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Student & Graduate Reviews

  • Reviewed: 6/5/2012
  • Degree: Nursing
"I'm a graduate from keiser when it was known as keiser college. I graduated from their nursing program. Its a private university and so it will cost you but i can promise you this if you're persistent and willing to further your education you will graduate with a degree in hand. The classes are small and so teachers takes the time to pay attention to each individual weaknesses in a subject or strengths and help the students that needs help along the way. I started out going to a well rebound community college and they were prejudice i had panic attacks thinking about facing my clinical instructor who made my clinical very nerve wrecking. I'm a nurse today because of keiser university and yes the fort lauderdale campus. Each teacher i met there were mentors and great teachers. I owe student loans but i have a great career one that's marketable and one that the sky is the limit once you get that degree you hold your head up high because you have achieved your dreams and goals. Choose keiser people its quick and painless."
  • Reviewed: 5/2/2012
  • Degree: Video Game Design
"Got an associates degree in Video Game Design, which I still haven't received and I graduated in April 2011, been well over a year, I've called and met staff/directors/supervisors, basically everyone that works there, and I keep getting bullshit excuses. The technology my class and I were taught on was a joke, daily computer crashes, 4 year old software, and even older computers made doing any animation or modeling so tedious and nerve wrecking that you would want to put your fist through the computer screen. I suggest find somewhere else to go to school this place wants your money and nothing more, sad truth but that's how it is. P.S. because I don't have my degree in hand or at least a copy of it I've been turned down for 2 really great jobs, I have the skill and know how, just not the stupid piece of paper from the poor excuse of a university.P.S.S. only good thing I can say about my time at Keiser was my professors knew how to teach.Still though much better places out there do your research."
  • Reviewed: 4/17/2012
  • Degree: Radiology Technician
"I attended Keiser after a LONG waiting period at a local community college. I thought the monthly classes were great. I was able to stay focused and concentrate on one class at a time. My instructors were the best! They took time to help you if you needed something and were always available. Student services was awesome too. They helped me build my resume to make it more appealing to future employers. The only bad thing I can say about Keiser is that the financial aid department was very unorganized. Not only is Keiser expensive, they hire just about anyone who can add in the financial aid department. I was a student at Keiser for 3 years altogether and my FA adviser changed 4 times! I had to bring back all my information and re-sign everything because the previous adviser "misplaced" it. I'm definitely considering Keiser when I'm ready to obtain my Bachelors."
  • Reviewed: 1/4/2012
"Im taking classes online for the medical assisting program. it is ok for me because i am an independent learner but i recommend that you go on campus if you are not an online learner. the price is ridiculous but i hope its worth it after i graduate."
  • Reviewed: 10/11/2011
"If you are considering earning your A.S. degree in Medical Assisting, Please check out your community college. Keiser's tuition is ridiculously high. I chose to attend online classes with Keiser so that I could care for an ill family member. I found the classes challenging and graduated with a 3.8 GPA however, if I had to do it all over again, I would have "done my homework" Taking all of the classes online was a mistake. Keiser does not have the best reputation in the medical community and when you disclose that you have done most all classes online with the exception of Preceptorship and Externship, employers shy away from e-learning. I think that if you have a business degree or something to that nature it is viewed very differently. However, when it comes to the medical field, you are much better served in a classroom setting. I now owe a ton of money and still have not found a job. Do yourself a favor and attend your local community college. If you are in Florida, doing so will automatically allow you to attend the state university of your choosing. GO GATORS!"
Nurse Lory
  • Reviewed: 7/25/2011
"I am attending my first semester o and as far as I can tell, everyone in the group is disappointed. This semester we are taking two classes-Pharmacology and Nursing Fundamentals. Pharm is hard, but the teacher is top-notch. She knows how to teach and everyone likes her. Even though it's a lot of material, she makes it achievable. Fundamentals, on the other hand, is a complete disaster. The two teachers don't know anything about teaching. They don't emphasis what's important, the tests are impossible to pass. Each chapter is long, and you are expected to be able to know every tiny detail. I am convinced that the teachers would not be able to pass this class if the shoe was on the other foot.The main problem is that the program is very condensed. Without good teaching and adjustments to the program it almost impossible to do well. Do yourself a favor, find a longer program. There must be many cheaper programs out there."
  • Reviewed: 7/19/2011
"Has anyone complete the DMS Associate degress program, located in Fort Lauderdale? lease give me some feed bck on that campus.please disregard comments on my review,there was no way to by pass allth questions to get mypost up. Thank you"
D.K. Brantley
  • Reviewed: 6/28/2011
"I called to get some information about Keiser University because I had a feeling that they were just like the other rip off schools I contacted and researched. The advisor I spoke with must have thought that I was boo boo the fool. I asked about financial aid and he said that I can only speak with a financial aid advisor if I'm a current student and I know for a fact that he was lying and the school was a rip off. I went to Valdosta State University and you can speak with anyone from any department at anytime. I asked him how much the application fee is and he told me $200 like I was a dang fool and didn't know any better than to pay that kind of money for an application fee when other schools ask for much much less. ($35) He kept trying to tell me that they were just like any other school, but I let him know exactly what their process was and he responded "oh you have done some research." If you are interested in going to this school become uninterested really fast because they are going to rip you off in the biggest way possible. Please research before making a huge mistake. Happy school hunting!"
  • Reviewed: 6/25/2011
"Both of these campuses are not professional. They don't care about the students, they just want the money. When you get in your Cor classes the Professors don't care to help you, they just give you work to do and expect you to teach it on your own at home. They should clean the schools up, and update it and make it look like a university,and the desk are horrible for the students. The reputation in this school is not good at all. I don't recommend this school to no one."
  • Reviewed: 5/25/2011
"I would not push this school on anyone. Ive watched teachers pass students adjust grades to help them along. Teachers sitting in the rt lab on there phones texting. there are a few good teachers that were GREAT!!! Unfort, they don't teach the entire program...west palm beach campus is dis-organized and they dont care... They honeslty dont seem to care. There gen eds are different from campus to campus.. go figure................ good luck if you go."
Liza Gutierrez
  • Reviewed: 5/3/2011
"I want to comment on that slacker of a student who fail out of Cardiovascular Physiology. It shows how ignorant this person is! You should be sooo grateful to be taught at a Medical student level! Especially at Keiser! If you did NOT put in the time and effort! Yes! you will NOT pass! You are one of that crew that failed out of that class! How is it that we have made it threw? 7 out 8! we stuck together, study together day and NIGHT and weekends! This particular teacher has made it his business for us to stand out in the Respiratory Therapy industry by teaching us more and pushing us to the limit you imbecile! You could not handle it, maybe you should get out of the waiting list to start again and reconsider something like a Nail Tech!"
Tamara Robinson
  • Reviewed: 4/25/2011
"I would not recommend this school to know one. I took the Medical Assistant as an online student. I finished all the classes paid all my fees. They sent me an email telling me to call the three departments to make sure that I was clear for graduation and I did. Each department told me I was clear. I called again on the Monday after my last class to make sure I was ok and when I talk to Financial Aid they tell me I have a credit and to talk with bursar, I speak with bursar and they also confirm that I have a credit and I should email the person in charge of the stipend checks and I do that. The person then emailed me back and told me that I owed them, and they forgot to bill me for two classes that I had taken a while back. I then called her and expressed to her that I was very dissatisfied because I did all that I was supposed to do and called them to find out if I owed them anything I was told no more than once from each department. She then hung up on me. That is not professional at all. I then in return called back to speak with her supervisor, of course she was not in. but I will be filing a formal complaint to her supervisor on her. Long story short, I will never go to another school like this again, EVER, and I will not recommend anyone to this school either. So if you considering this school please look somewhere else. PLEASE."
  • Reviewed: 3/25/2011
"It makes me angry to sit here and read these reviews of people complaining about the cost of education. First education does cost money!!! The government is not going to pay for all of your school like they pay for all of your food. It is time to invest into your future instead of putting our country into more debt. Keiser is a great school to attend you are on a fast track to graduate and you will graduate if you work hard! You can get a REGIONALLY accredited degree in 20 months for a Associates or 40 months for a bachelors degree. IT WOULD TAKE SOMEONE WHO IS WORKING FULL TIME 4 YEARS TO GET AN ASSOCIATES DEGREE AT POLK STATE. So complain about the cost but in the long run your losing money going to a cheaper school its going to take you longer and your going to take classes you DO NOT NEED!! YOU could be in a CAREER by the end of year two instead of taking that one class at polk and being 2 years from graduating.want to graduate and actually start working instead of using my tax money to pay for your food stamps and your welfare check go to Keiser pay a little more and graduate with a career so you can be productive to society. THANKS!! Another thing, I am so tired of people going to EVEREST or Florida Technical which is a nationally accredited schools they suck!! You are wasting your money not to be able to continue your schooling or even get a job!! KEISER is regionally accredited just like UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA!! Meaning if you get your Associates at Keiser you can continue at UF for a Bachelors. If you went to Everest YOU CAN NOT!!!!! Please make wise decisions not stupid ones"
  • Reviewed: 3/24/2011
"I would not suggest anyone take this core at Keiser in Fort Lauderdale. The Director and assistant director do not care about the students. I did all my Gen Ed courses at Keiser and had a 4.0 average going into my Respiratory Therapy. The core class size was small oly eight student. In the Fundamentals class I got an A. The second class is Cardiopulmonary physiology the professor acts like he is teaching med students the test are medical student test. Needless to say out of 8 only 3 student made it and that was barely. I feel the school just took my money now I am 25,000 in the hole and have to wait until the core starts again and hope someone fails. The Director and even professors talk about the students to other students. The director even told someone that the other 3 students would not make it what a joke."
  • Reviewed: 3/22/2011
"I signed up for the Sports Med Program under the impression I would land a descent career with the career choices I supposedly could pursue with the As in sports med... I was given literature with false information.. (ex:) Admissions advised verbally and written that I could pursue a career as a Physcial therapy Asst.. False!!! and the list went on.. I believe there were a few legit careers they mentioned.. I was convinced I would have something realy wonderful and to this very day ( I graduated in 08) I havent used that degree for anything!! It is absoulutelu useless.. The program was a joke and if you are thinking about pursing a 2 year in sports med please reconsider.. I could carry on about all of the lies ect.. but i think if your reading this.. you get my point..."
Ms. Unsur
  • Reviewed: 3/2/2011
"Well, I'm reading all the comments, and would like to say, this is really scarrry! I'm only researching different schools to do the online classes in Business Administration. Is there anyone out there that can comment on these courses? It seems as though most of the issues are with financial, and if that's the case I would really consider taking these online classes at this school, unless someone can tell me otherwise. Would really appreciate it!!"
Blair Larch
  • Reviewed: 2/17/2011
"Ok, I have been a student at Keiser since June 2010.. It started off ok.1. Financial aid and applying was a pain. They make you apply for a PLUS loan and 9 times outta 10 you get denied from everyone I have talked to about it.2. Class schedule’s- My class schedule was totally mixed up. They called me when I was in the middle of my biology class and was asking how my clinical were.. I was like WTF are you talking about? Come to find out they totally had the wrong schedule for me. They had mine mixed up with another girl! I was like OMFG.. then they proceeded to tell me that I may have to start all over and pay extra money on my tuition and I put a holt to that when I said F that and ill get my lawyer involved if they were gonna pull that crap.3. THEY ARE NOT MILITARY FRIENDLY ABOUT CLINICALS!!! So where I live, the drs offices are not privately owned they are owned threw Adventist Health. I got my preceptor packet 3 weeks before I was supposed to have a clinical site. Well I was down to my last week and had no clinical site.. I asked if I could do it on base and they told me no because they don’t teach me anything..I thought to myself, “I haven’t learned crap from you guys anyways, I rather be in a military base hospital to learn everything from bottom up cause obviously I have been paying $50 a month and $9k (+) for tution and I didn’t learn crap! “ They don’t care that you don’t learn anything and they basically tell you “oh well,” when you can’t find a clinical site. ALL THEY WANT IS MONEY!!Oh and even if you get tuition assistance, you still have to pay $50 a month. Just a heads up.On my FAFSA paperwork it says that Keiser has a 59% graduation rate and a 60% retention rate.. that should tell you something right there!I do not suggest keiser; I cannot wait to graduate so I can go to a real school and get the hands on experience and teaching instead of this 4 week bullcrap!!! This school has done nothing but stress me out and put my marriage on the line! I can’t believe I have to pay tuition costs back for this school and I walk away with nothing!"
  • Reviewed: 2/15/2011
"First of all most of the bad reviews are people who complaint is if it is too expensive for you why do you sign the papers and then figure out you can not pay? The school has given me and my wife a great opportunity and it is veteran friendly. Classes are perfect for the working individual. I definitely recommend for 4 year bachelor degrees because of costs. As I mentioned the experience has been great that my wife is now pursuing her check out the school, review your financial paperwork and work hard...dont complaint you got ripped because you are a total fail that can not read your financial documents or can not do your school work"
  • Reviewed: 1/20/2011
"Keiser University has given me a new career path. I do not understand all of the negative reviews because I have had a great experience with them. I am a member of their honor society and am graduating with high honors in Health Service Administration. Yes, it is expensive, but it is worth it. You take only one class at a time for 4 weeks. STUDY and you will do well. You must also communicate with the finacial aid offices. I love this school and I will be continue on the earn my BA in HSA."
Natasha Ward
  • Reviewed: 1/10/2011
"Keiser was an ok school. It depends on the student. I graduated from the Orlando campus for medical assisting and received my associates. I now work for florida hospital as a medical assistant. If you keep up with your studies and payments the flow should be simple. Yes, the school is very expensive but remember the school offers degrees and it is a private institute;which means they have their own private loans and uniforms and books and so forth. The dress is professional and business. Different from a normal tech school. Its also considered a university not a regular tech school. There is a lot of hands and powerpoints for the MA Program.I also took Histotechnology and it is so hands on. Your classroom is inside the lab with microscopes for each student and actual equipment you would use in the field The only negative about the school is that some students are really lazy and walk in and out the classroom but its an okay school not a great school but the worst school! Hope this helped a little."