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4 out of 5

I graduated a decade ago!

I have had the pleasure of working for: Sprint Verizon Helio T-Mobile Nextel

Positions held: Upper level Management, Sales, Retail, Corporate Training, SME, Technical Advisor.

Your education is what you make of it. In any school you attend you will find those who expect an easy ride, and those ready to do the work.

Since DeVry is not necessarily a school taken seriously, If you choose to attend this school, it is in your best interest to do your best. Alumni success is the only way this schools reputation can improve. As a graduate your biggest challenge is proving you have the right stuff, and that you actually learned something from DeVry. I started with a class of 150. graduated with a class of 40. It is not an easy school.

Remember it is a for-profit school! Then again, every school is.

4 out of 5

DeVry, while expensive, has some great benefits. It offers a super flexible schedule; full-time is only 2 days a week for three years for the Bachelor's program. The military benefits are amazing as well.

I think most people that write reviews are the few unhappy ones, and I want to let everyone know that I have had nothing but a great experience with the staff and campus in Indianapolis.

4 out of 5

Business Administration 580 per credit. You need 124 credits to graduate 124*580= 71,920 plus book and other fees. I'm not going to say it's a bad school or a good school. After graduation Hope you find a good job!. The campus I was at, there was no one to help the tutors didn't know anything about my acounting classes. There is a no make up work policy, if you fail your course materials you can not make it up for a better grade. The professor rushed through the class. Don't listen to the jive they feed you about community college. It's best to go to a community college ($100 per credit) and then transfer to a state college! Devry is for adults who already have a career and need more skills. Take this from me, NO! It's sucks and expensive!You don't have to listen to my advice it might be better for you. Do think of that money you will owe. And I almost forgot, there graduation percentile rate is 34%. Most state college are 78%.

Search over 211,000 programs:
4 out of 5

DeVry was a promising school and I am not some bad apple who couldn't handle this institution which is often insinuated when you give your honest opinion about a school.

DeVry is a scam from the moment you sign up for information to the moment their predatory lending practices are set into motion.

I attended DeVry for nearly one year in 2007 and it by far of any online school I have attended was the worst experience I have ever had. I was a self-motivated 4.0 student when I left DeVry and I continue to be a 3.97 student at other schools which have been a heck of an improvement over this overrated school.

Reasons to stay AWAY from DeVry:

Financial Aid -- They offer an Educard program - something that is promoted to help alleviate out of pocket expenses for their inflated prices (I have yet to see another online school that has such a high tuition cost). The problem with their FA department is it seems like a lot of people don't know what they are doing. I thought maybe one thing going wrong with my FA was okay a mistake but repeated mistakes make the intent seem a lot more malicious.

Within the first three sessions of faithfully paying my Educard payment I started getting nasty emails and calls about my account being suspended due to a high balance. My first thought was how could this be, I went through the Educard process where this payment was supposed to offset what wasn't being covered by FAFSA loans.

Lesson one, someone figured out my payment wrong and instead of letting me know that I wasn't paying enough to keep my account balance manageable they let it go upward of $6000 by the third session and started automatically threatening me. So error number 1, whomever did my CoA apparently was in the mortgage industry because fuzzy math didn't equal the numbers it should have. So after being threatened with a freeze I went out and got a private loan (before the market tanked). Keep in mind this was something I was trying to avoid and why I had an "Educard" account to begin with. So I got a loan paid off my debt and had extra for the next couple of sessions to ensure I didn't have a repeat of the nasty notices.

Well ideally that would have happened by the same gurus that screwed up my CoA for the Educard also apparently did that with my loan disbursement. They sent back the entire 2nd private loan disbursement I had gotten back to the lender leaving me indebted with their institution. Now see what happens from this point is I had a 0 balance (my disbursement was in) and then two months later I suddenly had a $5000 debt. I called on this right away and was ran around their FA department for another month before someone finally admitted "we messed up".

By that time the loan market had tanked, my private loan disbursement went to pay off the loan balance (courtesy of DeVry) and I had stopped going to school there abruptly.

So to recap, they had money to pay off my debt sent it back because someone figured out Cost of Attendance wrong (they even admitted that), I could not get the funds back from the lender nor get another loan and they left me indebted to them.

I went through the Illinois BBB which was an utter waste of time because for a few more dollars they would arbitrate this case for me but offered to do little else. After that point I wrote it off as a bad experience, DeVry sent it to a collection agency and of course they are holding my transcripts hostage even though they had written off the debt and turned it over to a 3rd party.

So that is my own experience with DeVry and their shoddy Financial Aid department. Everyone screams about online schools and scams but honestly DeVry has been the only experience I have had out of 2 that has remotely operated this way. They inflate their tuition and add fees to just about anything you could think of, I called to have my statement explained because nearly $500 was going to supplies for ONE class which did not include software or any major purchases.

I am sure not everyone has gone through this sort of trial and tribulations but I am certainly not alone in witnessing their questionable business practices -- stay away there are better online options out there.

4 out of 5

I went to University of Maine while I was in the Military for criminal justice. I have a AS in Electrical Engineering Technology from Vermont Technical College and I attended University of Vermont for Electrical Engineering. I did not finish my EE degree (95% complete) because I changed jobs and moved to Texas. I finish a BSTM at Devry and I am have almost completed the MBA program.


I don't care what school you go to. You get out of it what you put into it. I like Devry and felt that the education was worth the money I paid for the education. If you are looking for a feel ride, go somewhere else. Also I have interviewed candidates for employment from some of the best schools in the US. Education gets your foot in the door, but if you can't apply your knowledge then no college will help.


4 out of 5

I have been taking online classes for Health Information technology and adore it. I did have a problem with addmisions but nothing too bad, I was given the wrong fax number once. My classes fit my life, I work full time and have my own place to take care of. It is a bit costly but, I thus far have not complained because I enjoy my teachers and peers.


My Advisors pick my classes so that I can graduate with what I need and only what I need, so no wasted money. I would recomend DeVry online to anyone. Oh, one last thing, I read some employers veiw DeVry as a joke, not in my case. Many people I have spoken to in my future proffesion see DeVry just like any other Uni.


Hope you all find the school that is right for you. Keep looking around before you make you'r choice, remember college is your future.


4 out of 5

Well I just started at Devry University in the fall session. I have no problem with the curriculum, my problem is the lack of help that I get from the career couselors. I don't like when I get given the run around.

During my admission process I hand carried my military SMART transcript to Devry and I had one sent there which I verified. This day Mar2010, my transcript has not been evaluated and when I asked about it they told me someone made a mistake. Unacceptable answer for me. I also email the counselors and they claim that they never get my emails so I started sending my emails so that I can get confimation back so I know that they are reading my emails. I went to campus and asked did you get my email, they still said no.

I am seriously thinking about doing a local community college. My experience with Devry has not been good so far. I don't have anything against them. I just retired from the military last year and just trying to further my education.

4 out of 5

I will refrain from commenting on others reviews and simply give you my sincere experience at Devry. Let me sum it up very simply by saying that all my expectations have been met or exceeded. The classes are well organized, the materials covered are relevant, and the instructors are very accesible. Classes are no walk in the park and you can expect to have to work hard in order to receive good grades. Another topic is financial aid, the department requires many documents in order to exaust there search for you to have money to attend school and it not come out of your own pocket. All colleges are as much a business as they are a platform for higher learning which means they pay close attention to the schools only major stream of revenue. I assure you that once the financial aid requirements are satisfied you will be free to concentrate on your classes. Lets make one thing clear, if you are not ready for college and you are not prepared to put in the time to succeed it will not matter in the least which university you attend because you have already set yourself up for failure. My last comment about the school concerns a department I did not think I would be developing a relationship with as an online student. The guidance department. I have a personal coach who calls me every week to get feedback from me about the school as well great discussion about concepts that help students succeed. He has opened my mind to several learning concepts and put to rest several rumors about the school. I highly recommend Devry to anyone wishing to furthor their education.

4 out of 5

I went to Devry for one semester and I owe 8,900 they let me start school with out even making sure that my fanicail Aid would even go through. They registered me for a class that I wasnt suppose to be taking and charged me for it. I tried to get my transcipts and they wont even release them to me... If you are thinking Devry University Dont Do it THINK AGIAN!!

4 out of 5

I graduated from Devry back in 2005. My decision to attend Devry was coerced from other schools in the Ohio area unwilling to transfer my community college credits into their schools. Not wanting to start over, I chose Devry in order to graduate faster.

My one complaint at Devry while was sharing the same space with people who clearly didn't want to be there. There is no getting around it; there are students at Devry who have no business being allowed near a college campus....ever. However, the majority of students attending Devry are both goal oriented and driven to do something positive with their lives. Some have aspirations of grad school extending outside of the Devry/Keller Scope, and for those students, those doors are certainly not closed by attending Devry.

Understand however that when you apply to other graduate institutions, whether it be a masters program, or Law School, you will be competing with students who for the most part attended more prestigious universities. If you have academic pursuits extending beyond Devry, and do not want to go to Keller, you can do that. You'll have to bust your ass and assure yourself of the highest GPA possible while at Devry, and study hard for the entry exam (GRE, LSAT, MCAT), scoring well above average to make up for the fact that you went to a less prestigious university. I've done this and can tell you that I will be attending Law School somewhere in August. I'm still going through the applications cycle and have not yet received answers for all of my applications...but I have received acceptances. At the end of my applications cycle I will have my pick of law schools of which to attend...all of them prestigious and well known not only in California, but worldwide.

You can do anything you like with your Devry degree. Don't think for a second that any doors are closed to you because you attended Devry. Devry opens doors to those intelligent enough to open them. As with any school, the onus is on the graduate to make it happen.

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