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  • Greenwood Village (CO)
  • Annual Tuition: $9,000
70% of 86 students said this degree improved their career prospects
62% of 86 students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 7/3/2017
  • Degree: Management
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"I thought I would give this college one more chance. Previously enrolled with CSU Global Campus in 2014 and had some issues with the Instructor, not clarifying the expectations and assisting with the course. Also, there were a number of issues around turn over for the counselors that I was assigned to. This time around, I thought I would be open minded, and realize that this in an online school. The first month was satisfactory and the counselor was helpful. The instructor or Organizational Behavior was unresponsive, didn't utilize any tools to assist with communication to the class room. The second instructor for FIN500 didn't assist with concerns around Critical Thinking questions. Also, the paper assignments were hard to find and the instructor didn't seem to care about any critiques or assisting with questions around the Critical Thinking papers. Overall, my experience is that if you are ok with just a grade, and little to no interaction with your instructors, then this is the school for you. The overall feeling about this school, is that they are in it for the Money and not teaching or educating students. I do not recommend this school. Seek a better school!"
  • Reviewed: 6/20/2017
  • Degree: Project Management
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"I found this course helpful for my career and growth. This is very much interesting and knowledgeable course. Faculties are very good and they are highly qualified. Students enrolled are very much interactive and self motivated. I would definitely recommend this school"
Nazia Jawad
  • Reviewed: 6/15/2017
  • Degree: Human Services
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"If you believe in a holistic approach, then this is the best school for you. I have extremely enjoyed learning here because it never put any strain on me; I tremendously enjoyed my studies here. Since I do not like timed tests, I really enjoyed tests and finals because all it required was the reflection of what I had learned through writing. The teachers, advisers, librarians are so helpful. However, do not expect to skip learning and then enjoy the environment. Everything is good only when the input is good or else you can simply say when you are willing to learn, then everything is great. There was not a single moment when I ever regretted of making this choice. So, I would definitely recommend this school. One thing to consider is that if you are not working and looking out for your university to provide resources for your hiring then this university does not offer that at all."
  • Reviewed: 6/14/2017
  • Degree: Healthcare Management
  • Graduation Year: 2020
"I haven't had the best experience so far. I don't feel like I'm learning anything because I'm constantly having to read through lengthy chapters for critical thinking assignments which are to write huge essays EVERY WEEK. It is also required to post lengthy discussion board posts and respond to at least 2 classmates post in great length just like the other reviewer mentioned. Each class has 16 weeks of work crammed into 8 weeks. In addition to all of the weekly essays and discussion post, the final portfolio due at the end of week 8 is expected which in the classes I'm taking are 8-10 pages so unless you are working on your final portfolio each week on top of everything else you might as well forget about. I am currently enrolled full time which is two 3 credit classes per quarter. My projected graduation year is 2020 since I have 1 year of credits transferred from another college but there is no way to complete my degree by then unless I completely forget about working or my kids."
  • Reviewed: 6/6/2017
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"The last 17 month at CSU-Global has been the best decision I have made when it come to getting my Masters. I was at another school before switching over to CSU-Global where I was paying a crazy tuition and still felt like I wasn't learning what I needed to help me further my career. I just finished my Masters degree and will be graduating this coming Saturday June 10th 2017. I had a wonderful experience with the instructors, classmates and courses overall. The staff and faculty are super friendly,helpful, understanding, and polite. I have had some times where I needed to turn in work late and pass the deadline and there was never an issue. This is truly an online school meaning you have to be the type of person that can learn from doing a lot of reading and interaction with other classmates during the weekly discussion module. I found that the instructors are willing to explain anything you do not understand. If you want a quality online school try CSU-Global. The programs are truly designed for working adults with families."
  • Reviewed: 4/21/2017
  • Degree: Organizational Leadership
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"I graduated last year with my MS in Organizational Leadership. The program itself was really well put together and I felt I really learned a lot. I did a specialization in Project Management and those classes were definitely challenging but I think the challenge of the material helped me learn more. Overall my instructors were approachable and nice. I was able to email or call them when I needed help or support. The flexibility of not being required to log in at certain times made a huge difference for me as a working mom. Overall I have no complaints! As for the other reviews, I thought I should speak to those. Several of these are not actually for CSU-Global Campus but in fact CSU in Ft. Collins. These are separate schools. Especially to the person who posted about his MBA- that is not even a program offered! Maybe that's why he was unhappy with his education, he didn't know which school he was attending!"
  • Reviewed: 3/26/2017
  • Degree: Project Management
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"Hopefully this review will help someone decide whether or not to attend this school. So my opinion is NOT to attend this school, it is very poorly organized and not set up to actually teach you anything! To put it a simple way, the teacher do not teach anything, you have a discussion post every week about a certain topic, which is actually just an assignment because you really don't discuss anything, then you have a critical thinking assignment every week, which the teachers do NOT tell you anything about the assignment, you just have to figure it out on your own! Not to mention they are usually long papers that you have to write, the class I'm currently taking, the assignment is a 4to 5 page paper, EVERY week! So basically you are not learning anything because you try and finish a 5 pg essay every week plus the other assignments, final review DO NOT go here!! Also most of the teachers are rude!"
  • Reviewed: 10/24/2016
  • Degree: Business Administration
  • Graduation Year: 2010
"I enrolled in the global online MBA program Fall 2010. CSU increased tuition on me AFTER I had enrolled. I never even talked to or met my professors, had TA's for every class and they were not helpful in the least. Financial Aid department messed up my student loans constantly in the couple of months I was there, then when I withdrew from classes due to all by required date, they reversed a loan for my laptop so that I would be in the negative on my account to get back at me, then sent it to the state for collections so that I cannot attend another university until I pay them. I have two prior degrees, one of which is from a reputable private Christian university and graduated Magna Cum Laude. I am a twice widowed mother too. I would not recommend this school to anyone. The way I was treated speaks volumes of the morals, ethics, character of this school and those who caused all these issues for me."
  • Reviewed: 9/5/2016
  • Degree: Social Sciences
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"I attended CSU-Global part time from 2012 to 2016. I took a total of 19 classes and I had a wonderful experience with each class and instructor. The staff and well as the faculty is friendly and helpful. If you're looking for a quality online school try CSU-Global. The programs are designed for adults with full time jobs and families. You can complete your degree and still be a mom/dad."
  • Reviewed: 8/15/2016
  • Degree: Information Technology
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"I am a current student at CSU-Global and this University's policy is setup to favor the University. I recently encountered a situation where I had to request an extension due to unforeseen circumstances. I followed CSU's Incomplete Request and the instructor failed to make the exam available. It is going on one month and the between the Instructor and faculty members this issues continues to be unresolved. Their lack of communication amongst one another is poor and they will try to put the blame on the student. Luckily, I am strong willed and I continue to stand my ground and advocate for current and future students. Run away and choose a more reputable University that treats its students with dignity and respect. The Instructors are not helpful and they also refer you to the internet instead of actually teaching the class. If you get stuck you'll have to depend of the internet as instructors declined to guide you through assignments. If I wanted to teach myself I would not have paid so much money to get the job done. Run, run, run, away fast."