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  • Reviewed: 9/16/2022
  • Degree: Cybersecurity
"Don’t attend this school unless you have a lot of money and time to burn through. I have been at this school since February 2022 and worked hard to maintain a A - B average. But when you have some instructors who clearly are there to make easy money because they don’t have to show up to a actual classroom and use outdated videos that are not in sync with what you are currently doing then it becomes a major problem. Not only that but there are some instructors there who don’t even try to answer questions and will just leave you stuck trying to figure things out. Yes I even went to tutoring and they even admitted that the videos were out of date and would tell me to not do everything in the videos provided but didn’t go into details on how to complete the assignments. Even after talking to the academic advisors nothing is really done. Therefore you are left with the option to either stay in that class and struggle or drop the class. Also if you are employed in a tech company and you have to turn in your grades this could potentially be the determine factor of you losing your job or trying to come up with another way so that you can stay employed. In my case me and my employer decided that I needed to go into an actual classroom with teachers who actually paid to teach with hands on learning."
  • Reviewed: 4/26/2022
  • Degree: Electrical Engineering
"I am taking online courses and a lot of the professors don't teach! We have to read different chapters every week which is fine but when we have zoom meeting which is our weekly lecture, they literally read everything we read in the books from a power point. That's not teaching. A lecture is not reading from slides. I got most of my education from YouTube. I really self taught myself a lot of the material without the help of most professors."
  • Reviewed: 9/2/2021
  • Degree: Computer and Information Science
"ALL MILITARY VETS!!! STAY AWAY!!! This school has used my gi bill and lied about attendance. The courses are 5 weeks long, I completed all work assigned by 3.5 weeks in, then I was kicked out of school at the start of the next quarter for inactivity... literally received an 87.48 grade for the class, but was kicked out for being inactive and not given a more logical answer. Stay far away from ECPI and NEVER sign up for this school. I will be hiring an attorney and will do my best to get their accreditation removed!"
S Berry
  • Reviewed: 10/26/2020
  • Degree: Project Management
"I worked very hard to finish everything on time. It was difficult, challenging and rewarding. The time spent doing assignments was an effort and I put in as much as I could to graduate with honors. The courses were simple to me, they didn't put in too much info that didn't make relevant information difficult to understand. The tests, quizzes and otherwise were pretty simple. if you put in an effort, you get a decent grade. if you try as hard as possible, you will get stressed. Overall, every class was easy to understand, but you did have to dedicate your time to every class, no matter if you were good at already or not. This accredited university has a lot of issues with people plagiarizing essays and papers, which you will turn a lot of papers in for, so they run papers through anti-plagiarism software that also helps the teachers grade the work. My point is; I had to pay extra for anti-plagiarism algorithm services that were simular to the stuff colleges use to scan my own work to make sure I did my best to write them with original ideas and concepts not already done before. I also had to learn excel to do statistics classes, which to me, felt like they could have gone over Excel spreadsheet and scripting courses prior to the Statistics courses, many people don't know how to download plugins or write scripting to help them solve equations easy. If your a math guru, you won't have this issue, but people like myself, have to use math tools like Excel to visualize my math so I can understand it. Just a point, that you will need lots of tools to get started and you'll have to make an effort to learn how to use those tools if you want A's and B's in those courses. The courses themselves don't teach you how to use those tools, so it's very difficult for people to learn if they never had to use those tools before. I'm an older adult learner, in my 40's, and I was able to adapt and get through the courses with honors graduating at the top of my class - younger students tend to flip out and run away from colleges like this because again, your challenged with learning and doing most of the schoolwork on your own. I never really asked teachers questions unless I was confused about the assignment, which is rare, everything is formatted easily."
  • Reviewed: 5/9/2019
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"I had been at ECPI for a year...they said they told me about the externship in December 2018 because all the information was due April 30 2019..ECPI is full of s***, they do not care about student they just want money. I feel like they should help student set up there externship as much as we are paying them for school. This school is sorry i now have to pay school loans back for a degree I did not not waste your time"
Lee Dockery
  • Reviewed: 3/17/2017
  • Degree: Electrical Engineering
"My experience at ECPI University was absolutely outstanding! Not only was I able to get the technical degree online that I wanted but I did so while still performing my duties as an Alaska Air National Guardsman. This meant that during the week I would report to my Unit for duty and at night and on the weekends I would do my coursework. This very flexible solution allowed me to balance family life, work and school without compromising any of them. Often times, I was able to perform work duties while accomplishing my coursework. In December of 2012, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology which allowed me to seek a commissioning opportunity in my organization. This means that after completing 13 years of service as an enlisted man I was able to commission and become an Officer. With my degree I was able to transition from being a technically knowledgeable operator into being a leader of my peers and of course to obvious added benefit of better pay and retirement. ECPI is dedicated to the success of their students. Every curriculum professor I came into contact with made a very clear effort to each student to ensure full comprehension of the material and objectives. At no time did I feel that I was left behind, there was always a fellow student or instructor to lend an ear or offer assistance no matter what the hurdle was. Because of my use of ECPI's accelerated degree program I was able to accomplish a four year Bachelors Degree in just under 18 months. ECPI also uses an online text book application that allows the students to access the applicable text book, read it, search it and print pages. This option is great for somebody who has no want or need to purchase the hardcopy version of the books. ECPI also gave me access to a discount for testing and certification purposes, which meant that I could accomplish certifications while working on the material I was certifying on. This is an invaluable benefit for someone who works in IT or Cybersecurity. Being a student at ECPI also meant that I had access to all sorts of counseling options in the event of academic stress or outside stressors. It also meant that as a student, I had discounted options to purchase books and other academic materials to include a computer when mine stopped working. My experience with ECPI was so rewarding and enjoyable that not only have I volunteered to be a mentor to prospective students but I have also recently been offered the opportunity to return as a Graduate Student in seeking a Masters of Science Degree in Cybersecurity. I cannot wait to return to ECPI not only as an Alumni but as a Grad student, which is pretty amazing for somebody who at one time never would have thought he would even go to college. A tremendous Thank You goes out to the professional men and women of ECPI! See you soon!"
Summer Ryne
  • Reviewed: 2/9/2017
  • Degree: Accounting
"I love ecpi! I was in the RN program which was great but I realized I don't like nursing! So I switched to the online accounting program! I love it! Even though it's online it's like being in the classroom setting! If you have any questions the instructors are always willing to help! Also they have tutors that will do live zoom sections with you! The program is tough because you have to really study and stay on track of your assignments. They give you all the resources you need to pass the program! They only way you will fail is if you don't do the work! As far as job placement goes my friend who did the accounting program before me was able to get a job at Bank of America (With the help of ECPI) as an accountant! Starting salary of 56,000 ( Charlotte NC) I have nothing bad to say at all!"
  • Reviewed: 9/16/2016
  • Degree: Electrical Engineering
"I graduated from ECPI University with a BSEET in 2010. I received a great education while others did not, and that was of my own doing. ECPI is a great school, but you have to be ready to work really hard to be successful. The classes are five weeks long and you have to consume A LOT of information very quickly and prove that you've learned that information at the end of each class. The work load is what kills many people, but, if you complete it successfully you'll be as qualified as anyone from any other school. I work along side colleagues from UNCC, VT, GT, NC State and Clemson, and my level of responsibility and my salary proves that I'm as qualified as any of them."
  • Reviewed: 8/19/2015
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"I see all these bad reviews and I feel bad for people that have had a bad experience. I am a single father and I work a full time job, so the online classes are the only way I will ever be able to attend college and earn a degree. I can see sometimes that professors take a while to respond to e-mail messages, that is probably why you should not wait one or two days before a deadline or an assignment is due before you e-mail your instructors. When it comes to the classes, you get out of them what you put it in. If you do the bare minimum of what is required just to get a passing a grade, you probably won't learn much. You have opportunities to really explore and research your assignments and learn a lot if you take the time to do so. Two classes at a time is not that much, considering you would be taking 3-4 on a campus that would require a lot more time to dedicate to classes. The financial aspect of it is really easy, but probably because I have a GI bill. I have set it up one time and it is taken care of each term with no hassle. My books get sent to me by the first day of class, one time I received a book two days after my classes started and my instructor gave me an extra two days to work on my assignments without it being late. If you fail a class its either because you are trying to do the bare minimum of the assignments or you are putting your work off, turning in late assignments or fall behind and just can't catch up. I know because I have failed 2 classes because I was just extremely busy, pushed my homework back and my assignments were so late I just couldn't catch back up. Attendance is huge in a class that only lasts 5 weeks. Most classes have one discussion, one assignment, and a quiz. Some of a discussion, two assignments, and a quiz as long as some kind of class project that you have 5 weeks to complete. That is not a lot compared to the work and hours you have to put in at a regular 4 year university campus. This thing is what you make of it and I have no problems as of yet and I graduate in march 2016."
  • Reviewed: 4/10/2015
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"I completed a aas criminal justice degree in 2005. I got a job as a security guard it paid real well at the time 10 years ago. However, when I was ready to move on I contacted the career center for help. I was told about a 8 dollar an hour job and was told that was better than nothing. Ok first issue. I found work on my own. A couple of years later I decided (against my better judgment) to go back and work on my bachelor's in criminal justice. I called the school to see if I could enroll using my associate credits and was told no because the accreditation had changed. So now I literally have a useless piece of paper that I am responsible to pay for. I called today and was told I went to Skyline. Wtf is skyline??? My piece of paper says ECPI. I'm looking into filing a civil suit to have Skyline ECPI or whomever repay these loans."
  • Reviewed: 5/31/2014
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"I was retaking classes that I already had with my associate degree in healthcare administration and at the fourth term of the classes emailed the results of the credits that were supposed to be transferred. I found out that they didn't transfer none of them. I didn't believe in so because the school that I graduated from my associate it is accredit and very reputable. So, I refuse to accept those results to make me to start all over again with the degree. I felt insulted by taking my time and money for granted. Now I am more caution on the school that I am choosing to take the bachelor degree. I know business is business but they have to consider that they are dealing with the money of people to make their business to grow. Money goes and comes but what can guarantee that their business is trustful when their doing stuff like these. That's why I choose to withdraw and evaluate better options on other universities that I know will take my education seriously."