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  • Annual Tuition: $11,572
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Student & Graduate Reviews

1.8 out of 5 stars
SMB - 11/24/2014
Degree: Software Engineering
Graduation Year: 2014
"Park University was about 10 minutes from my house, and everyone my Mom knew from her IT job at the VA always praised Park University and how they wanted to go to Park University for IT. They boasted their IT programs as being well-taught and having a low student-to-teacher ratio, which appealed to me. They also had won spots in several top 20 university lists. With all of this in mind, I thought hey, even though I just need certification, maybe I can go here and get my bachelors and network a bit and not have to teach myself programming languages. I MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE. Park University has only TWO teachers on-campus for their Software Engineering program. One is very helpful and nice, but she speaks with a very thick accent so it's always a gamble if you'll be able to understand her or not. The other teacher is a guy who intentionally withholds examples from student slides, uses his own poorly-written textbook in all of his classes, and is the smuggest, irresponsible, most unhelpful programming teacher I've EVER had. He won't even hold himself responsible for taking ATTENDANCE. He has to have students "remind" him to take attendance, and then he blames the students when he forgets! On top of that, he barely teaches programming with emphasis on actually, y'know, programming. He spends half the first semester of Java teaching psuedocode and tracing and covered algorithms for five minutes. He never actually covered functions in detail, nor did he ever explain dot notation to his students. We never even covered arrays! His homework doesn't cover material well at all, considering you don't use a compiler until midterms are over. On top of all that, he lectures off his powerpoints and with pen and paper instead of allowing students to get hands-on experience! We never went to a computer lab or got in-class experience with compilers! On top of that, he'll only give you vague answers to questions and refers you to go to a tutor for homework assistance. He has a set solution for every homework assignment, and if you deviate ever so slightly, even in a beginner programming course where variance and lack of knowledge is expected, he'll dock you points insanely. The tutors even think he's crazy, because he'll set up meeting with them to reprimand them for giving students alternate solutions! There's only one class at Park University that allows for hands-on lab experience for programming, and that's not even a programming class that uses a real language or that's required for a degree! Most of the students I know are so fed up with Park's physical teachers that they've opted to take classes online, but even then you still use the programming book created by their main teacher. There are no real hybrid software engineering courses here. After a certain point, you're forced to take online classes, because there's only two physical teachers that can lecture. On top of that, you also have to weave through their prereq tree. You always start out with Java, and you can't take C++ until you've gotten past their Java courses. You can't even really take HTML or CSS classes until you've taken their Java classes, because of how they want the classes to build on each other. I transferred with C++ credit, and I had to fight to take Java because they wouldn't let me into the intro Java class but they also wouldn't let me into the C++ classes. They also require you to talk to your counselor to sign up for classes and receive "guidance", and the counselor for the Software Development track is the worse of the two! Not only that, but they won't let you sign up for classes until you've proven you can clear their prereqs. If you're going to Park for a business degree, a teaching degree, and accounting degree, or a psychology degree, you're fine. All of my classes I've had in business, math, and accounting were all very good. But my programming classes? A waste of time! You'll be more challenged at the Metropolitan Community College than you will here! And you'll save almost three grande by going there, too! An average semester here, with books included and no financial aid, is about 5k. You can go to an online college for much cheaper and get a much better programming experience. Another gripe I have with Park is that you can never get access to internet with a laptop or a tablet. Don't even try. You're better off going to the computer lab, because if you try and use their WiFi you'll always have IP conflicts, be disconnected randomly, or you won't be able to access the Park website. They also don't use Blackboard. They choose to use their knockoff Blackboard called eCompanion that is much more unreliable, and they use McGraw Hill for their online testing and resource hub, and it's very user unfriendly and goes down randomly. Park has lots of prestige and lots of awards, but take it with a grain of salt. Most of the faculty seem to think that Park is going in a downward spiral, and the dean is pending. Also, due to it's historic buildings and physical location, you get to experience such joys such as having to pause lectures to wait for trains to go by, ceilings falling down, dangerous & windy landscaping, and poor disability access in most buildings. They have radiators and window air conditioners, so most teachers have to speak loudly over them. They do appear to have a computer lab in every building (sometimes multiple) and they offer free printer paper. Every fourth meal in the cafeteria is free if you commute. The library is in a cave, and you only get phone access if your carrier is Sprint. Literally, it is in a cave. They claim that because they mine the limestone they can keep the tuition cheap. The bookstore is down there too, as well as faculty parking. People are frequently lost down there the first week of classes, so don't be surprised if you're asked how to get out or if you get lost. Park, despite its name, has very few parking spots. The parking is free, but if you don't have a Park sticker you get a ticket. They also are frequently doing work on the buildings and such, so be prepared for construction sounds and lawnmowers during class. Arson on campus. There have been sexual assaults (4 since Spring 2014) so they put up campaign stickers about sexual assaults and students have marked out the "only yes means yes" and replaced with "only no means no" so there are probably more sexual assaults likely to happen. They have a LGBTQIA group but I have no idea how inclusive it is or how homophobic/transphobic the members are. The American students are pretty racist despite the high international student body, and the teachers are always asking if the international students understand their slang and idioms."
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