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2.69 out of 5 stars
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42% of 150 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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1.1 out of 5 stars
Kyler Johnson - 7/27/2018
Degree: Web Development
Graduation Year: 2016
"I count my enrollment with Full Sail University in their online program to be the biggest mistake of my life. I incurred a lot of debt while taking core classes that didn't transfer from my previous Bachelors degree from another college with the hopes that the development specific classes later on would teach me what I needed to know to become a web/software developer. I finally get to the classes teaching c# along with html, css, and javascript and all of the lecture videos in the courses were links to Lynda.com videos that I could access for $29.99/month. I dropped out of Full Sail University's 3 year program and got my own membership to TeamTreeHouse.com and pluralsight.com and landed my first job as a software developer 3 months later. Unfortunately, I incurred $20,000 in debt while attending this scam of a university program. Do yourself a favor and don't even consider attending this college for anything web or software related. You're better off self-taught or paying $7,000 for a coding bootcamp."
2.5 out of 5 stars
Brett Cherokee - 6/12/2018
Degree: Music Production
Graduation Year: 2019
"I am still currently enrolled and actively finishing my degree and feel like I should give an honest review. First, the accessibility of online classes. Their online course platform known as FSO is honestly pretty intuitive. Some of the best Web development I've seen in a long time. It's fast, simple, easy to use for anyone and everything is laid out perfectly. 5 stars on that. But that's sadly where the 5 stars end... Now for the Instructors and course curriculum. For online courses, you as a student often find yourself feeling like an after thought. This isn't to speak for all instructors because I've had a few that are really involved and would often respond and have in depth conversations about my troubles and how to fix them. To these instructors, I applaud you. The majority of instructors I've had though have been distance, take weeks to give feedback on assignments, sometimes after the class has already finished and sometimes just grade you with no feedback. These same instructors will often also have entire courses made up of Lynda classes and often times you just end up teaching yourself. Like I said, this does not reflect ALL instructors at Full Sail University. But the lack of custom course material provided by a majority of instructors personally is... disheartening. Another thing id like to comment on is the amount of online accounts you have to create. These are accounts youll create and use for one class and then theyll never be used again. I assume this is because these are partners of Full Sail and in return, a lot of courses are based off all these sites for traffic and exposure. Its honestly... pretty shady to me... It doesnt necessarily detract from the material... but its alittle much. Now on to time constraints... I will say if you have a full time job and work 40+ hours a week... balancing work, this school, and your life will be difficult. Possible but difficult so don't give up. So honestly overall... if you have other options in the form of attending a 4 year college in person, do that. Don't enroll in Full Sail online, or at least attend Full Sail on campus. Now this could just be my unfortunate experience and maybe I've just gotten unlucky but either way, this is what I've been through attending Full Sail Online. Also know that I will be finishing my degree as I've put almost 2 years into this and don't give up easily. So wish me luck."
1.0 out of 5 stars
J. Martin - 6/5/2018
Degree: Video Game Design
Graduation Year: 2020
"I went into this degree attempting to gain more knowledge on game design. I currently work as a systems engineer and do program modding on the side. I had a GI Bill to use and always saw advertisements for the school. I loved the way the program was laid out with core classes like history focused on gaming. History class is all on mythology and how mythology plays important roles in gaming. I have not got to that class yet and likely will not because it is not worth spending rest of my GI Bill. I work 50+ hour weeks and spoke with the student liaisons about needing full access to classes to be able to manage and plan my time. I was assured multiple times that after the "core four" ,core classes including math, english, etc, that all classes would open. Ok great sign me up! Get through the core four classes and no classes have been open. I ask professors to open them up for me, some have tried to, failed and got confused on why it didn't work. Some stated it would stress out other students to much to open it up and refuse. I speak to my new liaison and get told no class would be open normally. Glad I asked about it before enrolling!!!! So basically the lied to ensure I enrolled even though they knew they would not meet my expectation. So the class material and how its going. Very little challenge to the classes at all. Professor interaction may include a 1 hour live group chat a week, maybe not. Mostly the classes a bunch of PDFs, youtube links, and some vocabulary assignments, I had one class with a vocabulary quiz each week, are we in middle school? Really depending on the teach assignments will take 1-2 weeks to get graded. Some professor provided great feedback during the "core four". Since then I get good job, 90. So why did I get a 90 professor I would like to improve whatever I did wrong. No response. So currently I am enrolled in a degree that will basically be a piece of paper I can put on the wall and say I completed that and not improve my overall knowledge in skill more then a 10 dollar Udemy course could. Actually when I get free time I have been doing some online courses from sites like that and learned much more. Also I go via online. All the nice stuff they do like design competitions or any extra stuff is normally marked Campus Student Only. Why could an online student not create something and submit just like the campus student??? During my military career I went to 5 different schools dabbling in different fields of study and by far this is the WORST."
1.3 out of 5 stars
Uhmm..no? - 5/30/2018
Degree: Graphic Design
Graduation Year: 2018
"I had studied for one of the online bachelors degree that they offered. Let's just say one thing, every time I talked to the administration office or student liaison it was almost a new person every call if not every other call. I don't know if it's high turn over rate or what but normally institutions have a consistent group of people working with students and I find it odd how I found myself meeting a new person each time. This continued over 3 years. Now how this effects my academics is concerning. If I were to have personal issues with struggles in school I would likely have to re-explain myself each time I call. I do not like how I didn't have a designated go to person to talk to to feel secure about my academic progress at the school. The courses are highly accelerated and quite annoying to me because I don't properly soak all the material that is taught. You basically spend 1 week on curriculum that is meant to be spread out for 3 weeks. I also felt as if I never properly got to work on assignments the way I wanted to or to be creative and put my creativity to work because you cannot rush creativity. I always felt I was rushing to meet a deadline more than I was creating quality work and was never satisfied with majority of my outcomes and this is meant to be your portfolio to present to companies or people you'd like to work for, how can I submit that when I'm unsatisfied with it? If you're considering this school, I'd advise you to go elsewhere. Credits are nontransferable, the institution itself doesn't care about its students, you're merely pocket money they're accumulating. It costs the same as other institutions so it's better to just go elsewhere for your education and is much more worth your while than here. While I find everything about this school irritating, curriculum goes so fast that you barely have enough time to really fit in any questions you have to your professors. The one positive thing I have to say about this school is that most of the teachers are very passionate and very caring (but most professors at any school are about the same so it's nothing special here); however you're still paying to essentially teach yourself. Seriously. Find a different school. I really wish I did."
3.0 out of 5 stars
Celena - 5/8/2018
Degree: Video Game Design
Graduation Year: 2018
"Seriously don't go here for game art. I can tell you now in a few sentsences what you need to know without going through the bulls*** I did. They will teach you how to model in Maya, sculpt in Zbrush, and texture in Substance Painter. And that's about it. They'll even say "Oh we don't teach anything about Photoshop" (one of the most basic softwares) and expect you to learn it on your own. What a waste of a degree."
1.9 out of 5 stars
EG - 5/4/2018
Degree: Internet Marketing
Graduation Year: 2018
"I was in the program for Internet Marketing and a quarter of the way my father became very ill. I had to make a choice and so I called the school to talk to my advisor and told him my situation, that my father was very ill and my mother needed help caring for him. The advisor couldn't really offer any advise, because as he said "I'm not here to guide you and can't tell you what's best for you", told me that I had a few days to think things over and then I'd have to make a decision, I knew that I wouldn't be able to continue so I dropped before I could get any further to avoid more debt. Still, to this day, I'm dealing some of the most heartless and helpless staff I've ever encountered. I've heard all the stories about how great G. is to students in need and how some of the instructors go out of their way to really help students with things like food and giving real advise, but their administrative side always reminds me that I'm just a credit score and payment to them. Where is the compassion? The true ADVISORS? Be warned the student advisors only exist to give you comfort in the beginning and coax you into thinking that they're there for your well being and education, but in reality only serve to get you in debt and stay in debt to the school. Nelnet and Naviant (formerly Sallie Mae) have a deal with this school, just follow the rabbit."
1.1 out of 5 stars
Full Sail University - 5/4/2018
Degree: Video Game Design
Graduation Year: 2018
"Full Sail only cares about the money. They could care less about the value of the education. Professors are under-qualified, rude and rarely go out of their way to help you out. They simply copy/paste the class material at the start of the month and come back at the end to give you a grade. That grade typically offers no feedback because they are too lazy to do it. I graduated from the Game Design program and then got 1/2 way through the masters program before I had just had enough."
4.3 out of 5 stars
Gleb Petropavlovskii - 4/30/2018
Degree: Music Production
Graduation Year: 2019
"I was expecting a little bit more from that college, in terms of workload and difficulty. Sometimes instructors challenge you over any reasonable limits, and sometimes you don't even have to submit anything for a week. This school might be frustrating at times, but it's a great experience. An important thing to say about that school, and about the music-related education - you not going to get a good job right out of college. Some people expect immediate employment right after college. That does happen, but it's a rare occasion. Don't expect much, and don't think it's easy. Oh, and be wary of inhuman scheduling here. I'm at the easy month now, and my classes start at 9 am, and end at 1 am."
2.9 out of 5 stars
Alex - 4/17/2018
Degree: Internet Marketing
Graduation Year: 2018
"I have been a student at Full Sail University for a few years, I complete my Bachelor's and my Master's Degree here and I have to say I have been completely disappointed with the school in the past few months. My Bachelor was an amazing expierence, however when it comes to my master's degree I have felt like I am just a cash cow. During the past few months I have had a teacher be extremely rude to me, in the most delittle ways. When I brough up the concerns to my student advisor, they address their disappointment and said they were going to look into it but I really never hear back. Recently over the Spring break I had another teacher assign and make due an assigment during the break, and when I fail to complete it, I brough up the concern that I was out of the state because of spring break and the school basically said oh well teachers can assign assignments at their discretion. This is completely unacceptable given the amount of money we spent to come to this school. I would highly recome for student to look at other option like UCF, because at Full Sail it seems like they only really care about your money and not your education. I think the Bachelor of Digital Arts and Design was amazing, what a shame I cannot say the same about Internet Marketing Master's"
5.0 out of 5 stars
Ammon Smith - 3/24/2018
Degree: Industrial Design
Graduation Year: 2015
"My experience here was excellent. The quality of education I received was better than any higher ed university I have attended. We worked with cutting edge industusty standard hardware and software. Upon graduation I left with an impressive portfolio I still maintain. I was immediately hired as an instructor at a college and as a full time instructional designer upon graduation. I work with an enormous amount of clients creating training and educational materials for higher ed, government, and the private sector. I have tripled my income and receive regular raises and offers to take on private contracts. There is a MASSIVE market for instructional designers and I am always in demand. I turn down Work regularly since I simply do not have time and am always booked. The company that hired me initially hired me as a contractor, then quickly brought me on as an official employee. Since the time I have joined the company they have also almost tripled in size in regards to the number of designers we have and we still turn down new contracts almost weekly. I keep in touch with at least 2 other graduates and we are all gainfully employed. Another who graduated with me was also immediately hired as an instructional designer and. She now makes $90,000 starting at a new company. Full sail has the most impressive knowledgeable stress free 24hour a day tech support I have ever seen anywhere. Any problem no matter how technical was always resolved within 15 minutes. All the instructors were extremely knowledgeable and excellent to work with. More importantly all of the courses I took were extremely relevant to my program. I graduated Full Sail with the skills required for my profession and was able to transition smoothly and confidentially into the work force which I can not say the same about my bachelors degree which I obtained through a traditional university. Not everyone will do well at Fullsail. The course material was intense and I had to work very hard. The software we had to learn was also difficult but mandatory. I will say that for the program I was in it simply was not possible to graduate unless you learned/mastered the material. I am also not a traditional student, meaning I always do my best work and take school/work seriously unlike some people. I was a HS honors graduate and the Valedictorian for my Fullsail Masters program. Failure is not an option for me. I also targeted attending Fullsail specifically after extensive research over many different universities. Today Professionally I teach at a state college (employment I was hired for while attending Fullsail before I even graduated from Full Sail), and produce educational materials for an enormous amount of other higher ed institutions, government, law enforcement, and private sector companies. I can honestly say that I have never seen a better university than Fullsail. Fullsail is the best investment I have EVER made! If you are thinking about going here it is important to consider carefully the degree you choose. Even if you get a great education it doesnt mean you will get a great paying job. Specifically while all of their sound/audio related degrees are the best out there, the market is really small. You pretty much have to be the absolute best out there to get a good high paying job in that field. I attend a lot of conventions and ran into a guy who went to Fullsail also who did game design. He was immediately hired by Bethesda and he said he had zero problems transitioning into the video game industry professionally there after graduation. He too LOVED the college and feels it was a worthwhile investment. The company I work with was so impressed with me we have actually reached out to 2 fullsail graduates to hire specifically because I saw their work in college and my employer now has confidence in the school based on my work for them and experience at the college. Dont listen to naysayers. If you are thinking about Fullsail trust me its fantastic. Best higher ed experience I have ever had and attending there has opened many many doors. Again choosing a great University is only half the process. The rest is up to you. In case anyone is wondering I did not work while attending Fullsail."