Florida State University Reviews of Bachelor's in Exercise Science

  • 6 Reviews
  • Tallahassee (FL)
  • Annual Tuition: $18,786
80% of 6 students said this degree improved their career prospects
100% of 6 students said they would recommend this program to others
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Reviews - Bachelor's in Exercise Science

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S Morris
  • Reviewed: 6/30/2019
  • Degree: Exercise Science
"Florida State University is rated as a highly sought out university to attend in Florida. As much as I enjoyed the sports and the fun it was the rigorous curriculum I believe should prepare a person for the real world. I didnt have many lenient instructors, all of them were very structured and had great expectations. I would definitely say use the rate my professor to see which classes would be best for you."
James Williams
  • Reviewed: 2/27/2019
  • Degree: Exercise Science
"It was a great program & educational experience. I highly encourage future students to join a club/group that is related to what they want to pursue in their professional future. Being such a large school, there is a lack of 1-on-1 guidance that many students seek. Having a club with upper classmen to talk to really helped steer me in the right direction when I was coming close to graduating."
Brooke Hernandez
  • Reviewed: 3/2/2018
  • Degree: Exercise Science
"Go Noles! Not only does FSU provide an easy study environment from multiple libraries to clubs to greek life to honor societies that make the community smaller, it also allows opportunities for extreme growth in any area you wish to pursue. For example, I was involved in a club called Medlife that FSU offers, through this club I was able to go on two mission trips that nurtured my passion to become a healthcare professional. With the assistance of my college advisors I was able to alter my school schedule to best fit my day to day life and also be efficient in getting all my credits covered. If going on the Pre-PA path, FSU offers resources such as the Pre-PA club that help guide you through the process. By attending the Pre-PA club I was able to set up an internship after I graduated which aided me to obtain all the hours necessary to be a competitive applicant for PA school. Every major and interest has the potential to flourish through FSU. By being proactive and getting involved with the resources FSU has to offer, you will no doubt excel in your studies and future career."
Michael Garcia
  • Reviewed: 4/5/2017
  • Degree: Exercise Science
"Florida State University expanded my outlook on how college prepares you for the real world. The staff and administration were top notch when it came to meeting the needs of the students and providing the best possible resources to allow them to expand their learning."
Melodie K
  • Reviewed: 2/4/2017
  • Degree: Exercise Science
"My four years at Florida State University were absolutely amazing. I studied, made lasting friendships, joined different organizations around campus, got involved with research, went to football games, and challenged myself to become the best person I can become. I hope, with this review, future Noles can get a sense of what it feels like to be a student at Florida State University. Education: Being an Exercise Science major definitely limited my free time. With that being said, however, I still managed to have time to join a sorority, go out with friends, get involved in homecoming events, and have me time. My biggest advice is to learn how to schedule your time wisely. Florida State has a lot to offer but always remember to put your education first. There are times where you need to say no to plans, and no, it is not the end of the world. It is so easy to drop your GPA yet so hard to bring it back up. Stay focused on your goals. You will find that some of your classes will consist of 500 students, so take charge of your education. TAs and/or professors are always available in office hours and there are numerous resources around campus to enable you to succeed. If you do not put the effort to improve your grades, then your grades will not improve. There are multiple study spots and coffee shops on campus. Find your study spot and be productive! I also encourage you to establish professional relationships with your TAs and professors. You never know when you need that letter of recommendation for graduate school. For example, I went to office hours and managed to earn a spot in a research position (great resume builder). For those of you who need career advice or help finding internships, there is a building dedicated to helping students find the right career for them. Additionally, each College has advisors who will tell you which classes you should take and how you can stay on track with your major. I went to my advisor every semester and it was extremely helpful. Extracurriculars: I encourage you to join organizations that help you grow and challenge yourself as a person. You never know what opportunities await you if you just stay in your dorm or apartment. Make connections with people. I joined a sorority and made so many friends that I still hangout with two years post grad. Additionally, I found friends in the sorority who were also pre-med. We pulled all-nighters and helped each other out with assignments. With that being said, greek organizations are not for everyone. There are numerous clubs and groups you can still join to find your group of friends. Please research on the University website and try something new! I was able to participate in intermediate soccer with a group of friends. I was also an actress in a homecoming skit one year. If you like to volunteer, there are multiple events around campus, like Dance Marathon, that are open to the student body. I challenge you to become a well-rounded student because nothing is impossible at FSU. Overall, college is really what you make of it. Florida State University undoubtedly gives you many resources and opportunities, but it is truly up to you to use them to achieve your career goals. These four years are about finding yourself and trying new things. Be confident in yourself, get the grades, have fun, and go Noles!"
Morgan M.
  • Reviewed: 8/13/2016
  • Degree: Exercise Science
"Florida State University is a great school. I appreciated the diversity of the students and the school spirit that illuminates the entire city of Tallahassee. The rigor of the curriculum at FSU definitely prepared me for my career after graduation. I would definitely recommend this program to any student seeking a liberal arts degree."