National University Reviews of Master's in Special Education

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  • La Jolla (CA)
  • Annual Tuition: $15,480
20% of 7 students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Reviews - Master's in Special Education

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  • Reviewed: 11/29/2020
  • Degree: Special Education
"If you are looking for an expensive way to pay for your degree, this is it. If you are looking for an engaging, interesting, and professional university experience, it is not. I am no stranger to online education; I completed the last year of my undergrad in an online format (pre-pandemic) and loved it just as much as in-person. It was the exact same quality of education, just made more flexible. Now, I am in the freshly “revamped” Masters Education/Credential program, and unlike the other poster, I am not impressed. The assignments are beginning level and lack depth. If you are already familiar with the concepts, there is nothing to gain from the NuNav feature. Similarly, the supplementary links provided are seldom credible; there are no professional case studies or reports to be found here. At the administrative level, I will echo the same complaints as other commenters. Transcripts and financial aid take weeks to be processed. The advisors are hit or miss, but they handle everything, so you are forced to wait and rely on them. There is no independence in this system- you can’t even set your own email password. The ‘secure’ system is a nightmare. If you attended a traditional four-year university, I would not recommend coming here to continue your education. I was looking forward to engaging in thought-provoking, higher level courses, but now I dread regurgitating the same basic information for each assignment. I have been trying to push through since it is a quick and easy program, but it is so frustrating paying so much money for such mediocre quality."
  • Reviewed: 12/10/2018
  • Degree: Special Education
"Stay away!!! I am so disappointed with the teaching credential program. I graduated from a four year university with my undergrad and decided to try out National for my masters and teaching credential...worst idea ever! Not only are they not helpful, the classes are not worth the 1,935 dollar. You can go to a different school and probably learn way more. I seriously think they only care about money since they did not help me with anything. They also delayed my whole program by a month because they didnt get the forms inputted in time. That is not my fault yet I was penalized for it. Find a different school and DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME!"
L. Mello
  • Reviewed: 9/11/2018
  • Degree: Special Education
"I ABSOLUTELY do not recommend National University Fresno. I have had my advisement report "recreated" 3 different times now. My credential specialist will not return my calls or emails. I have to drive 2 hours to the University to contact her. She has pushed my credential back 5 months, forcing me into more classes, that were not initially agreed upon. Every time I speak with her she assures me after this class I am FINISHED. Then the next month tells me there is one more to take. She is inconsistent and unprofessional. When I ask her what is the problem, she is rude and talks down to me. This is the most horrible University experience I have ever had. Please STAY AWAY!!!"
John Cleaver
  • Reviewed: 7/10/2017
  • Degree: Special Education
"A joke. This program is worthless. A complete waist of your money. Look at CSUSM, USD, UCSD or anywhere else. This program is designed to get you in, take your cash and give you absolutely nothing in return. I am seriously hoping that you choose an actual post graduate institution. This place is a con."
NU Grad Student
  • Reviewed: 11/8/2015
  • Degree: Special Education
"I decided to choose NU for my second post-grad credential. It was a mistake, and I'm nearly finished, but after spending a lot of money, going through Professors that don't know the content or procedures of the class, speaking with advisors and staff that don't seem to have managers or know what is going on, a huge financial aide fiasco this year "because they switched systems," but can't correct it, I would rate my experience with them as a nightmare. My under-grad and first post-grad certificate was a much better experience at the Cal State, and my advice is to steer clear of NU."
  • Reviewed: 10/26/2013
  • Degree: Special Education
"I have attended National University for eight courses and have received A's in all of my courses. I am leaving at the end of the month to finish my graduate education elsewhere due to a change in goals. Even if I were not changing my objectives, I would still be leaving National. I feel that National has been one of the most expensive mistakes of my life. Yes, they are accredited and can get you your degree and teaching credential. Even so, the quality of instruction is not stellar. After all, how deep can you really dive into a subject in 4 weeks? There simply is not enough time to really get into a subject. Most of the assignments are a joke, and while you do have professors and live web chats, you will be teaching yourself. With a few exceptions, questions have been answered with vague responses or outright false information; this is especially in regards to assignment formatting. In regards to the "rigorous" nature of the courses, they are not. I was able to receive all of those A grades with little to no reading. Most of the papers were relatively short. The "signature assignment" in one course was a paltry 1500 words. For a graduate course??? I've also had some courses that employed texts which were woefully biased or utilized information that was outdated, particularly with the advent of Common Core Standards. Oh, and while every professor says that APA is required, almost every professor sees APA a bit different than what National considers as standard. I also loved the one professor who spent 10 minutes in a lecture explaining how important it was to use "Doctor" when addressing him - yes that sort of degree takes a lot of hard work, but when your PhD is from a second-rate school and your lessons are often unclear or even non-existent, you just sound as if you are a bit full of yourself. Financial Aid is a joke. Yes, you will get it, but you MUST stay on top of them or it will be delayed or messed up. If you can go to a brick and mortar school, please do; I though understand that is not always possible. Yes, National will get you your accredited degree and teaching credential, but don't expect amazing things."
  • Reviewed: 3/12/2013
  • Degree: Special Education
"National University has been one of the worst experiences in my life. The professors are o.k. but everything else about the way it is run and it's efficiency is absolutely terrible. It has already taken me 6 months longer than they told me the program was. I have never failed a class and have been enrolled full time the entire time. They are constantly messing up scheduling. They has accidentally changed my program twice and had to fix it which set me back and had me take unnecessary classes which cost me money. Their student teaching/internship program is absurd and there is a 80 year old woman doing my observations. Her feedback is incoherent. It takes several weeks for anyone to get back to you when you have a question or need something taken care of. If you are considering National, I would strongly recommend running away while you still can. Enroll in a program at ANY other school if you can."