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1.79 out of 5 stars
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Student & Graduate Reviews

2.3 out of 5 stars
FSgamegrad - 4/1/2020
Degree: Video Game Design
Graduation Year: 2020
"I don't know about the Bachelor degree for Game Design that they offer, but the Master is 100% a scam. It is not worth the tens of thousands of dollars that they charge for admission. The reasons for this are as follows: 1. You are taught little to nothing about how to actually make a game. You are giving a cursory introduction to game design philosophies, how to prototype a game and how to format some of the production documents. 1.1 they will let anyone with a bachelors remotely related to games into the program no questions asked but are essentially expected to know the fundamentals even if you came in with the intentions of pursuing, game writing. so if your knowledge on game making going in is minimal, be prepared to learn it yourself. 2. The 2 pillars of this degree program are the "Mastery Journal", which is essentially supposed to be something resembling a thesis but isn't one, and the internship Capstones, which are on campus "Companies" that give students relevant industry experience. The first is worthless, my career advisor (people who specialize in hiring and help you get a job) specifically told me not to put it on my resume because it would make me look undesirable, and the second, while some of the tracks such as the UX Lab and the production track are beneficial, the two game making studios (serious games and indie games) are also worthless. the reason being is because: 2.1 students are coming in and graduating out of the studio every month, creating a revolving door where we don't know what talent and skill sets we will have in the studio each month, this not only creates great instability but unless you are lucky enough to come in right as a new game is going into production odds are you wont work on a game from start to finish. 2.2 the two studios are entirely student operated, the studio heads who are also instructors have little to no involvement in the operations. the reason this is a problem is because the studios are supposed to give real industry experience but when i asked a veteran industry professional if my Master degree would qualify me to apply for anything other than an entry level position, they said no because i will learn 90% of what i need to know in that entry level job. this essentially means that not only are you paying tens of thousands of dollars for 10%, the studios are run by people who also only know 10% so we essential have a situation of the blind leading the blind. 3. tying into #2, is the degree of student control or lack of instructor oversight. throughout the program and in the studios the students, the ones who only know 10% are in complete control on what projects get done and worked on. this is a problem for students who came in with a specialization such as game writing, because if the other students don't value your skill, which most of the time they wont in regards to writing, then you will not have any opportunities to utilize or practice it and the instructors wont do anything about it. To give an example in the prototyping class, the team has to have a designated producer who will be in charge of creating the list of tasks that the team needs to cary out to make the game we will be prototyping, the producer refused to make any writing tasks despite the the instructor reminding them to take into consideration the skill sets of the team when making the tasks (I talked to the instructor about my issue) and they ignored them and still refused. was this reflected in their grade even know they failed in their producer role? no. 3.1 similar issue is if you have a game in production in the studio and the new people come in but decide they don't want to work on your game but instead want to work on their own, well sucks to be you because they will not force them to nor will it reflect in their grade. (image a professional studio where the employees just decide to not work on a game they were tasked to work on and they not get fired). 3.2 the instructors and the program don't take any responsibility, the admission into the studios being controlled by the students (meaning is some people who are graduating in a month or two don't like you, they will reject your application into a studio forcing you to try and go for the other (keep in mind you are paying for this) so if an issue in the studio arises like say they drop your project or you being forced to do meaningless "work" on a project thats been in production for 5 years because its the studio heads baby, they wont do anything but remind you that you "chose" to go to that studio and it is on you the student to chose a studio that best first your needs and if the studio doesn't fit your needs you should have been working on a project in your free time. 4. they don't offer any services, say you working on a game thats missing a key skill set like an artist, instead of finding one for you (the school has a game art degree/ department) they will instead put you in touch with the people to ask permission to recruit for an artist (you have to do it yourself). (again you are paying tens of thousands of dollars to this program and these studios are supposed to give relevant industry experience, despite the fact that people who work on games don't actively recruit people, they pay others to do that, kind of how you pay them tens of thousands of dollars) 5. 2 or 3 of the instructors are good the others are either tenured garbage or too frivolous. over all to give a example to represent my experience in the program, imagine going to a over priced restaurant, having to pay upfront, being seated quickly then your waiter tells you that if you are hungry you can go to the kitchen an make your meal yourself and that if they are out of the ingredient you need they just give you the number for the supplier and that you are free to order more. but that they wont make it for you and that you paid for the opportunity."
1.0 out of 5 stars
Travis C Halbesleben - 8/6/2019
Degree: Video Game Design
Graduation Year: 2022
"I was on track they had me started but then they said oh wait no we can accept you because of your criminal history so yea if you have a criminal history trying to change your life don't go here they are judgmental cricked assholes!!!Good luck with this 125000 dollars for a bachelors!!"