrong with a CSU-G education. The program is fast-paced, challenging when it needs to be, flexible, and affordable. I would not have been able to return to school and learn all I have without this type of education offering. It is quite entertaining to read some of the GSU-G reviews here as there is a dichotomy between people expressing that classes are too easy and others complaining that they are too hard. Both of these perspectives are missing core elements of the educational offerings. Yes, some courses have limited feedback from instructors and have mixed levels of difficulty. This is not unique to GSU-G; every school has committed professors and others who probably shouldn't be teaching. At the root of these complaints there seems to be a lack of using the resources that students are offered. Education is what you will make of it, and this is doubly true for an online program that requires a lot of self-motivation. If you find classes too hard, set up time with the free 1:1 tutors, go to the drop in tutoring sessions, submit your essay to the writing center, or schedule additional time with the instructor during office hours. The same can be said for those complaining about not receiving enough feedback because classes are 'too easy'. Instead of complaining, get active and do something about it. The resources are there and I have always found that CSU-G is very transparent about what is offered. The school was designed with affordability and a student focus in mind. I love that fact. Quite a few of the reviewers complained that most of the required reading was 'free' books found online. First and foremost - Yes, the educational content is free. However, all of these free required and supplemental resources are peer-reviewed content written by experts in their field. Are you seriously complaining that the school doesn't force $300 textbooks down your throat? While many schools are jacking up prices and raising the economic barrier to education CSU-G is trying to keep that low. This is something to be commended, not condemned. Here is another interesting, albeit anecdotal, tidbit on the student resources CSU-G offers. My wife is a Penn State graduate from their nursing program. It is a well known and very respected program, and for good reason. However, my wife had no access to free tutoring resources nor did they give her much in the way of career resources after graduation. As a great example, she reached out to Penn State a few months ago as she was intrigued that I was able to write my resume with help from the CSU-G career center. I was happy to hear that is a perk I have for life. Penn State, not so much, unless you pay an exorbitant amount to be part of their alumni network. That criticism is not so much to jab at Penn State as it is to highlight the fact that when a student at CSU-G puts in the effort there are all kinds of resources needed to elevate your career and succeed in your education without paying more. All in all I would happily recommend CSU-G to adults looking to expand their academic horizons and get a degree under their belt. Is the school perfect? Of course not, no school is. However, the business management program was informative, engaging, and had its challenges. The academic journey undoubtedly felt isolated due to the nature of distance learning, but I always felt CSU-G was there to support me when I put in the effort to find help."
  • Reviewed: 8/11/2021
  • Degree: Accounting
"I took an undergraduate course as a pre-requisite for CSU Global's MS in Accounting. I will no longer be pursuing my degree with CSU Global and am absolutely appalled with the course and the overall school. If you are just looking for a degree, a piece of paper, and learning anything or the reputation of your degree mean nothing to do you then this genuinely might be the best place for you. It is inexpensive and easy; I literally got a 100% with very little effort. However, if you are looking to learn the materials in preparation for a job change this is absolutely NOT the school for you. Here are my reasons why: 1) The course material is all freely accessible online, seriously, every bit of it is free online. What am I paying for? 2) However, it is very poorly put together on the CSU Global platform. I have a whole folder full of screenshots of misspellings, typos, repeated sentences, and paragraphs, and even questions that require you to answer incorrectly to proceed. 3) The feedback from my professor was not actually relevant to the assignments. My professor would comment on my sentence structure and grammar when the assignment was an excel document with nothing but numbers. My feedback was also the same each week with no usable critique. 4) The professor would comment on your discussion forums (a required assignment) with information not relevant to the discussion at hand and then ask a question you could respond to for credit. Multiple times the questions were not coherent sentences. 5) As I mentioned above, I received 100% of available points. While I think I am a reasonably intelligent person, I cannot believe that I did not make a single mistake the entire course. 6) Other students would answer a question incorrectly in the discussion forum and the professor would respond with "Great job" and no feedback. 7) I will also note that I asked a family friend who is a CPA working in Colorado about the program and this CPA said it is not a respected program at all. I could go on, but this is long enough. ☺️ In my experience (and based on others who have commented) this is a complete joke of a "school" and is more a degree mill than an educational institution. If all you need is a piece of paper with very little learning or degree respect, this is your move (seriously, I know there are situations where this is the case!). For everyone else, think long and hard about attending this “university”."
  • Reviewed: 5/24/2021
  • Degree: Data Analytics
"I'm not entirely sure what's behind some of the negative reviews on here, but perhaps some people have unreasonable expectations or a misunderstanding of what education is. I've been to in person universities and now CSU Global, and there are good professors and bad professors in each. When you have a bad professor, you muddle through without crying about it. Most of my profs have been reasonably good. With the online format, "reasonably good" means acceptable. You are not going to get an in-person lecture nor a qa session from this format; It is a curated and (usually) updated set of slides with linked supplemental material. The lecture material itself is pretty lame, but I typically found that to be true for traditional in person classes as well. The value of this program is in the assembled materials and assignments from the combination of courses that meet the program objectives. The combination of program materials will prepare you for a new career perspective. Like any university program, you are not going to be fully trained to jump into the workforce and start kicking butt. You will end up with a high-level overview of the entire field with a focus on research skills (this is an academic degree). Based on that overview, you will need to build your personal skillsets and take on a professional internship if you don't already have a job in your field, just like in the traditional university format. If you are expecting a professor to walk you through a book chapter by chapter the way they frequently do for in-person university courses, it doesn't happen here. Completing the assigned reading holds the key to education at CSU Global. If you have ever been serious about attending a university at any level, the same is true. If you are not reading, you are not learning. You are largely on your own to get through and understand the material. I can't speak for the undergrad program, but from beginning to end of a masters program, I will have written about 90 4-15 page research papers and projects, longer for capstones. If you hate writing, hate doing research, and think that writing 90 research papers on focused topics won't give you any value, then you should pass on this. If you write 90 pieces of trash, then you probably won't get much out of it, since the professors won't hold your hand through that. But if you write 90 best effort research papers, you may learn more than you probably ever did in an in person course. Its entirely up to you. If you are looking for prestige, I hear Stanford is pretty good."
  • Reviewed: 5/3/2021
  • Degree: Human Services
"The overall professors are great in this program. The issue boils down to their financial aid department. All I have to conclude about this is never take their word for handling your loans. During my last term this school all of a sudden came up with finding issues and discrepancies with in my credits due to my specialization program. They knew this the whole 3 years. Come final term they stick an (UNEXPECTED BALANCE) on me that was supposed to be covered under a school loan program that I signed documentation for to make sure this very thing does not happen. Some one added the credits up wrong and they decided to hold my Diploma and Original Transcripts until paid in full, despite when I did my part signing their contract to pay them but now dropping an extra BALANCED due that should have been covered with proper student account knowledge. I am unhappy with this school, and unfortunately others have written such reviews with these UNEXPECTED CHARGES. Be careful with this school your JUST A BUSINESS TRANSACTION! Especially when they do not get their money when they screwed up."
  • Reviewed: 4/6/2021
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"From direct care provider to landing an administrative fellowship position, this school has helped to elevate my career and professional opportunities. Please know this is a very self directed program. With that said, if you read everything assigned and do your assignments, the knowledge gained from the curriculum will prepare you for your future in healthcare administration. I can honestly say that finishing my MHA here has allowed me to move forward in my career and I'm so happy with the results."
  • Reviewed: 4/2/2021
  • Degree: Project Management
"This is an online university, you are expected to work at least 20+ hours a week per course for research and completing assignments. Every professor I have had held a PhD related to the subject in which class I was taking, they provide thoughtful feedback and expect you to provide insightful output demonstrating research and competency towards the subjects. Each class contains critical thinking assignments each week which consist of papers or technical presentations/assignments. Weekly discussion posts are expected to be 150-250+ words with insightful responses that provoke questions to fellow classmates for discussion, discussion responses to classmates are expected to contain questions to further develop discussion on subject matter. Each course contains a final project that consists of 13-15+ page papers. If you can’t commit to doing research and studying outside of the scheduled assignments, your grade will reflect your output."
  • Reviewed: 3/6/2021
  • Degree: Organizational Leadership
"I see many negative reviews related to CSU Global. This is my take. I studied Organizational Leadership: Applied Business Management and graduated with a MS in 2015. I worked hard by focusing over twenty hours each week on my studies. During those hours, I carefully read the assignment, gathered relevant research, and worked tirelessly writing my best work. I recognized that my success was and is completely dependent upon me. If I want to learn, that is up to me. CSU Global provided the venue, and the outcome was entirely up to me. Sure, the professors in the graduate program took a more passive role, but I did encounter a few that supported my learning by providing constructing feedback. For this I am very grateful. I learned how to gather research, write a great thesis/introduction, well-supported and organized content, and great conclusions. I learned concise and complete communication. Ultimately, I held myself to the highest standard. I believe a person can get a great education from nearly any school. You can pay a lot and have someone else feed information to you, or you can pay a little and do the work yourself. I regret nothing from my CSU Global experience."