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  • Reviewed: 6/29/2021
  • Degree: MBA in Management
"I started in the Spring of 2021 and so far its been challenging at best. The curriculum is not theory or written based. It consist of a lot of proctored exams that students pay for that cost (approx $18.00) and if you have more than one course then you do the math. Being someone that has some academic experience I was not aware that the ECU MBA is a follow - up to their undergrad courses. The professor's have been there for quite a while and have not changed the material for several semesters so your completing the same assignments that other students have completed for the last 2 - 3 years. I really do not comprehend how professors can read the same answers to materials that is constantly being reciprocated. These are professors who have attended top tiered and ivy leagued universities who hold academic titles and acronyms such as Deans; Associate Professors; Department Chairs; PHD's EDD's MBA, MS etc. There is no way that a university that requires a GRE/GMAT as a entry level testing standard should have students completing an extension of undergrad coursework. I am in shock and dismayed by this revelation and I should/could transfer but fear that other universities have the same teaching styles and learning modules and won't change data in order to become more relevant. Degrees that can propel careers and change financial situations should be the ultimate goal of education facilities but many have not proven they can raise up to the challenge. Sadly ECU has failed and the US Department of Education should be extremely worried about the negative level of educational benchmark that these universities offer."
Tyla F.
  • Reviewed: 1/22/2017
  • Degree: Business Administration
"ECU is a great university with varied course offerings. The head of the hospitality program is great, as are the teachers in the hospitality and business major sectors. Some of the guidance counselors are awesome but some are questionable and you have to stay on top of things or they will cause you to miss out on classes or plan your schedule in such a way that you're not maximizing your time and getting out as fast as you should."
  • Reviewed: 9/26/2016
  • Degree: Communications
"I would encourage all students, particularly working adults, to consider East Carolina University's Online Continuing Studies program. The instructors, advisors, and curriculum are all geared toward the needs and interests of older students. A great program!"
Working Student
  • Reviewed: 4/30/2015
  • Degree: Business
"I do not recommend taking the MBA program at ECU. I am an Alumnae of ECU and WAS proud to return to get my Masters. After two difficult semesters that I enjoyed, I had to take Dr. Bello's Comparative Management class. This class is hard, which I am not the type of person to run from a challenge. But this kind of hard is because of the "teacher" himself. He does not teach! He provides a book that he combined from two other books and wants you to memorize the material. I personally asked for feedback or to at least review my graded papers and was denied. His advise to the class on studying was to keep re-reading the material. He changed the syllabus and added work the last few weeks of the grading period with a deadline two days after the final exam. Then when students began to question him (I know they did because I received several emails from other students wanting to complain) he threatened us with "an automatic reduction of our letter grade." Apparently the College of Business does not care either, because when they were asked for help we were told that the Professor has tenure and he has full control of his class. In short, do not take the MBA program at ECU if you have a job, family or life outside of school Changing schools!"
Amber Marie Ireland
  • Reviewed: 9/18/2014
  • Degree: Veterinary Science
"This place is full of diversity. I promise you, you will always find a place to fit in here at ECU. The campus is gorgeous. There are several resources available to you, you just have to be willing to look. Most of the professors I have had are more than willing to work with you, as long as you show an interest and they notice your hard work. They have free tutoring at the Pirate Tutoring Center throughout different times to help fit into your schedule. The library has also recently been updated to allow more space to students to work on their homework without the distraction of computers, and for the space to work on projects. East Carolina is a great school and I am glad that I am attending here."