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1.0 out of 5 stars
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  • Daytona Beach (FL)(and 3 others)
  • Annual Tuition: $18,688
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1.0 out of 5 stars
Jake - 6/2/2016
Degree: Accounting
Graduation Year: 2010
"Liars , cheaters and scammers. My original loan balance after leaving school was roughly $90K , I currently have it down to about $78K right now. Keiser Universities Financial Student Aid department as well as their Curriculum department responsible for diplomas and what classes that are needed to be taken in order to graduate are looking to do anything and everything they can do take your money and bury you in debt. How is it even possible that over 4 years, never did I receive financial Aid or Grants that I applied for ? How is it possible that I have over $90K worth of student loan debt. for an accounting degree - in which I am currently working in Sales because no actual accounting firm wants to hire me because I am a Keiser University Graduate. cant tell you how many times , I would get phone calls for the bursars office demanding I pay my semester fees, or how many times Financial Aid would tell me not to worry about my student loans , that I should just Max out my credit cards or that I am in good hands with Sallie Mae. Currently with a 6.5% interest rate, never in my life time am I going to be able to pay these ridiculous fees and interest. By the time I am 55, I will still have over $50K worth of student loans and would have paid $221,000 in student loan debt plus interest over the life time of my loan. My life is at a complete stand still because of how Keiser University treated me and other students. Classes were added onto my schedule that I did not need to graduate. I was in my 4th year and half way thru I realize that I had classes added to my schedule list that I was told I would need to graduate when in fact I did not . When it was time to graduate with all my credits and classes I was told I do not qualify . It took me 3 months to get my Diploma after I finally proved to them that I had taken all the classes needed to receive my BA in accounting . How does something like this even happen ??? My Advice, you have options, other better options, do not fall into the same trap as the other Alumni's of Keiser University, do not go down the same path I did to have to have a life time of Student Loan debt, where you can never buy a house, where you can never be out of debt, where when you die your student loans will come with you . Also any of the positive reviews on the site , are more than likely fake and created by Keiser Universities IT department. I have never met a single graduate or person that has attended or graduated from Keiser and are thrilled with the outcome and end result & that includes my own sister. Who never, never , never was able to get hired or find an Ultra Sound position because her main school reference was Keiser University . No one who runs a successful business wants or needs Keiser university graduates. Do a simple Google search and see how many litigations over the last 4-6 years the Department of education and others have thrown at Keiser, I am up hauled that they are still in business, But I guess when you are worth Millions if not Billions like Mr. Keiser is , you can hire the best of the best lawyers to prove your case and continue on scamming ppl out of their money they do not even have yet , and when they do have that money it doesn't even belong to them , it belongs to Kesier. ... One last thing, I read someone else's response in regards to how they find it funny when people say you go To Keiser University to pay Thousands of dollars for a degree. Well I got news for you that is exactly what you are doing , because a Donkey a pass any one of their in school or online classes, it is a Joke. And yes I attended both in school classes and online classes."
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