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  • Reviewed: 5/20/2021
  • Degree: Education
"This review is specifically about the Education Double Degree program at OSU. I was enrolled in this program to complete my student teaching and to earn a degree in Education in addition to my primary degree. Pros: Most of the professors that I had in the College of Education were good. I did have one professor whose teaching experience was only in elementary school, but for some reason was teaching future secondary teachers. I liked my student teaching supervisor as well. Generally, the faculty were experienced teachers who were passionate about preparing new teachers for the profession. There was a decent amount of support for completing the edTPA, which is required for initial licensure in Oregon. Cons: If you're wanting to teach English, social studies, health, or Family/Consumer Sciences, you won't get as much instruction in the pedagogy of your subject area compared to the future math and science teachers. There was very little instruction on how to teach special education students. The ESOL endorsement coordinator here has a hard time finding placements for student teachers that meet the requirements of the endorsement. If you want the ESOL endorsement, there's no guarantee you'll earn it at OSU. The communication that came from the professors/program coordinator (in terms of program requirements, deadlines, etc.) was hit or miss. I can't comment on the elementary program, since I was in the secondary teaching program. If you're already going to OSU for undergrad and want to become a teacher, I would recommend looking into master's programs at other schools such as Western Oregon University or Portland State University. WOU in particular is very well known for its education programs. I took a 5th year of undergrad to complete OSU's education program, but in hindsight I could have finished my primary major in 4 years and then taken 1 year to complete a master's with student teaching at WOU or somewhere else. Also, having a master's degree makes you more marketable."
  • Reviewed: 1/9/2021
  • Degree: Computer and Information Science
"Obtaining a Bachelor's degree from OSU's EECS department is not easy. 10-week terms mandate a fast-paced learning environment. Asking professors and TAs for help can be a coin flip because many of them have research projects with both limited grant funding and limited time. The quality of instruction is very inconsistent from teacher to teacher, usually because those teachers drew straws to teach certain classes. Use ratemyprofessor or other instructor review sites to avoid the bad apples, and make sure you have both food and rent security while studying. The pressure to adapt and succeed is immense. Unless you are driven, confident, mentally healthy (or at least receiving treatment), and can make friends in class, it can and will break you. Getting a degree from OSU is not the same as going to a code camp, as it is a research and academic university first. Papers and theory are the primary focus. 90% of my classes focused on instilling the higher-level information, such as what certain algorithms or components are and how they work with each other, rather than how to use a specific language. I did not learn .NET, C#, Java, or any JS framework libraries while studying at OSU for my Bachelor's. This is a shame since so many entry-level job postings on LinkedIn and Indeed ask for one of the above. Having Oregon State's name on your resume won't guarantee you an internship or an interview. There are career fairs and outreach programs the university participates in that draw a lot of outside attention, but you need to make the initiative first and make a good impression. Even still, unless you have multiple advanced projects on your resume, the stars happen to align, or you know someone who knows someone, your chances of getting a work opportunity are slim. I would recommend it for getting a degree in higher education only if you live in Oregon, or have your finances completely covered. Paying out of state tuition for a name on your resume is not worth it."
  • Reviewed: 10/21/2020
  • Degree: Engineering
"Don't be fooled by these 4-5 star reviews left for Oregon State University. These are from small-town farmers who know and have seen nothing better that could be offered from a University. If you are unfortunate enough to be living in Oregon when you are graduating high school, opt for a community college, or an east coast school. At least at these schools, they dedicate your tuition to the growth of the school, and to further your education. In Oregon, they like to give your money to the failing sports programs, and the incredible amount of student employees getting paid to stand and miss class. OSU's student body culture boasts a pretentious urge to be accepting of minorities, yet pushes them to the outskirts of campus at all costs, while having little to no actual minority involvement. Most of the student life is dominated by exclusive and chauvinistic fratboys and sorority girls, who have simply chosen OSU to get their Mr. and Mrs. degrees, promptly drop out after a failed year at business school, and then stay around the heart of the valley in Oregon. These people are easy to find when they drop out, as they are often sporting "Oregun" stickers on their enormous vehicles, waving giant American flags, and attending republican rallies ornamented in Oregon State University clothing. If the culture alone didn't keep change your mind about wasting your money at this school, consider the extreme bureaucratic systems OSU has set up, that make what used to be simple tasks for students, an absolute nightmare. For example, if you would like to change your password to your student account, it is going to take you no less than 2 hours, speaking to various students(paid with your tuition) and jumping through hoops, just so that you can find out what your schedule looks like. OSU makes it SO hard to put on any sort of event, and really challenges people that want to get involved, into figuring out how they can do so with their strict policies. OSU is constantly changing their curriculum and programs. The education alumni got 5 years ago is drastically different than the one people get nowadays. I have taken many classes at OSU where we were expected, and set up for failure, with class averages on exams being in the 30% range, and that translating to an A with a curve. This is an awful way to teach and is frequented at OSU. Twice now, has OSU decided to change their curriculum, and force me to take a class, that when I first enrolled at this school, they did not think was necessary to take. This tacks on thousands of dollars in debt for students, and forces them to change their plans and schedules without any warning. Ultimately, I feel as though I have made a huge mistake going to this school, and if I could have put my money and time somewhere else, I would have done that immediately. This school is a giant gold-encrusted turd, and has forced me now to spend the next 5-10 years of my life paying for OSU's failure of a football team/coach and repulsing greek life."
Michelle Miller
  • Reviewed: 9/19/2019
  • Degree: English
"Oregon State is a fantastic research university that provides incredible opportunities to all of their students. With its world-renowned STEM programs (in Engineering, Marine Biology, and Agricultural Science, to name a few), many would believe that the humanities programs are lackluster. This couldn't be farther from the truth. My experience at OSU in the College of Liberal Arts was nothing but positive, innovative, and mentally challenging. Through taking writing classes from some of the nation's best authors, to participating in Shakespeare research, to presenting in undergraduate conferences, I grew in ways that I didn't know were possible. If it were not for the faculty and staff in the College of Liberal Arts and, more specifically, The School of Writing, Literature, and Film, I would not be the person I am today."
  • Reviewed: 9/15/2019
  • Degree: Engineering
"I started OSU as a freshman studying Mechanical Engineering and just never really connected with the material, just just seemed a bit flat and dull to me. Spring of my sophomore year I found Ecological Engineering and switched, and am so happy that I did. I loved the courses and material, it really just connected with me, and there were some terrific instructors that taught with so much enthusiasm and passion that I will never forget them. The Ecological Engineering program it had only recently gained its accreditation and I was in one of the first graduating classes, so there was still a little bit of shifting in the program itself, but it was a great experience overall. And the OSU campus is gorgeous, if I could continue my Masters on campus I would in a heartbeat."
  • Reviewed: 9/15/2019
  • Degree: Engineering
"I started OSU as a freshman studying Mechanical Engineering and just never really connected with the material, just just seemed a bit flat and dull to me. Spring of my sophomore year I found Ecological Engineering and switched, and am so happy that I did. I loved the courses and material, it really just connected with me, and there were some terrific instructors that taught with so much enthusiasm and passion that I will never forget them. The Ecological Engineering program it had only recently gained its accreditation and I was in one of the first graduating classes, so there was still a little bit of shifting in the program itself, but it was a great experience overall. And the OSU campus is gorgeous, if I could continue my Masters on campus I would in a heartbeat."
Dencil Powell
  • Reviewed: 5/23/2019
  • Degree: Environmental Science
"This school will not properly articulate transcripts leading to never ending registration issues. Advising is a waste of time, because they will not follow through with tasks that need to be accomplished for a student to determine exactly what course work is required of them. If you ask any status update questions, no one at the university will even respond to your emails. If you file a complaint, the resolution you receive is only a "status" update on the original problems and never an actual resolution. As a distance educational institution, the university has an obligation to respond to students in a timely manner, which they could care less about. Not even the Vice Provost would offer any assistance. Four business days have gone by since I should have been able to register for classes I need to graduate, and still nothing. PLEASE do not give this institution any of your time or money, seek a legitimate institution that is in the business of providing education, not deceiving distance students out of their money."
  • Reviewed: 3/25/2019
  • Degree: Fitness Trainer
"The admission process took two months from the date I applied to date of acceptance. They classified me as a non-resident for tuition even though I have lived in the state for 10 years, I have a daughter here, wife, house, etc. To fix this classification status I would need to gather my marriage certificate, birth certificates, car registrations, voter ID cards, state tax transcripts, and more. Then have it notarized before you file it with the OSU residency office. Three months after my acceptance they did not transfer my credits or process my student aid to give me an idea of how much I would need to pay and for what classes. This university does not care about students with low income, they are careless with reviewing applications, and they make the process so difficult to reverse, students give up and go else where. I did not have the same problems at Eastern Oregon University. They classified me as a resident, processed my application, student aid, transferred my credits, and completed class registration within 10 days of my application being filed. WOW! GO MOUNTAINEERS!!"
  • Reviewed: 2/11/2019
  • Degree: Cultural Studies
"The description online about the program is so far from the reality. The program is not prepared to handle students from various backgrounds, professors only pay attention to their few favorites, and there is passive aggressive responses from faculty. Would not recommend unless you are planning to be a professor at this school and must be ready to play kiss up in order to get feedback on assignments."
Layla B
  • Reviewed: 4/26/2018
  • Degree: Cultural Studies
"I transferred to Oregon State from my current university because I loved the program options available and felt passionate about the major I chose. I was incredibly excited to join the Women, gender, and sexuality studies program. I spoke to my College of Liberal Arts advisor and things went well. I was awaiting an appointment with the advisor from my major, so I decided to research textbooks and how they are purchased. Both of my previous schools, my community college and the university at which I am currently enrolled, allowed students to use their financial aid to pay for books. In fact, all other schools I have looked at also offer this. Not Oregon State. I couldn't find how to pay on their website, so I emailed the Ecampus to find out. Turns out, you have to pay for textbooks out of pocket via credit card or check, and they recommended budgeting $300-$500 for books and course materials each term (that's every 11 weeks or so). I receive a large amount of financial aid grants, loans, and scholarships because I am very low-income. There is no way I could pay these costs. I ended up disheartened and having to cancel my admissions. TL;DR - If you're incredibly poor, don't waste your time applying here."
Andrea Ball
  • Reviewed: 4/18/2018
  • Degree: Exercise Science
"I was always told that college would be the greatest four years of my life and I never understood what that meant until I attended Oregon State University. Going to a larger university I was very nervous about leaving home and starting a new chapter of my life. Even with over 28,000 students attending the university I was still able to find my friends for life and my home away from home. Oregon State University had amazing opportunities for individuals to get out of their comfort zone, spread their wings and try new things. Not only did I have the opportunity to join a sorority, but also a variety of clubs all through out campus that were specific to my Exercise and Sports Science major."
  • Reviewed: 4/10/2018
  • Degree: Human Services
"The Public Health and Human Services department at Oregon State University was wonderful. I felt passionate about helping others before I began undergraduate school, but this passion intensified as I furthered my education. The faculty cared about my education, and I never felt bored regarding the material. On a larger scale, the University itself was a terrific experience and I'm glad I chose it. Go beavs!"
John Dickman
  • Reviewed: 3/24/2018
  • Degree: History
"Oregon State University certainly changed my life in so many ways. The school is just the right blend of conservative and progressive values mixed to blend into a balanced campus with equal exposure to all ideologies which exist in academia. The location in Corvallis Oregon (~60 miles south of the Portland International Airport) was great for me because it allowed me to focus on school, but be close enough to the big city for events and transportation. When I attended school for my undergraduate degree the History and Political science departments were both top-notch professional departments who were truly dedicated to my education. Since then, my sister-in-law has also graduated from OSU, and I almost done with my Master's Degree."
Angela Christensen
  • Reviewed: 12/31/2017
  • Degree: Psychology
"I strongly encourage networking with teachers and other students. I also strongly encourage entering into an internship or jobs that relate to your career it will significantly increase your chances of finding a job you're looking for once you graduate."
  • Reviewed: 12/15/2017
  • Degree: Biology
"The admissions department here is one of the worst Ive ever seen. Absolutely no contact from them at all. They dont care about you as a student here at all. While working through admissions, I was never called, emailed or sent any mail about the process or how things were coming along. Why would you ever spend that much money at at school that couldnt care less about you...?"
  • Reviewed: 9/1/2017
  • Degree: Communications
"The Speech Communication Department is undervalued at Oregon State University. The administration utilizes the department to teach its engineering and business students how to speak well, but it does not acknowledge the value of more specific communication studies (i.e., rhetoric, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, etc.)."
  • Reviewed: 7/13/2017
  • Degree: Agriculture
"I'm only writing this review to give others a helpful insight on my disappointing experience with this University as a Veteran of the Armed Forces and 100% education benefits {Post-9/11 GI Bill} college recipient. I applied as a full time student for the fall semester B.S. in Horticulture with a dual degree in Sustainability. I was proactive in meeting all their requirements months in advance. I sent transcripts, a copy of my DD from 214 proof of active duty service, received my eligibility certificate to pay for classes, completed the new student orientation, set up an email account, and even applied for financial aid if need be. I was on top of my game but couldn't register for my classes for 4 weeks due to the incompetence of my academic advisor {who also has your PIN # to resister per/semester}. Classes filled up fast and I was left with unanswered emails, repeated cancelled appointments, no return phone calls, or any correspondence from my advisor. I wasn't asking to be micromanaged or my hand held, as I was a Senior NCO in the military, but you are completely left independently to your devices. The academic advisor has zero regards in the success of your future and has committed little if any advisor-student interaction. She was unreliable in answering any questions or re-scheduling appointments she had cancelled within a 4 week period. I'm completley unsatisfied with her being the ONLY advisor for the ECampus Horticulture students. She has failed professionally in advising me with my future aspirations, education abilities, academic pursuits, and a most importantly a degree plan. At the time, I was honored to be a part of Beaver nation, eager to pursue my degrees with OSU however, discouraged & fully aware that this is NOT the right college for me considering the core values I once served of integrity, service before self, and excellence in all we do with the United States Air Force. In closing, I did elevate my complaint with the chain of command in writing the Dean/Director College of Agriculture, only to have my email returned to the advisor to finally contact me. I received absolutely NO response from the school to rectify the situation. I would not recommend this school to others, or my Brother/Sister in Arms. I deployed 3 tours to Iraq and served my country honorably-this school is not worthy of my hard earned monetary GI Bill. Do your homework when applying and understand that if you mean this little to them as a student, let alone a Veteran who served their country-put your blood, sweat, and heart elsewhere because they simply DO NOT care!"
  • Reviewed: 5/22/2017
  • Degree: Engineering
"Oregon State University is a great engineering school. The professors are helpful, but unfortunately in the civil engineering department there are a lack of water resource engineering courses. Faculty and administration really care about students and try to offer many opportunities for students. Tuition is also sort of high, but I think that is run of the mill for most colleges anymore. Over all great school."
  • Reviewed: 3/29/2017
  • Degree: Counseling
"The MCOUN program at OSU is a holistic program that prepares graduates for a career in school, agency or private practice settings. The professor's are knowledgeable and helpful at every juncture of study with experience in many diverse settings. I have found that their experience coupled with their accessibility has given me great insight into the counselor I want to become. The coursework in this program is very much in line with expectations in real-life settings and feels beneficial to my future work with clients and students. I have been impressed with my peers and appreciate all of the group work and collaboration that this program offers. Growing as a cohort is a large benefit of this program and will serve as a great resource post-graduate life."
Akhila N
  • Reviewed: 3/23/2017
  • Degree: Electrical Engineering
"I was lucky to come into Oregon State as an international student and managed to get a generous amount of scholarship! However, due to circumstances I became a permanent resident and the school rather than throw me off my scholarships stepped and found me alternate funding to finish my degree. In terms of classes my professors rather than focus just on theory really focused on application knowledge which prepared me for the workforce and gave me a lot of confidence. Starting from freshman year I had a technical internship every summer both on campus and off which is a very unique experience. The Oregon State community is also very welcoming to students and fosters teamwork very well. I am still in close contact with all my friends and feel lucky to have attended the school. I could not recommend the program more than I do right now. It will give you a good grasp on getting into the real world and understand where you want to go. You will also have a really unique international experience because culture is welcomed and embraced."