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Student & Graduate Reviews

Dale T
  • Reviewed: 12/28/2008
"Having attended NCU for 4.5 years and graduated 9/08, I attest to the quality of this school. I assure you this is a no "give me" school. You will be required to apply your skills and knowledge and will be challenged like never before. Do not apply to this school unless you are ready to earn your degree through hard work. The negative comments I have read are probably from those who could not handle the rigor and were intimidated by the prospect of really having to earn your way through the classes, and ultimately to a degree after applying. Having a PhD handed to you is not going to happen at NCU. Finally, if you do not like NCU, don't attend and go somewhere else."
  • Reviewed: 11/10/2008
"I'm in my 15th course and one away from completing my PhD in I/O psychology. My experience has been great. I've had great mentors that are easy to call and/or contact. The rigor of the classes are up-to-par with the b&m school I attended for my masters. The school is improving daily, and will continue to weed mentors that provide little value. I would recommend the school to others."
  • Reviewed: 10/30/2008
"I completed 4 classes at NCU towards my PhD with a 4.0 GPA, but overall this work was accomplished with little to no guidance or communications from mentors, at best they occasionally "existed" within the academic setting. I have been an online instructor myself for the past 15 years and was shocked and dismayed, not only at how the mentors lacked a sense of commitment to the institution, but also the poor management throughout the school, in particular at the chair and dean's level in the School of Business Administration. I too expressed concerns regarding mentors only to have my concerns fall upon deaf ears. In the end I decided to pursue my academics elsewhere at a more honorable and respectable institution and I am very pleased with my decision to do so, my only regret is that I wasted time at NCU that could have been better served at nearly any other institution. My advice is to think twice before attending NCU."
  • Reviewed: 8/7/2008
"My experience with NCU has been great. I have been in the Doctoral program there since April 2005, and I achieved my Doctoral Candidacy status in July. I am in the business school and I can't speak for the other programs, but in the NCU user groups there is very little, if anything, bad or negative said about the school (though some Mentors are singled out.) I can say that in my 14 classes, so far, I only had 1 bad mentor; he was "unqualified at best", but he also taught at my daughter's brick and mortar school in her MBA program at another college. In any distance-learning class setting, the student takes on responsibility for motivation and identifying their potential issues early. I have had no issues at all in the workload or the expectations. I have recommended to the school to many others including my daughter."