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  • Boca Raton (FL)
  • Annual Tuition: $18,320
78% of 308 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student & Graduate Reviews

Penny Krips
  • Reviewed: 1/29/2014
  • Degree: Holistic Medicine
"This is a follow-up to my previous comment from a year ago. I am now in the last week of my Alternative Medicine degree program at Everglades University. I still hold onto my views from the previous comments I made about attending, I have enjoyed it and felt it was worthwhile. The Alternative Medicine program is designed to inform you of what is available beyond this program for career employment. One may get employment with this B.S. degree, but as far as licensing, the student must further their education. With future education, licensing in a particular career field will be possible. I thought the classes were an excellent in preparatory nature and I believe almost all of the classmates that I attended with were pleased with the program. It was really cool to be going to school with others and Professors that were scattered throughout the U.S. and the world, it gave great insight to their different experiences and opinions of real world events in the complementary and alternative medicine field. I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about learning more of what is up and coming in this state of healthcare, this is the field for you. I have been a healthcare professional in both main stream medicine and Alternative medicine for fifteen years, and this is a good program!"
  • Reviewed: 3/6/2013
  • Degree: Graphic Design
"Great school and a well educated staff. Many of the teacher have graduated with a masters degree from well known schools. The school is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, but some people within the organization seem to have some character issues. They hired a new person at the front desk. She where's glasses and she talks about people behind their back which is very unprofessional. If I had to do it all over again I might not have gone to this school due to this girl who acts like she is in high school.I pay good money to be educated not insulted by someone who is a drama queen."
  • Reviewed: 2/7/2013
  • Degree: Holistic Medicine
"So far so good. I new there but people at EU are very friendly and ready to help you. I come from a big college where i just was an id number , but in everglades i feel like in family. I love it!!!"
Penny Krips
  • Reviewed: 10/2/2012
"I have been with E.U. a year. They accepted quite a few of my A.S. degree credits and I was pleased with that, considering it was in a different field.So far, so good. I have about fourteen months of school left and the cirriculum has been very interesting and following right in line with the subject matter. I wanted to finish my B.S. degree and I am currently a Massage Therapist. I don't necessarily plan on a career change, I just wanted to complete my degree and be able to enhance my business with the information I have learned.The professors at E.U. are experts in their field and I appreciate their imput and I am enjoying taking online classes. The entrance process was smooth and classes have been loading fine with no problem. The ecollege program is easy to access and easy to maneuver.I read complaints about tuition fees, all I have to say to that is, "Welcome to the real world!" All online programs are spendy, but the convienence is worth it and when you are working full time and running a household, it is the only way to back to school. It is definitly the way of the future. I am an older student and you have to sometimes pay for things that fit your lifestyle.I am very pleased with my E.U. experience so far."
kyle kuehn
  • Reviewed: 8/21/2012
"I would say one of the worst schools ever! I dont care how high they say there standards are they do not meet them and after enrollment they are not helpful at all! So much that I am currently looking for a different school with a similar feild of study.Ok i have been registered for almost a month now.. and they have not contacted me no email no phone calls in 2 weeks.. to activate my classes and with out those i cant do any thing.. Not to mention there compter loan agreement is complete crap.. Its soo vauge and nonspefic.. not to mention they turn it off when you didnt even do any thing... so as far as this school goes im goin to get them to transfer all my stuff to a new school. I give it the worst grade possible I will never attend this school again and I WILL NOT RECOMEND IT TO ANY ONE AT ALL! its that bad."
Yonier Pinon
  • Reviewed: 3/3/2012
"I'm almost done with College. My major is Aviation Technology, and this is the type of school that I will recomend to any one who will deside to pursue their dream. You have nothing to do, but getting a quality education, with great teachers, and great student. Thank's to Everglades Today i can dream higher.Thank's to the staff of Everglades University, for giving me a future."
Rob gomez
  • Reviewed: 1/29/2012
"I am currently enrolled in the construction management program and have had a great experience. My boss recommended the school to me and I have found all of the faculty members to be knowledgeable and also experts in their fields. I have gotten more information in the last two yearsi than I could have imagined and look forward to graduating!The administrative staff are very friendly and my academic advisor contacts me regularly to see how I am doing. This is an amazing school, it's by far exceeded my expectations!"
  • Reviewed: 3/25/2011
"After attending several Universities where I was just a number EU has truly been an amazing experience. The faculty are top notch. You take one class every four weeks- I lover this schedule. The campus is absolutely beautiful. Would highly reccommend this school! And its regionally accredited!"