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4 out of 5

I started Kaplan 12 weeks ago and they have lost the same Financial Aid documents FOUR times and still have a block from my classes. FINANCIAL AID will ruin your grades as they did with mine. If you want a legitimate education/degree then DON'T attend Kaplan University!!

4 out of 5

My experiences with the financial aid office have ranged from being mildly annoyed to being deliberately lied to concerning my financial aid. The employees will not speak clearly on the phone, their people skills are non-existent, they are rude, ignorant, and condescending; not only that, but they act terminally offended when expected to actually do their job and help a student.

Today, however, Kaplan reached a new low. For the last three weeks, employee after employee has assured me that my stipend would be received and sent out to me "any day now." On Friday, June 25th, I noticed that the date for the stipend's scheduled disbursement had changed to July 23rd.

When I called to talk about this, I was stonewalled and given the run-a-round by an employee and the manager that I talked to after that. I was told that the disbursement had been "delayed," that 5,900 students had been affected, and that the stipend couldn't be "escalated" until July 16th, at the earliest.

However, when I logged on the next morning I saw that the disbursement had been received by Kaplan on Friday, the 25th, and that the scheduled date had been changed from July 23rd back to June 16th, for some reason. I called this afternoon, (6/28), to find out when my stipend would be mailed out, now that the credit balance is showing on my account.

The first person I spoke with refused to answer any of my questions; all she would say was to call back next Monday if it had not been sent out by Friday. I told her this was unacceptable and that I wanted to know what the delay was; I explained that they had no right to hang onto money that belonged to me. She continued to stonewall me, so I hung up. I called back later, as I was not willing to let this rest.

This is my student loan money, and I have the right to have access to all information concerning my financial aid. I had more luck with the second person I spoke with. She informed me that accounts were being reviewed - apparently the 5,900 students who were affected by the "delay" are actually being reviewed.

She thought that the Department of Education might have requested the review, or that Kaplan was reviewing them to make sure they were in compliance.She told me that there had been a meeting that morning informing all employees to not answer student's questions - to stonewall and confuse, in other words - and to not direct any of those calls to the manager. I told her that those methods weren't right, and she agreed.

She informed me that the money is there, it is in my account. I informed her that I would be going to all of my social networking sites, which include connections to many Kaplan students, and that I would be letting them know that employees of the financial aid office have been instructed to lie and deliberately not give out any information to students concerning their expected stipends.

If a review was in order, then Kaplan had the obligation to let the students who were affected by this know about it in a straightforward and honest manner. The fact that they feel they have to keep students in the dark, to actually instruct employees to lie to students about this, implies that they have something to hide.

I would not recommend Kaplan unless they can manage to completely rebuild their financial aid office from the ground up, by getting rid of the employees who won't do their jobs, then letting the other employees know they are there to HELP the students; anyone who doesn't want to do their job could easily be replaced by one of the millions of jobless people in our society.

At the very least, it makes me question the quality of the education I am receiving, and whether or not I am throwing money away for a degree that won't be worth the paper it's printed on. If a university runs their financial aid office this haphazardly, with such an absence of professionalism, it seriously calls into question the quality and ultimate purpose of the entire university.

4 out of 5

I have been with Kaplan University online for nearly 2 years. I will be recieving my Bachelors degree soon and I have chosen to attend another school for my Masters.

I am really going to miss Kaplan, as they have been a superb school. My academic advisor is the best and his been with me for the entire time. Every one of my instructors have brought with them a unique and intriguing personal history that increases their knowledge of the class they instruct. All of my instructors have been supportive, understanding, and have a unique desire to aid in every students learning.

I have sincerely loved my Kaplan and will miss them greatly and hope that my future graduate school is just as great. I totally recommend this school!

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4 out of 5

I had a family emergency in which I asked to take a leave of absence. I was advised that I would then have to drop out as there is no leave of absence policy with the company. That was only the beginning. Once, the formally dropped me the calculated my underpayment around 70.36 and sent me the notice of the underpayment and 2 days after the notice the call me delinquent on my payment arrangements.

On top of that the financial aid department is clearly incompentant and has horrible customer services schools. With all this I enrolled in U of Phoenix only to find out that Kaplan won't update the NSLDS system so that I can re-establish financial aid elsewhere. I have now filed a complaint with the board of hire education.

In addition, you can never reach the same person there to assist you in regards to financial aid issues. Enrollment process was find but, all the other inner workings have been a horrible experience. I would not recommend this college at all!!!!!!

4 out of 5

I attended this school for 2 years and graduated in Jan. 2010. I never had any trouble with getting in touch with anyone until I wanted to re enroll to get my Bachelors Degree. I currently have my Paralegal Associates Degree. The courses are really easy in the beginning but they get much harder towards the end.

I had some outs with one professor (which is to be expected at any school.) I took him to the Dean and everything was taken care of. I would and have recomeded this school to many people which are now attending Kaplan. They as well love it. I will comtinue telling people about Kaplan and I will treasure them as one of my stepping stones in life. I know work in a law firm as a Paralegal and love my job. THANKS SO MUCH KAPLAN UNIVERSITY !!!!!

4 out of 5

I was contacted to interview and enroll. The woman who called me walked me through registration and took my enrollment fee of about $500.00 most pleasantly. After that I was to take an orientation class. It told me I failed it, and would need to get a code to retake it. No one would ever get back to me to give this code to retake the orientation. I was never allowed to even log in again and was not able to get into an online class.

No one emails me or calls me back except the financial billing dept.I am pursued month by month to continue to pay on $4,000.00. The financial people always call me back to get my money but no one else has gotten back to me at all. For all I know, it's not even the real deal, and these are just "criminals" who have found an easy way to scam gullible naive people like myself.

I am threatened with collections by them. I have also been sick with leukemia and post transplant issues. My medications were quite strong at the time I did the interview and enrollment and so I am afraid that anyone who is not feeling particularly sharp and cautious may also fall for this scam.

I am paying $4,500.00 for absolutely nothing but their collection calls. My income was too low to qualify for a student loan, and I had to quit working due to illness.

Kaplan has been a ghastly experience of feeling caught up in a predatory scheme and I am being told to pay up or I will owe an additional 4k for a grand total of 8.5k. For what I ask. So you can finish your course I am told. The only way to withdraw is to pay off the remainder of the 4.5 k.

I don't have the money. I still can't log in to take the classes. What do they not get about the fact that I could never even start? Please do laugh, otherwise you will cry. I must seriously advise people to not do this online college unless you have serious legal and financial clout to protect yourself. I would love to send in an undercover, investigative team and find out what is really going on with this Kaplan college.

4 out of 5

I'll be starting my second term on Wednesday and have to say that I absolutely love this school. With having a full-time job, it's hard to go to a traditional school.

I have had a couple issues with financial aid, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with correcting some forms and a couple of calls. I have spoken to my academic advisor, and have had no problems reaching him ever. He even called me a couple of days ago to congratulate me on a awesome first term.

If I ever had a problem or question that needed immediate answering, all I had to do was call or e-mail my admissions advisor and it was cleared up right away.

It takes a lot of hard work and effort and you have to stay on top of everything if you want to succeed. It's like life. You can't expect to lay back and be successful.

4 out of 5

PLEASE save yourself money and time... think twice before signing up for this "college." This school is perfect for people who are older or right out of high school and have no college experience because it is easy. I never opened up a book or studied. They make an hour class stretch into a five hour period so you are basically paying to sit in a classroom and do nothing. The degrees are faulty and even if one is obtained dont count on trying to transfer to another school because the credits do not transfer over. Save yourself from dissapointment and just attend a regualr university or community college.

4 out of 5

I have been attending Kaplan online for a year and a half. I am satified with the education that I am earning. Yes, I do feel that I am earning this education. The classes are not "easy", and this university is not a "diploma mill" as some have stated.

Do not attempt this college if you are not able to be self guided. Yes, your professors will for the most part be supportive and responsive. However, these are humans who have different personalities. Just like any other academic institution, you will find that not all instructors give as much attention or have as caring an attitude as others.

You are going to school at home, just like hundreds if not thousands of other online students around the world. Reality states you will be leaving voice mails if you feel that you must speak to a specific person. You will be on hold for a long time if you want questions answered right now.

I had a problem at one point with an acedemic advisor, I asked for her supervisor when I called in, and the problem was resolved. I have never had any problems with my financial aid that could not be corrected by filling out the proper form or submitting the correct paperwork. So far, my tuition has been covered by grants and loans.

I am looking forward to graduating within a year and am considering continuing on to achieve my master's degree.

4 out of 5

I started at this online university in 2002 before they were a university. It was great at first but as they grew, they had their share of growing pains so yes, some departments were playing catch up.

I got my BBM and my MBA at this college. When I went comparing other universities online and near my home, I had worse response than Kaplan ever gave me.

Discipline and getting work done timely is what is needed on your part to maintain a good gpa.

I rarely had a "bad" professor but I did encounter a few. Mainly they lacked in responses to questions (almost like they didn't know the answers and repeated your question)

When pressured for assistance, help, I had one get disrespectful/offensive after I had to be blunt with him.

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