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  • Reviewed: 4/23/2012
  • Degree: Technology Management
"I transferred into DeVry after having spent 4 years as a video game programming major at The Art Institute. The student counselor suggested I get into the Tech. Business Management program, which would round out my skills with management knowledge. Sounds good, right...?Two year later and I just ran out of financial aid, taking out a $7,000 private loan to cover school costs. Job outlook: hopeless. The career services staff are worthless, never responding to messages or showing much interest in helping me find a job. I feel unprepared for even a entry level or junior position. My skills are not on par had I gone to even the local community college. My faith in God is the only thing helping me through this mess.The "education" at DeVry is a joke. It's nothing but busy work. The majority of DeVry's workload is in the weekly discussions. Quizzes and exams are easy since you can cheat. Since you are at home, you can open another tab in your browser and look up the answers; many online schools share the same tests as DeVry. I've even had duplicate questions on quizzes before (since they are computer generated). I have hardly learned anything here except some Exel and a little about computer hardware. I know nothing about business management and didn't even do any programming with DeVry. Most of my courses have been gen. ed. classes that wasted my time and money. I hate this school."
Adrienne Tucker
  • Reviewed: 4/18/2012
"My experience with DeVry has been satisfactory after a year and a half as an online student pursuing a Bachelor's Degree. FACT: the tuition is higher than not-for-profit institutions. DeVry does not hide this or try to circumvent it, the tuition is posted on their website, which is accessible to ANYONE!FACT: some of the classes are not as academically rigorous as I would have hoped, but I have found that those are the general education courses. The courses I have taken that pertain to my major have not only been very challenging but have also taught me more in eight weeks than I have learned in months at the previous school(brick and mortar) I attended.FACT: You get what you pay for, and I would not pay for a business, nursing,or accounting degree from DeVry. That is not what they specialize in, they have been in existence for over 80 years, and their primary focus has always been technology of some sort. I would pay for an electronics engineering or IT degree from this school as it is what they do best. If you thought a nursing degree from an online institution was a good idea, you have more problems than having decided to attend Chamberlain(a subsidiary of DeVry).FACT: This is College, attended by what are supposed to be adults. This means that YOU are responsible for keeping up with what classes you need to complete your degree(they have a degree navigator to make this simple!) it is NOT the academic adviser's job to do this. Academic advisers suggest courses that fit your degree requirements, but they are SUGGESTIONS, it is ultimately up to you what classes you want to and do enroll in. FACT: YOU are responsible for knowing the cost of your education AND whether or not you can afford it, with or without financial aid of any kind, AND to ask what kind of aid is available.FACT: I have found student services to be nothing but supportive, useful and friendly. I have never felt pressured in any way by anyone at DeVry. They are extremely supportive and want you to succeed. I have been VERY impressed with their professionalism and level of personal attention. I am happy that I chose DeVry because I did research and found that it best fit all of my needs(flexibility, cost, accreditation, I even asked around and know someone who is employed in their degree field).FACT: Not everyone should attend college, just like not everyone should own a home. After reading most of the reviews here I have come to several conclusions. The first of which is that most of the complaints are from students who can't form a proper sentence, can't spell, and would not benefit from a college education as they probably did not succeed in high school. The second is that many of you expect that the pre-work (enrollment, financial aid, etc) will be done FOR you. This is NOT realistic. It is your responsibility to know what is required(financially and academically) and to ASK for help if you do not know. Please, GROW UP and hold yourself accountable for bad decisions when YOU make them."
  • Reviewed: 2/10/2012
"I went for my associates in Web graphic design at Devry and was able to graduate with my AA. But that degree proved to be useless.I decided to continue on with my Bachelors in another program with Devry relating to web design, and planned to apply myself even harder in hopes of learning and attaining my degree. I still found myself struggling after one year in the Bachelor's. I was making a 3.8 gpa at the time when I received a letter stating that I cannot register for the next summer session because I had reached my "aggregate amount" and could no longer continue unless I could start paying out of pocket, including the classes I was just finishing which came to almost $4000.00. I about died. Where was I going to come up with this money?They locked me out of the system and financial aid was of NO help to me.Why didn't financial aid tell me that I was going to be hitting my debt ceiling and would not be getting anymore aid if I continued with a bachelors?I'll tell you why, because they wanted to squeeze every single drop of financial aid money off of me until I couldn't go anymore.I'm furious that the aggregate amount ceiling was not discussed with me appropriately. Why didn't they notify me along the way that I was even CLOSE to running out of money? No, they just kept letting me go along, taking classes, until they dropped the bomb on me.I wasted an ENTIRE YEAR of my life at DEVRY struggling in the Bachelors program only to be CUT OFF and told I was done unless I get them their money.Horrible way to treat people but that is how they operate.I am a 52 year old first time college student."
  • Reviewed: 2/9/2012
"I've been going to Devry for 6 months now, online and I honestly do not have good feelings about the curriculum, the financial aid adviser, and academic adviser..When you are being processed at first through admissions, your adviser is extremely energetic, super happy, and treats you really good. Like you are their best friend in the world. It's almost like being romanced. Once I was enrolled and got through the first session, I was OK with it. I can't say I felt all that challenged, since the classes are 8 weeks and the curriculum is not that difficult. Every single test is open book, or, open to internet searches. The classes are rushed and I don't feel I'm learning much. Your class participation, which is the largest percentage of your grade is somewhat boring. Post a response, back it up with a link, yadda yadda yadda. With each class, it's the same ol' same ol'. I don't really care for this repetitive style of teaching. Mostly, you are teaching yourself, so you need to apply yourself by reading your text thoroughly or you won't learn a thing. You'll just find yourself scraping by and looking up your answers when quiz time comes.I can't say I've had problems with financial aid, but the people that I have encountered have been rude to me. I once had an errant charge show up on my account without explanation and Devry wanted it paid off before I could register for my next session. I got it straightened out, but after telling my adviser that I was "short on money" and couldn't pay it right away, she got nasty and flat out accused me of mis-spending my financial aid disbursement.The academic advisers seem inept and bored. Be careful because they like to jump the gun and register you for courses you don't want to take, and you could end up paying for them if you're not on the ball.At this point I'm looking for a better school where I feel I'm not a number, and where the classes are more interesting. And by the way their ebook format is HORRIBLE."
William Leasure
  • Reviewed: 12/21/2011
"I've been a DeVry Student at the online Freemont, CA, USA campus now for 8 weeks and am enjoying my 2 weeks vacation.DeVry took my 4 year old Associate Degree units! Yea 58 of em. That’s a real University.They called and also interviewed me which I don't care whether everyone gets accepted or not the point is, ITS AN INTERVIEW! There not just trying to sell you.Start on your Degree now so you’re not lost in life later! Peace Mr. L."
  • Reviewed: 12/6/2011
"I found DeVry University Online to be a great school. The financial aide department and my advisor were both very helpful. I have always believed that the more you put in to a class the more you will get out of it. I graduated in June 2010 and my husband will graduate in two years. Personaly, I was not that impressed with DeVry student career services, but that does not mean the entire school is bad. I would not trade my BA for anything.I would recommend DeVry to anyone wanting to an education!"
  • Reviewed: 12/2/2011
"I attended and graduated DeVry from 1999-2002. In almost 10 years of earning my degree the return on investment from going to this school is absolutely zero. The job offers after graduation were non-existent.The so called job assistance they provided after graduation was there to simply let me know when a job fair is going on and after 6 months, they conveniently cut you off from help. Every job offer Ive ever gotten has been unrelated to the field and any experience/certifications I do have Ive had to get on my own. After all the time wasted and massive bill I accumulated its was by far the worst decision Ive ever made.As far as the classes, at the time I felt about half of the classes were worthwhile while others felt like I'd learned pretty much nothing at the end. Most of the instructors were good people and were helpful if you needed them."
  • Reviewed: 11/18/2011
"When I first started at DeVry I found that they were very helpful and cared about getting you the job you always wanted. After getting to my first class I had found just the opposite. My first semester there the instructor never taught us anything in our Math class and we were self taught. I had to ask student central to assist me with this class. Later on I had other classes that I found some to be useful and others were not.As time went along the cost of attending DeVry with a full Pell grant was very costly. Each term a refund was mailed to me and I had to pay it all back plus more just to stay enrolled. I also found that they have very limited classes and schedule most of them for the middle of the day when I have to work. This has forced me into some online classes where the supplies cost over $700 a class. The standard rate for tuition is about $2,000 per class.Also In my physics class the professor told me "grow up Tim" when I asked for more time on my final because I got locked out half way through. To reverse this I had to write a letter to the dean in Chicago along with several other deans. Last semester I had a refund sent to me for $600 which I used to pay some payday loans and put food in the house. I later found when registering for class that I had to pay everything back or I wouldn't be able to enroll. They told me that they made a mistake and this money should have never been sent. I had to go through several channels again just to make half the payment upfront and still have to pay over $200 a month.Currently I am waiting on a check for $2600 to be mailed to me which will pay off my balance at DeVry of over $700. To get this refund amount I had to max out my government loans, cut down to part time, and extend my graduation date. I have been waiting now for almost a month for the check to arrive. Recently they did a remodel to try and make themselves look good. The only thing they did was paint the walls; however, the ceiling tiles in the class rooms are still falling. If I had it all to do over again I would never have came to DeVry."
  • Reviewed: 11/8/2011
"I had been pursuing a degree with Devry and received notification on a Friday that registration for a new semester was nearing end. I contacted Devry to get information to start a class in this new semester. Once I started the class the following Monday I was informed that I would be required to purchase a book for the class which was back ordered a couple of weeks. I spoke to the professor and they agreed to work with me during the time I was not able to participate due to not having this book. I spoke to their acidemic advisors and asked that I dropped from the course because I demanded I get 100% out of this course rather than try to catch up when I received the book.As tim passed I was charged for 10% of the class becuase I had signed in and participated. Becuase I dropped the class they dropped me from 3 other classes and dismissed me from further finishing any new classes. If you are thinking about going through Devry for anything don't waste your time or money. They will contact you and pressure you into getting into class as fast as they can and in the event you do not agree with their suggestions they will put you on probation and threten you with dismissals. WORST ONLINE SCHOOL YOU COULD EVER WASTE YOUR MONEY ON."
Louisa Monroe
  • Reviewed: 11/3/2011
"I was a student under Devry in 2010, I got a call from my advisor she told me I didn't have to attend October program because I didn't have enough finacial aid to do so,she drop me from the calles for that semester and set meup for January 3 2011: I had knee surgy, i told my counsel that then in June I still got a bill for $2700 almost $3000 dollar. I fill that they have not handlethere responsiblity.Now I,m been harass every day out the week for a bill that finicial aid should of been handle it. I have no money to pay this. because all of these people working every day down there did not handle there business right are not even put any thig inthe computor properly. I also have doctors proof to prove that I been in the hospital. I hope that they try to do something about this situation soon are I'm going to have to get a lawywer soon because I'm still under the doctor care and can't get any rest. Thanks"
Steve Smith
  • Reviewed: 11/2/2011
"I received my degree from DeVry University. I had great service and found a job fast. People hate on the school but look. I not just going to run my mouth and say how great DeVry Unversity is. Here is the proof for all of you.The independent economic-impact analysis, conducted by The Cicero Group for DeVry Inc., tracked wage growth from 2003 to 2010 for graduates from the three DeVry Inc. schools in seven states, as well as a control group of individuals who expressed interest in DeVry University, Chamberlain College of Nursing or Carrington College California, but ultimately did not pursue a college degree. Both groups had statistically similar starting salaries of $25,000-$27,000 in 2003. But by the end of the seven-year period, graduates from the three DeVry Inc. schools out-earned those in the control group by significant margins in all degree categories. Specifically, graduates who earned a bachelor’s degree from a DeVry Inc. school increased their earnings by 65 percent to an average $44,262 at the end of the seven year period, compared to the control group’s average final earnings of 18 percent, or $29,224. Associate degree earners saw wage growth of 42 percent to an average $39,478; and certificate holders increased their wages 22 percent to an average $31,782. Graduates of all the DeVry schools studied experienced significant growth in their earnings over the seven-year period. Graduates of Chamberlain College of Nursing saw the greatest earnings increase—64 percent. Those who graduated from DeVry University averaged wage growth of 60 percent. And graduates of Carrington College California saw their wages increase by 22 percent. In addition to wage growth, graduates from the three DeVry schools reported greater job security, were more likely to be employed in salaried positions, and more likely to have a job with benefits like health insurance. And because 85 to 90 percent of graduates from the DeVry Inc. schools remain in their communities five years after graduation (compared with 64 to 67 percent for typical college graduates), the economic benefits associated with higher college degree completion rates are more likely to be felt within the community. “DeVry’s primary focus has always been the success of our students. This research confirms that our graduates are succeeding in their careers and earning a significant return on their educational investment,” said Daniel Hamburger, DeVry Inc. president and chief executive officer. The research also found that minority students and those who are the first in their family to attend college saw significant increases in income after earning a degree from DeVry University, Carrington College California or Chamberlain College of Nursing. Minorities earning a degree from a DeVry Inc. school saw wage growth of 49 percent, while first-generation college students saw growth of 42 percent. This compares to 18 percent and 17 percent growth rates, respectively, for similar individuals in the control group."
chris miranda
  • Reviewed: 11/2/2011
"This school is a joke [DeVry Pomona]!! They did not validate my loans from the government, which resulted in me having a $4,000 bill. They have admitted several times, it is there fault, but have not assisted me in eliminating this. They have damaged my credit by sending this bill to collections. They are also unhelpful and not available to the students; they do not return calls and are only available when they are trying to recruit you."
Elias Romero
  • Reviewed: 8/2/2011
"I am very dissapointed in this university, when I first went in they told me how I only had about 1 year and a half to graduate, they were going to count the credits from another college I was in. I explained to them my work schedule, and they told me I would not have any problems because they have evening classes so I can complete my Bachelor's. Now I go register for my next classes, turns out they do not have any options for me unless is online, they did not count my credits from the college I was in, where I have over 45 credits already, and my major is something you can not learn online, at least I can't. Is a hands on thing, and they can not come up with a good option for me, they say unfortunately my job is the inconvenient.Now I am trying to change from University, at the beginning everything was fine, couple months later, look what is happening to me, this is the Orlando campus, and by what I have read, I think every campus seems to have the same issues. I personally recommend that you look for better options than this university. It is very disappointing."
  • Reviewed: 6/19/2011
"I have been a student at DeVry University since January 2010 and it started out being the best experience. I have went to Mount Olive College of RTP also and was very pleased with that.But Devry has lied to me twice, once about classes that I had taken to have transferred in. I was told that I could take them and what they would count as and after the fact of registering, paying out of pocket for them, and spending hours on end doing work I am being told they won't count for anything but electives when I have already met my electives.Then I was told in the beginning that I could take classes on the campus and online to later find out that none of the classes I planned to take online are offered on the campus meaning that all of the Accounting courses have to be taken online.So at this point I am very disappointed in Devry University. If you are in the RDU area look at Mount Olive College. They have classes one night a week for four hours and on the fifth week you get your book for the next class. It is organized and for the seated courses you don't have to do the discussion boards. Devry has blended courses meaning even if you are going to class you have to complete discussion boards."
  • Reviewed: 5/23/2011
"I have been going there and its really nice. I do not have any issues with the financial issues that others have said. I got my grants and scholarships and I have got a 50% discount because of the military and also have a student and I was informed that I will be getting about 4,000 back because of the huge discount I get.Also, I have been told by financial adviser that my school will only cost 8,000 altogether for my bachelors degree. That's fantastic. I am not sure what happened to everyone else but my finances are perfectly fine. For someone to say that they did not know about the loans seems very unrealistic maybe you were not paying attention but they a finance option when you sign in and you can see everything on there and also my adviser informed about everything before I even got completely enrolled."
  • Reviewed: 5/6/2011
"I liked this school at first, but now I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The reason is they don't get you your practicum something you have to have. They have no connections or contracts for students to get hands on at any corporation. Don't believe them. I had to take a practicum online, now has anyone heard of that, I haven't. This school stinks. Charlotte campus, they stink!!!!!!"
  • Reviewed: 4/27/2011
"This school is a joke and they are not honest at all. I lost so much money attending this school. With gas, tuition, and application fees it was outrageous. I figured it would be amazing to get my Bachelor's in around 3 years but after one semester tuition went up, I didn't receive a refund but eventually even if I would have it wasn't nearly close to the quote I received via e-mail from the department of education.These people should be shut down completely along with all of the types of schools. They are scams and it's just more economical to go to a community college. Heck an actual University is cheaper than this school."
  • Reviewed: 3/3/2011
"I am more than half-way through my Bachelors degree program with DeVry University Online. I have absolutely no idea what people are complaining about.I have had zero issues with the finance department. One of the key things to this is you have to be ACTIVE in your own finances with any establishment. I have a feeling that some people have been sitting around waiting for the finance department to contact them about stuff. Sorry, but that is just not the way the world works now-a-days. You have to the be one who stays on top of things.Getting your FAFSA filed early in the year is the key! People who wait till the last minute to get their financial aid information filled out and then expect immediate turnaround, are in for a rude awakening.The ones who are complaining about the classes? I have a feeling they are the ones who took some classes and figured out how hard this program really is! It is not for everyone! You have to be disciplined and sacrifice a great deal of time to complete these classes. It is 10 times harder than a typical classroom setting. I think that is one reason why there is such a high drop out rate is because not everyone can handle the pace that you need to keep in order to succeed.The professors can be tough, but they are trying to do their job in teaching this material to you. Not everyone can handle the critisism or the stress. But this program WILL prepare you for the career you are seeking.My own opinion is that the majority of people on here who are complaining about things, are ones who tried the program, found out it was not right for them, and then got pi$$ed when they did not get a refund. DeVry is a great school and I am proud to be a student there.DeVry Class of 2012 student"
Gregory Squires
  • Reviewed: 2/25/2011
"Devry has been great for me. Online student and in school for Business Administration. Right now, Devry is not an accredited school in each study focus of their business program, but I'm out hear competing with Wake Forest, Duke University and NYU and Harvrad graduate and they aren't doing much better in my region, so know what you are doing before you decide a school ruined your life.So many people point out "THEIR" problems with Devry, but they only have the perspective from their experience. One person's problems with a school, does not mean that is how the school handles things. Devry or any online school, is as only strong as the students who are self motivated, have initiative and excel at critical thinking.Devry is an online school, no experience is going to be the same as in a traditional class room, because socialization, communication and hands on exercises are through digital media and electronic communication. But in no way, does that mean that you won't learn the same thing.In my state, NC, we have many schools who have incredible academic programs, yet there is no true definition of which is better. Winston-Salem State is near my town, they have a great Business School. But they only offer general Business Management and Accounting, Devry offers about 5-7 different study focus for their Business Administration degree. So sometimes its not about access, as much as it is exposure. NC State is a nationally recognized tech/engineering school. Yet I'd have to pay about 3 times what I pay at Devry and receive a degree that uses the same material and software as Devry. Devry is not for everyone. I truly and honestly suggest if you are not a strong self taught person, avoid any online school. That is not an insult, take it for face value. Some people are simply better with open discussion and hands on examples. If you are not already personally pursuing interest in what you are attending school for and are not willing to study, spend money or gather information when you are not required, I suggest going to a tradition school. Many people who feel devry has failed them in getting work and presenting their degrees has yeilded negative feedback are simply not thinking about it. If you are not doing research about what job you wish to be hired for, what jobs are in your local area and economy, how much people in your degree field get paid or what parts of the Nation need jobs in your field, you will be disappointed when you graduate. I am not trying to insult anyone or claim superiority over anyone other schools, but realize you need to do research into ANY school now and days. If you do not read equal amounts of Pros and Cons of a school, you are already being mislead. Devry has been a great school for me, I can't get time off to attend traditional school and I know what I'm in school for. I already know what I will be doing with my degree. I attend conventions in my area, study stock of companies I'm interested in and attempt my best to continue building a strong portfolio outside of school, with what I've learned."
  • Reviewed: 1/28/2011
"Hey everyone, I just transfered out from Devry after a year of ridiculous bs from their finical aid and success coach ( academic advisor) I don't have problem with the class, it's more computerized rather than traditional classroom which is tolerable. Here is my story:I transfered to Devry under the impression of been getting in to a degree that I was interested in.One year later, the advisor informed me that I was in some technical degree because of my transfered credits!IT'S TRUE THEY WOULD DO ANYTHING TO GET YOU IN AND TAKE YOUR MONEY!! But that's not it, they set me up with 3 to 4 ridiculous loans with incredible high interest without explain anything to me, and after many problems with financial aid, both me and my mom are in debt now. I also taken 2-3 class that had already been transfered in from other schools. And my advisor just said oops. Not to mention, she never responds when I needed academic help until much later."