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I stared attending Keiser university in Tampa, in January 2008. Big mistake!After my third course I stared to do some self investigation, about the school.At the beginning of the year you're given a test , lets just say that i did not score so high in math, which was no surprise to me.The surprise was that the basic math class that I was told "you have to take" cost $1500, I also found out that some of the classes are non-transferable to different colleges(American Literature) is one of them.When I went to withdraw from the school, they make you think that you have an obligation to pay for classes that you have not taken. I advise anyone that attends Keiser University please do your homework, take out your catalog and read it and you to will see that they are full of crap. Also ask some of your classmates, I bet along with you, they are also scheduled for some classes that are not transferable, yet they cost $1500
4 out of 5

We should have known from the beginning. Keiser lost our financial aid paper work not once, not twice, not three times, they lost it an astounding 8 times. What is more amazing than their inability to hold onto paperwork, is how we no longer existed once the financial aid was finally approved. No one at Keiser would return calls until it was time to renew financial aid, then they were your best friend again.

Some of the classes were challenging. Some classes would give mid-term tests and final exams over chapters we were instructed not to read or go over. When we brought this up to the instructor, we were told they could not discuss tests. We took the complaint to the academic advisor, then the dean, and nobody cared. They said we could take the classes again. I made it through 8 classes with a 4.0 before their games began, and my wife made it through 2 classes.

They are your best friend before you sign up and then they forget you until financial aid renewal time. Any issues you have in a class, they tell you to take it again and you should do better next time (meaning more money). Have an issue with a class or an instructor, you might as well go tell the birds chirping outside, they will accomplish just as much. G & L Stephens

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