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Student & Graduate Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
ECPI Grad - 10/20/2014
Degree: Engineering
Graduation Year: 2013
"Honestly, I don't understand many of the complaints posted here about ECPI. It really is a good school as long as your expectations are right. I had an ok job before I went to ECPI making about 80k/year which is not all that much in my area. Granted, I already had about 7 years of experience working in engineering/IT related and other jobs. So, I transferred in all of my existing college credits (a completed associate's degree + some) and finished up my bachelor's in a little over a year. Here's the thing: unless you go to some of the top schools in the country, it seems it really does not matter what accredited school you get your degree from after you have 5-8 years of relevant work experience. Every job interview I've been to, they always wanted to discuss what problems I was solving in my last job, how I was doing it and what tools I was using. Plus, a bunch of silly behavioral questions that anyone can be coached for. Where I got my bachelor's did not even come up. And I was interviewing for the jobs that are requiring a bachelor's degree in engineering or related field at a minimum, so you kind of need that paper just to get in the room. Now I work as a project manager, have Lean Six Sigma certification and PMP. Currently making about 105k/year+bonus. Not exactly a smashing success, but I can't say I'm doing much worse than some other people I know who went to much bigger and better universities. So, don't blame it on the school you went to if you aren't having much luck in your career. There are other things far more important. Now, here's one thing to note: if you are 18-20 years old and have no or little work experience, then ECPI is probably not the way to go. You have to go to a big and famous school, at least on the state level. Why? Because if you have no work experience, then academics is all you got. In this case the better the school the higher the chances you will land a career job right after graduation and won't waste as much time doing stupid jobs where you get no development (kind of like me in the first 2 years of my career :) So my personal opinion is this: if you're getting a bachelor's from ECPI and expect it to be the "crown jewel" on your resume, you are probably paying for it a lot more than you can afford and simply wasting your time. I think that's exactly what is happening to the most people who leave negative reviews about ECPI. It's not going to be a complete game changer - that's what Harvard and Stanford are for. If you expect ECPI to be a nice addition to your already strong resume that was simply missing the part where it says you have a bachelor's degree, then you are ok. Just keep learning and accumulating in-demand credentials relevant to your job and you'll be fine. P.S. I did not have any issues with ECPI in terms of processing payments, grants or financial aid. I did not have any issues with the professors either. I have to admit that I was there mainly for the grades and actual degree, but I did learn a few new things after all. All my paperwork had been in perfect order and transcript requests worked the same way as with any other school. No ECPI horror stories here."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Alisha - 9/29/2014
Degree: Nursing
Graduation Year: 2015
"BEWARE! This school is terrible!! The quality of learning is terrible, the teachers sadly don't even know what they are supposed to be teaching. Don't get me started on the Dean and the nursing director!! They are incompetent and tell you whatever you want to hear so that you will leave them alone until the next problem shows up. The financial aid office is terrible! The head of financial aid has the worse attitude problem and is not helpful at all. They just give you a bunch of numbers and tell you what you need to pay without explaining anything about where that amount comes from. Such a disappointment and waste of my well earned money!!!"
5.0 out of 5 stars
Suzy - 8/6/2014
Degree: Physical Therapy
Graduation Year: 2014
"I went to the ECPI Medical Careers Institute on Emerywood Parkway in Richmond, VA. Although the program is very expensive, there are no other alternatives in the area for a PTA degree. The program was very good thanks to the awesome teachers that run that specific program at that location. I can not speak for the other campuses."
1.3 out of 5 stars
ES - 5/6/2014
Degree: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Graduation Year: 0
"I am frustrated with all the biased information I was given by the president and everyone else involved in the registration process at ECPI, Manassas. It is not just me, almost everyone is very unsatisfied but we feel stuck because we've already paid a lot of money. During one interview, someone asked me if it's true that at ECPI grades are just given to students. I said maybe for the other departments but not for the nursing. What I'm trying to say is that it's reputation is really bad and I'm thinking of removing it altogether from my resume when I get more experience. I read a lot of reviewed about faculty qualifications and I have to say, very few seem qualified enough. And I heard from my friends in other departments that they have had faculty with factitious degrees and most just a master/online degree. And that by itself tells a lot about school. All the ones with real good credentials seem to disappear after they get to know the place and treatment."
4.0 out of 5 stars
K.W - 2/18/2014
Degree: Healthcare Administration
Graduation Year:
"I LOVE THIS COLLEGE. Student support is always available. My guidance coulselor calls me weekly and goes over my porgress. If I need to improve on anything we discuss a plan and put it into action. My professors are AMAZING. They work with and always ask me if I need help with anything. The college it self pushes you to suceed."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Keith Barber - 1/16/2014
Degree: Electrical Engineering
Graduation Year: 2010
"I completed the associates and was awarded with my degree. After relocating with the military, my degree was misplaced. I have called the college and I also paid for the release of another copy of the diploma. I purchased this copy of my degree almost a year ago. I have contacted everyone that I could possibly contact and I am finally giving up. The moral of the story is that after you achieve the degree, and relocate, the amount of assistance of getting anything achieved won't happen. Also, I was supposed to get waivers for my Certs and I kept on explaining that the reason I chose this college was because they assisted you with waivers for the certs. I explained to the personnel that the same time that I exit the military, is the same time I obtain my associates degree. They seemed to understand at the time, however they did not set the classes that I needed so that the vouchers became available and I end up exiting the college without the first certification and where I relocated to, there is not a school in my state. When I explained this, I was told that I can travel to the campus in "North Carolina" to use the waivers/vouchers which is a hundred miles to use something that they were supposed to give me in the first place. I AM SORRY THAT I EVER ATTENDED"
2.3 out of 5 stars
Anonymous - 8/27/2013
Degree: Network Security
Graduation Year: 2010
"My overall college experience has somewhat been stressfull but I made it through. I feel like all the late nights that turned into wee hours of the morning studing and doing homework have really been a waste of time. School became a second full time job for me. I am currently working part-time and have yet to find a full time job. I am starting to wonder if ECPI has a bad rep umong employers. 3 years later still no fulltime job in my degree field- I am very dissapointed."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Yvette Edwards - 8/17/2012
Degree: Information Technology
Graduation Year: 2009
"I attended ECPI from 2006-2009 for a bachelors degree in Computer Science. Now, granted at the time this was a new thing at ECPI but a few things happened along the way. I had a class with no book (although I paid for one), an instructor whom I complained about several times because I could not understand him (but nothing was done because he was apparently the only one who could teach those classes), and an instructor who would often not show up (needless to say, I got an A in that class. I graduated feeling a bit like I didn't really learn anything and being told that I'd need to teach myself often anyway. Not my idea of what college is suppose to produce.I did get a job right out of college unlike many of my classmates, but I got into a problem company that only hired me because being new, I was cheap. they fired me shortly before my 3rd year with them. Haven't been able to get another programming job since. I lack experience and most of what they are looking for, I never learned.Toward the end of my time in college I didn't have time to do many of the core projects, but I still passed just fine. I don't think they actually teach anything. Most of the instructors just read from the power point or from the book. Some, don't use the book and it becomes an expensive useless tool. Some of those books are well over 100$.With all the colleges you could choose from and with consideration to how easy it is to get help paying for them, ECPI is a bad choice.Many of the students I attended with had some of the same issues I had and even some instructors. I think ECPI needs to get their act together and add value to their degrees. It's not worth 1000+$$ a class."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Dane Gilkey - 3/11/2012
Degree: Engineering
Graduation Year: 2011
"I have read a lot of negative things about ECPI. From what I read I can only gather that these reviews were written by disgruntled students who did not graduate or perhaps they failed some of their courses or maybe students who have never attended other institutions. I have attended school online & in-seat. I earned my first BS degree at ECPI. I have two AAS degrees from other institutions, some graduate school and I’m currently about to complete a second BS degree and then return to graduate school. Because of my job I have had to travel extensively, so I have attended many schools. I absolutely loved attending ECPI.Most of the instructors are published authors, have doctorate degrees and many hold patents in their fields. The majority of the instructors are still working in their respective fields, so they possess up to date real world knowledge. Now, to the reason these students are probably disgruntled. At ECPI you will have to put in a lot of work. The average student takes two classes per term which equates to four days a week in seat 4.5-5hrs a day. The majority of these students also work a full-time job. Students are required to attend class, be there on-time, and submit quality work. If you are frequently late, chronically fail to submit your work, miss more than two days a term, or commit plagiarism, you will be promptly dropped.If you investigate these disgruntled students, you can bet they fall into one of these categories. If you are not afraid of a challenge and have a real interest in learning, you will love studying at ECPI as much as I do."
5.0 out of 5 stars
Billy - 2/12/2012
Graduation Year:
"ECPI University is a great school, and a very professional organization. They have done so much to help me in my education. I had a horrible experience with my last school, and ECPI more than made me feel at ease after the nighmare that I endured. First, the admissions staff was helpful and made the application process too easy. They were there to answer all questions that I had.The student support services is more than outstanding. When I need assistance, I can email them and have a response within 24 hours and will get a full and thorough response to each and every question.The instructors are very helpful. They have hours set aside each week for you to chat with them. If you need help outside of that, they will email/message back and forth with you. I have never waited more than 12 hours to get a response from an instructor. I've even been given the instructor's personal telephone number via email because I was so lost on one subject. He took the time out of his Saturday morning to help me understand what I was struggling with. There is no way that I can express the professionalism and support that I receive from ECPI University. In my opinion, they go above and beyond to help students. If they support other students the way that they support me, I don't know when they sleep because they are available to me almost every time I need them. And when they aren't available, they respond within 24 hours.If you are looking at taking classes with ECPI University, I urge you to take at least one class. If you don't receive the support that I have, you can move to another school. But, I have no doubt that this will not be the case because the staff at ECPI is very professional."
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