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4 out of 5

I graduated from Devry back in 2005. My decision to attend Devry was coerced from other schools in the Ohio area unwilling to transfer my community college credits into their schools. Not wanting to start over, I chose Devry in order to graduate faster.

My one complaint at Devry while was sharing the same space with people who clearly didn't want to be there. There is no getting around it; there are students at Devry who have no business being allowed near a college campus....ever. However, the majority of students attending Devry are both goal oriented and driven to do something positive with their lives. Some have aspirations of grad school extending outside of the Devry/Keller Scope, and for those students, those doors are certainly not closed by attending Devry.

Understand however that when you apply to other graduate institutions, whether it be a masters program, or Law School, you will be competing with students who for the most part attended more prestigious universities. If you have academic pursuits extending beyond Devry, and do not want to go to Keller, you can do that. You'll have to bust your ass and assure yourself of the highest GPA possible while at Devry, and study hard for the entry exam (GRE, LSAT, MCAT), scoring well above average to make up for the fact that you went to a less prestigious university. I've done this and can tell you that I will be attending Law School somewhere in August. I'm still going through the applications cycle and have not yet received answers for all of my applications...but I have received acceptances. At the end of my applications cycle I will have my pick of law schools of which to attend...all of them prestigious and well known not only in California, but worldwide.

You can do anything you like with your Devry degree. Don't think for a second that any doors are closed to you because you attended Devry. Devry opens doors to those intelligent enough to open them. As with any school, the onus is on the graduate to make it happen.

4 out of 5

This school is not easy. Online classes make you do all the work required. Do not listen those people that say this school is a joke. I have made personal progress at this school. I've read all negative reviews and all I can say some people can't cheat all their lives. This school is not responsible for you finding a job, you are. The classes are educational and you have to do A LOT OF WORK. If you take short-cuts all your life, this school is not for you. No school is perfect. Every school has its problems. So far I have had a great experience. I would recommend if you go to this school, make the time to do the work that is required. Expensive? Yes it is. Worth it? Yes it is. Take it from me, someone who has tried other things. DO NOT ASSUME THE WORLD OWES YOU SOMETHING BECAUSE YOU PAID FOR IT.

4 out of 5

I have spent a fair amount of time looking over comments made by others on this site. After reading many comments that just bashed DeVry and many of the functions (instructors, financial aid, etc.) I could not help but to laugh. I especially enjoyed the comments that were full of fragmented sentences, misspellings, and failed attempts by those who wrote them. I also can not fail to mention the few posts that "claimed" to have sued in small claims courts for ten thousand plus dollars. Before you decide to post an outright lie, you should do a teeny tiny bit of research. I do not know of any states that allow in excess of $10,000 in a small claims case, most states do not allow you to exceed $5,000, this is why they call it "SMALL claims." I will agree that financial aid is a messy process, but this is typically caused by the students lack of providing the proper information that is required. The majority of the information that is required has NOTHING to do with the school, the regulations are set forth by the federal government and the lenders. I have been attending DeVry for just over a year now and I will be graduating in 3 months with 11 of the 13 people that I started with. Retention rates at my campus appear very high, but maybe that is a lie? Even though I am personally seeing the success rate of my fellow classmates. Before you bash me for saying that others and myself could not possibly graduate this quickly, let me tell you how we are doing it. Simple: DeVry offers so many different programs that we all had significant amounts of former credits transfer in. I am nothing but happy with my choice to go to DeVry, but then again I provided the required information to the sources who requested in a timely fashion.

Search over 213,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I am a CET major, and a veteran. I have gone to DeVry for almost a full year now. I also attended Kansas State for a year, and while I can't say I gave K-State my best, I can tell you I feel much much better going to DeVry.

Reason No1. I have absolutely zero interest in liberal arts classes and consider them a waist of time. Deep deep down I think DeVry understands this too, and while the quality of the english classes and the psychology classes is no less than K-State, most professors at Devry won't load you up with busy work.

Reason No2. While I have heard lots of people complain about other stuff, I still have yet to see someone say "I graduated from DeVry with a great GPA but every time I go to an interview and mention Devry I'm kicked out the door." I am going to DeVry to become a good engineer and get a job. I don't really care about anything else.

Reason No3. GREAT service. I am sick of people saying "oh it took DeVry six months to do this." "oh they would never answer my calls." EVERY time I go to student services I have a GREAT experience, and everything is accomplished then and there. At K-State I was just a number, the offices closed at 5 and god forbid if you came by at 4:55 because you wouldn't be helped. At DeVry, my councilor and the receptionist at Student Central both know my name... For the summer semester I easily enrolled at their office at 8:15pm two days before classes started.

Reason No4. EXCELLENT VALUE. Yes, that's right, excellent value. At K-State, the only time I would see someone who wasn't a grad student was when I was in a 100+ person lecture hall... that's it! Because I'm a veteran, I'm paying the same at DeVry for small classes taught by professionals, who have done more with their lives besides go to school and teach. And if I wasn't a veteran, it would still be worth it to me.

My cousin has graduated from there, he has a job.

My dad is a engineer with Schlumberger, loves DeVry grads.

My squad leader in the guard has been working in the electronics industry for ten years... he's going to DeVry now because employers love the grads.

4 out of 5

I was a 3.89 high school student who was the commencement speaker at graduation, had acceptance letters and full rides to Michigan State, CSUF, UCI, UCR, UCSB, CSULA and others, and I decided to go to CSUF. I am happy I went there because I got to experience the truth about these institutions. I went there for one semester and had good grades, and decided to transfer out to DeVry.

Many people told me not to go here and that my potential was well beyond DeVry, yet they failed to truly know what DeVry does. Like everything in life, you get what you put into this opportunity, and man have I been rewarded. I will be graduating in June of 2010 at the age of 21, and if all goes well I will be passing my CPA exams by December of this year as well. I graduated from Santa Fe High School in 2007, and most of my classmates aren’t even near the ball park I am in.

DeVry gives you the real world experience with professors who have worked in the real world, not just professors who have learned from books and would choke in the real world, like the ones in various prestigious universities. I will make it this simple: when I went to interview for the position that I am currently at, I went up against those UC and CSU students, and it came down to EXCEL knowledge, and DeVry had taught me that.

DeVry focuses on the things that employers looks for, it focuses less on the general education courses, and gives you the practical tools to succeed. For me right now, I feel that I can go into any interview against any student from any school, and I owe this to DeVry. So when they tell you that DeVry isn’t a good school for business, just laugh and take the opportunity anyway. Lastly, if you want to graduate with your BSBA in Accounting, and would like to become a CPA, there is no better alternative than DeVry.

4 out of 5

I originally attended on campus at DeVry Institute of Technology, Los Angeles, from 1984 to 1986, and graduated with the Electronic Technician Diploma. I had 4 job offers within the first 4 months of graduation. At that time, ITT tech was the other front runner.

I returned to DeVry University in June 2007 to complete my bachelor's degree in Technical Management (BSTM). DeVry accepted my 21-year-old transfer credits, so I only had 2 years to go to complete my BS. At that time, I was employed by the University of California at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The lab was so impressed with its DeVry grads that it recruited annually from 4 DeVry locations. ITT grads were also considered; University of Phoenix students were not recognized. I am currently 60% complete with my MBA in networking and communications (MNCM).

About 3 out of 4 negative DeVry and Keller reviews I read are usually finance department or monetary related. I personally enjoy the flexibility of on-line classes. My instructors are knowledgeable and have impressive credentials from such institutions as Cornell University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Why would instructors with such impressive backgrounds be wasting their time at a phony institution handing out fake degrees?

I have taken 27 courses in the past 2 and a half years. My instructors have always communicated very well with me, always available, and very helpful. My daughter is going to the local JC and her good friend attends a California Division I University. Both my daughter and her friend have taken the same exact Math course on-line that I've attended through Pearson Hall (which I believe answers the question of reliability and quality of education).

I suggest that many of you who want to put DeVry and Keller in a negative light because of a financial mistake (90% says created by the student) should not give a negative review to a school you didn't give a chance to to begin with. Sure, I had a mistake created by the finance department when I switched over from DeVry to Keller, but the department was extremely helpful and communicated with me during the whole process. No problem.

This is NOT a degree you can pay for and expect the certified paper WITHOUT doing the work. They advertise degrees like that elsewhere (guaranteed in 7 days or less!) I wouldn't be surprised if most of the complainers here in this forum opt to pursue that option.

Don't judge DeVry and Keller by what you read here. Talk to someone---who currently attends---in person---interview students who go to all 3 schools (DeVry, ITT, and University of Phoenix)--then make your own judgement! Good luck! ;)

4 out of 5

I am a student at devry since 2008 I will earn my degree in a few months I have not had any problems as of yet. The professors are great and academic advisors are wonderful they will do anything to help you. It is a good online school!

4 out of 5

First, I would like to say it is not always best to pay attention to people's complaining when he or she cannot even spell simple words correctly. I like that I could use my credits from my first school that was not regionally accredited. DeVry uses the credits toward a technical management degree. For me, this was the best possible situation so that I did not have to start all over again toward a BA. They are regionally accredited, and have intelligent teachers. The school is expensive, but is worth it for me rather than starting all over at a different school that won't take any of my credits from a trade school. I go 2 nights a week and find the course work just about right. I have A's in my classes and am pregnant and also have a 9 month old child. I also work. This is a great school for the working adult, and the financial aid rep is my favorite person. I think that it all depends on who you get to help you with the financial aid.

4 out of 5

First off I came to this site to read a few reviews, not to hear a bunch of crying. It is not the responsibility of anyone else for your education other than yourself so cry in your pillow, not rant everywhere else. This is my story about DeVry ..

I was deployed in ubaydi iraq untill august 2009 but while in iraq they had managed to help me register before I even came home and gave me the first week to make up work. I have advisors upon advisors .. I have an advisor for my advisor. Even though they are not responsible they recommend ideas for finacial aid. I now have TA and a Pell grant. They have shown me course schedules where I see that I could have a BA in CIS by the time I re-enlist which means I just may not. I have reseached numerous other schools including on campus .. none are flexible with keeping the same content and learning which is probably why DeVry is the most respected online / campus college.

Phoenix is good but your looking at 2 times the acceration. DeVry is an accelerated college where youll take 2 classes every 8 weeks. Phoenix youll take 2 every 4 weeks, which doesnt seem liek your gonna get alot out of it. If your trying to be a brick layer .. seriously go somewhere else.

4 out of 5

I really like the classes and instructors, but there is something seriously wrong with their financial services department. It was hard enough when I received a disbursment credit for $600.00 from them so I applied it towards my rent, only to find out they messed up with the disbursment credit and I wound up having to pay them the amount back in order to attend the class for the next semester.

To make matters worse, I have been going back and forth with them since august trying to get my income verified with the federal government (either they could not read my documents, or they submitted incorrect information). When I finally got it all straightened out today, I was told my dusbursement for the summer(its fall now)did not cover the total cost of my classes and I now owe them close to $4,000.00. They expect me to pull 4k out of thin air If i want to continue my education. I am beyond frustrated with Devry

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