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  • Portland (OR)
  • Annual Tuition: $32,230
62% of 74 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 2/11/2020
  • Degree: Education
"I have a doctorate degree in education from Concordia. I really love Concordia actually! I am sad to hear people with bad experiences. I am also sad to hear that the school is closing after 115 years in existence. It sure does put Toys R Us at ease a bit. The only bad experiences I've had were with Blackboard at times. The system didn’t always submit my assignments on time. I have attended several other brick and mortor and Ivy League schools, and have found Concordia University Portland to be very user friendly. That said, you have to use what they offered. You also have to do the work of finding your own path with during and post graduation. I am so proud of my education and very thankful for the diverse faculty! Great school."
Why? Are you going to make changes!
  • Reviewed: 8/28/2019
  • Degree: Education
"I am willing to place a wager that eventually someone will shut this online program down for good. I attended USC for my Masters and it was an online class that ran smooth. The professors were on time when responding and provided valuable feedback. This university if you can call it that is nothing more than a sham. I received more messages from my lame faculty advisor telling me that he was unavailable than available. He was inconsistent, arrogant and most of all incompetent. There is no real leadership. The advisors are spineless and lack answers; I am not sure what their job involves. What a clown show a waste of time and money!"
  • Reviewed: 8/12/2019
  • Degree: Education
"Please, please do NOT consider CU for online doctoral programs. They will tell you anything to get you enrolled. I have never experienced a more significant waste of time and money as I have with this school. I am all alone in this endeavor and have received ZERO support throughout the program and was left to figure out everything on my own including how to write and defend a dissertation. Written guidelines provided were my only lifeline which I had to analyze and then figure out how to implement what I THOUGHT the university was looking for only for committee to tell me multiple other ways they expected me to write it, conflicting with the university's own standards! I was bounced around between faculty members and am convinced no one really has a clue about what their responsibilities are within their own roles at the school. The library has been the most helpful aspect of the school and I have always had outstanding support the few times I needed them. Student services are an absolute joke and you will find an obscene lack of professionalism and lip service only. I am so very disappointed in myself for not choosing another university. I am embarrassed to be connected with this institution. Do your homework and really make sure the school you pick is the right one and steer way clear of Concordia University Portland Online."
Excellent Service
  • Reviewed: 7/27/2019
  • Degree: Special Education
"What a super group of professionals trying to work our programs so we may be able to work and get what is needed for our professional future. I am also pleased we are supported and blocked from individuals like a Sasha Saibi who took advantage of others as professionals to get what he needs as he ran through the system to step on others, gets military aid and is able to get full pay, housing, books, tuition, credits earned for military paid full tuition and four kids, two adults and a mom supporting him in the meantime. Be careful of those chorts who are cutting and pasting."
  • Reviewed: 6/20/2019
  • Degree: Education
"People an Concordia University Portland lied to me. Teachers don't respond to emails. They just don't reply if they don't want to. I got the feeling that they thought they were better than everyone else. I also wondered if some of them were doing things they shouldn't be. They seemed so secretive...."
Taken to the cleaners
  • Reviewed: 6/14/2019
"I had a successful first year on-campus and was granted a 3.5 GPA. At the beginning of my second year my cohort had left Concordia University Portland to move to different Universities to restart their MBA and Doctoral Degrees. I believed I could continue my second year as an on-campus student. Officially this was true, but I was dumped into an extremely poorly operated on-line system with no contact with any of the other students or adjunct teachers controlling the Learning Management System's classes. Upon requesting my advisor to allow me access to learning teams, teacher or student access in the EdD program, he said he would not provide them for me. Effectively I would be working alone with an online Learning Management System that is not certified to serve learning disabled students with Dyslexia. Unlike other universities and colleges I've attended this school has no computers set up to assist learning disabled students. When I was shoved into the on-line class study program the material was scattered all over the Learning Management System and hidden away. A single screen computer would never be capable of navigating these micromanaged Easter egg hunts. The school only provide student with single screen, smaller monitored computers. The day Concordia accessed my FAFSA funds for the two online classes they deposited the funds into their account then immediately shut off all access to the classes. They blocked all further continuation into the program. Student Services and Financial both claimed my GPA was below 2.0, refused to allow FAFSA funding to continue and they would keep the money four the two courses. They'd locked me out of their system. I went up the the chain to the director but still wasn't allow my funds back. I filed a complaint with at least four bureaus including the US Department of Education but the time I spent trying to access the funds and continue in course study, the USDE representative informed me my time limit was already used up, that I should have filed a complaint with them immediately, not months later. The three other bureaus including the SARA System, Concordia claims student should use, said the issue was out of their jurisdictions. They include in total, at least the Oregon State's Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC), SARA, US Dept of Education, as well as BOLI. This University appears to be exceptionally good at staying protected from outside interference from our student protection systems. Unlike my other six universities and colleges I'd attended where I'd receive Honor Role and three successful degrees. This Concordia EdD program actively blocks student success by various mean including using disinformation and dirty tricks. As a student I was not allowed to meet with any of the financial group's team members. The financial group work from a locked building many miles away, off campus. I was not allowed to meet with the Dean. When I discovered this I attempted to speak with the acting director but he just told me "Why can't you just keep up with us?" as he acted as he was totally unaware of the financial group and Student Services blocking access to classes and had taken the funds from me. I believe this EdD program is a sham, a bad actor and no matter what their retorts may say it is likely only cover up to what the real issues are with this so called learning institution. The students who enter the EdD program are extremely intelligent. They have passed their Bachelors and Masters degrees with flying colors. At this level these students truthful and are not stupid by any means. This joint acts as if we are stupid. If their are similar complaints about this EdD program I would tend to believe them. Thank you."
  • Reviewed: 5/25/2019
  • Degree: Educational Leadership
"I found Concordia to be a great program for my needs and support me in pursuing a higher degree. The program was flexible and allowed me to continue working as well as keep up with my busy family. All of the professors were interested in ensuring I learned and was successful. My dissertation chair was awesome! He supported me and pushed me to achieve more. Overall, it was a fabulous experience being a student with this university."
A. Purser
  • Reviewed: 5/18/2019
  • Degree: Curriculum & Instruction
"I enjoyed that each class was only 5 weeks long. Most of the professors were helpful, however, if I got a professor that was not as helpful I knew I only had to deal with them for 5 weeks. The classes are rigorous and they get you thinking. Although it is a Lutheran based college, the Master's program did not involve religion aside from a weekly inspirational quote or scripture on the Learning Management System welcome page. I felt that the courses were easy to navigate and the expectations are clear. You do have to be able to manage your time though as something is due just about every day of the week for most of the classes. There is limited time off so if you are expecting a spring break or summer vacation this is not the program for you."
Nicole Cordova-Lyttle
  • Reviewed: 5/14/2019
  • Degree: Educational Leadership
"I would highly recommend Concordia University-Portland to any student looking to further their career as a teacher or school administrator. The program was very well run, professors were very knowledgeable and directed us to learn about techniques we could practice in our classroom if we were teaching or what to look forward to as a teacher. There are so many great resources at your fingertips that make this journey so special. And in only a year. Great experience and highly recommend."
Sherry Spencer
  • Reviewed: 5/13/2019
  • Degree: Curriculum & Instruction
"When I was done with my Bachelor degree, I knew I wanted to get a Masters. I looked around for a school that I could do it in a year or so. Concordia was that right fit for me. I was able to do the classes at a quick pace and enjoyed the program and gained a lot from the classes. When I was done, I thought about getting my doctorate also but then decided to wait. I am glad I waited a few years now I am in the EdD program through Concordia, and I love it. There are struggles at times, but I am being pushed to learn more and get involved in more in-depth learning."
D Slade
  • Reviewed: 5/13/2019
  • Degree: Special Education
"The program was great! It was accelerated, took just 12 months as promised. Professors were knowledgeable, helpful and versed in the subject matter. This degree was very instrumental in my recent promotion. I highly recommend this program if you are disciplined, motivated and desire to learn more about teaching."
Heidi Cote
  • Reviewed: 5/13/2019
  • Degree: Curriculum & Instruction
"The online Master's degree is a faced paced course. It challenges students to think outside of the box and use logical processing to grow and develop into excellent educators. Students are supported by their professors and advisors, who do everything they can to help support you. Additionally, they offer spiritual support through their school as well. Overall, I have never been more challenged and proud of something than I was when I finished my Master's degree."
  • Reviewed: 3/22/2019
  • Degree: Education
"I had been looking into Master's online programs for several years. I chose Concordia University because they were so helpful with enrolling and figuring out how to afford the program. I am half way through my year long program. I am loving the experience. Most of my professors have been knowledgeable, rigorous, and supportive. I have learned so much that has and will make me a better prepared teacher, that will be well educated and informed to better help my students be successful. The whole process has been smooth and anytime that I have had to contact someone for help, it has been a seamless experience and everyone I have been into contact with on campus has been so friendly and professional. I recommend Concordia University and it's online programs. They are supportive and work well with teachers who are juggling jobs and life along with furthering their education."
Do not enroll on the online EdD program - You have been warned
  • Reviewed: 3/12/2019
  • Degree: Education Administration
"If this program has more than 1 star, the school paid students or people to write nice reviews because I have several classmates (teachers, school administrators, school counselors, etc) who have the same complaints as me about this program. Do not allow online reviews to mislead you to enroll in this program because you will regret it. Everything an enrollment specialist will tell you before enrolling is fake- a facade. They do not help you with promised grants and scholarships, books, etc. This is an accelerated program and they dont tell you that until the dissertation phase hits you. You are on your own. The school library does not provide any help on the weekend. They graduate writing center does not provide absolutely no help with your writing. They want you to book appointments and meet with someone via web conference during week days, if you have a full-time job, this will not work for you. Any help you ask, its always no and they give you 1000000 reasons why they can't help you, so you end up paying so much money to tutors, editing services, and more editing because to write at graduate level requires a lot of editing and work that you cant simply do on your own. The chain is so mean, you will be hesitant to ask any questions because they really don't help you. You are really on your own. I really suggest you dont enroll but if you really want to speak with current students and get their perspective before you embark on a journey to accomplish the impossible. You have been warned."
  • Reviewed: 2/22/2019
  • Degree: Teaching
"If you want a school that is incredibly disorganized, doesn't care about student success, and ignores student contact and requests this is a great school for you. However if you want a school that won't rip you off, will assist you, and provides a quality education do not enroll here."
  • Reviewed: 2/12/2019
  • Degree: Education
"I am a current student trying to graduate by 2020. This is an accelerated online doctorate program. You do not realize that and it does not really "hit" you until you enter your dissertation phase. The program is advertised and designed for people who have full-time jobs, have a family life, etc and are too busy to attend a traditional school classroom. However, once you enter your dissertation phase on the 2-3 year of the program, you are expected to deliver large amounts of research and information on "tentative" deadlines. This research you will not get done in 8 weeks if you have a family and a full-time job. You also dont know what you will be writing about or where your research will "drive" you, so you will spend more than 8 weeks putting this information together and brainstorming on how you will deliver. You will get extremely frustrated because life happens and your family and your job come first, but not really, you will find that the way they designed this program makes you question that, and your priorities. Its a tremendous amount of pressure and money because what they dont tell you is that if you dont pass a class after the second time, when you actually dont deliver crazy amount of information, then you have to retake the class and pay for it again. So much money that everything quickly adds up to 10, 20, and even 30k. Easily. I would really consider doing an accelerated program, and even more if its an online program for the sake of calling yourself a doctor."
Michelle Hayes
Responded: 3/22/2019

Doctoral students may experience a difficult transition when they enter the dissertation phase of the program as this is when you are independently working on your research and are not held to the typical structured curriculum of the core and specialization courses. Your Faculty Chair and the rest of your dissertation committee are available for support and guidance. If you are experiencing any difficult and need assistance, please dont hesitate to contact your Student Services Advisor at or 888-628-2752. We want to ensure that you are progressing with your dissertation so that you can graduate with your EdD.

  • Reviewed: 12/14/2018
  • Degree: Educational Leadership
"If you want an honest opinion, this school is out to take your money and that is it. A few professors were actually decent, but in terms of how the programs operate and the financial aid and just billing side, good luck. You will have better luck dealing with a monkey than with these people. Like I said, this school is not out to help you achieve anything except take your money. Good luck to you if you decide to go here. This school does not even deserve stars below."
Current Student
  • Reviewed: 9/15/2018
  • Degree: Education Administration
"There are many issues occurring simultaneously within the schools, the administrators, students, and the program itself. I have found very few courses that have added valued to my professional and academic life, and those were only two courses. I did not feel I was ready to enter a dissertation phase because I did not feel that those 2 years taking courses prepared me for the work required. Some professors had no or little interactions throughout the entire program, no feedback on writing, there is no indication of what awaits for you. Once you've entered the dissertation phase, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN, and they expect you to submit deliverables on weekly simply based on a 45 min conversation recorded by a chair you picked, excel spreadsheet, and the online library. Any questions, you can email chair (who is rude and by no means helpful), the library is not available on the weekend (shocker). As a full-time employee, the weekend is all we have to conduct my research and write, but if you have questions, there is some online resource, a random librarian somewhere within the US will attempt to help you and in the end will tell you they are not familiar with your school system so you have to contact the librarians on Monday when they are available to help you. This school is a total set-up for failure. If I was not this far into the program, I'd quit! and enroll myself in another school that cares and has the resources to support students. But guess what? if you enrolled in this program, you cannot transfer anywhere else because your credits will not be accepted anywhere else, so you will be stuck in this program and forced to finished otherwise you wasted 2.5-3 years of your life and your finances trying to accomplish the impossible. I don't know how to start my dissertation when they offer no help whatsoever. No help. No weekend resources. You are on your own. Good luck hiring a tutor to help you and the 100's of dollars per session you will paid when the school resources lack the help you need."
Michelle Hayes
Responded: 3/22/2019


Thank you so much for your feedback regarding your experience in the Ed.D. program. We are sorry to hear that you have been having difficulty with your dissertation and have not felt supported. The transition from the core and specialization courses to the research courses can be difficult for candidates as there is less structure and candidates do their dissertation writing independently from their classmates. If you are feel that you are not getting the support you need from your Faculty Chair, I encourage you to reach out to your Student Services Advisor who can help facilitate communication and guide you with the expectations of each course. You can reach out to Student Services at or 888-628-2752. Additionally, there is a new Graduate Writing Center that just opened that offers appointments during the weekend if you are seeking help with your writing. You can find more information here: Please do not hesitate to reach out as we want to ensure that you are supported throughout your doctoral journey and want to see you walk across the stage at commencement!

  • Reviewed: 8/25/2018
  • Degree: Higher Education
"The CU-P program provides a firm foundation and broad curriculum to shape the student into the leader that is needed in higher education. The professors have a tough job since the program is fully on-line, but if you commit to communicating openly and often, the guidance provided will help you progress through each class. Now midway through the program, I am watching cafeully the process of dissertation and exchange thoughts and ideas with the cohort as each step of the way. The courses may seem to overlap a bit in the research, but I view this overlap as a means of develping a deeper understanding of the research process. The doctoral program is NOT a high octane MSc or BSc program, it defintiely opens the door to a more research-based pursuit in higher education."
Rocio R.
  • Reviewed: 7/17/2018
  • Degree: ESL
"This school enables anxiety and triggers depression. I was initially excited to move from Texas to Oregon to pursue a master's degree and begin a new chapter in my life! The professors (at least the ones in my program were, for the most part, great. My problem derives from the corrupt, administrative side of things. I applied for graduation in summer 2017, and it was approved by two (2) advisors (they fired one advisor and got a new one on my last term), and it was submitted to the registrars office. I presented my final project and turned in my final paperwork. When my degree did not arrive by mail, I contacted my advisor who assured it would mail in the next couple of weeks. Come Thanksgiving, I still had no degree, so I contacted my advisor once more who told me it would arrive early December. By January, after Christmas break, my advisor called me and let me know that I was one (1) credit short of graduating. On top of that, I had to pay for this class because it was, as they said, my fault. And let me just say that this school does not give its students the authority to register for classes; it is required for students to to set-up an appointment with their advisor--who is the only authorized figure to register students. Supposedly, this is for our benefit; however, two (2) advisors overlooked that I was one (1) credit short and the registrars office was one semester behind on catching a mistake they were supposed to catch when I applied for graduation two semesters before (Fall 2016). When I conducted my undergrad, I was in charge of registering for classes and had authority to look at offered courses throughout the year, and I was on top of things--able to print and accommodate my schedule. Concordia made me look bad in front of my employers, family, and friends because I had said I had graduated in summer 2017 when it turned out it was not true. Thus, it enabled my anxiety, as I struggled to balance a part-time job, an additional class, and the burden of paying for my school because I did not qualify for financial aid (since it was only one class). I was depressed because of extreme budgeting. Now, a year later, I finally got my degree and can, wholeheartedly, say that Concordia is the garbage that litters your sanity."