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  • Reviewed: 4/1/2024
  • Degree: Business
"If you are a veteran, I highly recommend finding a different school. It was almost every single semester there were issues with my G.I. Bill on the GSU side of things. Rather that be them not submitting all my classes to the VA or trying to charge me more because they did not record my G.I. Bill correctly. This has happened every single semester I attended (7 total) and they almost always blame the student and are little to no help in resolving any issues."
John Write
  • Reviewed: 1/31/2023
  • Degree: Nursing
"Forget about getting answers to your questions from registrar's office or office of admissions, or financial aid. They make it impossible to get ahold of someone and only take questions through the website. They use COVID as the excuse 3 years after covid. They basically don't want to pay employees. Cheap school. Go elsewhere to avoid headaches."
Grad student
  • Reviewed: 9/14/2022
  • Degree: Journalism
"Admin have ridiculously high salaries but don't care about the students. The professors are really good but are treated poorly by the admin. The ones who teach the most are paid the least. And the school no longer has tenure. All the best profs are leaving."
  • Reviewed: 9/10/2021
  • Degree: Business
"I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone. The professors are the only people you can actually reach and half the time they don't have the answers they should. On a personal level I've enjoyed my professors so far, except the Financial Statement Analysis professor who seems to enjoy the failure rate in his classes and he doesn't actually teach anything. This MBA program is supposed to be for people that work yet the professors expect you to put in 12-15 hours of work a WEEK and that's just one class! In my classes I seem to be surrounded by 22 year old's that don't work and still live at home yet still wait until the last minute to complete their part of a group project. The GSU staff is completely useless, they take 3 days to get back to you with an unhelpful email. If you want to reach someone on the phone, you need to make an appointment. I've never spent so much money so be so frustrated!"
Unhappy Student
  • Reviewed: 11/24/2019
  • Degree: Information Systems
"The MSIS program through Robinson College of Business with the concentration in Cyber security is a SCAM. They won't teach you any skills that would help you get a cyber security job. They don't assist or provide solutions for the mandatory job/internship they force you to take. The don't even want to hear feedback! The dean didn't even want meet with the students after graduation to give feedback about the program. The program is overpriced and brings in professors who dont belong in classrooms and could care less because they all have other jobs. But also none of them do any of this for the money either. I really feel ashamed I have been scammed this way!"
  • Reviewed: 11/20/2019
  • Degree: Liberal Studies
"Be careful with this place. Get detailed information on what they are charging you for. They are VERY DECEPTIVE. The financial aid office is hiding something they don't give us the CONFIDENCE that they are not involved in scandalous, unfair business practices and misappropriation of Pell Grant, Hope Grant and Student loans. Any school that doesn't want to give you a print out of all your charges from their own office systems their is something wrong. They should be TRANSPARENT AND FORTHCOMING AND THEY ARE NOT. ALWAYS TRYING UP FORCE YOU TO USE THEIR ONLINE FINANCIAL AID SYSTEM WHICH gets an F and really not user friendly and makes you go through so many pages and logins you want to HURT the programmer who came up with the online system. If I can't navigate the online system FINANCIAL AID should be EAGER to print out ANY DOCUMENTATION STUDENTS AND PARENTS ASK FOR SINCE WE PAY FOR IT. I HATE THEIR FINANCIAL AID SYSTEM JUST DEEPLY HATE IT. they are surely hiding something misappropriation student funds and are relying on NO ONE TO SUSPECT ANYTHING. Well I won't be ripped off and this school does nothing to give me the clarity and CONFIDENCE that they are not overcharging and not doing something illegal with our Pell Grant, Hope Grants and Loans."
Brandy Jones
  • Reviewed: 10/7/2019
  • Degree: English
"When I first started attending Georgia State University in 2004 I was a traditional student. I was a recent high school graduate and I knew that Georgia State University was the school for me because it was in Atlanta, GA and it had the energy about itself that intrigued me. During my freshman year, I met people from various walks of life. I was able to network with people from various ethnic backgrounds and even interact with people of the opposite gender. The professors were involved in cultivating the students to become their best! These were the things that I loved about Georgia State University. While I was in college, I got pregnant and I ended up dropping out of school. After having my daughter, I was determined to finish school. Therefore, in 2011, I returned back to school and was considered a none traditional student. During my time as a none traditional student, I became frustrated with the lack of support, from my advisers. When issues occurred between myself and some of the professors it was difficult to get people to advocate on your behalf as a none traditional student. I experienced improper attendance deductions, being called the wrong name and some professors that werent understanding to a single parent circumstance. However, towards my last year at Georgia State, I received the best college experience ever! I had professors that were pushing me outside the box, encouraging me to do my best, offering moral support, and being understanding to me bringing my daughter to class on days that the babysitter canceled. My last year at Georgia State University was the best year because not only did I thrive academically, I matured emotionally and spiritually into a better person."
Martine Policard
  • Reviewed: 9/22/2019
  • Degree: Biology
"Choosing to study at Georgia State University is a decision you wont regret! Not only will you have an enriching experience in the classroom, but youll also have plenty of opportunities to apply what you learn hands-on. Since the campus is located in the middle of Atlanta there are tons of opportunities for internships nearby. Furthermore, the university will help you find those opportunities. They have excellent career services for students. The campus is very lively. Georgia State University has a very diverse student body. Now that the university has consolidated with Perimeter College it is probably even more so. There are so many organizations and regular student events that there is something for everyone. The faculty care about your success and will do their best to support you. I have one of the professors as a mentor who I still keep in touch with post-graduation. My experience at Georgia State was overall very positive. There were some challenges I faced academically and financially, but Im thankful that I faced those times of difficulty at Georgia State University because I experienced an incredible amount of personal growth. My word of advice to students considering to pursue their undergraduate or graduate degree at Georgia State University is to learn about the resources and opportunities Georgia State can offer you as soon as you can. Go to the financial aid office and career services regularly, see an academic advisor regularly, and ask your professors questions!"
Sam Lees
  • Reviewed: 7/15/2019
  • Degree: Political Science
"Georgia State University is an excellent school for anyone looking to get either a bachelor's degree or a graduate degree. The campus is in the middle of a major city with endless activities to do and sights to see. For me, one of the major selling points for the school was that the student body is extremely diverse. Nearly everyone you meet on campus has had a vastly different upbringing and social background. I loved the school so much that I decided to stay at Georgia State to finish my Master's degree. The staff in my department has been great and I have even become close friends with many of my professors. I highly recommend Georgia State to anyone looking to get a Bachelor's degree in any field."
A. King
  • Reviewed: 6/8/2019
  • Degree: Business
"I attended Georgia State University from 2003 to 2007 and it was a great experience for me. I stayed in the dorms in which, we had to commute on public transportation to get there from campus. Everyone had their own rooms in an apartment setting of four to six roommates, so you would be sharing a bathroom with one or two other people. I do not believe its like that now. The dorms are closer to the campus, so you wouldnt have to ride public transportation to get there. Everything is in walking distance. The campus is in the midst of downtown so very busy not only with college students but with business owners, corporate employees and a sprinkle of homeless people here and there. There were plenty of opportunities to be involved in campus activities and campus organizations. If you are a business major or seeking a medical degree there are a plethora of opportunity to get real-life experience and network with people in your career field.When I attended there was no football team nor was there an official stadium but now they have all those things. I believe that they are trying to be more like a traditional college and make everything central. There are plenty of things to do outside the campus as well. The Georgia Dome, home of the Atlanta Falcons is a few miles away and the State Farm Arena, home of the Atlanta Hawks is walking distance from the campus. Georgia World Congress Center and Centennial Park which is an homage to the 1996 Summer Olympics. As far as the education, I hadnt had any issues with my professors and I thought they were good at what they did. Professors presented the information in an easy way to learn. Lecture halls were large with up to 200 students in one classroom. I wouldnt be able to speak in regards to professors or TA being available outside of classroom hours because I didnt I needed it."
  • Reviewed: 5/23/2019
  • Degree: Political Science
"Georgia State University is an excellent school in the heart of Atlanta. GSU proximity to financial institutions, the state capital, and significant business give students a once in a lifetime opportunity to decide which career and impact they would like to have on the state. The campus is also one of the most diverse in the country, giving students the ability to immerse themselves in new cultures, perspectives, and ideas. Professors at GSU are friendly and always encourage students to change their views, make an impact and the world, and to challenge the status quo. However, it can be a challenging campus to adapt to. It has a large commuter population, and as a result, it makes it difficult to make friends due to the limited amount of people staying on campus. I recommend that students join clubs and activities to make friends on campus and to meet new people. The Honors College at GSU is phenomenal, and the advisors in the Honors College are attentive and always willing to help students. One of the best things about Georgia State University is its location. The location of the school gives you the ability to see the city, attend events, and also be a part of the conversations (political and social) occurring. Georgia State University also offers excellent study abroad programs. If you are interested in participating in a program, I recommend that you do thorough research and see if the program, location, and course options all align with your personality and what you want to do. I am proud to have graduated from Georgia State University."
Mr. Morris
  • Reviewed: 5/21/2019
  • Degree: Criminal Justice
"Parking on campus was expensive five dollars per day, but extremely convenient. You can park at the stadium and ride the campus bus for free to anywhere on campus. Not a large selection of places eat . The college consists of five campuses but the downtown Atlanta, Georgia location is the largest boasting 32,000 students. Total student body is 55,000 not counting online students. The 2019 commencement had 4,000 plus students to graduate with Associate, Baccalaureate, Master, and Doctoral degrees. This is a very diverse and unique innovative University, non-stop excitement. The student body and the faculty are the best"
Graduate Student
  • Reviewed: 2/24/2019
  • Degree: Education
"PROS: Library / Study areas Technology Coffee stands Laid back classmates Easy classes / diploma CONS: Lack of organization Clueless advisors Clueless directors Horrible staff communication Rampant complacency Parking between M-F 9am-4pm Traffic to-and-from Lazy / confused professors Unmotivated professors Dirty / run down classrooms (unless you're in the new tower building) SUMMARY: This is a subpar University... If the only thing you need is a degree, I'd recommend GSU. But if you're looking to LEARN applicable skills and be challenged by your professors / classmates, I'd suggest you look elsewhere, as most GSU professors are not interested in "molding young minds". As a result, instead of taking advantage of my full, graduate scholarship (to GSU), I ended up transferring--after my first semester--to a different University with NO scholarship!! I'm hoping I get scholarship at my new University but if I don't, I'd gladly pay $30K+/Yr (at my new University) instead of completing a free degree at GSU."
J. Jones
  • Reviewed: 12/21/2018
  • Degree: Secondary Education
"Georgia State has an excellent Education program. I was well prepared to enter the workforce as a classroom teacher. I appreciated their emphasis on being a reflective practitioner. Georgia State University has expanded quite a bit since I graduated, but I feel confident they are still on the cutting edge of teacher preparation."
Cherry Bryant
  • Reviewed: 12/2/2018
  • Degree: Psychology
"The professor I encounter cared for my well being in the classes I attended. The school provides a lot of information on what courses need to take to graduate. Also, I love the events that are provided for the students. My favorite is during finals week the schools have stations to relax with free food and massages. The university fit perfectly for my needs."
  • Reviewed: 7/26/2018
  • Degree: Business
"The Enrollment and Admission process is the most inefficient I have ever experienced. I took one online class and withdrew because it was poorly structured and impossible to pass. After a year of frustration, Im done with this school and moving on to another."
  • Reviewed: 7/13/2018
  • Degree: Business Administration
"My experience Robinson College of Business was exceptional. The teachers at Georgia State work to help you succeed. Some of the teachers were very challenging but these are the best teachers. They provide you with a real-life experience and prepare you for the business world. If I was to stay in school for other degrees, GA State would be the one!"
Lori Farley
  • Reviewed: 5/13/2018
  • Degree: Environmental Science
"My academic experience at Georgia State University was both fulfilling and rewarding. The dedicated faculty in the Geosciences department are continually introducing field work opportunities for experience outside of the classroom. Professors with a combination of professional and academic experience contribute to the broad scale of research to which students are exposed. Faculty and staff are committed to providing the resources needed for students to pursue a secondary degree or start a career. Two formative undergraduate experiences, with the encouragement of professors, shaped my desire to pursue a graduate degree. The first was ongoing research at Wormsloe State Historic Site in Chatham Country, Georgia. This groundwater study, an undergraduate research project headed by Dr. Brian Meyer, centered on collecting and analyzing shallow groundwater samples for salinity content, conductivity profiles and contamination levels. The most valuable part of my involvement in this project was the exchange of ideas with my colleague and professor. In addition, we were able to share our results with ecological conservation efforts on the isle: the reintroduction of the gopher tortoise and introduction of Longleaf Pine habitat. My teams conclusions, focusing on nearby industrial and municipal withdrawals, sea level rise and climate change, were presented at Georgia States Undergraduate Research Conference, the Southeastern GSA Poster Session and the National GSA Poster Session. The second experience that has helped shape my pursuit was studying abroad as part of the Plate Tectonics, Biological Diversity and Continent Building in Costa Rica program, administered by Dr. Paulo Hidalgo of Georgia State. This dynamic session enabled me to see firsthand the juxtaposition of plate tectonics and the Earths history with problems, opportunities and challenges that define our modern-day era: conservation of the rain forests and other natural environments, and displacement of inhabitants due to natural disasters."
18 Undergraduate Student
  • Reviewed: 5/10/2018
  • Degree: Finance
"I have transferred from Georgia Perimeter College to pursue my education. I have not enjoyed attending this university. First, some of the important courses are not flexible enough for full time working students. Second, there are too many students cheating in a class. Third, parking space is just not enough for students. Between 11:30am- 2pm, theres no parking space. Finally, during 2018 graduation ceremony, they didnt have my name or seat number prepared. I registered for this ceremony in 2017. I went around asking people about the seat number but every single one of them told me to sit on a chair with no numbers which were located all the way back. They also made people with no seat numbers to get in a line but later told us to go back to where we were sitting. When I asked whats going on, one of the lady who was working told me Im going last because I was late or something. I was there early, like when they opened at 5 pm early. No one informed anything about the seat number all the way through the graduation. I couldnt believe how unorganized this school has been all the way until the end. One of the worst experience I ever had."
Camille Stephens
  • Reviewed: 12/14/2017
  • Degree: Nursing
"Georgia State University is a great university right in the heart of Atlanta. The nursing program equipped me with the knowledge needed to be a successful nurse. The professors were knowledgeable and caring. There is an enormous selection of clinical sites that GSU students were allowed to come for hands on experience. The cost of the degree was affordable. The NCLEX pass rate is exceptional for the nursing program."