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4 out of 5

HAHAHA you lazy suckers thought you could go to school online and take the easy route, eh? There are going to be problems whether you are going to school online or in person. People are going to mess up your money - that's why you count your change at the store. People are going to mess up your paperwork, that's why H&R block guarantees your audits. Life isn't easy and school isn't either. My husband and I are graduating next semester!

Devry is an accredited school and I'm going on to physical University to get my Masters next year! Where are you? Still crying about Devry at your community colleges?

4 out of 5

I attended Devry back in the summer of 2007. After a couple of semesters of working extremely hard to maintain a good grade I received a letter from Devry explaining that the financial aid could not cover all the cost of my tuition so I should take out a private loan for the remainder of $1,500.00 for the first two semesters. I did not qualify for a private loan, so I decided to drop out of classes before I got too far into debt. I tried to get help from the staff at the school, but could not get anyone to return my calls and then before I knew it I was getting threatening letters that they would turn me over to the collection agency.

When I was finally able to speak to the Corporate office Rep at the Illinois office, she was nothing but rude on the phone and would not let me get in a word. She threatened to hang up on me because I kept insisting that she listen to my story. I've been wrestling with this for almost 2 years now and now I'm getting calls from the collection agency. I explained to the agency that I've been trying to get this resolved for a long time now but cannot get any of my calls returned. I've been calling every day for the past week and leaving messages but cannot get anyone to return my calls. I am so disappointed in Devry and I will never recommend them to anyone because it is such a hassle to deal with anyone.

4 out of 5

I too tried Devry University here in San Diego for a single semester. At their recommendation, they started me part time in a single math class, (they claimed they like to start all new students out slowly). At first it seemed O.K. But in the second week the finance manager came to me and said that I only qualified for part time financial aid and therefore if I wanted to go to Devry full time I would have to pay some $2000.+ in cash each semester, over and above the $3750. they were receiving from my student loans each semester. This smelled rather fishy to me since I had been promised during admission that I would be able to receive 100% financing since I am a disabled student.

When the bills start arriving in my second week of class, I knew the writing was on the wall. I was billed over $5000 for a single math course! When I approached the finance people at my local campus about this they claimed that I had been overcharged and upon looking into the accounting system, they assured me that everything would be straightened out in the end, and I would get a large credit or direct refund.

I finished that semester but with open book/un-timed midterms and final exams that you could take from home, starting and stopping at your leisure; it became obvious to me that Devry is nothing more than a paper mill. If you are stupid and cannot get through real school at your regular university or community college then I suppose you have no choice but to pay Devry over $100,000. for a worthless piece of paper they call a degree. But if you have a single ounce of brains in your head then you will see them for what they are and instead, go to a real college.

There is no easy way to earn a legitimate college degree. A Devry degree might be helpful if all that you desire is to move up in your present company. But when you go out into the open job market armed with your Devry degree, then you will see where the weakness lies. A candidate with a legitimate degree from a university like SDSU or UCSD will get the job over a Devry candidate every time.

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4 out of 5

I must say that I am truly upset with Devry's finance department. I have been waiting for over two months for my funds to be disbursed and applied to my account. I can not remember how many times I have called their 1800 number to get this problem fixed, and to top things off when I did call I would get different answers from different reps. Like, for example one rep told me that my funds would disburse the following week, it never did, another told me that I would have my refund check and that the funds would disburse before the following session would begin, and I am still waiting, and another told me that there was something wrong with their system and the process was moving slow. It is very frustrating when you do not have a definite answer, I would just prefer them to tell me that they didn't know instead of lying to me just to get me off the phone. I must say that their financial department needs to get it together!!!!!!

4 out of 5

I have to say I don't see anything wrong with the class. But administration is killing me.

I opted to take out a student loan to cover the tuition expense, and I asked for an additional amount to cover related expenses.

My class started 9/2. That week, I began calling Fin Aid to check in and make sure things were going smoothly. I called three times between 9/2 and 9/23, and was told each time that my loan would disburse between week 2 and week 5.

On 9/23 I was told the same, and indicated to the rep that it was the middle of week four, and I was getting concerned. The rep put me on hold, then came back and told me that my loan had been denied by the lender back on 9/2. Apparently nobody bothered to look before that!!

I called the lender and was told that two sets of paperwork were submitted through the FinAid office. One said my school was Keller, the other said it was DeVry. I explained that Keller is a part of DeVry, and the lender released my funds. Funds were disbursed last Thursday by the lender.

I called DeVry after learning that the funds were disbursed, and a rep from FinAid confirmed it. The rep said that I would have a refund in about 14 days, and my bill was covered. He gave me a dollar amount on what would be left over.

Yesterday, after watching for a week and seeing nothing post to my account, I called again. The funds were received by DeVry, but are FROZEN. The school has frozen those funds because the bank sent more than the school asked for. So the school now has the money, my bill is still not paid, I'm past due, and I'm now on registration hold because of nonpayment.

The rep passed me to an 'escalation desk,' where the woman I spoke to said she would escalate my issue and I should have an answer by Wednesday. But they have to send the funds back. And the refund amount the rep from the week before gave me dropped by almost $1000.

So my bill is still not paid, the money the school received is going back to the bank, and on top of that, I won't have an answer on what to do next until the middle of week six. Week six of eight.

I tried to contact my admissions rep for further assistance, and then the supervisor whose name he gave me. I left messages and did not hear back.

I'm just beyond disgusted! I want to continue taking classes. But after this mess, it won't be here. I don't have time to fight with the financial aid department to get my bill paid.

4 out of 5

I read another review on here that I have to agree with. The financial aid office and price is beginning to be the deal breaker for me. My only problem with the school is how slow the multi-department financial processing is. It is fine it goes through different offices, but still not having a students private loan disbursed after a request was put in five weeks ago is unacceptable. Also, I was told my info would be sent from finance to the office that deal with VA benefits. I ended having to find out myself I had to fax something in.

I'm looking to transfer mostly because of the financial aid office and tuition. It keeps going up in a hurting economy for no reason and is already overpriced. I can honestly only recommend DeVry as a temporary school option to attend if you are in certain living circumstances where you can't attend a better school (online or not).

You also get out of the classes what you put in. I've learned a lot from some of the core classes just from putting time into them when other classes really don't require much effort, so you never really learn much, but that is part of personal discipline when attending an on-line school.

4 out of 5

I think that the class setup is really good, if you have a competent instructor. I had a good instructor and an instructor from hell last term. The bad one wanted everyone to already know the material. Most of us were at a loss. I didnt know that i could have withdrawn if i did i would have because i failed her class. 98% percent in one class 54% in the other. Something is wrong with that picture.

It is very expensive also. So if you are looking to enroll look at no less than $1200 for 2 credit hrs. Make sure you get your moneys worth. The financial aid system is screwed up this term. Most don't even have awards or know if they are covered. I know i am trying to get my moneys worth because i have a feeling it will be out of pocket and my FAFSA EFC was 0.

I dont know whats going on in that department but its something. I will not attend again. I can go to community college and take 4 credit hrs for the price of 1 with them. Its currently $540 a credit hr and they go up every July. You pay for online access and there is a BS $40 for Supplies that you don't receive and no one has an explanation for. Research is what i recommend. Sorry im doing it now instead of sooner.

4 out of 5

I would like to say that they kept giving me the run around.

I was taking online courses, and the classes and teachers where very helpful. The only problem I had was paying the tuition and then telling me I should be getting my financial aid real soon, but that was not the case. They would tell me one thing and do another.

For example they told me I had all my paper work in and I looked on the internet to make sure and I did. So i was wondering when I was going to get my money so I can buy A new computer and the money never came. I was failing my classes because my computer kept freezing and when I talked to someone again I was told I was missing a paper and I told them that was reassured that They did not need this paper and it was optional and they keep telling me that I signed an paper . Can't remember the name but it starts with an P. And they would never give it to me so now I owe the school over 8,000 dollars. And I don't think I should pay them that much money. I sent it to the fbb (the federal business buruea).

The paper they claimed I signed states that I'm suppose to pay them back. And the paper they say I didn't sign was for my parents to sign and they did sign faxed it over and over and they told me after they kicked me out of school that the papers were signed and that my parents just missed how much they have in their bank accounts. I don't think they should need that information. I just think they screwed me over. I would have still been in school if they didn't ban me from my classes and could not log in no more and people wouldn't reply back .

The part I really didn't like was when I was talking to the people their English was not that great and it was hard for me to understand them. They claimed I signed a promissory note, but they could never send me a copy. Don't take online classes just go the the school its a lot better and keep copies of all the work you send it and paper work.

4 out of 5

The coursework mainly consisted of quizzes and exams, readings, written homework based on the readings, projects, and online threads (postings/chats). Every Sunday, the following week's coursework would open. For the online threads, we could post a minimum of three times a week and it had to be every other day at least so that it was spread throughout the week.

There were usually 2 or 3 different threads per class per week that asked questions and you had to respond and then respond to your classmates' and professors' responses.

The exams were timed as we had specific software installed so that we could not access any other information on our computers. They were often difficult as the instructors knew that we could look in the textbook so the questions were not so straightforward.

Some of the classes involved doing group projects where chat rooms were set up to communicate. The online learning tools that were used included e-books (electronic textbooks), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access) and the threaded discussions. I had very good classmate and professor interactions. Since it was online classes, my classmates came from all over the country.

The group projects and threaded discussions allowed us to get to know each other and build stronger relationships. The professors were very accessible and nice. We were able to contact them via email and phone and received quick responses. They also taught us a lot and answered questions in the threaded discussions.

My overall experience was great. The flexibility allowed me to work full time as well. I felt like I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. It prepared me well for a new career as far as education is concerned. However, the only obstacle I'm facing is that there were no internships as part of the program, so it is hard to get a job in my field without work experience.

4 out of 5

Online education is more time consuming than expected, but the courses are designed to promote comprehension of the material. Some of the online learning tools provided are live lectures, discussion forums, tutorials, digital textbooks and remote access labs. Classmate and professor interactions are promoted through graded discussions, classmates and professors have all been very helpful. The overall experience was great, I intend to continue my education with DeVry online. This has not only prepared me for a new career, but helped me advance in the current one.

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