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This school is closed and is not accepting new students.
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2 out of 5

I was attending JIU for my MEd until Dec. 2011, however, they withheld information that they have problems with their "highest level of accreditation" and may lose it. So then what would my courses be worth if I try to transfer? I would have to repeat the courses.

Also, they claim to have great student support, but their student support is terrible. When I said I needed to drop a class they just argued with me and then said my financial aid would be affected. Really? It better not be. My financial aid comes from the federal government and they have no right to have it at all.

And what about all the counselor staff changes? They must have at least a 40% turnover in staff. That is awful for anyone attempting to take courses there, much less the actual staff members who are constantly in fear of losing their jobs. What kind of a lousy place is this?

5 out of 5

I have been a student at JIU for my Master's and currently enrolled in the Doctorate program. I have had nothing but spectacular experiences. The customer service is outstanding. Sure FA takes a minute to process but who can blame a for-profit organization? I too wait for my FA check at the end of each course, but I don't rely on it.

Additionally, because of my success in my Master's program I have had jobs that pay well over the average median. Trust me when I share with you that if it werent for the great course design, online learning experience, interaction with my peers and instructors, I wouldnt be in a good-paying job. My former experience for almost nine years was in the Administrative field...another word for secretary in the organization I served under.

I think each person gets the results they are seeking. It takes a lot of work, effort on all parties, and the willingness and understanding that online learning requires self-discipline, dedication and high interest for independent learning.

Writing papers is always a long process; reading can be confusing at times, but the school isnt compromising its accreditation responsibilities to ensure your education is worth the while, and the time you are dedicating.

Best Wishes to all those who give JIU a chance. Stay Motivated!

4 out of 5
Graduation Year: 2012

My overall experience with JIU has been positive. I began attending their Business Administration program in late 2009. They transferred the credits from my brick & mortar school, where I had received an AS degree previously, with no problems.

The professors are courteous and involved in conversing with the students. The classes are challenging and informative. There are forum discussions with students/professors and written assignments due each week. Each class is eight weeks long with a final course project normally due at the end of the last week of the class.

I did have issues with a couple of professors and this was mostly due to lack of clear expectations and instructions about assignments. Most of the professors I've dealt with have been clear and with them I've done very well.

I also had an issue with my Pell Grant, as when I first began at JIU, I wasn't eligible. When I did become eligible, financial aid never noticed, but I caught it. The financial aid adviser did say I should be receiving the Pell Grant and tried their best to help me. Unfortunately, there was confusion due to some unknown reason between the feds and the school financial aid department, so it took three months for the school to get the money from the feds. I have been getting the Pell Grant consistently since that problem was resolved.

I've had some good and bad student service and financial aid counselors. I had also complained previously about the constant changing of staff in these positions. The school has improved this and now has counselors that work with established students and those that work with new students. My current student services and financial aid advisers are great!

The financial aid disbursement was changed, due to moving from a one week course drop to a 30 day course drop time period. This is a change I didn't like as it now takes approximately seven to nine weeks to get your portion of the disbursement. I recommended to a higher up at JIU that this should be changed to a two week course drop.

I would recommend this school, as opposed to the one that advertises on TV constantly (they know who they are). Everyone has different experiences and despite a few snags, I'm enjoying my time at JIU and continue to feel challenged in all of my courses.

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4 out of 5

I just graduated from JIU in May and truley enjoyed it there but my finances are a little tight because of the loans and expenses of the classes. but I had an amazing academic advisor Deb Flomberg!!

The professors are very nice and very understanding. All in all I'd love it if it were a bit cheaper but it is an amazing school!

4 out of 5

I enrolled at JIU my 1st year of college without checking the schools background, I was told by the enrollment counslor that she would get my transcript that even if the school had closed they would get my transcript and I said ok that is great, she said she would always be around if I had problem to help.The 1st 8 weeks of school was good, after about the 16th week I see that they have a hold on my site for paper work I didn't turn in, when I call to question the matter she person told me she didn't see a reason for a hold.Later I was contacted by a counslor that said they needed my transcript and I had about two weeks to get this done and if I didn't he would dismiss me from school.He also stated that I could take the GED test I explained to him where I live you can't just take the GED when you get ready they have set times to do this that I needed time to study for the test

.After the end of the 8weeks he called me back and told me the hold had been taken off for my transcript that he could enroll me for 8more weeks that I had done an outstanding job.It has been also one and half years and now they tell me I need a transcript again that within two weeks they will withdraw me.I have $10,000.00 owed in student loans and they act if they don't know what has gone on in the pass, I need help from anyone that may know anything.If they withdraw me I want get the student loan money to pay off a computer that I had to get for classes because they made a mess with my money.

4 out of 5

I am in the Master of Education program. I feel the academics are challenging and I am learning a lot.

The Financial Aid program is a rip off. I am dependent upon my student loans to get through. Each financial aid period is 16 weeks long. I NEVER receive my financial aid loan disbursement until week 16. The loan money is sent to JIU at the beginning of each class. JIU holds onto the loan money until the end of the 16 week period.

I have suffered having my utilities cut off, no food, etc. because of the way JIU handles the financial aid loans.

What is JIU doing with our loan money for 15 weeks?

4 out of 5

I am really enjoying attending JIU enrolled in the MBA program. As with any higher education, you will need to take charge of your education and stay on top of things. I had no issues with Financial Aid or Academic Advisors. I have only received nothing but respect and answers to solve my questions. I have the ability to self enroll in courses so that I am taking the course for my program when I want. I find that the course work is challenging but feel there is not enough feeback on assignments or clarification of posts to assignments. I wonder if it is because I have submitted the correct answer but it would be good to here that feedback.

4 out of 5

I first would like to let anyone reading this review to know that JIU thus far has been a great experience for me. I know that there are some horror stories and that is to be expected with anything, no one will always have a perfect experience. I have great advisors, financial aid has gone smoothly, professors are absolutely wonderful and I love it. I will complete my entire business education here at JIU.

If you are having problems please reach out to someone , for those who had the bad experiences, you just encountered a person that portrayed a terrible picture of JIU, that one person is not a true reflection of JIU and I am speaking from experience. Give it another try. This is my second online school and it is the best , the first one I went to, was horrible.

4 out of 5

Currently, I'm enrolled in the BA business program at Jones International University(JIU)This is my second year into my studies.

So far, I like the user interface, its easy to navigate and I am able to follow along. The course work offers flexibility, convenience and is challenging. I have learned a great deal already and really like the program. However, unlike the positive things aforementioned, the customer service is HORRIBLE! I have been through multiple academic service counselors (which in my opinion, don't do much of anything) and to top it off my financial aid adviser is completely inefficient and ineffective.

Like many others I depend on my financial aid/student loan money to help while in school. I have had multiple issues with financial aid since I have begun here at JIU. Most times it is hard to get into contact with anyone working there and when you do no one has any answers. The stressful complications that have happened along the way are distracting from my coursework and exhausting to deal with on a regular basis.

If I didn't have so much time and effort invested within this establishment I would switch immediately. I do NOT recommend this school based on the customer/student experience.

4 out of 5

I am just finishing my first class at JIU and love it!! I transferred from another online school that was horrible (read my review on that later). I wasn't pressured to go, my counselors have been on top of everything and the financial aid person went above and beyond to help me. The class has been great! I don't spend a ton of time on it but feel like I've learned more in the first class than I did in all of my bachelor's degree from Carlton School of Management at the U of MN (this is supposed to be one of the best business schools is the US). Overall, the experience has been fantastic, and I highly recommend JIU to anyone I encounter.

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