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This school is closed and is not accepting new students.
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5 out of 5
Graduation Year: 1998

I was enrolled in 1996 and ending the Doctoral Degree in Philosophy Psychology (PhD) in 1998. Unfortunately this University is no longer offering this Doctoral Degree. I was very happy with the program offered by C.C.U. (California Coast University), because as a seasoned clinician working for many years in the profession helped me to summarize and integrate many levels of studies throughout my years of practice in the United States. Mostly, avoiding long time car driving in the busiest freeways after hours of busy weekly schedule. The staff was always supportive and I enjoyed working on my thesis with Dr. Jones at that time. It was no an easy job as many may think it will be. You have to study hard and integrate many concepts, theories and practicum issues. Formerly I was graduated in 1985 in the State University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I am a Licentiate in Psychology since 1985. in my natal country. While living in California, I firstly entered in Sierra University in Costa Mesa, California and graduated as a Master of Arts, in Psychology in 1992. Unfortunately Sierra University a University without walls,is no longer in place, but its program was approved to pass the examination under the Board of Behavioral Sciences, which was great for everybody who worked full time in the profession. I truly recommend California Coast University for people who are having a family, having a hard job and wants to reach a top level of integration in the profession.

1 out of 5
Degree: Respiratory Care Therapy/Therapist
Graduation Year: 2017

This school is a complete and major waste of time and money. Everyone is super polite when you first walk in to see a counselor. They make their program out to be the best one in the state offering all these extra certifications that are supposed to help you get a job, note you're not guaranteed a job after you graduate. Then once you start classes you find yourself being taught by instructors who are extremely rude and unprofessional. They teach their classes in a way that makes it almost impossible to keep up and then give you an attitude when you raise your hand to ask questions during lecture. Several times during class I would raise my hand to ask a question and when the instructor finally acknowledged me she would give me an attitude for not understanding the material even if I had already done the readings before class. On the subject of text books, they are garbage! I found myself reading the chapters over and over again because they make no sense and contain tons of irrelevant information that goes far beyond the scope of the class that we were in. This material is never discussed during lecture we were never quizzed on it and it wasn't on the midterm. The instructors go out of their way to make the learning environment hostile towards certain students. During the first 3 weeks of class about five students dropped because they couldn't handle the environment that was being created. During our first test in our bio class two students were blatantly copying of each others notes and were talking during the test and the instructor didn't even care! I talked to the dean after I took my test and he said there was nothing they could do about it. Not only do the instructors encourage this behavior they speak to students in a very disrespectful manner and there's nothing you can do about it because its a private college. Ive attended other colleges before and I have two associates and Ive never been treated like I was treated at this school. How this school is still open nevertheless accredited is beyond me.

4 out of 5
Degree: Hospitality Administration/Management, General
Graduation Year: 2014

Hospitality isn't just for the hotel industry, learning hospitality at college showed me that this program is a part of every job life. I actually really enjoyed my time spent, I learnt more about myself as a person, how to deal with a crazy function and remain in character.

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