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  • Reviewed: 8/15/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"I would not recommend this school to anyone. Especially, for the Kenosha campus, the dean and other administrators always say they are there to help but they basically will tell you, you are on your own. For the Kenosha campus, I have only had one good professor and the others have been zero help. Please save your time and money and go to a better nursing program."
  • Reviewed: 6/15/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"I dropped from my nursing program because the teachers. Just don't make sense how they teach. Nursing program needs to be on campus not online. This school just made me feel I don't want to be a nurse anymore. What a waste if time and effort. I regret!"
  • Reviewed: 6/5/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"I am a current student at the Kenosha Campus. I would not recommend this school to anyone. The teachers are good nurses but bad teaches. They do not teach you anything that on the tests you take so you study the wrong information an fail. They call students out in front of class and if you point out mistakes they dont care. You are paying all this money to learn nothing. I am looking into other schools because they do not care about you. They just want your money. Have you looked at the graduation rate. Its low and when you look at the rate of the school when applying for finical aid its low. They keep changing the program and not teaching the students right. Waste of money. I only went to this school since its 3 years instead of 4 but its not worth it"
  • Reviewed: 5/31/2021
  • Degree: Accounting
"The tuition is not worth it. Herzing focuses more on getting your money than providing you a quality education. The textbook they provide for my major is very broad and doesn’t explain things all the way through. I mostly learn from YouTube and textbooks that I found through my own research. The only pros I have about this school is that it’s kind of flexible and very independent. If I had to go back in time, I would not choose to attend this school. But hey…I’m already in debt."
  • Reviewed: 5/16/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"I recommend this school if you choose to really cut down your hours at work or even better, do not work at all. Although the program states that you can work and go to school, it is almost impossible if you have a job and have a family. The amount of hours you need to put in to actually get a good grade, will be worth it if you have no family or 3 day/job to worry about."
Flo Iyoha
  • Reviewed: 3/10/2021
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"From the student advisors through enrollment to financial aid and class work, the work through was awesome. I learnt about Telehealth 5+ years from this school ahead of it coming into play. I am back in 2021 for some more ~ my PMHNP certification. Great 😇 job HU!!!!!!"
  • Reviewed: 1/14/2021
  • Degree: Nursing
"warning you can not work while taking this course. professor z is awesome wiggins, and smythe not sure they should be teachers. they probably where excellent nurses but everyone cant teach. if you are leery about the program the first day remove it. make sure you are clear on the drop add/ dates financial aid wont tell you make sure you read all fine print. the school is misleading and not helpful they will tell you what you want to hear to enroll and then charge you thousands. i was mislead on the program schedule it was noted as an evening program but the second semester required 2 days during the week from 8 am til 5pm doesn't sound like an evening program to me. warning do not enroll in this school if you can not teach yourself !!! t"
paul card
  • Reviewed: 12/16/2020
  • Degree: RN to BSN
"a friendly school. everybody is friendly from d.o.n., and all the staff in this university. I like this school.this school is very helpful to the students. I will not forget this school. if I want to pursue my studies, I will go back here in herzing, again."
  • Reviewed: 12/9/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"I have been going to this school since the Covid and while I see others saying good things about this school in other states I have to say that their Brookfield/Milwaukee school is anything but great! First their requirement that if you fail two classes and your out of the program is absolutely ridiculous especially given that they cannot do clinical or attend classrooms. Every student isn’t good at virtual Learning so this is something they need to change given the Covid situation. They are teaching things that don’t apply to medicine today but rather old school. The fact that they are not willing to revisit this two fail and out of the program tells me that they are setting many students up for failure. The good thing is that they are not the only school you can attend for nursing. From what I have seen they are teaching them things that doctors do from an examination perspective. I’ve never had an RN do anything except take my vitals when I go for an exam or am in the hospital. Why is that? If you have a choice go somewhere else where the focus really is on what RNs do. This school makes it very hard to graduate and their requirements are definitely not setting the students up for success. And ask yourself why do they have such a low graduation percentage! Steer clear of this institution if you can!"
M. Sayachack
  • Reviewed: 9/5/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"Initially when I read the reviews for Herzing, the majority stated, "this school is all about money" and "they will fail you". I went ahead and joined in anyway because of the family feel the campus gave to me (Minneapolis, MN) and they were very willing to accept credits that I've taken >5 years. It was hard for me to accept taking part-time each semester because I had a lot of credits transferring over from my LPN program and Associates degree but I was actually able to manage my life with school. Now I will only do part-time in future education! During the first trimester of the program my son was diagnosed with Leukemia. Even though I was part-time, school seemed impossible but the faculty was very supportive. With that said, they did hold a standard expectation of me and I did my part as a student. To simplify things, this school will fail you if you do not give them 100%. They will give you the best if you show them dedication. Unfortunately, I've watched close colleagues fail and put a lot of blame towards the faculty but a lot of it had to do with their efforts. I also like how they work on professionalism which has shaped me to be on time! One downside I will add is that they're kind of micro-managers. They are in charge of your schedule; you have to get permission to take more or less courses, and they will more than likely make you take less. This is because they want to make sure you do pass! It is a little frustrating though. Overall, I graduated with a 3.4 GPA and passed my NCLEX-RN first try!"
Shelley Barksdale
  • Reviewed: 4/26/2020
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
"I want to first start off by saying, I've been to a few schools in my area (Maryland), and I've not been able to complete my degree for lack of convenience (Mom of 2 with a full time job). I didn't think I'd be able to adapt to taking classes online, as I am more of a traditional, in classroom, learner but Herzing U has made learning easy and the courses are really convenient. I've gone further with my education here, than anywhere else I've been. Courses from my previous schools transferred over and because I'm able to complete most of my classes in 8 weeks, I'm graduating in a little more than a year. I would tell anyone considering taking courses online with Herding to definitely do it, it's going to be work, and you're going to need to have some organizational skills but the administrators are supportive, as well as the instructors, if you do the work, you can make the grade that WILL get you to the finish line. (I was not paid for this review, I just really LOVE this school)."
  • Reviewed: 3/19/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"Hello all! I would like to start out by saying all Herzing campuses may not be created equal. This review is solely upon the Kenosha, WI campus. While I am grateful to have a BSN program in the area where I reside, it comes with a price. And no I don't mean Herzing's core value PRICE model. I have attended other school in pursuit of my nursing degree but ultimately wanted my BSN so I chose to go to Herzing. My experience at Herzing-Kenosha has be horrible. There is a huge lack of communication, requirements and rules change on the drop of a dime at any given moment during your semesters, there are limited resources in hands on learning, lack of direction, a huge faculty turn over rate and faculty member continuously changing roles within the campus, and last be not least clinical placement for students is never guaranteed. There is continuous excuses for the shortcomings of this campus. I feel when you are paying over $700 per credit hour, these types of things are unacceptable. We are told to be grateful for what we are given. I can honestly say, that I graduate in five short months and feel like the most unprepared bachelor trained nurse. Herzing does a good job with organizing events and lunch and learns to raise student moral but this does not make up for the awful, stressful, uncertain experience you will have attending this campus location."
Jo K
  • Reviewed: 3/6/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"I graduated in 2017 from the ADN program, after finishing school and unsuccessfully not passing my nursing boards at the first time, I was really upset and mad at my self after 6 months of trying to study on my own and get the courage to take them again. I received an email from the President of the University Madison Campus asking if I was interested in getting help on preparing for my boards which that was amazing. I had never heard of any other school that would do that for any student. I received help from various instructors Professor Ruiz, Professor Lange, Dr Lyles, and they even connected me with a wonderful life coach Deb. Every one of them gave me the courage and the strength to believe in myself and face the biggest exam and be successful. After working with Herzing for a year and making sure I achieved the green light, I was successful this time and PASSED my boards! Everything was because Herzing never gave up on me and they never let me give up on myself. Thank you Jo K RN"
  • Reviewed: 2/5/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"DON’T believe any of the Positive reviews you see here! This school is a rip off. Professor Ruiz is the worst Nursing Professor ever. More than half of the students in her class are failing and she does not seem to care. She does not care about the students. She does not make her PowerPoints and she barely lecture. She send you the PowerPoints and you’re on your own. If she does not like you, she will not help you. Don’t even waste your time or money. Go to another school!"
Sky Huertas
  • Reviewed: 1/26/2020
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"As a stay at home mom my entire life, I knew that I needed to choose a school that would work around my busy schedule. Little did I know how busy my life would become after I enrolled in online classes. 2 weeks after enrollment, I found the 1st of many non-cancerous lumps in my breast. I underwent major surgery and lost a beloved Aunt all within that 1st semester. Not just the staff, but all of my Professors were so understanding and helped me get through every class. Fast forward to my last semester and our adult daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia, my grandfather passed away, my uncle had triple bypass surgery, and my nephew was diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of 13. Once again my professors were understanding and there for me when I needed them to be. I graduated with a GPA of 3.8 and I attribute that to the dedicated instructors that never even once met me in person. Alongside my wonderful supportive family, I did not know there could be such a wonderful community like Herzing. Thank you for everything!"
Shirley Guevarra
  • Reviewed: 1/26/2020
  • Degree: Nursing
"I have the best experience with Herzing University. All the staff were very helpful. They have the great program that fitted my schedule and made it possible for me to start and finished. Most of all, the faculty were very patient, knows what you need, and assisted me from day one until I passed NCLEX. They are the best!"
Maria Coutinho
  • Reviewed: 12/19/2019
  • Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)
"I loved my studies at Herzing University. The program is well structured and instructors were very helpful. I did pass my ANCC FNP exam from the first attempt. I highly recommend this school to aspiring FNPs. Looking back I wish Herzing University had a DNP program."
  • Reviewed: 11/28/2019
  • Degree: RN to BSN Campus
"Kenosha, WI - I was told that I should not attend this school. I wish that I would have listened to others and went elsewhere. While the NCLEX pass rate is high, the graduation rate is quite low. It is close to impossible to get into contact with anyone in admissions. They ignore all requests to be contacted and once you do get a chance to speak with someone, they are incredibly rude and unprofessional. The academic dean, director of admissions, and the academic counselors do not return phone calls or emails. I understand that they are busy working professionals but their lack of interest in the students makes the entire process very difficult. The administration staff as a whole needs a lesson on customer service skills. The tuition rates are outrageously high. The school is not flexible with payment options. Even with financial aid, the monthly payments that they expect are just not feasible compared to majority of other private nursing programs. However, the teaching staff at this institution is amazing. They are kind, helpful, and very invested in the students educations/careers. The instructors at this institution are quite possibly some of the best that I have encountered while pursuing my degree."
  • Reviewed: 11/21/2019
  • Degree: Medical Assistant
"Be careful - the online program appears to be a scam. An admissions advisor made and appoint with me to talk on the phone. She called 10 minutes late but was able to answer all my questions. She said she’d send me some application steps and would call me the next day at 2pm. I started to apply, but it would not let me select the Nov 25th start date she was pushing on the phone, nor would it let me select the early Jan start date - the earliest start date it showed me was 6 months out. So I stopped the application before signing the enrollment contract with the dates that contradicted what I was told. I sent and email and left two messages and no one returned my cal - it’s Thursday and this woman said I could start Monday but she won’t return my call? And even sketchier - EVERY number I can find online for Herzing (to include the main contact us number and the number for the campuses) rings to this woman. And you get her voicemail. And she never calls back. And, she sent me a form to have my transcripts sent - the school said the fax number on the form doesn’t work. The woman sounded disappointed that I did want to fill out the FASFA info on her link, which now makes me think she was just fishing for my personal info and since I’m not giving it, she’s moved on to scamming someone else. Be careful."
Disgruntled Former Student
  • Reviewed: 11/6/2019
  • Degree: Information Technology
"I thought going to college would make me stand out from others and prepare me for a career but what a load of crap. Two degrees and 3 internships later, all I have to show is $46000 in debt. Every interview has told me I dont have the experience for a job. Career services is a joke. Herzing is a joke. How do I get a refund on this crap? Biggest regret ever."