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jeff estes
  • Reviewed: 9/30/2009
"OK, so I wanted to go for nuclear medicine at Keiser. I went there last february of 2009 and they said i need one prerequisite, american literature. I took the online class in march and had to pay the 1600 dollars out of pocket because they said financial aid would not cover the one class. That was fine. They also said it would take a year before I could start the nuc med program which was also fine. In march they called me up and said I was bumped up and could start the nuc med program in may. Great I said. So I was off of school in April. I went to school May, June, July and half of August. I had some personal problems and dropped out of the program in August. Now comes the kicker. I was told it was around seven thousand per semester. And logically I would have thought my semester would have started when my core classes started in may. Remember I paid for that first class out of pocket. Also each semester is four classes. They are not charging me the seven thousand, they are charging me $13,000.00.So I was on the phone with the president of the campus, chairman of financial aid, etc.. It is very frustrating because all you get is double talk. They are starting my semester when I first took that class in March even though I was off in April and then counting my next two classes of my core as my first semester. Then my second semester, they say, starts in July and because I dropped out half way through August I am charged the full amount for that semester. When you read the handbook it states that funds will be returned to you if you havent completed 60% of the semester, but once again with their double talk they try to find a loophole for that arguement. I told the president that they must have a law degree to be on the board of Keiser. They honestly must make half their money from students that drop because they charge a full semester, seven thousand, for these poor souls. We started with 23 students in our nuc med class and after the first couple of months we were down to 13 students. Obviously, they will let just about anyone start, probable hoping many will fail so they can make more money. This has been a terrible experience with Keiser and I dont recommend anyone attending school there. Go to a community college where there is accreditation. Oh, Keisers Nuc med program isnt even accredited. so basically keiser will find a way to charge you, your debt, through student loans, the most amount of money possible. I hope this message gets to as many students as possible. Thank you"
Susan Rosemarin
  • Reviewed: 9/24/2009
"I had a dream about finally earning my degree as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, which I made based upon my family's personal experiences. I am 50 years old. I took every pre-entry exam and passed with flying colors - I even hired a math tutor at one point. I was given a bill of goods regarding Financial Aid, etc. I drew the line last week when my financial aid officer presented me with a document requiring my signature indicating that I needed to pay $237.20 on the 5th of every month as this was the balance not covered by my student loan, the Pell Grant and the 2 scholarships I supposedly received. My comment was, "I AM NOT SIGNING THIS - THE MONEY TREE I PLANTED HAS NOT YET SPROUTED ANY BUDS AND I - AS YOU KNOW, SINCE I'M TRYING TO APPLY FOR FOOD STAMPS - DO NOT HAVE THIS MONEY!" Oh, boy - I caused quite the uproar after I went online and found out how many others have had the same experience. Keiser University is a FOR PROFIT organization and will lie through their teeth to suck you in. I paid out of pocket for every thing until I finally terminated my association with them. I am now engaged with WorkForce One - who charge nothing - to assist me in finding gainful employment and have decided to cut my loses from Keiser University. But I hope this helps someone else from going through this horrific experience!Susan R. Rosemarin,Fort Lauderdale, FL"
tisha saintjohn
  • Reviewed: 7/22/2008
"I stared attending Keiser university in Tampa, in January 2008. Big mistake!After my third course I stared to do some self investigation, about the school.At the beginning of the year you're given a test , lets just say that i did not score so high in math, which was no surprise to me.The surprise was that the basic math class that I was told "you have to take" cost $1500, I also found out that some of the classes are non-transferable to different colleges(American Literature) is one of them.When I went to withdraw from the school, they make you think that you have an obligation to pay for classes that you have not taken. I advise anyone that attends Keiser University please do your homework, take out your catalog and read it and you to will see that they are full of crap. Also ask some of your classmates, I bet along with you, they are also scheduled for some classes that are not transferable, yet they cost $1500"
G & L Stephens
  • Reviewed: 6/1/2008
"We should have known from the beginning. Keiser lost our financial aid paper work not once, not twice, not three times, they lost it an astounding 8 times. What is more amazing than their inability to hold onto paperwork, is how we no longer existed once the financial aid was finally approved. No one at Keiser would return calls until it was time to renew financial aid, then they were your best friend again. Some of the classes were challenging. Some classes would give mid-term tests and final exams over chapters we were instructed not to read or go over. When we brought this up to the instructor, we were told they could not discuss tests. We took the complaint to the academic advisor, then the dean, and nobody cared. They said we could take the classes again. I made it through 8 classes with a 4.0 before their games began, and my wife made it through 2 classes.They are your best friend before you sign up and then they forget you until financial aid renewal time. Any issues you have in a class, they tell you to take it again and you should do better next time (meaning more money). Have an issue with a class or an instructor, you might as well go tell the birds chirping outside, they will accomplish just as much.G & L Stephens"