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  • Marion (IN)
  • Annual Tuition: $9,816
47% of 32 students said this degree improved their career prospects
44% of 32 students said they would recommend this school to others
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  • Reviewed: 5/23/2017
  • Degree: Business
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"I am in my final class at IWU earning my BSM degree online. My advisor has been great from start to finish as has all the other support staff. I started with an AAS degree and all of my classes transferred which was great. Courses are faced paced (5 week courses) and do require good time management, but it can be done if you are determined. The fast pace allows you to get done quickly. The cost is a little high; however the program is very good. I have experienced very few issues that couldnt be easily worked out. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to quickly complete a bachelors degree and doesnt mind a challenge."
crystal caston
  • Reviewed: 4/12/2017
  • Degree: Social Work
  • Graduation Year: 2019
"The program is hard. I am not going to sugar coat it. I type about 8 or more pages a week... 1 paper due per week. i like the program but it is challenging and the grading scale is real high. I am focused and i want to graduate bad. You have to be dedicated and i only work part time because i need more time to foucs on my grades. I am middle age. The youung people struggle also. Apply but be ready to work hard!!"
Sheila Brooks
  • Reviewed: 3/15/2017
  • Degree: Hospitality Management
  • Graduation Year: 2015
"I am very disappointed in this "christian" school. The online adult financial staff does not follow through with my concerns. I was enrolled and to drop out because of a family medical emergency. The school sent me a bill for books that was to be for my upcoming semester. I tried to explain that I quit well before the previous semester and I had not received any books. It would have been common sense to send the books back, by simply writing, "return to sender" on the books at no cost to me. The books are and were of no value to me if I was not in school. You would think this would be common sense to anyone. I have been dealing with this over a year and not to say my credit is getting bad marks over this. For an additional " punishment", I have also been trying to get a copy of my 2015 school statement e-mailed to me. They have been ignoring that request as well. Can anyone please advise as to what protocol I need to take?"
Christian College?
  • Reviewed: 2/24/2017
  • Degree:
  • Graduation Year: 2015
"I am highly disgusted and hurt with the way I have been treated. I enrolled, started a class and had to drop out because I had to (still do) take care of a family member. They are claiming I owe for some books that was for the next semester. The books were not delivered and I keep telling personnel that if they would have come, I would have marked the books return to sender. The books are of no value to me if I'm not in school. Long story short, I have been getting the runaround with no return calls to rectify this. In the meantime they are ruining my credit. I am returning to school in the future, do you think I am giving them my money? Do you think I would recommend this school to my colleagues?"
Merieda Denise Burton, RN, BSN, CHPN
  • Reviewed: 2/14/2017
  • Degree: RN to BSN
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"Indiana Wesleyan University prides itself on making each student feel they are a part of a family. The on-line cohort groups are small so that instructors are able to give the valued time and attention to each student so that educational goals are met. Each person that I had the pleasure of dealing with from IWU had a very caring heartfelt approach, from the first person who answered the phone when asking about student services, to the advisors and instructors. The on-line program is so well done that as a student you have approximately a week before the start of each class to get familiar with the expectations and assignments for that class. The work load is evenly distributed between the 8 week course which also helps in your ability to manage other aspects of your life (i.e. family, jobs). Every single instructor that I had made sure that you had access to them for questions or concerns so you never felt alone if you didn't understand something. The people at IWU appear to follow the Golden Rule and treat you as they would want to be treated. The RN to BSN program was very helpful to me and was quite manageable while still working full time in nursing management. My experience and my instructors have actually inspired me to look closer at their Master's in Nursing Education degree. I want to give back to the nursing profession! Great experience. I would recommend to anyone!"
Delia Smith
  • Reviewed: 2/4/2017
  • Degree: Business
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"I loved being a student at Indiana Wesleyan and at the end of my bachelors program I was having trouble, and one of my professors gave me an extension and met with me weekly to help me finish my paper. I am really thankful for that and I can not say enough about him. Since I finished the Associates and Bachelors programs I have tripled my income and I am looking forward to the Masters."
Fancy Lambdin
  • Reviewed: 10/18/2016
  • Degree: Nursing
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"Indiana Wesleyan University Bachelors program was a good program. It was easy to follow and I still had time to work full time and have a life. I learned many useful tools in nursing leadership and management that I can apply in my job now. I am currently enrolled in the Masters program and look forward to what I will learn in it!"
An undergrad student
  • Reviewed: 9/15/2016
  • Degree: Healthcare Administration
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"Just a few fact that you should know before enrolling. 1) Your GPA is based upon IWU classes only once you start. Even if they accept all of your classes they never account for the grades you earned in those classes when calculating GPA. 2) Bible and Religion are required. (make sure you known WHERE you can take these 3) Classes are YEAR ROUND w/ no breaks except the random 1 week breaks 4) Expect lots of discussion boards and at least one paper every week 5) The grading scale is ridiculous...For example an 74.9% is a C- aka 1.70, and a solid C starts at 75% which is a 2.0 exactly. 6) You will have homework due on Sundays and Thursdays. 7) You need good WIFI and don't even bother trying it on a tablet or iPad. Its not reliable and the system may fail and your work will not be recovered. 8) A good portion of the instructors are adjunct 9) 1000 points per class no extra credit (there is a course survey for "extra credit" but its put in as 10/10 NOT 10/0. 10) There's no rounding of grades 11) Different expectations on papers for each professor 12) You need to know APA formatting like the back of your hand 12) You're expected to read every single course announcement ever written 13) You can't work ahead. Meaning, you can't work on workshop 4 while you're still on workshop 3 (even if you're finished with 3) 14) Feedback is not given as often as you would hope. 15) Five weeks flies by so if you're falling behind it is very difficult to catch up. 16) You should reach out to those in your class for support."
  • Reviewed: 8/4/2016
  • Degree: Business
  • Graduation Year: 2017
"I personally feel as if the program is not a superb value. The online program consists of five week courses one after another and it is very difficult to learn anything in that amount of time. The technology is poor and not at all Apple friendly; the technology has caused major issues throughout each course. The books are pricey and are designed specifically for the courses, so there is really no way to get them anywhere else. The group projects are extremely stressful and are very difficult to complete. I was a straight A and just a couple Bs student before this program, so I was pretty frustrated to work very hard to get a C. I would say that if you have no problem working for 4-6 hours a night, 6 days a week, for 18 months straight (and a few one-week breaks here and there), then go for it. Otherwise, I recommend going to a traditional school and taking a night classes until you can finish. You'll get more out of the experience and you'll at least have the support of your fellow classmates when things get tough."
Dawn Kauffman
  • Reviewed: 11/9/2014
  • Degree: Accounting
  • Graduation Year: 2016
"The staff have been nothing but helpful. From the application process all the way to following up through my first class to make sure I was not having any problems or had questions."