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4 out of 5

PLEASE save yourself money and time... think twice before signing up for this "college." This school is perfect for people who are older or right out of high school and have no college experience because it is easy. I never opened up a book or studied. They make an hour class stretch into a five hour period so you are basically paying to sit in a classroom and do nothing. The degrees are faulty and even if one is obtained dont count on trying to transfer to another school because the credits do not transfer over. Save yourself from dissapointment and just attend a regualr university or community college.

4 out of 5

I have been attending Kaplan online for a year and a half. I am satified with the education that I am earning. Yes, I do feel that I am earning this education. The classes are not "easy", and this university is not a "diploma mill" as some have stated.

Do not attempt this college if you are not able to be self guided. Yes, your professors will for the most part be supportive and responsive. However, these are humans who have different personalities. Just like any other academic institution, you will find that not all instructors give as much attention or have as caring an attitude as others.

You are going to school at home, just like hundreds if not thousands of other online students around the world. Reality states you will be leaving voice mails if you feel that you must speak to a specific person. You will be on hold for a long time if you want questions answered right now.

I had a problem at one point with an acedemic advisor, I asked for her supervisor when I called in, and the problem was resolved. I have never had any problems with my financial aid that could not be corrected by filling out the proper form or submitting the correct paperwork. So far, my tuition has been covered by grants and loans.

I am looking forward to graduating within a year and am considering continuing on to achieve my master's degree.

4 out of 5

I started at this online university in 2002 before they were a university. It was great at first but as they grew, they had their share of growing pains so yes, some departments were playing catch up.

I got my BBM and my MBA at this college. When I went comparing other universities online and near my home, I had worse response than Kaplan ever gave me.

Discipline and getting work done timely is what is needed on your part to maintain a good gpa.

I rarely had a "bad" professor but I did encounter a few. Mainly they lacked in responses to questions (almost like they didn't know the answers and repeated your question)

When pressured for assistance, help, I had one get disrespectful/offensive after I had to be blunt with him.

Search over 211,000 programs:
4 out of 5

I am currently enrolled in the Business program with just two terms left. Kaplan has been disappointing overall. They are difficult to deal with and the financial aid is a joke. My financial aid was cut off after only three terms, and instead of being told I was just given a higher bill. I was able to afford it so I paid the amount, even though it was ten times what I had planned on paying. To top it off they then sent me notices stating that I would be blocked from classes because of issues with financial aid. After months of these emails, in which a response to them was pointless, I was blocked. I called and the advisor was confused about the situation since I did not even have financial aid. Of course, through the whole process I was unable to speak with my assigned advisors and email responses were limited and unhelpful.

If you do enroll, do not plan on ever calling and reaching your advisor as they do not take calls. The system is not even designed for your calls to go through. Instead you must wait for them to call you back.

The professors are not teachers. They are people from the business world. I am not saying this is bad, but I have had some unpleasant conversations with them due to the fact that they do not understand the difference between teacher and some one who understands the subject. Due to the fact that the whole process moves very quickly; it is difficult to resolve things in a timely manner and every move must count. Books have also been a bit of an issue as they still cannot figure out how to properly address the parcels sent out.

If I could transfer without losing too much time I would, but at this point I am just looking to finish as quickly as possible. Be warned and take what the enrollment advisors say with a grain of salt. They are purely looking to close the deal asap and will tell you whatever they need to in order to get you in and enrolled. After that, they do not care and you will not hear from them again. I recommend to anyone enrolling in an online program, look at one affiliated with a brick and mortar campus. Avoid Kaplan if you can and do not get pulled into their deception.

4 out of 5

The classes at Kaplan were challenging to me, and I enjoyed them. However, the financial aid department could use some work. I completed my degree work in September 09. It took my grant almost 2 months to post, and when I asked what was the problem. It was told to me that the system was slow. In December 09 I was charged a $100 technology fee for the December session, hello I finished in September. I have complained to them several times and it still is on my ledger.

4 out of 5

For the most part, my classes have gone very well and I have either been on the Dean's List or received the Presidential Award almost every term. My experience with most professors has been pretty good; with the exception of two.

However, my financial aid has been a disaster and I have been blocked from my classes...I was supposed to be done this June. Apparently they allowed me to apply for more classes than was I supposed to be able to (a glitch was what they called it). I have also received an email stating I was being dropped because I have only had a 37% attendance rate since I started in 2006...but I did not even start there until 2008!! No one seems to know where this letter came from and I have been switched to 3 different financial aid officers since I started there a year and a half ago.

Now I received information telling me I have been dropped due to attendance this term BUT THEY ARE THE ONES WHO BLOCKED ME! I also received a notice I need to complete an exit counseling session, but when I try to log in it wants me fill out an entrance session because I had to re-apply for aid to try to straighten out this mess. I have not heard from my academic advisor other than she knows nothing about the financial aid stuff, and my financial aid advisor has given me no guidance in over three weeks (other than to complete the exit interview that it won't allow me to do).

It is too bad there is little consistency and communication between departments...nobody knows what anybody else is doing...AND most of them have not heard of each other even within departments. I have spent a GREAT deal of time on hold while they try to track down who I am trying to reach (even when I am returning phone calls and given exact names and numbers where I can reach them.

Now my summer is going to be messed up because I will have to take classes that should have already been done with and I should have been graduated. FRUSTRATING!! I am glad I came across this site so I could see I am not the only one with issues. Good luck to the rest of you!

Even with the financial woes though, the academic part has been very interesting and I have learned a great deal through most of my classes.

4 out of 5

I started at Kaplan in June of 2008 and boy was it great. I cruised through a year with absolutely no problems. All of a sudden I started experiencing issues with my financial aid....I read some of what other people have written and it is all TRUE! You get stuck on hold for long periods of time, they never call you back or respond when you leave a message.

I managed to finish my degree with a 3.78 GPA, but it could have been higher if the last few professors I had were more helpful. When I called to complain about things, they just kept telling me that I was making good grades....That is well and good, but with a little explanation I could have finished the degree with a 4.0. I had to retake one class and when I retook the class had been totally revamped, I complained because they charged me the full tuition even though I had the book. The second go around was nowhere near the amount of work as the 1st.


4 out of 5

I love this school!! Everyone helps out including the classmates!! Kaplan made my first experience in college a wonderful one. I'm currently still enrolled there and I have a 4.00 GPA and I made the President's List!! There are issues at time with the financial aid dept. but nothing that can't be solved. If you ask the questions, they will answer. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to better their education. Thanks Kaplan for everything!!! :0)

4 out of 5

I have been attending Kaplan for the past couple of years (I took two 2-month breaks) and for the most part they aren't that bad. No, I do not work for them. I am a student just like you who has had to receive funding through grants and student loans. The only issues that I have with them is that they fail to properly explain your financial aid with you UNLESS YOU CALL THEM TO GET FURTHER EXPLANATION. They emailed me to let me know that I had to make a payment because my funding was short about $1800. I looked at all of my Financial Statements and Financial Aid Summary and went over it with them BEFORE making a payment. They just need to have better communication with the students who seem to be confused about why they need to pay out of pocket. Oh, and beware if you have to get private loans. Kaplan is about to FORCE students to use their private bank to receive funding and the private loan interest rate starts at 15%.

4 out of 5

As I write this I am trying to get in touch with my financial aid adviser. I have now been on hold for more than 30 minutes....

Kaplan is a horrible place to get a degree. I finished my degree up 1 month ago and I still haven't heard from anyone except the student account department in regards to the money I owe them ($2,200). I also just found out that my loans from back in November somehow didn't post and now I am $5,400 in the whole. When I am asked why haven't I spoken to my financial aid adviser I have to respond with, "I have had 15 financial aid advisers in the last 16 months, none of which answer my calls or emails." Also, thanks the the stream of adviser I have gone through my pell grants were completely messed up and I ended up receiving nothing, that is what I am out of pocket. Unreal I know.

When I first started Kaplan I was told the advisers are fantastic and I would never have a problem getting in touch with them, what a horrible lie that is. not only are the finance advisers horrible but the student aids are just as bad.

Not only are the advisers horrible but the classes are a joke. I only opened 2 books the entire time I was there and graduated in less than a year and a half. Can anyone say diploma mill???

I have finally gotten through to the financial aid dpt but of course my adviser is not available, who would have thought. I am now being transferred for the 3rd time.

I spoke to a person that seemed to know what was wrong with my student loans but when he said he was going to get a manager to help him look over the problem I was transferred to a new adviser, imagine that. After speaking with the new rep for less than 3 minutes and being told to call back in on Monday to see if my loans had posted, the call was dropped.

This is the reason no one should go to Kaplan. This place is a sham. I will be going to a new university in Florida because, hell, it cant be any worse. Hope this helps.

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