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5 out of 5
Degree: Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, General
Graduation Year: 2016

My experience at OSU has been extremely positive. During my first year I received a fellowship that included summer funding and a bonus to be paid out over my first four years. This allowed me to focus on coursework rather than teaching and adjust to the demands of graduate school. After that I took fewer courses while teaching one undergraduate class per semester. My courses were generally focused and useful and there was good support for graduate teaching. My only issue was with the clarity of our degree requirements; certain of them changed within my department during my time there and it was hard to keep up.

I was most enthusiastic about OSU’s funding for outside research and educational opportunities. During my time there I received support to travel to Rome, Oxford, and Toronto for various courses and conferences. The resources are excellent for graduate students in that way, as well as in terms of programming, with activities like quiz nights, cooking classes, and professional development events. I would encourage other students to look at my school.

4 out of 5
Degree: Marketing
Graduation Year: 2014

I thought it was a good school. I loved the environment and the sports teams always make it more exciting. The campus is large so you will definitely get a little workout in going to and from classes. Most people are working hard to achieve their education goals and it's a cool place to go!

5 out of 5
Degree: Art & Design
Graduation Year: 1965

Friendships with faculty from OSU have persisted over five decades. Through Dr. Eugene Ching I was able to teach English in China for a year in 1981-82. I was an OSU lifeguard and I'm swimming in my 70s. My geology classes became useful when I was stuck at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with a knee injury. Be aware that all college experiences/ friendships can enrich your life and follow you for decades.

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4 out of 5
Degree: Linguistics
Graduation Year: 2012

Ohio State does a really good job of having a big school with a small school feel. It's easy to feel like part of a community, and there's always plenty to do on campus, plus super cool free events and tons of discounts at places around town ( OSU also has an awesome Linguistics program, where you'll be working with some big names in the field. Regardless of your field of study though, look for internships through the school. Ask your professors if they're looking for help on a research project (that's how I got two of mine). You may be doing remedial, monotonous work, but I promise you, in the long-run, having internships from one of the top research institutions in the country will look amazing on your resume (especially when applying for grad school!).

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