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  • Reviewed: 5/13/2021
  • Degree: Electrical Engineering
"Overall, everyone will encounter different experiences, that's just life. Your education is what you make out of it and how much effort you put in. ECPI is legitimate a great school for the right price and structured. If your a slacker who does not want to put in work, don't even bother. ECPI was a great experience."
Current Student
  • Reviewed: 5/10/2021
  • Degree: Electrical Engineering
"I see some negative reviews about some of the professors not caring enough but honestly my experience here at the northern Virginia campus has been amazing. The teachers are constantly reaching out to students who are in need of tutoring and offer there hours outside of class so you may contact them with any questions. The flexibility is amazing. I am a married man, father, a full time employee at my job and a guy who loves to workout everyday and I can still find the time to balance everything out just takes some hard work and a lot of focus but I have never found my self lost or stressed out. The night classes are amazing and the 5 week term allow for the students to earn their degree at a great pace while learning many things. I am about to receive my AA and my job has risen my salary from $52,000 to $70,000 just because I got my degree. As soon as I finish my classes and AA,I will be pursing my bachelors next as well as a few certifications that the school offers at a huge discount for the students."
  • Reviewed: 5/10/2021
  • Degree: Mechanical Engineering
"Some aspects of this school I would like to mention, especially in regards to the engineering programs. They will advertise to you hands on experience, but then you will be told the technology isn't available for student use. You are permitted to use breadboards to build very basic circuits, but when it comes to PLC and robotics training those items are off limits. They will charge you $2.8k per semester for room and board, yet neither are made available. During my time at this school, it has been clear that the majority of the instructors do not care about your success. There are some that absolutely do, but the vast majority of them read power points to you then give meaningless grades for assignments. A large number of mistakes are to be found throughout the curriculum and quite often, the instructors either do nothing about it or cannot change it. The only upside to this school is their career services department has quite a lot of partnerships to assist with finding a career. Understand, however, this school is not grooming you to be an engineer but a technician."
William Araiza
  • Reviewed: 5/5/2021
  • Degree: Mechanical Engineering
"ECPI was a perfect fit for my post retirement and kick off into a new career field. Having the degree from ECPI propelled me into a much higher pay scale and enhanced my military experience. The school worked diligently in providing everything I needed to assist me on this endeavor."
ECPI Graduate
  • Reviewed: 5/1/2021
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"I was able to finish my degree program at an accelerated pace. The instructors were knowledgeable in the field and gave great support with assignments, questions, and extra resources. After graduating, I passed the National Board Exam to become a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. I was able to find a job quickly with my degree and license!"
  • Reviewed: 4/9/2021
  • Degree: Dental Assistant
"Do not go to this school. Told me to contact student loans to pay. I was dumb and signed. Not knowing the school is trash. It was horrible. Learned nothing. There still contacting me today saying I owe them money....the 21000 dollars in student loans wasn’t enough?? For a program and classes I didn’t take."
Not happy
  • Reviewed: 3/11/2021
  • Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse
"This school is a joke. Don't waste your time thinking about going here. The teachers are incompetent and don't seem to know what their teaching. The grades seem to be pulled out of thin air with no rim or reason why one passes and the the other fails. You can fell every test and still pass because the teachers are allowed to shave points. The more popular you are with the teacher the better your grads. No explanation as to where your money has gone. A hand written (in pencil) note was provided to me once I asked for it. 30K gone with no degree. Even with financial aid I was turned in to tuition options for a $3,000 with no explanation as to why. No one will return my calls. This has been turned in as a negative mark on my credit report. The school should be shut down."
Nursing Student
  • Reviewed: 1/24/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"This college lacks the staff and materials to run the RN program. This program began in 2020. They have set students up for failure, rather than for success. This school is EXPENSIVE and is inconsiderate of their students who attend. They provide you with information that they expect you to know, but do not provide you with the materials or guidance for you to be successful. The staff there is RUDE. The director mentioned how the nursing students were "second hand students who get pregnant when they are in high school". I have been humiliated by a NURSE in all aspects. She ruined my education experience and has broken me down to the point where I do not want to do Nursing. She ruined my career path by being rude to me during checkoff then failing me. Not only did she fail me, but she was very rude the entire time and did not let me finish. A nurse from Wake Tech Hospital came in the last week of class and mentioned how if we did not pass checkoff we would not pass the class. Mind you, they told us this the very last week of class. Not only did she fail me for not "passing a check-off" she humiliated me the entire time. She judged me in every aspect while I was doing it. She kept interrupting me while I was completing my checkoff. Not only was she interrupting me, but she kept huffing and puffing the entire time and nodding her head and pacing. She failed me for a checkoff while maintaining a B average in the class. I attempted to defend myself as I know I was not in the wrong, but they will always choose their staffing over their students since they lack staffing members at the facility. Although you may finish school fast, it is stressful. I was heading towards the right direction, but ECPI did not take me into consideration. They took my money and robbed me from an education. Not only did they fail me, but they mentioned that I would have to retake the course in 4 months! I suggest to whoever is reading this post. Do not commit the error that I did for attending ECPI. It is a waste of time, money, and energy. I suggest you to invest in your education elsewhere. Somewhere where they appreciate you and guide you to success."
Amel Otabachi
  • Reviewed: 1/19/2021
  • Degree: Cybersecurity
"Let me preface this by saying, I am a 33 year old single mother of two kids ages 5 and 9. I graduated high school back in 2005 and since then have been off and on again with school. The college I was going to BEFORE ECPI gave me no real direction on the classes that I needed to take for my career and I ended up wasting money on classes that were not needed for my degree or would not transfer. I decided to give ECPI a try and I have to say, it has been a GREAT experience! I have learned a lot through the classes I have taken. Originally I only signed up to get my Associates degree and I just achieved that this past December with full honors and Magna Cum Laude. The internship that I got was at Novant Health doing End User Computing, and I just landed a full time job with them. I loved the education that I got with ECPI so much that I have went ahead and re-registered into the Bachelors degree program. The teachers were all very knowledgeable and helpful. The academic and career advisors were always ready to help. They all responded very quickly to any emails that I have sent to them. All of the courses were directly related to my degree, so I didn't take any unnecessary classes. If I wanted to transfer to another university, I could do so very easily. I am not a veteran, however, I have seen and heard from my friends who are that ECPI offers great programs for them. I have been telling my little brother that he should come to ECPI once he is out of the military in a few months. Yes, I got a virtual degree. However, they are sending the hard copy in the mail. So, I will have a physical copy in my hands soon. They do their graduation ceremony twice a year, so mine will be in June. I love that they did the virtual copy of the degree during the pandemic. Because I am able to show proof of my degree right away and not have to wait on the mail. If I could get practically straight A's, land an amazing job through the school, all while taking care of my 2 children who are also doing virtual school at home, then I can't think of an excuse for anyone else. This school offered so much help and guidance throughout my time with them, and they would to anyone just have to be prepared to actually pay attention and follow the guidance! I would recommend this school to anyone, whether you are freshly out of high school or you are like me, a single mother trying to juggle everything life throws at you!"
Very Letdown Student
  • Reviewed: 1/18/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"I was so happy to pass my TEAS and get into nursing school. It had long been a dream of mine. Things started out well, I did my pre-reqs and started regular classes. I knew it was an accelerated program but the amount of material that they cover in 5 weeks is insane. Tests on 13 chapters every week. It's crazy. There was zero consistency in leadership. Teachers came and went so fast. A new DON was brought in who could care less about students. We were never informed about any changes in staffing. Teachers were there and then they were gone. Terrible communication. The new DON started at the ECPI campus in Richmond in the middle of the term. She decided that grades and the amount of quizzes we were taking weren't enough and was worried that if the state came and inspected things the school might get into trouble. So rather than be honest, she added quizzes and gave students 0's so it would look better for her without telling students. This brought GPA's down and some people ended up not passing the class. I was fortunate enough to have a high enough grade in the class so that when she started changing grades I didn't fall so far that I didn't pass. You don't tell a student what is expected of them at the beginning of the class then come in at the end and change everything. Talk about UNETHICAL and DISHONEST! The DON never returned calls or emails. She would treat you like you were a bother. You would get your class schedule literally a day before classes started. Sometimes they weren't even ready then. It's ridiculous that there isn't enough organization to get the schedules done in a timely manner. I felt like I was always being treated like a second class citizen. Online classes were a joke. The teachers just read from power points for 5 hours. Due to the reputation the DON got, hardly any hospitals would allow us to be there for clinicals. The equipment in the SIM labs was very inadequate or not even there. A lot of the hands on information you need to learn never got taught to students. I was asked to give a shot to a patient in a clinical setting and I had no idea how to do it. There's no reason why anyone should go into a clinical setting and not have the basic nursing skills needed. They were just never taught. We were constantly having to do care plans even though you will never, ever do one on paper in the real world. I understand learning how to do them and doing some but we we constantly having to do them rather than doing more beneficial things. We had projects/papers to do that were a complete waste of time when you are in an accelerated program. There were constant changes to the handbook and you pretty much had no choice but to sign them. Then the grading of tests changed. You overall grade in the class could be passing but if you didn't get a combined test score of 80 you failed. I saw several instances of outright cheating by fellow students, reported this and nothing happened to them. They passed the classes and moved on. This school cares about your money and that's about it. The sad part is that they don't take more of this money that they get from students and put it back into the programs. I would never recommend this program to anyone. It was a HUGE waste of time and money. Please, please consider another school. What you need to know to be a good RN you will never learn here."
BSN student
  • Reviewed: 1/14/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"The WORST school I've ever seen. Do NOT GO THERE! Even if you do everything possible, they will make you feel like you are good for nothing. Initially, they look nice, but they are NOT!!! I was very successful for the entire course, but they graded my very last paper with the fail grade on the very last day of the program. Their "requirements" sometimes are just not realistic. Overall BAD experience!!!"
  • Reviewed: 12/30/2020
  • Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse
"This school is a joke as everyone else stated. There are a couple of nice faculty members, but everyone else is literally useless. The new nursing director is not nice, doesn't respond to emails, and she seems like she doesn't take her job seriously. There is no form of professional communication between the faculty and students. It doesn't even seem like they communicate to each other! Due to COVID-19, we had to take all classes online, EXCUSE ME BUT HOW DO I LEARN INJECTIONS, IV'S, FOLEYS, ETC. IF I CAN'T PRACTICE ON ANYTHING???! It frustrates me that we're allowed to go to clinical rotations (so far) at the hospital where we're in close contact with nurses, other students, PATIENTS, etc. but we're not allowed to come to campus to practice our skills on some mannequins?? Come on now. Also, it's EXPENSIVE ASF. If you're trying to get an LPN degree, don't do it at ECPI."
  • Reviewed: 12/13/2020
  • Degree: Cybersecurity
"The school was focused on people who are trying to start a career than people who are trying to advance their career. And the reason is because they don’t have an understanding on how to handle people who are have already chosen a field or who are professionals seeking ways to advance. While the teaching staff are good at what they do the Dean is feeding dreams instead of reality to the naive and vulnerable people. The staff that are teaching really care about you doing well in school. The ones that don’t teach care more about getting your money."
Disgusted student
  • Reviewed: 12/10/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"I can’t believe ecpi is allowed to remain open. This school is a joke!! I would not recommend this school to anyone. They talk to you like you are nothing, don’t answer questions and when you do ask questions you are treated as you are dumb and answered sarcastically. If the head is out of order in any program it will not be successful and the head is definitely out of order. Now all of the instructors aren’t bad but majority are there fir a paycheck not concerned about the students at all. I am disgusted with this nursing program and it almost had some students contemplating if they even wanted to pursue their career as a nurse or not. Dreams and expectations of nursing experiences have been crushed and for instructors to be ok with how they treat students is not ok. I pray you pray before considering this school believe me when I say your prayer will not lead you here it will not lead you here. I’m in disbelief and can’t believe they are still operating under these conditions something has to be done!!! UNFAIR"
Nursing Student
  • Reviewed: 11/3/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"This school is a joke!!! DO NOT waste your time or your money. They make everything look like sunshine and rainbows during the enrollment process and then change everything! You never get a response when you question anything. Certain faculty members talk to you like you are beneath them. The technical support is a joke!!! The all around support that you receive from the school is a joke!!! There are very few educators that know what to teach and how to teach. The worst part of the program is that they expect you do be professional and pass with a 80%, that is very hard when they aren’t professional at all and you do not receive the proper instructional material to pass with a 80%. So..rethink your decision about this school. Please go elsewhere!!!"
  • Reviewed: 10/22/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"Do not waste your time and money at the school. The teachers don’t actually teach they read from a textbook you are not given a study guide and you have to self teach. You were never allowed to see your test that you have taken to see what answers you have gotten wrong. I feel like the test are set up so that you fail and you have to repeat the class again."
  • Reviewed: 10/13/2020
  • Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse
"BEWARE. SERIOUSLY CONSIDER ANOTHER SCHOOL. HUGE SCAM. Ecpi will fill your head with how great they are, that they have top notch technology and instructors. This is a lie. They will tell you how flexible they are and how their passing rate is so high. What they dont tell you is- requirements and rules are constantly changing, there is no consistency, you will get your schedule last minute and more than likely it will be wrong or it will change, they will find a reason to drop you no matter how high your GPA is, they do not care about you as a student they simply see you as a cash cow. They will keep you in the program as long as they can by making you sit out semesters and playing God waiting to join again. They will milk every cent out of you then if they think you will not pass the NCLEX they will force you to withdraw. This is why their passing rate is so "high". They demand excellence but won't even meet you half way, hell they won't even take a step. Once you are in you learn very quickly something isn't right, you start looking into other schools to find most of your hard earned credits do NOT transfer. They have you stuck and right where they want you. If you enjoy being talked down to, mass confusion, being treated like a child as a grown adult, having to adapt to last minute changes, instructors that are more than miserable themselves, and being stressed out all the time this is the school for you. If not, please take your money and dignity elsewhere."
  • Reviewed: 10/2/2020
  • Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse
"Do not do it. They don’t care about you listen to the reviews. Go to a community college and do it the right way. We always took test online but they used a crappy app on Apple App Store to “monitor” us. When COVID happened we had to take the test on the crappy app at home. The app booted me out of my math test 3 times and i wasn’t allowed to go back and finish when i had at least 30 minutes left. The so called teacher we had said since i had 2 questions left that i wouldn’t be allowed to use the time i had left. I ALWAYS go back to check my work and we’ve been taught anyways to go back and check work growing up. I decided just to cut ties because the teaching materials was trash. The time frame they wanted everything to happen on was trash. We had projects to do that really didn’t teach us anything which was a waste of time. Learning 2 chapters on Monday then test on it Wednesday then learn 1 more chapter on Wednesday to do a BIG test Friday and sometimes for the big test on Friday to contain NOTHING WE LEARNED was irritating. Don’t waste your time. You basically teach yourself."
  • Reviewed: 9/7/2020
  • Degree: Network Security
"I started the ECPI bachelor's program for network security in late 2018 and was super gung-ho from the start, as an adult who had already been working for 20+ years and constantly seeing people with less qualifications and a degree making more money. The first several months of classes were pretty typical of what I would expect of entry tier classes, mostly about making sure you understood how the numerous systems of turning in assignments worked and less about gaining any real information or knowledge. I expected that to stop at some point, and really get into learning things that made me feel more confident in my ability to get out of school and be ready for potential careers but with small exception the teachers just seem to want to pass you (Even for inadequate work stemming from never gaining the correct knowledge) to the next class. After the first year and change I decided to just go with the associate's degree since I figured I could at the very least carry that degree over into a school with higher standards and quality of teaching, but as I attempted to transfer I found out that the credit hours and degree isn't accepted for the 4 different schools I have attempted to transfer to. My associate's degree is now completed from ECPI, and despite attending 20 months of classes I feel that I have left their program with almost no knowledge because of how little the teachers care about ensuring you know the college and just passing you into the next class with cursory knowledge. The only tiny consolation is I now have an extra line to put on my resume hopefully leading to extra pay, but as soon as I get into any related field to my degree it will be a disaster for any company hiring me expecting any useful knowledge from said education."
  • Reviewed: 7/29/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"Avoid this school at all costs. I read warnings about it being a diploma mill and I still attended it. Do not make the same mistake I did. Your health and wallet will be better off for it. I can hardly begin to describe some of the absolute horrors that I and my classmates witnessed here. It started like you would expect any school experience to start. Everyone had high hopes for their future and was eager to learn everything the classes had to offer. When we had our first clinical experience, it became clear we were not attending them for the purpose of education. The nursing home we were sent to has over 270 pages of health code violations. Two students walked in on a man suffocating a patient with a pillow. An MA would spray residents in the face with disinfectant. We were forced to bathe patients using old pillow cases. Staff would disappear entirely and leave only the students with a couple of months of classroom knowledge and no medical experience to care for patients, even in emergency situations. ECPI continues to send students to that nursing home, which changes its name each year to avoid being closed. Rather than practice skilled nursing or learn anything, we were there to be unpaid CNAs for 12 hours twice a week. But that was only the first red flag of what was to come out of this school. Students aren't allowed sick days (totaling over 19.9% or precisely one day), which means for the majority of our classes, our entire class was sick since everyone had to come to school regardless of symptoms, even immediately following ER visits. This is difficult and grueling under normal circumstances. When the pandemic hit and nothing about our school changed in response, it became dangerous and in some cases, life-threatening. I often expressed concerns to my clinical instructors about the strange, unforgiving nature of the handbook. One replied that the school had to ensure that every student, or at least a majority failed at least one class and reenroll, so that the DON looked good for retention. When I frowned at that, she told me, "It's a business, darling." When a classmate took a leave of absence to celebrate her anniversary, she was told she could reenroll in three months when the class she would need came back around. She was denied reentry, but wasn't told why. After six months, she tried again and was, again, denied reentry. Unsatisfied with not knowing why, her husband came with her and demanded to get to the bottom of it. When reviewing everything, the school told her that she would never get back into the program because she failed Concepts II. She had never taken that class. Despite jumping through all of the LOA hoops demanded, the school continued to charge her for tuition for classes that she never attended. Worst of all, the teacher for that class had marked that she attended every single day of class and simply put a 0 in for every assignment, lowering her GPA further than anyone who had actually failed a class. The school blamed the student for the incident. After the pandemic began spreading, students started to feel unsafe attending clinicals at the hospital. No changes were made to the student handbook until the governor issued an executive order banning nursing students from hospitals. A classmate had treated a patient who tested positive for COVID-19 with no PPE and continued to come to class with all of us. She later had to quarantine, but the school casually swept it under the rug and didn't inform any of the class or staff that it had happened and that all of us had been exposed. ECPI scrambled to make some kind of online education program in just a few days. The only IT on campus apparently quit and the school took an entire term to figure out how they could administer tests without letting students cheat. We were no longer receiving the education we paid for, if we ever were. Lecture became teachers reading off slides and losing internet connection or being unable to access their own class rooms. Clinical was at least a redeeming quality as it consisted of a virtual simulation that functioned similar to a flash game that required you to care for a virtual patient. This was when I first contacted the DON personally. I kept my head down through most of the program, but the rocky transition to online left a lot to be desired. When a teacher changed the grading metric used for a single test and only for our class, I immediately contested it. Why should I take a 70, when every other class in the school was given a 90 for my score on the same test. I called to ask "Why am I (and my class) being graded on a different metric than the rest of the program?" The DON, Robin Bell, dismissed my concerns and went so far as to say my questions were pointless because "you didn't pass, did you?" She continued to scream over me when I tried to answer, "you didn't pass, so it doesn't matter! Nothing you say matters!" I was completely floored. I had never spoken to someone so unprofessional and unable to answer a simple question. I never spoke to her again without recording the conversation. I passed the course and continued in the program after that, despite my first failing test grade. Next, the school attempted to reopen as fast as possible. They ignored all executive orders and packed over 100 people in the building the first day I came back to campus. I expressed concerns to the administration over the reopening. I told the campus president that reopening as cases spiked seemed hasty and I noticed that the school hadn't changed the policy on sick days. They also wanted every student to sign a liability waiver saying they wouldn't be responsible if a student caught COVID-19 and died as a result of their reopening. I explained that every single student in the school came to class sick because the handbook said they had to and no pandemic would stop that, because most of them were already paying $50,000 to be there for the year. He gave me a very canned response, saying student health and safety were his top priority. He then directed the rest of my questions to Robbin Bell. I decided that was his way of saying to drop the subject. As expected, about three weeks after campus reopened, the secretary in the front office tested positive for COVID-19 after personally screening every student who came through the front door. Students were not informed of this. To this day, they haven't been told that the school put them in direct contact with COVID-19. The state issued a waiver on clinical hour requirements for RN students to prevent the spread of disease. Despite this, ECPI has reopened its clinical sites in hospitals. A student who had just finished chemotherapy and was concerned for her personal safety reached out to the clinical instructor. She was informed that the floor they were sending students to was a COVID-19 overflow unit. The hospital waiver stated the school would be required to provide PPE for the students, however, upon arriving at the clinical site, none was provided. ECPI continues to send innocent students with no PPE to dangerous clinical sites with no remorse. They know that their students getting sick is the best possible outcome for them. The global pandemic is the best thing to ever happen for ECPI-VAB because all of the students they force to get sick for clinical hours that they don't need will have to pay for the term again, if they live through the pandemic. Absolutely sickening school. Glad to be gone, but I feel so bad for the students that must continue to suffer there."